Video: Crabs Travel 3,000 Miles From Bermuda

November 29, 2015

A journey of 3,000 miles for six Columbus crabs recently landed the animals on the news, with a video showing the specimens in question following their long trip from Bermuda to a beach near Dorset in the United Kingdom.

The crabs were found by conservationist and author Steve Trewhella, who filmed the creatures near Chesil Cove.

A story in the Western Morning News said ”Six rare Columbus crabs have travelled 3,000 miles from Bermuda on the back of a barnacle encrusted buoy to wash up on a Westcountry beach.”

“Conservationist Steve Trewhella spotted the incredible find on a South West beach, where he was searching the flotsam and jetsam for interesting finds.

“He said that the rare crabs, a tropical species which spends its entire life travelling the oceans on floating debris, were found clinging to a large buoy covered in Goose Barnacles.

“Steve found the crabs washed up on Chesil Beach, in Dorset, and believes the increase in sea litter means sightings may be on the rise.

“The Columbus crabs are native to the sea near Bermuda, where they live among the weeds, and grow to just half an inch in diameter.”

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  1. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Well these crabs that they say go from Bermuda to United Kingdom pass the United Kingdom crabs on their way to Bermuda.Its called immigration.I-migration.!