Audubon Society Produces Two Bird ID Cards

December 20, 2015

The Bermuda Audubon Society has just produced two bird identification cards.  One card features all of Bermuda’s breeding birds with migratory land birds on the reverse side. The second card features Bermuda’s seabirds with migratory wetland birds on the reverse.

Audubon president Andrew Dobson said “the society is very grateful for permission to use illustrations from “A Guide to the Birds of the West Indies” as well as additional illustrations from David Wingate, Andrew Dobson and the RSPB. The cards were produced with the assistance of Birds Caribbean.

“There has been a demand for this sort of card for a long time and educational sets of these cards will be made available to all schools free of charge in the New Year. The cards are laminated and should be popular with both residents and visitors.”

Priced at about $5 per card, they are available from many stores including Aberfeldy Nurseries, BAMZ gift shop, Botanical Gardens gift shop, Brighton Nurseries, the Bermuda Bookstore, BUEI shop, the Bookmart in Brown & Co, Flying Colours, Robertson’s Drug Store [St Georges], the Bermuda Craft Market and Hand Made Bermuda [Dockyard].

Audubon bird card1 Bermuda Dec 20 2015

Audubon bird card2 Bermuda Dec 20 2015

Audubon bird card3 Bermuda Dec 20 2015

Audubon bird card4 Bermuda Dec 20 2015

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  1. nicky says:

    Thank you Bermuda Audubon! These cards are fantastic to have in every household. I will be buying them for Christmas for my family and as gifts for friends.

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