BFA Asks For Respect Shown To Youth Referees

February 21, 2016

“Some parents and spectators, both male and female, are shouting harsh criticism to our Youth Referees,” the Bermuda Football Association said this evening, and they asked that “rude and obnoxious parents/spectators” to please “leave our Youth Referees alone.”

A BFA spokesperson said, “In January the BFA announced that a group of young people were training to be Youth Referees for youth matches.

“We have been absolutely delighted that on Saturdays our Youth Referees are on the field and officiating at youth matches all around the island.

“Early reports show that the Youth Referees are getting into their groove, learning the Laws of the Games and gaining confidence with the whistle and flag. Youth Coaches have been fantastic and giving support to them.

“Senior referees, club officials and BFA officials are making their visits and giving advice, feedback and encouragement. We also have further training planned for the Youth Referees. So a huge shout out to Bermuda’s Youth Referees – we are so proud of you!!

“All this bodes well for the short-term and long-term aims of the Referee Committee to bring on younger referees now in order to graduate to senior referees who are desperately needed for the good of the game.

“So its disappointing news that not everyone is supporting our Youth Referees as they should. Some parents and spectators are supportive.

“But we hear that some parents and spectators, both male and female, are shouting harsh criticism to our Youth Referees – when those same parents won’t even take up the whistle or flag themselves.

“So we say to the rude and obnoxious parents/spectators – leave our Youth Referees alone. Just like our young footballers, the Youth Referees are learning by playing and will make mistakes.

“So please use these opportunities to teach the players and yourself to respect the referee’s decision, keep quiet and play on. Remember, the Youth Referees don’t shout at parents or players when the players make mistakes!

“Parents/Spectators – Please abide some basic rules going forward in respect of our Youth Referees:

  • 1] Give encouragement or keep quiet.
  • 2] Cheer on the teams. If you shout criticism or abuse, then you will be told to leave the field, and you must leave the field. Failure to leave the field may cause further measures to be taken.
  • 3] Loudmouths stay home.
  • 4] Use positive language. No profanity allowed.
  • 5] Support the coach or become a coach.
  • 6] Pack up the gear/equipment or clean up the field.
  • 7] Donate to the youth programme, help mark the field, put out the goals.
  • 8] Be part of the solution – not the problem.
  • 9] Don’t smoke anything [yes we said anything!!] at our games.
  • 10] Be a role model for our Youth – players and referees.

“So Bermuda, let’s all build up our boys and girls through football! So Bermuda, let’s develop outstanding Youth Referees! So Bermuda, let’s work to get these Youth Referees on the FIFA list in a few years’ time – so we can watch them doing international matches all over the Caribbean, Central America and North America. Remember it starts here at the youth level. Let’s do it together!”

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Comments (27)

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  1. mama beat says:

    Disappointing news that parents can see that some
    day that may be rheir child expanding their wings in the game by being a ref.
    I must say …. last two games, no parent or adult or anyone with experience was around to assist the two young men who clearly were on their first game
    (one told me it was his first game).
    As a ref.. I would have thought more adult/experienced assaitance should of been given first few games…
    Great idea but more guidance should be provided.

    Both young men did a good job but would of been better with an adult around to show them how to cope with these adults who are out of line.
    What happened to the officials we had for 3
    weeks and are now nowhere to be seen? They, it anyone could interfer with the out of line so called adults.
    To the kids … just keep playing…

  2. Tom Cooke says:

    It’s a shame that guy learning there craft are being Givin such a hard time.. not a football fan myself… but if you can’t put up.. shut up…

  3. Terry says:

    Look around you. Feel the vibes, look at the people, hear the words, the tension.

    Something is gonna happen in the next few years.


    • Grizz says:

      That is fact Terry. Something really bad is going to happen. I pray for my home.

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        Well bruh…that’s exactly what they’re waiting for…They have something that they’re itching to implement…

  4. Oh,I see now says:

    Not surprised, not surprised at all and as the piece states probably the same individuals who have ZERO to contribute.These are young refs that may participate in future games you dreamers will probably be evicted from.

  5. Really sad that a group of young people who are doing something positive and instead of being encouraged they are being subjected to verbal abuse by adults. All guilty parties should take a long hard look in the mirror and then read the ten suggestions posted by BFA.

  6. wonder if says:

    I wonder if this is a direct result of what happen this Saturday during a match at bfa between two clubs around sometime in the AM or PM. I hope the BFA looks at the teems and their supporters and see which one is the constant offender of this issue. not to point any sideline flags.

  7. J.J. says:

    These negative loud mouth abusers have no class. Next time stay home.

  8. D says:

    People r sooo lame, omg they are doing something positive ok! Cheer them on u suckers

  9. Disgusted says:

    Typical ghetto behavior. It’s not like your little crumb-snatchers are going to grow up to be Messi or Ronaldo anyway so pipe down.

    • I heart 441 says:

      I disagree with you. Its obvious you have never been to a youth game outside of Bermuda, because in other countries the same abuse happens no matter your social-economic background. Wealthy and Poor parents shout out to refs in every sport.

  10. Kathy says:

    Really sad that parents have to have the rules published in the paper to realise how incredibly stupid they act in public! What happened to our manners, Bermuda?

  11. Player 1 says:

    Great article with an accurate description of what occurs week to week at the matches. Just to offer some insight from the other side of the coin please consider this. There have been many senior level matches that have been officiated by these youth officials as well. Please consider that although bermuda is not on a professional level, there is still a lot a lot at stake for fans, players and sponsors alike. It is very frustrating having a new ref or linesman officiating the game, making mistakes, lacking knowledge for unwritten laws that require good judgment and taking their feeling I ngs into consideration when making disciplinary actions. I agree that everyone deserves respect however imagine if this was a topic of discussion anywhere else in the world…. I highly doubt they would be allowed to officiate such matches.

    • Truth says:

      ACTUALLY… in Canada, hockey games are routinely officiated by youth. In America, baseball games are routinely officiated by youth. Who else wants to do it for the pittance of pay?

      AND SECONDLY – there really isn’t that much on the line at a football game here in Bermuda. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Even if a team wins the elite championship they are merely the best of the entrants from what equates to a small to mid-sized town anywhere else in the world. GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE.

      See you at the Olympics champ! (sarcasm…)

      • I heart 441 says:

        …and most of those youth who officiate those games are being paid, are youth are doing it for free and their love for the game.

        Secondly, our youth club teams are on the same level as the Canadaian & US premier/academy/Olympic development team. Your recreational teams could not compete with out club teams.

        • Truth says:

          “our youth club teams are on the same level as the Canadaian & US premier/academy/Olympic development team”

          LOL… now that is beyond funny. You obviously have never been off the island. Keep dreaming!!!!

          Bermuda truly is another world… but unfortunately it needs to be part of the planet Earth when its football players go overseas.

          • Truth says:

            AND – just heard that Bermuda lost in St. Kitts to ST. KITTS! What do you think they would do against a larger country? Still shaking my head at your obvious ostrich head in the sand type view of the quality of football on island.

            • Player 1 says:

              Clearly you were the last pick in school sports… The point I made was that EVERYONE should be respected but the BFA needs to do a better job training the officials at that level. To your point Bermuda isn’t at the level as those other countries that you mentioned but if we are to get there isn’t quality officials a factor? If we are to beat St. Kitts for example shouldn’t there be quality, consistent officiating week to week?

          • I heart 441 says:

            I actually was an assistant coach of a premier team in New England. Up to the age of under 12′s, our Bermuda teams are top notch. Hamilton Parish youth teams win overseas tournaments on a regular. You my friend simply are not aware of our accomplishments overseas.

    • Sick n tired says:

      Player 1, what is wrong with you. The only way these youngsters are going to get better is by doing. These people making all the rude comments need to be running the line. They will then see it is a lot different being on the field, than it is sitting in the stands. No matter what you do in life, you only get better by practice. And you never know when one of our youngsters will be called to officiate a world cup.

  12. Leave a Reply says:

    Pls BFA, although I partially agree with this article, my observation over the past few weeks since you implemented the youth referee programme, is that many COACHES themselves are the biggest noise makers and complainants when these referees make the “wrong” call. They, the coaches, forget that these games are for youth development and want to win at any cost.

  13. Spectator says:

    I was at a game last week at Somerset Cricket Club which had a Youth Ref. He missed quite a few calls but hey he was there where often no able adult comes forward – so applause! There were a few spectators at the field who may have just come to watch a bit of kiddie football at their community field I guess. I found it absolutely abhorrent and quite sad that following a foul by the home team to have an adult (supporter of the home team) shouting “step on his ankle”‘ “ya take’em out” It was an Under 10 Game!!! Seriously!!

    Society needs to improve really. Hats off to the Youth Refs they are officiating on often unnecessarily heated grounds.

  14. ImJustSayin says:

    They are just addressing this. It has been going on for more than 20 years. Are you kidding me.

    • Idiots are everywhere says:

      Hey numb nuts.

      1. Its a story about youth referees. They are between the ages of 13-16 who are refereeing youth games on Saturdays. They have had the 1st stage of training. Which is a new initiative. Which hasn’t been happening for 20years.

      2. Abuse of referees on SUNDAYS has been happening well over 20 years and has been address numerous times through press releases, marketing campaigns etc.

      Try some research and a bit of positivity for a change. I might change your life.

      Carry on youngsters. You are doing a good job.

  15. Oh,I see now says:

    That’s why my son only played school football I was not exposing him to the crap that goes on Saturday morning and afternoons at some of these clubs.And yes I did fill the void with other sports that I felt were in a more family and friend orientated environment.He went on to become certified in some of these areas and does not regret it one bit,and yes he still plays football now and then.

    • I heart 441 says:

      If you took your son out of football because of the abuse at the fields, you wouldn’t have lasted a month from being exposed to “crap” in countries like England, Columbia and other powerhouse football nations.