Video: Interview With PLP Leader David Burt

March 24, 2017

Opposition Leader David Burt sat down with Bernews today for a live interview on our Facebook page, discussing a wide range of topics including the 2017 Budget and the Opposition’s Budget Reply, payroll tax, and the Commission of Inquiry’s report.

Speaking with guest interviewer Jeremy Deacon, Mr. Burt also touched on Mark Pettingill’s resignation from the OBA, Speaker Randy Horton, technology, the America’s Cup and more.

If you want to listen ‘on the go’, you can also access the audio from this interview, and all our past interviews, in the podcast section of the Bernews app.

The 38-minute live video replay is below:

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Comments (30)

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  1. Bullseye says:

    Please just tell us what the system is…. of course we all want what is best but you are admitting you have no idea what that is… sigh

  2. wahoo says:

    I skipped to the AC part because I am proud that we are hosting it and I really hoped that Mr. Burt would be positive – I felt disappointed with his responses. He bumbled about and through out “ is a rich man’s sport…”. Now the PLP cost is up to $110M with no proof. People are and have been encouraged since inception to come up with entrepreneurial ideas.

    This is an important event and it sounds as though the plp are trying to create bitterness amongst the voter the economic truth is that this thing is bringing a lot of foreign currency to our island and that is what is important – that money stays and pays for all manner of goods and services.

    Man I am disappointed with you Burt just because your job description says opposition does not mean you have to deliberately undermine everything that the government does.

    • aceboy says:

      And when the inflow of foreign currency stops then with all the best intentions in the world the PLP will not be ABLE to perform all the social *goodness* they promise.

      The PLP have no plan for the future. The ideas they have presented for growth are pie in the sky concepts. They are betting the election on a campaign of social well being for their supporters.

      To them it is a game. When Bermuda goes to hell in a hand basket they will be holding the handle. Apparently, for the leadership of the PLP that is enough.

      • Who done it says:

        It is concerning that he has lots of plans to spend money with high hopes that these incubator ideas pan out, hire more civil service people for oversight but flimsy on real action to reduce the expenses. Saying we will be more efficient does not make it that way and what happens to the people in the govt. jobs? We can be more efficient now by reducing the inefficient jobs now as we all know the civil service is bloated. When finally presses on an issue he has no comment.

    • Onion says:

      “Burt Math”

  3. Point boy says:

    I’m going to bed. Yawn

  4. cpm says:

    The PLP are boring all of us on a daily basis
    As soon as you hear a press statement coming on the afternoon PLP show you turn off

  5. wahoo says:

    Sure are a lot of dislkes and so far no good or bad plp responses defending Mr. Burt’s interview… goodness. Last week I broke a personal record and got 225 “dislikes”.

    • James Rego says:

      Dislikes indicate you are hitting close to the mark! Be appreciative!

  6. trump supporter says:

    Wonder what Mr, Burt thinks of the new hospital!

  7. Who done it says:

    I love the part on the AC about not attracting the right segment in bermuda. However this event is attractive to the very people we want visiting Bermuda. Make this memorable for them and they come back and spend.

    I can see this opportunity is great for Bermuda and I’m not a sailor and have nothing personally to gain from this event. To even hesitate on giving a affirmative response of basically yes for now is silly.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Just picture it . A place somewhere else in the world of Bermuda’s teeny weeny size , with the remote location and HUGE debt load we have getting the opportunity to host this event and people saying it’s not attracting the type of people here needed and that it’s an elitist event etc and etc

      The amount of blind hatred and stupidity here is monumental beyond belief .

  8. hmmm says:

    Burt leaves so much to be desired. Sadly he is out of his depth.

  9. Really says:

    I’m canceling cable completely if I ever have to listen to his driffle on a constant basis, all critism but NO solutions! So much discontent over the AC because they know it would not exist under the PLP.

  10. Zevon says:

    Yesterday, literally, the PLP said the AC cost was $100m. Today Burt says it’s $110m.
    When they make things up and tell lies, they should try to get their story straight. As it s, their lies are a bit too blatant and careless.
    They should hire a foreign consultant, maybe.

  11. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Watching Burt shows he’s an earnest candidate running for student council. He innability to get behind America’s Cup is pandering to the lowest common plp denominator. Long after America’s Cup is gone, the plp will be sitting on a broke, busted and diminished Bermuda.

  12. Sir why would you says:

    Not totally support an event that is going to stimulate economic activity for the country.

    GVT’s job any GVT is to stimulate the local economy. The narrative used by current PLP leaders seems counter intuitive to that.

    A healthy economy allows the Gvt to assist the people of the country.

    Bermuda is better than this constant bickering and Bermudians deserve better.


  13. puzzled says:

    The PLP have a leader?

  14. Ringmaster says:

    Looking at the dislikes on each post is a sad indictment of the PLP mindset. Anti anything positive. Very worrying if they got elected – Mr Burt has been trying to portray the “new” PLP as something different from the past. If only that was true. Clearly it is just as bad and probably worse as so many of the “old” MPs are still there.

  15. Kangoocar says:

    That was 38 minutes of my life I will never get back! What a waste of F’N time that was? Burt is simply over his on everything isn’t he?

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    Over 24 hours on the board & less than a dozen comments on what Burt has to say. Looks like very few care what Burt has to say.

    The ‘dislike’ machine at Alaska Hall seems to be in overdrive. Behaviour like this wants to rule Bermuda???

    • aceboy says:

      The dislike crowd can only click a button. They cannot refute anything that has been said.

  17. Up D hill says:

    What an empty barrell plain and simple! Talk about narrow minded!

  18. Humphrey says:

    When everyone is gone I wonder what the plp will say because they’re doing their best to chase them out. All they do is complain n talk negative on how they can do this n that no plans just spend money we don’t have

  19. Really says:

    Could any of the Dislike button cardholders offer some suggestions? If want to make people think, you must use dialogue.

  20. James H says:

    You aren’t fooling me Mr Burt. A PLP win in the upcoming election would be beyond devastating for Bermuda. Everyone with the means will leave. You won’t fool us again.

  21. Average Bermudian says:

    fools on this thread

  22. Rasta says:

    More talk from the plp destroyers of Bda.

  23. watching says:

    The comments here speak volumes…more paid bloggers from the OBA perhaps?
    Mr Burt handled himself very professionally and spoke his mind in this interview.
    Well done!