Photos: Moresby House Restoration Complete

May 19, 2017

Work to restore one of the best known landmarks in the Royal Naval Dockyard has been completed on time and on budget, WEDCO said today.

Moresby House, later called HMS Malabar, has been restored to its former glory and will be rented as commercial space upon the conclusion of the 35th America’s Cup.

The Minister of Public Works Craig Cannonier said: “To see this fine building restored to its formal splendor is such a fitting tribute to the building’s rich history.

“I am extremely pleased with the work the contractors have done in such a short space of time. To think that I was here only a few months ago touring a dilapidated building and now to see it today is truly amazing; the transformation is remarkable.”

Andrew Dias, General Manager at West End Development Corporation [WEDCO] said: “This is a landmark building as you drive into Dockyard and it had fallen into disrepair.

“However it was always our intention to make sure this historic building was restored and with the help of a grant from the Ministry of Public Works, work has now been finished and we are delighted to see it looking magnificent.”

Built in 1899, Moresby House was the residence of the Office-in-Charge of Works, or OCW, who managed the construction and maintenance of all buildings, roads and bridges when Dockyard was still a British Naval base.

It stopped being used as a home in 1951, when the Dockyard closed, but was resurrected in 1965 as the Royal Navy shore establishment HMS Malabar as all RN shore establishments are commissioned as ships.

Initially the headquarters of the Senior Naval Officer West Indies, HMS Malabar continued in operation in a variety of roles until 1995 when the Royal Navy presence in Bermuda was withdrawn.

The restoration work was put out to tender and won by Overnight Construction for the building works and Strikeforce for the woodworks.

Mr Dias said: “All the Contractors have done a great job and I want to congratulate them on such fine work. We are delighted with the outcome. ”

Moresby Bermuda May 2017 (1)

Moresby Bermuda May 2017 (2)

Moresby Bermuda May 2017 (3)

Moresby Bermuda May 2017 (4)

Moresby Bermuda May 2017 (5)

Moresby Bermuda May 2017 (6)

Moresby Bermuda May 2017 (7)

Moresby Bermuda May 2017 (8)

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  1. So what was de budget, or was it like de Northshore roundabout budget.

  2. Trawling says:

    On time and on Budget? So what! So was Berkeley Institute, Dame Lois Brown Evens Building, TCD, Port Royal Golf Course, Cruise Ship Dock in Dockyard and many more! Lots of examples from the PLP 3 term .

  3. sage says:

    Did the minister drive over that atrocious road surfacing leading up from the old graveyard, which the same crew that jacked it up initially, are attempting to ‘fix’ today? Needs re-doing completely, it is ridiculously rough and is dangerous. Where is the accountability for tax payers money?

    • Procul says:

      That was nothing to do with Government (or W&E, which I suggest is where your anger should be directed). The contractor was employed by WEDCo.

  4. Oh,I see now says:

    I ride over that washboard every day and still shake my head in astonishment.For me it’s a toss up between walking barefoot
    on those sharp rocks at waters edge and having to ride that stretch of road ffs.

    • sage says:

      No one cares unfortunately and obviously, because any criticism, true or not, is viewed as negative anti-AC, anti OBA politricking and is totally ignored. There is simply no desire to get value for money.

  5. FUI says:

    remarkable job. well done contractors, and completed so fast. It shows it can be done and looks great