Thomas Cook Flight Lands In Bermuda For Fuel

December 12, 2017

A Thomas Cook Airlines Airbus A330-200 [twin-jet] landed at the L.F. Wade International Airport at approximately 2.30pm this afternoon [Dec 12] for what Bernews unofficially understands was a fuel stop.

Flight 2816 departed London Gatwick Airport earlier this morning travelling to Frank País Airport in the Cuban province of Holguín when the pilot diverted to Bermuda for fuel. The flight continued on its journey at approximately 3.45pm this afternoon. Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service trucks were standing by near the aircraft as fueling took place.

Thomas Cook 2816 Bermuda, December 12 2017-4931

Thomas Cook 2816 Bermuda, December 12 2017-4934

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  1. Wassup says:

    Strange – do they normally do that?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      How so? You burn more than expected due to headwinds. You don’t have the required minimums. You need to stop & top up. Happens.

      • Micro says:

        Most likely case. Or someone miscalculated how much fuel was needed/fueling error. Could be a serious fine if that was the case.

      • pat says:

        when you cross the pond i would imagine u should be well prepared as filling options are rather limited

  2. pat says:

    was on board amongst 300 hundred unlucky tourists. apparently air traffic controllers made them take different and longer path for which they weren’t prepared. we needed extra 10 tons of fuel