Motorcyclist Injured In Hamilton Parish Collision

January 1, 2018 | 3 Comments

[Updated] Emergency services responded to a collision tonight [Jan 1] on North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish, which resulted in a motorcyclist being injured and transported to hospital.

A police spokesperson said, “At 8:25am on Monday, January 1, police and other first responders attended a report of a road traffic collision that took place on North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish.

Collision Bermuda Jan 2 2018

“It appears that a 31 year old Warwick man was traveling west on North Shore Road when the rider overtook traffic and collided with a wall near the bus stop across from the Francis Patton school. The male was taken to the hospital where he is being treated for injuries that are classified at this point as serious.

“The area has been cordoned off whilst the relevant officers process the scene. Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have seen the collision to contact the police at 295-0011.”

Update January 2, 3.35pm: A police spokesperson said, “At last check earlier today [January 2nd] the 31 year old man believed to be from Warwick injured when the motorcycle he was riding apparently struck a wall along North Shore Road, Hamilton parish in the vicinity of Francis Patton Primary School around 8:25pm Monday, January 1st was in stable condition in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses are asked to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    Because of the high volume of trafic at certain times on our roads it is no longer sensible or practical to overtake other vehicles at any time.

    There is always another vehicle coming from the other direction .

    What is a 14 ft advantage when you may spend 14 days in Hospital.

    Get used to driving in a convoy and avoid tailgating by observing the” two second rule.”

    If some one deliberately “tail gates ” they are PUSHING you, it would be wise for you to slowdown and put your warning emergency flashers on until they back off.

    ” PUSHING” is a ploy used by a driver behind you to control your speed by intimidation.


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