Children’s Rights Advocate Headed To Japan

January 15, 2019

Tiffanne Thomas Bermuda January 2019Tiffanne Thomas, Director of Therapeutic Consulting Services, will be presenting at the International Symposium on Social Sciences and Management in Hokkaido, Japan, which will be held from January 22-24, 2019.

Ms Thomas’s empirical research into ethical leadership and the effects of culture on leadership led to Dr. Lonnie Morris of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology recommending her as a possible presenter for this prestigious event.

International interest in child protection in Bermuda has increased as a result of recent developments surrounding the Litigation Guardian role in Bermuda.

Ms Thomas has been asked to speak on ‘Child Protection and the Influence of Culture on a Country’s Protections of Children’.

This marks the second international presentation for Ms. Thomas, who presented at the International Leadership Association’s Global Conference in Belgium in 2017.

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  1. Excellent. What a terrific ambassador we all have for our beloved country, Bermuda.

  2. Darkstar says:

    Who paid for Belgium and who’s paying for Japan. It’s great she is presenting -full marks and very honorable, but if the taxpayer is paying then I ask what do we as tax payers get out of this ?

    • The Surrogate says:

      Well I imagine one would need to be paid with government funds in order for any “tax-payer” monies to be expensed for respectable representation of a country that up until now has exhibited very little desire to take any steps toward ensuring the welfare of its vulnerable population.

      To pay for the very individual who has been providing a valuable legislated service (that she is yet to be compensated for might I add) to attend a conference that is in alignment with protecting the rights of the population for which she so strongly advocates, would seriously bring to question the government’s current stance against paying her for said to our community.

      I presume if she were presenting on the topic of bitcoin or fintek they would jump to the occasion. But no, it’s just children.

      • Mother Thersa says:

        Mrs Thomas, sadly, the PLP doesn’t care about Bermuda’s children. If they did, they would have hounered your services and paid you. Everyone is getting what they voted for…..

    • curious says:

      shut up!

  3. Dee says:

    Congrats, Tiffanne!! Very proud of you!!

  4. Ain’t Happening says:

    Isn’t this the mysteriously unpaid for years but now claiming a few million dollars from the public purse lady?

  5. Will she tell them about the Miss Aguiar who was fined by the Chief Immigration Officer the savage sum of of $5000 for visiting a hair salon to learn a job.She was born here but obviously not deserving of of being treated like a human being.