Photos: Tribute Sheets Fly For Freddy Maybury

June 16, 2010

In a long standing and sad Bermuda tradition, tribute sheets to Monday’s shooting victim now hang in the Sandy’s Parish area. 34 year old Frederick Maybury was fatally shot in the very early hours of Monday June 14th while standing outside Woody’s Restaurant on Malabar Road in Sandy’s.

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The Police said there is “some indication” that the suspects may have had access to a boat, and that the marine police unit was involved, with the Police saying they had a “robust response on land and water”. They arrested two men, a 44 year old St. George’s man and a 34 year old Southampton man, on Monday who were released on Police bail yesterday [June 15].

Mr Maybury, a self employed plumber, was a resident of Sandy’s Parish and a father of two. In a truly sad situation that only compounds the tragedy, Tiana Robinson, the mother of his 13 year old son passed away in March 2010 from cancer, so Mr Maybury’s murder leaves the young teen with no living parents, having lost both in a space of three months. Mr Maybury’s other child, a 3 year old son, lives with his mother.

Various tributes have been written and sprayed on sheets which now hang on fences on Somerset Road. In a less than usual aspect, the bustop has also been sprayed, with almost all areas, including the flooring and roof covered in words.

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A Facebook page has been started “RIP Freddy Maybury”, you can join it here.

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  1. berwife says:

    So tragic. Also something out of order in these tributes — meaning I wish we could be paying tribute to lives and not deaths.

  2. Tuba says:

    I love the one sheet with MOB painted on it.