Photos: March Against Hamilton Reform Bill

July 23, 2010

Hundreds of protesters marched from City Hall to the House of Assembly to protest the Municipalities Reform Act 2010 earlier today [June 23]. Lead by Mayor Charles Gosling, the group marched chanting “Save our city” until reaching the House of Assembly. Minister Zane DeSilva, who tabled the bill, was greeted with boos, and shouts of “coward” as he left the area.

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  1. terry says:

    Great pictures…..

    I haven’t seen that many white people on the streets since Jack Sharpe introduced the “Mobylette”. This is stunning news but remember they (whites) only come out during the day and working hours.

    Actually, when I look at the faces they are all cousins, uncle and aunties and naffyooz of the original “40 Thieves”. Did anyone see Tony Brannon?

    Where were the gang bangers. Where was Rolfe.

    Oh well. At least evryone that turned up gets a case of Goslings “Black” Rum. See! It does work out in the end. Whilst Hamilton burns the empties can be used for Moloctov Swizzles and/ot penny jars……………………….

    Having just read some great work about Slavery I can assure you that William Roscoe Davis was correct ( great man) when he said………

    “I never used a whip against fellow slaves. Men work harder when led, not beaten”.

    A Black Man, slave that really made a differance when put in a position of authority.

    Define “Authority”.

    A great day to all and may Devonshire Rec. win dee cup metch………………….

    Damn…I think I may have just mispoke……….

    “God Bless the Boys who make the noise on City Hall Avenue. ….( Lacy J Dalton-genre-country- …..16th Avenue)

    • Jim O'Conner says:

      Terry, they should really limit your access to a computer down there at the M.A.W.I., or at least up your dosage.

    • Real talk says:

      hahaha – your absolutely right ! nail on the head

  2. terry says:

    Oh Jimmy. If they did you’d have nothing to say ecept hide behind pen names on other sites.

    But then again, I saw you at the march.

    • terry says:

      Then again, I mention a name and you jump in. I think you forget what you learned and where plays a part here. If you want to attack please do so but not here on this site. Email me.

      Campbel and Victor et al would be pissed off at your attitude about an opinion.

      Nerves are a beach. Visited one lately?

      As for MAWI …I’m out on day release and staying at Gombey House.

  3. Rockfish #2 says:

    It is unfortunate that in Bermuda 2010,selected persons and employers can be intimidated by a non-elected Minister simply because they openly disagree with the Government. In today’s tough economic climate, people will tend to toe the line and remain silent in order to preserve their jobs.
    However, because you silence a man, doesn’t mean you have convinced him!

  4. Rockfish #2 says:

    Never mind Terry, you obviously work hard at producing these masterpieces.

  5. terry says:

    True to a degree ‘Rocky’.

    You may not be “convinced” but you are still “silence” /ed

  6. ROCKFISH says:

    If this involves both Corporations, where was the Mayor of St.George?

  7. ROCKFISH says:

    I am having a domestic dispute with Rockfish#2, she thinks the Mayor of St. George should not have marched today, I think he should have.

  8. Real talk says:

    I feel sorry for Kim Swan !! HE is such a puppet for the UBP. To complain about every little thing, even if it moving foward for a purpose.. Lay down and join the PLP.