Quincy Brangman Charged In Road Death

September 2, 2010

earl ingemannAmidst a heavy Police presence, Quincy Stanley Brangman was today (Sept 2) charged in Magistrates Court in relation to the death of 21-year-old Earl Ingemann (pictured to the left).

Mr Brangman was charged under the Road Traffic Act 1947 with the Crown alleging that he was the driver of 33382, that as the alleged driver on Saturday 1st January 2010, he caused Mr Ingemann’s death on Kindley Field Road. He was remanded in custody.

Mr Ingemann, a heart transplant survivor, was a passenger in a car involved in a serious single vehicle road traffic collision on Kindley Field Road in St. George’s in the vicinity of Stone Crusher Corner around 3:35am Friday, January 1st. He sustained serious head and chest injuries and was taken to King Edward Memorial Hospital before being airlifted overseas to Johns Hopkins for further medical treatment; however he subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

Mr. Ingemann’s death was the first road fatality Bermuda suffered in 2010, and to date seven more people have died as a result of traffic accidents this year.

Mr Brangman, pictured below, was not required to enter a plea as the matter must be heard in Supreme Court.

quincy brangman bermuda

Quick video of Mr Brangman leaving court:

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  1. Real talk says:

    what bullsh#t..when a white person kills someone in an accident, they always get off..The white women who killed the child outside of Purvis, the white boy from England..very sad, the island still operates on a basis of color and we dont see it

    • Summarized says:

      Not necessarily so, the person involved in the fatality of the waiter from Salt Rock was not white, and he got off too. While I agree with you about the two road fatalities to which you refer, it is not, IMHO, a black and white issue. We must find out the facts surrounding the accident before passing judgment.

    • Totally Disgusted says:

      Well I agree with you even though I can’t say it is always a white and black issue but if you look at it that is what the system is making it out to be. The situation with the little girl that got killed by Purvis that still disturbs me today because this woman apparently was speeding, talking on her phone, overtook without caution and killed a child, yet she still got off if that doesn’t wake people up I don’t know what will. These Bermudian laws need to be modified and soon.

    • Black and White says:

      he has NOT been convicted, only charged. The others that you mention were also charged.

      very sad, the island’s people still operate on a basis of color!

    • empty_vessel says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more Real talk!

    • teapot says:

      You are so smart Real talk.

    • kettle says:

      White “boy”? Are you talking about Luke Armstrong, the 24-year-old?

  2. Sad says:

    This situation is so sad. Seems to me the police are looking at anyway to get Quincy and at any expense. I don’t think this is a race issue how ever, his (edited) on another matter and they charge him 8 months after Earl’s death???????????? Seems like Quincy has a bull’s-eyes on his chest and they are going to keep throwing darts at him till one hits!!! Sickening, Heads up Q. RIP Freddy!!

    • Never Pays says:

      Are you kidding me “Sad”………if you don’t want the police up your A$$ every five minutes then stay out of trouble….it’s that effin simple!….

      (edited for legal reasons)

      • Peace and Love says:

        @ never pays.. they probably won’t print this…but Earl wouldn’t want this to happen to one of his best friends…I agree with “Sad” why have they waited this long to charge Quincy?…..also at never pays you seem to have a personal gripe…Sad is entitled to his/her opinion just as you are entitled to yours…tidy up the language on your next opinion….we have ALL fallen short of the glory of God at one time or another…..so who are you to pass judgement..Peace and Love ..Have a blessed day!

  3. Adrian says:

    Hows about Bermuda grows some balls and starts ENFORCING the rules of the road?!

    The speed limit is 35kph, if you do more, something should be done.

    A friend of mind got up to 110kph on East Broadway, the police pulled him over and said “Don’t do it again”.

    Great police work there!

    • Peace and Love says:

      @ Adrian..were you there??? could it possibly be thet your friend was “fudging” the truth just a bit? Because I find that hard to believe especially if they pull you over for 52KPH…It’s possible..but I’m just saying…….

    • Citizen says:

      35kph speed limit is there for financial reasons not safety. Do you drive at 35? Have you attempted 15k at Somerset Bridge?

  4. For clear thought says:

    Pay attention folks , once and for all … In the trial of the little girl who was killed outside Purvis school it was revealed that the driver wasn’t only NOT on a cell phone , she reportedly didn’t even own one. The bus driver herself testified that the car driver wasn’t speeding and there was nothing she could possibly have done to avoid the accident , other than not passing an ‘offloading bus ‘.

    AS for the stupidity that white people get off while blacks don’t … what colour are the judges ? How about the makeup of the juries ? How about the bulk of the Bda Police Service ?

    Yeah , I guess it sounds kind of stupid now eh ?

  5. Alexis Martin says:

    That is pure rubbish. So you justify a person killing an innocent bystander just because the victim is white. You are living in another world, a person who has committed a crime should be charged for that crime and his or her race is not relevant. But I guess to you if you are black and commit a crime you should not be charged for the crime because in your ignorant world that is considered fair! What utter nonsense. Let’s take a bit of a recap, hmm Rebecca Middleton, innocent girl murdered and what do you know, murderers are walking free, hmm let’s see, Marcus Gibbings, murdered brutally and to this day no one was charged, oh and not to mention tourists on front street stabbed, and many more, lets focus on the makeup of the jury and who knows who rather than focusing on the hatred of one’s race! I

  6. Peace and Love says:

    Wow! It never ceases to amaze me how people get angry when someones opinion is not the same as their own! If a person feels its a white thing than that’s their opinion! respect it! If someone feels its a black thing than its their opinion! Respect it! That’s the problem with the world today…I see a lot of opinions that I don’t like but I don’t disrespect the person or persons giving them in my response…and @ Alexis Martin..that case in particular got a lot of attention becuse it goes a lot deeper than what was presented…can anyone say freemason…..

  7. @Peace and Love says:

    You are one of the most sensible people I have come across in a long time. Everyone is most definitely entitled to their own opinions and those of us on the outside looking in need to stop judging everyone so quickly. No one is perfect and Bermudians need to stop being so judgemental about everything period. It’s sad that Quincy is being charged with this now and there are many factors around him and others that people don’t know or understand. I’m sure we’ve all been less than perfect at times

  8. SAD!! says:

    thanks peace&love.Seems like Never Pays should spend more time on hooked on phonics’ that way he can use language that actually can be printed. Yes I agree if you don’t want the police on you should stay out of trouble, but even when some people try to clean up their lives their past follows’ them. Coming from someone that has never been in trouble. However yes I am upset about the whole situation and free to have my opinion. I feel for Earl and his family. Quincy will have to deal with this for the rest of his life one way or the other. As for you the (never pays)college is free!!

  9. SAD!! says:

    other than not passing an ‘offloading bus ‘. ???????????????????? I agree that this isn’t a race issues at all!! But don’t make it sound so simple

  10. SAD!! says:

    Y does everthing become a race issue!! errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  11. Alexis Martin says:

    So if you say that I am supposed to respect other people’s opinions why are you not respecting my opinion. Ever heard of the saying “People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones” well that also applies to you. And for the record the case does not go deeper its very clear what occurred and by who, don’t defend criminals, instead let’s put them to justice. Bermuda fails to put crimiinals to justice because everybody knows everybody and nobody wants to talk and the jury is always fixed. I have the right to disagree with whomever and I shall not be silenced by anyone especially someone who is not open to criticism.If you can’t handle my opinion than that’s too bad!

    • Roz says:

      @ Alexis I trust that your comment was not directed at me because I never said anything against your opinion..I was just basically saying ‘wow!” at what was being said because the opinion was not the same as yours..and by the way,,,yes that case does go a lot deeper. I am not defending criminals I am just stating how I feel..my apologies for you and I not being on the same page..and as for one living in a glass house and not throwing stones, perhaps our glass houses are side by side,,,hmmm…. I too have the right to disagree with whomever and I too shall not be silenced by anyone especially by someone who like yourself who is not apparently open to criticism.. perhaps you should take your own advice…so here it is right back at you baby…If you can’t handle my opinion than that’s too bad!!!

  12. Wanda Bowen says:

    This is not a black and white issue, it simply is a matter of Bermuda becoming a police state….Quincy passed the breathalizer test yet they charged him with being impared…They make no mention of the fact that the wheel came off the car..After 8 months of missing Earl and our family starting to heal,,the police bring it up for what?? For my 13 year old daughter to cry all over again missing her brother. Earl and Quincy were like brothers and I know that he misses Earl. I don’t want to see him prosecuted for Earl’s death and it should be my call, not The police, Crown,Queen or anyone else for that matter. Aftert all..non of them came to offer me any help or assistance when Earl was undergoing medical treatment for his bad heart,,and he is gone now. This will not bring him back!

    • Alexis Martin says:

      This is directed to Roz, do you have any comprehension at all? Do you even know what throwing stones in glass houses means? I have a feeling like you don’t. First of all you begin to apologize and then you say that I should practice what I preach. Perhaps you must be bored and all you can do is talk a load of nonsense.

  13. The Baddest says:

    Thank you Aunt Wanada. Ppl dnt knw the have. I’ve known Earl for 12 years of my like right up until that Day he died. Quincy does not deserve to be charged for Earls death. Earl would not agree. Nobody knows what happened that night with the car and how it happened besides the people that were in that damn car, understand? Earl was my friend and always will be, its almost been a year, he eat christmas dinner at my house last year. His hair was the same way it was that night of the accident the day he was laid to rest. Quincy is a excellent friend. That was Earls boy, and he stayed by Earls Hospital bed until the Police took him away….