100 New Homes To Be Built In West End

October 11, 2010

[Updated] This morning [Oct 11] at a press conference it was announced that WEDCo will construct 100 new rental homes, with the total cost of the housing project expected be $34 million. The project is presently scheduled to be completed within 18 months.

Speaking this morning was Minister of Works and Engineering Derrick Burgess, Chairman of the West End Development Corporation Walter Lister, and General Manager of the West End Development Corporation Andrew Dias.

Update 3:11pm: Site plans added here.

The full statement follows below:

Good Morning,

I am very pleased to announce that the West End Development Corporation, (WEDCo), has launched its West End Residential Housing Plan. This plan is specifically designed to improve the quality of life for all existing tenants.

WEDCo will construct 100 new rental homes within the lands around the existing Victoria Row. This Development is being constructed in 2 phases to avoid displacing any sitting tenants. Phase 1 will involve the construction of 40 to 50 units on the property adjacent to current Victoria row.

Upon completion of these new units, the tenants from Victoria and Albert Row will have the first option to move into these units.

Phase 2 will see the existing Victoria and Albert Row demolished to make way for new accommodations that meets today’s planning codes and better utilizes the property.

The construction of the remaining 50 – 60 units are to be occupied by other residential WEDCo tenants. Any additional units will first be offered to Bermuda Housing Corporation, (BHC) and then to the general public.

The project is already underway and will break ground over the weeks to come. WEDCo is committed to delivering Phase 1 before the end of the 1st quarter in 2011 and Phase 2 is scheduled to be completed by April 2012.

The new development also includes an extensive infrastructure link from Victoria Row to Dockyard’s Waste Water Treatment Facility. This new connection enables the entire development to have all of its waste treated at the recently completed Dockyard Waste Water Treatment Facility.

The total housing project is expected to be completed within 18 months at a cost of $34 million. The construction of the units is pre-engineered and they will be shipped directly to Dockyard and transported to site. These units look and feel like traditional Bermuda housing and have very high efficiency values as they will be a combination of concrete and foam. This technology, the proper treatment of sewage and the use of treated water for flushing is a fitting example of this Government and WEDCo’s commitment to developing the area in an environmentally conscious manner.

The construction material is already tried and proven in Bermuda and there are many locations throughout the island. The units also exceed required hurricane standards and this project was rolled out to WEDCo tenants on July 20th, 2010.

In Summary, the Government and The West End Development Corporation recognized the need to upgrade and develop the residential housing within the lands under WEDCo immediately. Every sitting tenant has and will be afforded the opportunity to move into a new unit.

WEDCo is working with every sitting tenant to ensure they know both “what their role is” and “what WEDCo’s role in bringing this initiative to fruition to the betterment of all parties concerned.

The WEDCo team will continue to make every effort to ensure this transition is as seamless as possible. However, the success of the overall project will require the cooperation and understanding of both parties.

WEDCo is not the Government agency for emergency or affordable housing.

However, WEDCo is committed to developing this cost effective residential housing which is of high quality and to charge fair rents when compared to today’s open rental market.

The plan, while being supported by the Government, is being developed, funded and delivered 100% by WEDCo. “Doing nothing to address the West End housing challenges is not an option”. Yes change will concern some, however, WEDCo is continuing to deliver their mandate which is to develop the West End of the island into a vibrant community that all Bermudians can be a part of and be proud of.

Thank you.

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  1. Chop Sui says:

    I’m offended that the photo is one of US dollars.

    • bernews says:

      Our deepest apologies!

      You may however be pleased to know that we literally are in the process of amassing some file photos of Bermuda money so will decrease our use of US dollars in photos. A friend made a large cash withdrawal, so we took the chance to take a whole pile of various photos of the various bills in different ways. Just editing them, and we should be able to avoid these unhfortunate photos that do not contain local currency!!!

    • Jose says:

      I’m offended that you’re offended. Read the text instead of gazing at the picture.

  2. terry says:

    And thats why you eat Chop Sui. Your offended by the American dollar/currency?

    Get a freeking grip Captain Stir fry………There’s more monies going out than comming in so back off dude…….I’ rather at this time have the ‘yen’ up my yong than no Bda dollars in the coffers……………………………

    • Chop Sui says:

      Listen chicken ‘Terry’aki!! I said I’m offended that the PHOTO is one of US currency NOT that US currency offends me. Buy a ‘Terry’cloth and clean the wax out ya ears, or eyes in this case. If it was a picture of your wife naked you might be offended, doesn’t mean you are offended by your naked wife moron!

      And Jose…..No Way! It is precisely the text that makes the photo a misappropriation. We are not american.
      Jose can you see? la la la la la la

  3. Chop Sui says:

    That said, Thanks Bernews! Great site!

    • Jose says:

      I believe in free speech but surely stupidity should be moderated more. Thanks Chop Sui for letting the webmaster know that the istock photo they purchased for the article is misappropriate. I’m sure they will put it at the top of their list of things to do.

      By the way, can some one clarify the role of WEDCo as a Government Quango? The last paragraph of the article eludes to the Government not funding any of the project. Why am I left feeling like there is a lack of information available to the public?

  4. Veebyes says:

    Ahhh, perfect timing for WEDCO/PLP Government to be spending millions on housing. With all of those useless, non contributing ‘furrinors’ leaving the Island these days, with no easing in sight, has anyone noticed how many houses & apartments are now standing empty? Their owners are up to their eyeballs in mortgage payments. The banks will be foreclosing next, not that they want the houses. Housing values will fall. The PLP, which has put us a Billion in debt wants to build housing to compete against the owners/voters who put them in power in good faith of responsible Government.

    I guess you got what you voted for. The Bermuda ‘Miracle’ is now heading to be a nightmare.

  5. terry says:

    Cool “Chop”. You spend too much time on the net and blogs as can be seen by your printed words and getting personal.

    Never mind. The smoking gun barrel your looking down just melted…………………

    Now back on subject. Oh yeah…..Price of cement……………..

  6. que pasa says:

    Um um – they are not NEW houses if they are REPLACING old houses – they are just different houses.

  7. terry says:

    I don’t know what your smoking “Que” but I want some…….Guess your Kelloggs corn flakes bo is always full of new flakes………………………

  8. Critical Thinker says:

    I think a well managed local Construction Company could build these for the $340000 they are expected to cost, out of cement and block. Considering the fact that, according to David Burch, we have hundreds of unemployed Master Mason running around looking for work. This would employ them all or maybe they they are aware that there are no available good Trades Men, that’s why they decide to import the prefab houses. Politics or Poly-tricks, it’s just a game they play, on the minds of the un-aware

  9. Please Note says:

    They will still need Masons/Labourers/Carpenters to build the foundations of the houses – so work will be available for all of those unemployed Masons provided WEDCO/GOV’T makes it manditory for the Contractor to employ them as part of their Tender Contract.