Ferry Update: Blue Route On, Green Off

October 3, 2010

The Department of Marine and Ports confirmed this evening [Oct 3] that regular commuter ferry service on the Blue Route [Watford Bridge, Cavello Bay and Dockyard], will resume tomorrow morning.

Additionally, Harbour Route service [Warwick/Paget] continues to operate according to schedule.

The Department of Marine and Ports further advised that it is anticipated that the resumption of service on the Green Route [Rockaway]ferry will occur on Tuesday morning.

Following Union action on Sept 28th, ferry operators moved to suspend commuter service until further notice, marking the second strike in two weeks by public transportation workers.

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  1. No-vey Bye says:

    Quoted “On Friday, Francis Richardson, the director of marine and Ports, thanked the public for their continued patience while the ferry service isn’t running at 100 per cent” End of quote
    What ‘patience’ I can assure you that some of us ferry users, lost our patience with these types of stoppage issues years ago. Explain to my boss whenever I am late, explain to his customers waiting for me to arrive to serve them. If we could, we regular ferry users would never use the ferries again and just flood the Bermuda roads with more cars because they are more reliable! Thanks for our Patience he says…what a joke!