Video: Two People Shot on Mission Lane

November 27, 2010

[Updated] Bernews understands there has been a shooting in the St Monica’s Road area this morning [Nov 27]. Unofficial reports indicate that at least one person has been shot, and possibly two.

The Police are presently on scene and have blocked the area off, from both the Glebe Road and Palmetto Road sides [pictured below, click to enlarge] We are unable to officially confirm any further information as of yet, however will update as able.

Mission Shooting  Nov27 10-1

Mission Shooting  Nov27 10-1-2


Update 5:55am: Police presence in the area has increased, senior officers are arriving. The hospital is on lockdown, with multiple officers and cars outside – and a Police presence inside the door as well. We can confirm someone has been shot, however are unable to officially confirm how many have been shot – unofficial reports coming in indicate two people have been shot, one seriously injured.

Update 6:40am: Unofficial reports indicate that one person was shot in the head, and is very seriously injured. The Police have blocked off Mission Lane with crime scene tape [pictured below], and appear to be paying specific attention to the area.

Mission Shooting  Nov27 10-1-5

Update 6:52am: Police confirm that the incident occurred at 5:30am this morning, and have also confirmed that two men have been shot. Area residents reports hearing multiple shots.

Update 7:30am: The Police Forensic Unit is on the scene, and it is being processed.

Update 7:49am: Video footage of the scene, and a statement from Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro, Officer in Charge of the Serious Crime Unit.

Update 10:00am: Police confirm the victims as being 40 and 44 years old.

Update 10:37am: Police have left the area. [photo]

Update 10:57am: Official statement from Police: “Around 5:30am on Saturday, Police responded to a confirmed firearm incident in the St. Monica’s Road, Pembroke area. Details about the incident are unclear at this time; however as a result two men, a 44 year old man and a 40 year old man, were injured. The victims were taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment. An active investigation is underway by the Serious Crimes Unit. Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact 295-0011 or the independent confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.”

Update 11:06am: Acting Minister of National Security Walter Roban stated “I was saddened to hear that gun violence has rocked our community once again, particularly as we approach the holiday season in earnest.This incident is of particular concern, since my own district, Pembroke East, borders the area, and residents of the St. Monica’s neighborhood appear to be continuously on the front line of so many of these unfortunate incidents. I have been appraised of this morning’s events by Assistant Police Commissioner, Paul Wright, who has assured that a full investigation is underway. I want to encourage anyone with information to please cooperate with the Police investigation. Alternatively they can contact Crime Stoppers to provide information anonymously.”

Update 1:30pm: Unofficial reports indicate one victim, the one seriously wounded, has just come out of surgery.

Update 1:45pm: Officials have confirmed with Bernews that both shooting victims are in the Intensive Care Unit of King Edward Memorial Hospital, and both are listed in critical condition.

Update 8:00pm: One victim, the 44-year-old, is now listed in stable condition in the ICU, while the 40-year-old man remains critical in the ICU.

Update Nov 28:As of 5:30am this morning [24 hours post shooting] they are no longer listed as critical – both listed as stable in the ICU.

Update Nov 28: As of 7:15pm they are still both listed as stable in the ICU

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  1. True Bermudian says:

    Chingas! When will the madness end?!

  2. See You Next Tuesday says:

    Can the gangs please just hurry up and finish killing each other – then we can get back to normal.

    Get the effing job done you LOSERS! No wonder you can’t pass a simple test you CRETINS! (Look it up – if you can READ)!


    • rjones says:

      Why stop there? Maybe we should include the child molester that hides in business suits or runs football programs or the drunk driver that goes to church each Sunday or the wife/ girlfriend/ child beater that sings in the choir…

      I am annoyed, vexed even, at the senseless slaying and destruction in the black community, however I am not oblivious to its’ origins and the fact that many of us would much prefer if all this madness would dissipate or play out quietly in drug dens in the back of town. Many of us are less concerned about the loss of life and more interested in being able to look our co workers from other zip codes in the face and know that they still like us. We are so needy, so lacking in true self esteem.

      Grow up Bermuda because our indifference and flight from our communities has had an impact on those left behind. The blatant money grab and social climbing that is so prevalent amongst us has had a massive negative impact on our young people.

      Finally, it was the work of educated people that created the financial quagmire that we find ourselves in. The behaviour of many in the church that has left young boys questioning their masculinity, the indifference of quite a few teachers that allowed some of these so called thugs to fall through the cracks. In short, it has contributed greatly ( other factors as well ) to what is playing out so vividly on our streets.

      The shooters and drug dealers need to be dealt with, however let’s please take a look at the other menaces to society that hide in well dressed garb and speak in eloquent tone..

      • UncleElvis says:

        So what’s the solution, in your opinion?
        You’ve given lots of reasons here… just wondering what solution you have to offer.

        • rjones says:

          It starts with moral / ethical & prudent leadership from our politicians,teachers, community clubs and parents. IDEAS WITHOUT REAL CONVICTION ARE JUST IDEAS.

          Education is absolutely critical,not just in the class room but in every day life. Young girls have to stop having children, young men must learn useful skills. The elimination of technical schools and the flight of educated black men & women from their communities is a real issue that needs to be addressed.

          We replaced a UBP govt that spent little to nothing on social programs and encouraged prominent black men ( VOTES ) to abandon their environments to gain power, money and entry to country clubs with a black labour govt that is in may ways far worse. In short racism has been replaced by elitism and the net net affect is that the young black underclass has grown significantly..

          • UncleElvis says:

            Um… none of these are solutions, just more reasons for the problems.

            It’s all well and good to say “Young girls have to stop having children”, but “It starts with moral/ethical & prudent leadership from our politicians… etc” is not a solution.

            You haven’t offered ANY solutions.

            “Education is absolutely critical…” Yes. It is. But how do we get the kids educated? How do we get them interested in school?

            You’ve been very vocal in your denunciation of folks (and, for some reason, the UBP, who have been out of power and basically toothless for over a decade), yet almost silent on any sort of concrete plan on how to fix it.

            • dhunte says:

              Elvis stick to music.

              He lists education improvements as the way forward. Woven throughout his spiel are ways how education could improve / reduce problems such as children born out of wedlock. Surely you can see how this has a knock on affect. ie, reduce the number of children from fatherless homes and you have less problems that stem from this real social problem.

              He states that ethical leadership is critical – put in place checks and balances that address this major issue and you start the dismantling of the misuse of public funds – those funds could be spent on well run social programs to include well run community clubs..

              Having said the above, what does Jones not laying out a comprehensive and etailed way forward have to do with articulating ( quite well I would say ) the root causes of our problems in this country.

              This is not unlike a senior manager or head of an organization, to include well run governents, that leave the details to the technnicians.

              Your argument lacks depth and is akin to the person that slams the anonymous blogger for being simply anonymous and as such, dismisses their argument..

              • UncleElvis says:

                You’re assigning motivations that aren’t there… and (quite possibly intentionally) ignoring my point.

                You say “what does Jones not laying out a comprehensive and etailed way forward have to do with articulating ( quite well I would say ) the root causes of our problems in this country.”

                then “Your argument lacks depth…” (then made an analogy that just doesn’t have any relation to anything I said… I never dismissed anyone’s argument. Just asked a question.)

                First off, I’m not arguing. I simply asked a question, which he then didn’t answer.

                Mr. Jones, as I mentioned, was very vocal in his denunciation of others and in his recitation of the root causes of the problems, the latter of which I agree with for the most part.
                Addressing what the causes are IS an important start to fixing the problem, but it CANNOT stop there.
                I don’t think it was out of line to ask someone as obviously fired up as Mr. Jones is if they have any solutions to offer.
                Is it?

                I never asked for him to “lay out a comprehensive and [sic] etailed way forward”… just if he had some solutions.

                My asking is what one has to do with the other.

                Oh, and in order for your analogy of the senior manager to work, rjones would have to be in a position to have “the technicians” figure out the details. He’s not. And if he IS, then so am I and so is everyone else, including those he’s lecturing about how they are wrong.

                (Apologies if rjones is, in fact, not a man. I made an assumption.)

                • J Galt says:

                  Guys ignore Elvis he is a troll, he loves to whine, and play the victim, its his m.o.

                  “First off, I’m not arguing. I simply asked a question, which he then didn’t answer.”

                  If I had a dollar for everytime I wasted answering his questions then have him tell me that I didn’t answer or in his words provided a “non-answer”, I’d be very rich.

                  I’m surprised he thinks he learned enough about debate to step out of his little sandbox and try to play with others, without his backup.

                  • sandyman says:

                    ….your right J…ignor Elvis. Did anyone read or hear a solution coming from him…no I didn’t think They sound like one of those persons that play with semantics, like …We steal- They embezzle, We commit adultery – They have an inapropriate relationship….We commit incess – They call it Royalty ,I can go on n on till the break of dawn .Get the picture

      • Judy says:

        Well said..

  3. Islander says:

    This Island has failed its young people, an education system that continues to turn out ill-equipped children with little useful working skills, an economy so high the family structure cannot survive, also insensitive comments like the one made by See You Next Tuesday which sounds like just the elitist attitude which made all this possible in the first place. Our island needs help not criticism.

  4. twinscts says:

    We need to look at the past present n future to fix these problems! Many family curses many lies being told many lost souls with no guidance many without food water shelter. When consider each one in this earth serves purpose we might value lives. As long as the leader of countries can b exempted from their wrong the citizen that lack certain needs or luxuries we will continue to war! What Happens in the being happen in the end same roles but different character’s just a thought!


  5. See You Next Tuesday says:

    I respectfully have to disagree. There are many uneductaed people who still somehow understand that shooting someone is wrong. You can keep your head in the sand if you like – make politically correct comments so as not to upset these angels.

    Saying that the Island is to blame simply removes blame from these poor little choir boys. Blaming my so called ‘elitist’ which you then imply caused all this is simply stupid.

    Some of us are just PISSED OFF! Your namby pampy sensitive comments are less than useless.

    If more people were pissed off then there might be some action.

    • rjones says:

      And your action has been????

      • See You Next Tuesday says:

        More than anything you’ve done obviously.

        • rjones says:

          Is that it? That’s your response?

          Now go play with your action doll and suck on your thumb or text your friends and complain how this mayhem has affected your social life. Don’t worry, it is still safe to walk along Bermudiana Rd.

          There isn’t enough space on this site to capture my involvement with young people and yes many have done very nicely and others haven’t, however I am involved.

          • See You Next Tuesday says:

            The pre-judgement and aggravation in your posts to me and others is truly sad.

            Further, you don’t present any viable solution whatsoever – just meaningless ranting like so many spoiled Bermudians who think they are entitled above everyone else.

            • dhunte says:

              pre judgement – LOL… he simply responded to what in fact was just that, pre judgement and misguided anger… LOL

              Were did you see entitlent.. Is that like a new word learned in the past week??

              : )

              • see You Next Tuesday says:

                D’unt you make me laugh. Learn to read and you’ll see the ignorance your mate wrote. I feel sorry for you. If in doubt, blame everything on racism as you Government has the last twelve years. Best of luck in the third world.

                • dhunte says:

                  Is that it . That’s your big response? Really!! Really? I wish that I could laugh at you but you and yours scare more than amuse.

                  Jones speaks quickly to our undeniable racist past, however places siginificant blame on the current govt.. Take off your protectionist,lost in time glasses and see the world for what it is and what it most definitely was under the old guard.

                  I know the brother and he has many problems with this current leadership and views their elitist behaviour as being as onerous as what was experienced by many blacks during the UBP’s tenure. Save your concern bra you will need it as you continue to come to grips with power lost..

  6. fergie says:

    And the Government wonders why tourism numbers continue to dwindle. Who would want to visit when all this crap is going on either shootings or muggings of tourists in hotel rooms. These morons need to be locked up in the old casemates building and the key thrown away.

    • rjones says:

      Fergie,babe, tourist stopped arriving on our shores long before this open gun play..

      We haven’t had a holistic and sensible strategy in this arena since the Bermudiance Alliance for Tourisam ( BAT ) was formed. The architects of that work was the Monitor Group. Unfortuantely one Minister after another saw fit to walk away from this common sense plan. I guess because it made to much sense..

  7. BuddyBoy says:

    But You have to understand that this rise in crime isn’t helping the tourism industry either… and will probably lead to another decline in tourist numbers…

    • rjones says:

      I understand that fully, however without looking at the problems holistically and dealing with them simultaneously and with equal effort, we will never resolve our problems in that arena.

      Tourism has long given up on Bermudians. It started with the growth of ReInsurance and the bankers, lawyers and accountants that ran this country shifted their focus away from the paltry fees associated with hotels and the service environment to the multi million dollar deals that they have been enjoying for over a few decades. Watch how they focus on other jurisdictions. They plan on vacating and have been working on contingencies for some time. Trust me, I have seen them..

      Every action has a reaction.. Facts are facts…

    • Roslynn says:

      Our tourism has declined because there is nothing to see or do on this overpriced paradise that we call home.. I work in the hospitality industry and that is the first complaint that I hear ..that it is expensive here and the lack of local entertainment and the lack of Bermudian waiters etc are big factors..I have never heard of them complaining about the shootings etc..why? because they are not immune to it..they have the same thing back home is what I have heard some of them while some may think that shootings, muggings and the like are keeping them away please add lack of local workers in the hospitality arena to your list!!!!

      Shame though how everything is always blamed on education…Because when I went to school they didn’t teach me how to shoot someone or be a gang banger…maybe I was absent that day!!! I know that when I went to school I learned English, math, geometry, civics, science, chemistry, German and French..and I learned all this because that was what I CHOSE to do….Life is about CHOICES. Even an “uneducated” moron knows that shooting someone is cant blame that on lack of education…stop making excuses, stop pointing fingers and stop playing the blame game…lay the blame at the feet of the individuals who are doing this..THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS!

      • rjones says:

        The fact that you deny that education or lack of same has no impact on crime is to be honest a tad uneducated..

        • Roslynn says:

          That’s your opinion I respect it even though I don’t agree with it and I ask the same of you..Has lack of education impacted you? are you a gang banger or one of the shooters? If the answer is no…than we cannot place the blame on education…the blame lies on the individuals who CHOOSE to do these things…

          • rjones says:

            But you didn’t present an opinion…

            Blame lies with individuals that know better and shoose to ignore as well..

            • jredmond says:

              Will you admit that many youths choose to have a lack of education? Oppretunity exists on this island for those that do choose to work hard for it, no matter their walk of life. We have to stop blaming our educators and maybe putting the blame squarely where I think it belongs…the young males who think the world owes them something for nothing.

            • CommonSense says:

              A part of the problem is the educstion system. You honestlt can’t deny that, but the other side of the coin is the parenting or a lack thereof.

              • dhunte says:

                absolutely and educated, morally and ethically correct parents make better decisions..just works out that way..

                • I'm just asking says:

                  there is one very well educated dude with a university degree and is a part of a political party who robbed a bank at gun point??????? he had great parents

                  • dhunte says:

           you saying that people that fall into that category are more likely to rob a bank and commit crime???

      • UncleElvis says:

        You do realize that people are blaming (or at least laying SOME of the blame on) a LACK of education, right? Not the other way around?

        ‘Cuz your line about “Because when I went to school they didn’t teach me how to shoot someone or be a gang banger…maybe I was absent that day!!! I know that when I went to school I learned English, math, geometry, civics, science, chemistry, German and French..and I learned all this because that was what I CHOSE to do…” kind of makes the opposite point to what you want.
        No one is saying “These guys are too educated and are learning gunplay in school” (which seems to be what you are saying), they’re saying that they’re NOT getting educated and that’s at least one of the reasons they’re turning to crime.

        • Roslynn says:

          Uncle Elvis that is what you are trying to say…I know what I meant to say and if you didn’t get the jist of it..oh well…at any rate this debate is not about me or my opinion or even yours for that matter…Shame how every time someone voices THEIR opinion someone has something negative to say and always tries to shut that person down…Perhaps this is the REAL reason why we have these one is allowed to have a voice… Uncle Elvis you totally missed my point.. stop trying to think for me…

          • lastchancenobreaks95 says:

            i agree with you 100%. it’s true everytime someone makes a COMMENT W/ SENSE someone comes along and makes an UNEDUCATED ONE. very SAD really, when i was in school i did ok i had issues in my home w/ my parents going at each other or working day n night, i spent alot of my childhood without proper guidence, BUT!!!! NEVER DID I EVER ENTERTAIN THE THOUGHT OF SHOOTING,STABBING,ROBBING ANYONE!!!!! let me put that out there, cause i’m so sick n tired of hearing “oh i don’t feel loved, my father wasn’t there…etc, etc”!!!! like you said it’s about CHOICES.

          • UncleElvis says:

            Wow… that was defensive.

            Here’s the thing. I DID miss your point. That’s why I asked the question. That’s why I used phrases like, “which SEEMS to be what you are saying” (emphasis mine).

            I was hoping that you would expand on it and explain what you meant. I wasn’t in any way, and I simply cannot see how you could construe that I was, “trying to think for you.” And I didn’t have ANYTHING negative to say about your opinion, nor did I try to shut you down.

            How are you not allowed to have a voice? and how did my questions shut you down or take away your voice?

            Seriously. Am I not allowed to ask a question about your opinion?

            You implied in your first post that education isn’t the cause for these problems (citing the fact that you didn’t learn how to shoot someone in school).

            You’re right. It IS about choices. But if someone doesn’t learn how to make the right choice, hasn’t been taught, either in school or by example, how to do the right thing, how are they supposed to make the right decision?

            You and Lastchancenobreaks95 seem to think that we’re all on the same page, societally, and all have the same chances and same opportunities.

            This just isn’t true.

            Some folks don’t HAVE the choice to make.

            Some folks, the choice is between “Unemployed and homeless” and “Keeping a roof over my head and food in my family’s mouths”.

            Look. I’m sorry if you took my post the wrong way. If you have a problem with me asking questions, let me know and I’ll shut up.

            Oh, wait. Wouldn’t that be taking away my voice? Wouldn’t that be shutting me down?

            • Roslynn says:

              Like I said you entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine…Uncle Elvis let me tell you a bit about myself…I grew up in a single parent home, My mom, now deceased (at a young age) had to work two jobs, sometimes three and I being the eldest had to look after my brothers and sister..yes sometimes at the grocery store we had to put stuff back on the shelves when we got to the register because we didn’t have enough money to pay for them..yes we had to move from pillar to post and sometimes live with other family members, and yes, I wore “hand-me-downs”, my mom had to struggle and make ends meet… but yet through it all my brothers and sister and I didn’t choose a life of crime or gang bang..instead we are drug free, have no police record, have great jobs and now have families of our own..and you know why? because we CHOSE to make the right CHOICES…and no I don’t have a problem with what you have to ask..this is an open forum..ask away !!

              • UncleElvis says:

                That is wonderful that you made it through all that and came out the other side. I commend you for it and congratulate you.
                I mean that absolutely sincerely and honestly.

                I just have NO idea what it has to do with anything I said or asked.

                • Roslynn says:

                  YOU made reference to it boiling down to SOME people having to choose between unemployment and homelessness, keeping a roof overt their head etc..and I merely pointed out that I had those similar choices facing me when I grew up and in the end I CHOSE to do the right thing, My response was in reference to that comment…Please pray tell why are you picking through my comments sentence by sentence? what gives? I believe that life is about CHOICES and that people are CHOOSING to shoot one another (that is what this article is about, a shooting) so please leave me and my comments alone…I don’t blame education, I don’t blame their parents “wholly and Solely” , I blame the individuals themselves because you can rise above your circumstances and overcome any obstacle no matter what it is if you CHOOSE too. Just tired of finger pointing and the blame game….

                  • UncleElvis says:

                    I understand that.

                    However, isn’t figuring out the reasons for this behaviour – not blaming, just addressing – the first step in figuring out a solution?

                    To simply say “It’s the individual’s fault” is fine – if misguided, in my opinion – but it doesn’t help us to solve the problem, does it?

                    As for “picking through your comments sentence by sentence”, I was simply trying to understand where you were coming from and to address your points as you made them, and not out of context.

                    I was trying to engage you in a discussion. I wasn’t attacking or trying to silence you or anything.

                    Just an attempt at a conversation.

                    Sorry if that made you defensive.

                    • tim says:

                      it starts at a young age .. and is very well proven .. the common trait amongst the criminals is LOW SELF ESTEEM address this issue at the school level and within the coommunity and it will reduce crime

            • dhunte says:

              Shout from the highest building bra.. I truely support free speech, however just don’t agree with some of the logic posted just as many don’t agree with mine or Jones. That’s life..

              • Roslynn says:

                That it is….such is life….

                • dhunte says:

                  I know , I know,I promise I am am going, however I missed Tim’s response. Tim is clearly informed and in touch with facts.. Thank you Tim!!!

  8. The One On Gorham Road says:

    @rjones — I’m almost certain you don’t need a doctorate in mechanics or engineering to work do work in a field of manual labor. Or a bachelors. Or even a high school diploma. To argue that education is an issue is a crock of s–t.

    Its the parents – not the schools – that fail them.

    • rjones says:

      Gorham you dissect for self serving reasons. Education is but one of many reasons.

      If you think that parents that have to work 2 and 3 jobs to meet their financial burdens while leaving Johnny to fend for himself doesn’t impact what happens in the school room then I must end here..

      Adios boys/ chicas

    • Roslynn says:

      PS….. Take it Easy “The one on Gorham Road” because “rjones” seems to have all the answers to the problems….just waiting for him/her to post them….. but right now they are to busy knocking everyone’s comments…..I guess they’ll post the solutions shortly….and than we can all “live happily ever after”

      • rjones says:


        They are contained in everything I write. If you start a program, any program without real interest and concern regarding the outcome then they are doomed to fail.

        Conversely if you deny that education and the lack of moral & ethical leadership is not critical and that this violence is simply a choice,one that doesn’t stem from a root cause, then you are out of touch with reality..

        I have to go now. You see I coach a group of young boys and have been doing so for many years. As i said before, many have gone on to college or have obtained solid jobs. There are a few that are struggling but they are far removed from the crime that we are discussing on this board.


        • Roslynn says:

          Yes and some of the very same ones that you coach I have done mediations with as well…it’s nice to see that YOU did it “ALL” by yourself..again it’s about choices….they could have CHOSEN to go another way, or to leave your program, etc. but they CHOSE to stay… see life REALLY IS about CHOICES!!!! and remember…there is no “I” in TEAM!!!

          Adios to you to my friend and may you have a blessed and safe weekend!!!

          • dhunte says:

            serously where did he even begain to suggest that he did by himself.. trust mediations go better

            • Roslynn says:

              D Hunte if you read me comment again you would see the word “ALL” in inverted commas…rjones would know exactly what that means…so sorry that you don’t! and yes, my mediations have been quite successful..thank you…you have a safe and blessed weekend as well!

              • dhunte says:

                just did and the use of no I in team, did it by yourself suggest that Jones believes that he is the only one in the giving game..i don’t see it that way at all..anyway let’s move on..

  9. fergie says:

    These shootings keep up and it will the Park Hyatt a good excuse to cancel plans for a hotel in the East end.

  10. Roslynn says:

    Like I said you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine…Uncle Elvis let me tell you a bit about myself…I grew up in a single parent home, My mom, now deceased (at a young age) had to work two jobs, sometimes three and I being the eldest had to look after my brothers and sister..yes sometimes at the grocery store we had to put stuff back on the shelves when we got to the register because we didn’t have enough money to pay for them..yes we had to move from pillar to post and sometimes live with other family members, and yes, I wore “hand-me-downs”, my mom had to struggle and make ends meet… but yet through it all my brothers and sister and I didn’t choose a life of crime or gang bang..instead we are drug free, have no police record, have great jobs and now have families of our own..and you know why? because we CHOSE to make the right CHOICES…and no I don’t have a problem with what you have to ask..this is an open forum..ask away !!

    • dhunte says:

      And so you escaped and that is praise worthy, however that is clearly not the norm and facts prove that children that live in homes that have both parents and are supervised by those parents make better citizens..

      So we can leave it to chance or unfounded theories or we can address the education, housing, INCEST and drug problems on this island or move to Chicago and get a sneek preview of were we are heading..

      just sayin..

      • Roslynn says:

        I will have to disagree just a little bit on the “children that live in homes that have both parents are supervised by both parents make better citizens”…. I know of two young men that were raised by both parents and the one of the parents was a pastor…well both of the sons have been incarcerated, one for a gun crime and the other is currently in “hiding”, another also a Pastors has served time for drugs and sexual assault, another child from a two parent home robbed a bank (my mom worked there at that time) and another from a well off family has been convicted of white collar crime and these are FACTS….so to say that two family homes with adequate parental supervision produce better citizens is inaccurate or maybe these cases here that I speak off are outside of the norm….I still say CHOICES….are what it boils down to.

        • dhunte says:

          You will find in any sector those that don’t fit the norm.

          So you do you believe that young men that are molested ( very prevalent in ths country – one of our very dark secrets ) have difficulty forming relationships with women, suffer low self esteem, are often very angry and depressed and are known to do the very same to other defenseless youngsters?

          Do you for a second believe that these indviduals and those that are sleep deprived, under fed, physically abused at home, live in drug infested homes, have no supervision and live in crime ridden areas are less likely to do well in school and more likely to turn to crime then those that don’t suffer in the same manner? Many of the young men caught up in gang related activity are from foster homes and after a certain age have no where to go. They sleep in old cars and wherever nights finds them. They are easily lured into the gang life as a means of protection, support and brotherhood, as sad as that sounds there is more then a hint of truth to this.

          Have a discussion with a social worker, parole officer, righteous priests, caring teachers and let’s discuss again when you have…

          • Roslynn says:

   I am employed as a Behavioral Therapist let me tell you that I am in contact with Social Workers (when I have to make referrals) parole officers, teachers, parents I am well aware…I have even made visits to co-ed and West Gate to visit young men that I have come in contact with from my years as a therapist…Yes some have had a hard life and yes also some come from two parent homes..yes some have expressed that they feel loved and others have succumbed to the pressure of being “good boys” coming from good homes…I have dealt with students that have been sexually abused, whose parents were on drugs when they were conceived, crack babies, who are ADHD, or have other disorders, have done grief counseling with those that have lost someone close due to gun violence, and will more than likely have to have a group session on Monday for my students that live right along Mission Lane where the latest incident has occurred.. so I am very much in tune with what is happening, root causes and all…so we can discuss at any time… I have nothing to hide….

            • dhunte says:

              Then why are we discussing this? I live a few steps away from that very same place, woke up to gun shots this very same morning, spoke with a officer as he drove the hill and have lost a relative to gun crime so I to have a pretty good feel for what goes on in this community..

              Facts are that education or lack of same, coupled with single family / dysfunctional homes, has a very profound impact on what happens later on in life..

              Come on, based on your back ground I am convinced that you know this..

              • Roslynn says:

                Your the one that seems to find the need to comment on everything that I write that’s why we are still having this discussion..we are still discussing it because our opinions differ…yes you feel that” lack of education, coupled with single/family dysfunctional homes has a profound impact on what happens later on in life” and I say that, that is not always the case, hence the cases that I presented in an earlier post to you…one of my pet peeves is “the single parent syndrome” wherein the first thing out of peoples mouths is that , “Oh his momma raised him, his daddy wasn’t there so that’s why he does X,Y,and Z!” I too am a single parent…my sons are 21 and 24…they both graduated from school, they have no criminal records, are not gang bangers, don’t do drugs and don’t sit on “anybodies” wall…but again..according to you..this is outside the norm…I teach the students that I come in contact with that it doesn’t matter your background, where you come from, whether your parents are crackheads or drunks, etc. you do not have to become a victim of your circumstances, you can rise above all of that, I encourage them to not use their disadvantages as a crutch or use them as excuses…life is about CHOICES I said it once and I will continue to say it over and over again…you can CHOOSE to go right or go can CHOOSE to say yes or to say no..and you can CHOOSE to do right or do wrong…..These young men don’t have to do the things that they do..but yet they are CHOOSING to do so…I don’t have all the answers but the one answer I do have, and I am going to say it again..LIFE IS ABOUT CHOICES!!!

                • dhunte says:

                  sounds personal..again let’s gravitate to preventative measures and education ( all forms ). ensuring that the at risk child is exposed to safe and caring environments is what we all should be working toward.. pointing to abnormal outcomes while attempting to justify your argument is flawed imo and to be honest, dangerous given your background..

                  this debate ends now as our positions are the extreme opposites .. so i bid you a good & safe night..

                  • Roslynn says:

                    Obviously it seems it has to be your way or no way…that your opinions are correct, my argument is flawed, despite what I teach my students, I’m wrong for pointing out that you can overcome obstacles, and blah, blah, blah. It’s no sense “beating a dead horse” who has a problem with other people’s (in this case mine) comments or opinions if they are not the same as have found fault with other people as well on this forum who’s opinion differs from yours so I don’t feel bad..and as far as “my argument being flawed” and dangerous considering my background…ask one of my former students who is currently visiting here for the weekend with the overseas basketball teams…he is overseas in school on an academic scholarship..not bad for someone who came from a “not so good” circumstance..whom sat in my office and listened to me when I told him that he could make it and don’t let his circumstances hold him back , you see he too came from a single parent home, but he is succeeding in life because he CHOSE to do the right thing,….To be honest YOUR not having an open mind and thinking your thoughts are justified and that everything is ALWAYS text book or statistic based is pretty scary as well…there are always exceptions to every rule…”You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it” so I bid you good night as well my friend. May your rest be peaceful and without interruption………

                    • Roslynn says:

                      And it was just brought to my attention that I may be going back and forth with the former UBP jumped on the BDA Bandwagon…Please say that it isn’t so…because that will open another can of worms,,and I’m talking the “other side of the fence” on many levels ……..please say it isn’t so………

                    • dhunte says:

                      Not sure if I was the assumed UBP jumping bean.. If so, please rest comfotably (or not ) with the fact that I have never voted UBP and have no plans to shift to BDA. I see no demonstrable differences between the two. Having said that the current leaders are devoid of ideas also.. Sad truth about Bermuda politics..

                      What perplexes me however is how anyone could have arrived at such a conclusion from our discussions..


                    • dhunte says:

                      Yes I agree that in a fountain of water the fool is thirsty.. Adios chica..

      • mixitup says:

        I also disagree with your statement, as single family households are the norm nowadays. My upbringing mirrors that of Roslyn’s. It boiled down to the value my single mother put on education, and the additional sacrifices she made to ensure our dignity. All adolesents have to be taught the value of education, normally from Parents, who then, are the one who need to hold their kids accountable. So for me, it’s the Parents to blame for these hoodlums running the streets today.

  11. Rockfish says:

    I agree that education is important and the lack of it can lead to social issues /problems.
    Can anyone explain why a university graduate cannot pass an entry level customs examination?

    • Brasco says:

      Rockfish, if you believed Mrs. DeSilva then you can’t be a local Rockfish!!….How can she blame the education system when the people that took the test were from all ages…21-45ish…after all her years as a Collector Of Customs just realizes that she needs Marine Officers….she getting paid big money to sniff glue!!

      So check your waters before you get hooked.

      Now back to the regular scheduled program…..these shootings are between boys and men who Love and Envy their opponents….If you gotta kill someone in the name of your “Ace Boy” then only M.A.W.I. and GOD can help them….you can blame everything from education to slow off the mark traffic cops but at the end of the day it’s all for the love of their “ACE BOYS”….a.k.a. Gayngsta Luvin!….

      • UncleElvis says:

        Wait… are you saying that it’s repressed homosexuality (“Gayngsta Luvin”, capitalization of Love in “Love… their opponents” and the quotes and capitalization of “ACE BOYS”… ) that’s causing all these guys to shoot each other?

        Or were those typos?

  12. See You Next Tuesday says:

    The few dozen young black males who make up these gangs could inflict more long term damage on Bermuda than the good Doctor himself.

    So blame whitey, or expats, slavery, UPB,PLP, whatever. Nothin ain’t gonna change until these a-holes finish killing each other – which was the essense of my very first post.

    We don’t seem to be able to stop them or educate them – so bring it on – supply them with guns – it’ll be over quicker!!!!

    Worthless morons – all of them!

    • dhunte says:

      you are out of touch bra – way, way more then a few dozen..

      • see You Next Tuesday says:

        I don’t wear a bra. Also, the word ‘then’ does not mean what you wrote. Perhaps you should apply to be a customs officer.

        • dhunte says:

          you know when a person’s argument is lacking substance — they revert to a grammar lesson as if it off sets the fact that they have been measured and found wanting…

          Perhaps you should apply to me… Never, ever asume you know a person’s lot in life without knowing the person..

          Oh, bra is imply bro in your speak..

          I am out..

          • Roslynn says:

            You should follow your own advice…Never, assume that YOU know a person’s lot in life without knowing the person….

            • dhunte says:

              Never do..I do however see an argument that is flawed..

              • Sea You Next Tuesday says:

                Ok so there could be more than a few dozen. That doesn’t make my argument have any less substance. Dunte, you havn’t given any solutions – only criticisms. Bunch of morons clinging to a rock all of you. When whitey leaves you fools can have your third world Bermuda to your pathetic selves – BRA!!!

  13. Fan Speed says:

    I know we keep mentioning education here. But I would have thought that even a person who never went to school would know that shooting someone and trying to kill them is wrong.

    Just a thought…….

    • UncleElvis says:

      Is killing wrong in every situation?
      Even in defense of your home, your family, yourself?

      Now, please don’t think I’m not defending these guys… I’m not.
      But I AM sick of this shit happening on my island and want to at least TRY to help figure out a solution… or at least be part of a discussion on how to figure out a way forward.

      However, I firmly believe that they are in a situation created over years, by other people and THAT society, the society that they are involved in, is a dangerous one, and one in which the choices aren’t as black and white.
      One where it could be a choice between doing the wrong thing and living or doing the right thing and dying.

      or a choice between going out and shooting someone or being shot yourself.

      Don’t get me wrong… all these guys should be locked up if they commit a crime and are found guilty.

      But trying to figure out WHY they’re doing it, then how we can FIX those reasons is the only way it’s going to change.

      Unfortunately, crime DOES pay. It’s too lucrative to, as some have suggested, wait until they all kill each other. There’s too many of them and, because it’s lucrative, more joining every day.

      The ONLY way to fix this is as a society.

  14. Truth is killin' me says:

    They don’t respect anyone…not even God! Killing is a cardinal sin. That’s the problem. No respect for life, humanity or the freedom that their ancestors gave to them! And you expect them to respect the police! F*ck ‘em!Let ‘em rot! There is no solution here. Let God sort them out. You don’t have to do nadda!!!

    • dhunte says:

      God will sort them out as he will the proud, the liar and those that devise wicked plots..Can’t cherry pick the bible…all or nothing..

  15. Rockfish says:

    @ Brasco,
    I am a local rockfish who grew up in our local waters and I do not believe what the Collector stated. That graduate and others should identify themselves and produce their credentials.
    Bermuda has several bitter and disillusioned educated persons who cannot get jobs, and this has been happening long before the slowdown in the economy!
    Nepotism and cronyism is rife in the civil service as well as the private sector.
    When the lesser educated persons are exposed to this, what are the choices?

    NB. I do not condone crime, period, just stating the facts.

  16. terry says:

    I can feel the frustraion expressed my most posters here. In such a small community, events carry a lot of weight and do effect many, really. Many factors play a part in what is playing out on the streets and back alleys of Bermuda.

    As can be seen by this recent attack on two men it is all about control and a take over of the profits of drugs, turf, et al.

    Both in their forties and some don’t like the deal/s being made. Just an opinion on my part. But be assured this has nothing to do with anything else.

    A blessed day to all.

    Ps. Much has been said here on this topic as can be seen by the frustration and back and forth. It will continue and when it gets beyond the ‘one on one’ with the gangs then there will be more than ‘pen to paper’ or fingers to keyboard.

  17. terry says:

    @ Rockfish…I get your message. John Gotty did not condone crime right?

    Way of life. Sad but true.

  18. Pitbull says:

    SMH!!! SAD, SAD, SAD :(

  19. dudus says:

    Ya all full of sh#t lay down

  20. terry says:

    Dudas, we have your ISP………………move on………………

  21. Roslynn says:

    @ dhunte,,,you seem as if you yourself have some unresolved issues and if this is the case than i am sorry if no one ever told you that if you believe it you can achieve it! If you were never hugged or loved..In each of your postings not only to me but to others you just have this air about you that no ones answers are better than yours and their arguments are flawed and so on and so forth..In my arguments (actually in my comments) I speak of the ability to overcome..and you seem to have a problem with that because that is as you say “outside of the norm”….am I supposed to just tell my students oh well you live back of town, you mamas a crackhead, ya dad’s a loser and you will never amount to anything? is that what you want me to tell them? I spoke of the positive that one can achieve and all you have to say that is “outside the norm”….you appear to be educated, even though I am struggling to describe you as sensible.. are you really saying that what I accomplished and what I tell my students they can do is not possible??? If the answer is no than all I can say is poor you!!!! I enjoy what I do, I will continue to do it how I have been doing it…Do you know how many of my students come to see me when they have moved on..I get visits, phone calls, emails and the like from past students and their parents thanking me!!! So I must be doing something right..Parents will even call me when they are having a problem at home to speak to their child!!! so as far as your opinion of what I do and how I do it all I can say is poor you!! You are just a speck of pepper in a table full of salt..your opinion doesn’t matter…An as far as the individual thinking that you were Donte hunte,the politician(because they were like who’s that? whats his problem? 4 calls) I’m actually glad that your not because than I would have been dealing with more than a loser another dreamer!!!!

    • r j jones says:

      you are struggling period…

      • Peace and Love says:

        Whatever rjones…..I know what I do and I do it well!!! Don’t hate……like I said to Dhunte you have anything to say hit me up on I have nothing to hide…As I type I have just been called out to do a mediatian and have to assist with a counseling session upon my I’m straight! Peace out and have a great day!!!! No time to return and see your not so important response because I’m going to be busy..but hit me up on if you have something worthy to say…remember the resolution will be a TEAM effort…..Peace and Love

        • Peace and Love says:

          @ rjones ….Ray maybe we can work together…you are known to be confrontational at times and I am known as a peace that balance out!!! hit me up!!!

  22. KG says:

    I am saddened by yet another shooting and almost equally saddened at the animosity shown towards our brothers and sisters. If we are commenting on this article, we are obviously affected in some way by these shootings, even if only with an increased concern for our island home and our personal safety.
    I agree that many are sheltered from this violence, in such a way that they know not the cause or the mentality of such criminal behavior. I will not pretend to know their inner most thoughts, fears or reasons and agree that each one of us is given a choice in life to do good or bad. This choice presents itself daily as it was not one choice for them to go “bad” or someone such as myself to be “good”. We ALL must acknowledge that causes go far beyond that set of choices and date back farther than just to what part of the island or class that child was born into. Although race should not be a card to ‘play’ and we shouldn’t hide behind the past to excuse such behavior- 99% of our social ills with gangs, crime, poverty, single parent homes within our black community can be attributed to the institutionalization of slavery. Yes although abolished what some feel was so long ago, there has been no ‘do over’, no clean slate. When black people became legally free, there was a mental slavery that could not just be wiped clean. We did not reallocate properties and start the world from scratch. They began their “freedom” in debt, many damaged and scarred and have had to build up from there. There are several cases of success for every case of seemingly failures however we cannot deny that the majority of whites in Bermuda have a metaphorical head start. If your parents before you owned their house and were afforded good education, the chance of you doing the same is infinitely greater than a child without those same luxuries. How can we not admit that centuries of such things will not put us all at the same starting point? Even aside from financials and possessions, if one family has two educated parents and another family has a young, uneducated, single mother there is a clear difference. Everyday we have women who rise above their circumstances and raise children to excel in society and life but we rarely hear of their plight. Instead we are focused on the negative, and rightly so however we must feed off the cases of people given the same circumstances as these gang members who chose the other way.
    I’m certain that our anti-social population do not themselves understand the centuries that led them to wear they are now. It is not so blatant a choice of “my people were slaves, my family has nothing now, I will be a gang member” but there is hate, self hate and hate for our fellow brothers and sisters; deep rooted anger and jealousy that others were given different circumstances. There is a lack of quality role models and an abundance of glorified gangsters on their TVs, radios, in their neighborhoods and often times, in their families- having a part to raise them.
    There is no one answer. There may not be even several answers which can adequate solve our societal problems. A key factor in even dreaming of a solution is for ALL to recognize what got us here in the first place. I say ‘us’ as Bermudians because it doesn’t matter if you are unaffected personally- if you are Bermudian, black or white, you have a responsibility to take part in the search for a solution beginning with your own mind. We are different, different races, different cultures and those should be celebrated and explored but not divided and cast aside. We can forgive but never forget and too many people were never told the story to begin with. We must empower. And empowerment does not mean that the ‘other side’ should be struck down. Just as women weren’t given the vote without men supporting their fight and their right to vote did not equal men losing theirs, we must see our commonality and work as a united front for our children and our children’s children.
    I feel that the most important immediate actions would be:
    Acknowledgement and education of the root causes of our racial differences. Black history from the early slaves to the civil rights movement and beyond MUST be taught to every child (and adult). Our black people must know where they come from and the struggles and fights of our brothers and sisters for freedom and civil rights. Our white people must acknowledge “white privilege” as it absolutely exists and the former oppressor must not just stop oppressing but must develop into an ally. (READ “Becoming an Ally: Breaking the Cycle of Oppression in People” by Anne Bishop)
    We also need a full audit of our school systems. Compare curriculums in Government schools to Private Schools to ensure all grade levels are on par with the material being taught at each (with the addition of Black History and Bermudian history in all schools)
    Tap into other resources. As mentioned we rarely speak of the cases of particularly our young black men born into the same circumstances as all those we read about but who have made positive choices and become successful in our societies. Ask them, their mothers, aunties, grandmothers what was done differently in the absence of fathers, in poverty, in such negative circumstances that they still became empowered as a young black man who wanted to serve rather than destroy society. Those positive women can teach other women how to raise children to be great in spite of grim environments.
    Love. Love thy neighbor. Whether that means 42nd and Parkside or Tuckers Town and Ord Road. We need to have love in our hearts for our people so that we ensure the best interests for all of Bermuda are considered. Don’t look at these people with such hate but consider if that was your child- wouldn’t you want to help them, fix them, solve the issues rather than expecting they will die out with each slain gang member.

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