Both Shooting Victims: Critical Condition in ICU

November 27, 2010

Mission Shooting  Nov27 10-1[Updated] Officials have confirmed with Bernews that as of 1:45pm today [Nov 27] both shooting victims from this morning are in the Intensive Care Unit of King Edward Memorial Hospital, and both are listed in critical condition.

Unofficial reports from sources indicate one victim was operated on after sustaining gunshot wounds to the head, while the other was shot in his midsection.

Around 5:30am this morning Police responded to a confirmed firearm incident in the St. Monica’s Road, Pembroke area. Two men, a 44 year old man and a 40 year old man, were injured and rushed to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment.

An active investigation is underway by the Serious Crimes Unit. Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact 295-0011 or the independent confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

For the full details of this morning’s incident see here.

Update Nov 28: As of 5:30am this morning [24 hours post shooting] they are no longer listed as critical – both listed as stable in the ICU.

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  1. I'm just asking says:

    Why aren’t there any cameras set up in the St. Monica’s road area as they have on court street? I’d rather my tax dollars go towards beefing up security in this island. Why aren’t there undercover or plain clothed policemen constantly in this area as this is a known trouble spot. Now that there has been yet another shooting in this area, the police will probably move the command centre to this area for maybe a couple days then you would not see any police activity ever again until the next shooting. The police are so predictable…..

    • Way To Go says:

      Great Point and sooo true!

    • vern says:

      @I’m just asking – people have been saying that for years,i guess our society/law enforcement/government thinks eventually these problems will just go away by themselves.

    • Roslynn says:

      @ “I’m just asking”your being generous by saying a “couple of days” I’ll give them less than that!!! I am with you 100% on your comment. And yes I also agree (because I know someone else will post it) that they cant be every where at once. But I can think of a few ways in which they can have extra officers..use the four officers (three on bike, one with radar) that they have manning the traffic lights on middle road where they are digging the trenches…traffic is already congested there and than it becomes further congested because they are pulling people over..secondly they don’t need any police on Front Street (not yet anyway) walking up and down grinning at the tourist…Let them walk the beat on the block and up the 2nd.. I have seen the command station on the block as well as an empty Police Car…and there are no incidents until they leave the area..well ding! ding! (lightbulb moment) this shows you the three P’s..Presence Prevents Problems….so if they see you or your decoy (command centre and empty police car) chances of something happening are less likely, not saying that nothing will happen but if there is a visible Presence the chances are less likely….I’m just saying..and to my Bernews friends ease me up if you don’t like my comment LOL! I have had a really rough day participating in another Bernews forum!

    • ok says:

      You are 110% correct the police are predictable but the criminals arent. How are the police supposed to know when these fools are going to shoot one an other? Police are people too they cant be expected to just sit in an area 24/7 just so that someone wont be shot at in “that” area.. If the shooters see police in one area you think they are going to shoot in that area? No they will go some place else but the shootings wont stop. Police are not the problem. So you put a plain clothes officer up on 42nd and nobody would notice that?? Are you serious?? where do you live? Do you think this is a huge area? This is not a Police problem alone, This is a COMMUNITY problem. I get so tired of reading people on here talking about the police should do more.. The minute police do more people are screaming harassment.

  2. terry says:

    Rozlynn, the choice is yours. The comment “ease me up” is assinine. We read your comments. Have rum and sit back.

  3. Seriously? says:

    @ plain clothes/ undercover cop idea… That would shocking if it worked lol random new guy hanging on the block…?

    Regarding the cameras, it may be difficult to get them in place in certain neighborhoods due to the letter of the law, but putting high powered cameras in nearby locations might work… Line of sight is pretty good from a few vantage points…

    Perhaps it’s already being done?!?

    Government house… Cell towers… Cedar bridge… … Various churches… Might be inclined to allow cameras setup

  4. Taurus says:

    I live in this area,in fact this is the fifth shooting close to my home,and two of them were right outside my gate.At this point I just feel more anger & disgust rather than shock.The police do frequently drive through the area during the day and night and they have been doing that for quite some time. I’m home during the day to see for myself, but I feel that since three of the shootings took place between 5&6am,maybe a strong police presence in the wee hours would be a good idea.Hoping there’s an end to this madness real soon!!

  5. Truth says:

    The community in that area (who are there 24/7) need to take a greater role in taking their neighborhood back. The Police cannot take it back for them. Criminals have been hiding in that neighborhood for decades, literally. They hide in that neighborhood because they know that they are safe there. No one will assist the police, no one sees anything or knows anything. When the community ceases to be a part of the problem the crime will decrease. Instead of residents feeling unsafe, they need to turn the tide and tell what they know, what they heard, what they saw, what they received on txt 2 minutes after the incident, what your cousin told you, whats the gossip. Passage of information is everything no matter how small or insignificant we think it may be.

    • Vern says:

      the police have also seen these guys for decades on the street this is years and years of people not doing anything coming to a end result that not even the people in that communtiy could have predicted,now its so out of control,but if the police had have been more proactive 10 years ago and maybe none of this stuff would be going on,a lot of these guys have been left up to their own devices for way too long,everyone driving across these guys for years while they openly sell drugs.
      And yet the police are still not being as proactive as they could be,what are they waiting for? Proactive policing is needed im almost getting tired of posting it on these sites.

      • Truth says:

        @Vern. I feel you but I believe that Policing begins at the community level. If we can’t be bothered to look after our own interests and protect our own children, how can we point a finger at the police? They have a job to do and I don’t disagree with you but a community that actively doesn’t help the police is contributing to the problem on one hand and then on the other complaining that nothing is being done. The road to recovery has to start with me.

      • ok says:

        @truth: please give me an exam of what you think Proactive policing? What is proactive policing to you??

  6. Hello good morning says:

    Please somebody tell me what is wrong with our little island 68,500 ppl 21miles long 1 1/2 miles wide.what we need to do is send these ppl who r doing these things and send them somewhere where ppl r suffering and then they will realize how good they have it here, ppls stop the madness