“Sylvan Represents a New Breed of Politics”

December 15, 2010

[Written by Craig Cannonier, leader of the Bermuda Democratic Alliance] The Warwick South Central by-election is an historic one. As such its voters face an historic opportunity. I wish to congratulate all three candidates for putting themselves up for public service and I wish Devrae Noel Simmons a speedy recovery.

This election is historic for several reasons – not least is the fact that the Bermuda Democratic Alliance is engaged in its first electoral contest. Our movement is a response to the need to change the way politics is conducted in this country. I am confident that our candidate Sylvan Richards will make a strong showing which will send the message to our opponents that the politics of division is past and the time has come for a politics rooted in respect for each other and the need for positive change.

We certainly believe that the voters of Warwick South Central will send a strong message to both the United Bermuda Party and the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party.

The voters understand that the country needs a stronger Opposition to keep the Government accountable. The voters will make it clear that the current official Opposition is not the one to do this. And the voters have been presented with an alternative – a movement and a candidate of integrity and intelligence, conviction and commitment.

Sylvan has worked hard and understands the issues of the constituency. As a first time candidate for political office, Sylvan represents a new breed of people willing to give more of their time and commitment to improving our country.

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  1. Change says:

    Change is coming to Bermuda…like it or not it has already happened economically and more change is yet to come. The BDA have the solutions to forge new industries in Bermuda to re-employ our unemployed. Only realistic political change can help enable the restructuring of our economy, from stagnation to growth. I know it’s hard to leave a political party you have been supporting for years, but both the Legacy Parties are beholden to their special interests. They are entrenced in their ways, and that places Bermuda second.

    • White Jesus says:

      If we want real change lets do away with the party system and vote representatives in the house by the people. Each party has it’s own snubby holier than thou attitude that simply sickens me.

    • Watching says:

      Get real! Have your 3 arrogant and selfish sitting MP’s step down and get re elected and then I personally may take a serious look at the BDA has a viable option. All your doing is fighting an already weakened opposition. Only change I see is the PLP winning more seats.