Charts: 2011/12 Bermuda Budget Explained

February 18, 2011

This morning [Feb 18] Premier and Minister of Finance Paula Cox delivered the 2011/12 Budget in the House of Assembly. The charts show an estimated revenue of $940 million, and the estimated expenditure is $1,079.5 million – a  shortfall over over $130 million. You can read the full 2011/12 Budget here, or view charts extracted from the budget report below:

2011 budget charts

2011 budget charts 2

2011 budget charts 3

2011 budget charts 4

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  1. The SUN is going to SHOW says:

    Thank you to Mrs. Cox !!!!!! I am willing to owrk with you on this BUDGET of 2011/2012 . I am happy that you are giving me something in order for me to help my struggling country . At least your not taking EVERYTHING from me like that CROOK BROWN !!!! I take my hat off to you .. Thank you once again for allowing me to have something back !!!!

  2. Boggle says:

    Still borrowing $150 million … the budget is still just stocking up problems for tomorrow.

    • G.M.B says:

      Actually it’s $130 million they are borrowing, you should have tried reading whole story before you made such an incorrect statment. Also, That’s alot less then the $300 million plus they have been borrowing in the past. i would hate to see you try and do any better.

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        Actually the borrowing figure is stated as being $146.5mn…

        $130mn is the predicted (prob will be larger)budget shortfall for the 2011/12 fiscal year…

        Lets put it this way:

        “The Budget deficit for the 2010/11 year, which ends on March 31 is now estimated to be nearly $224 million, instead of the $143.5 million that the last Budget forecast” – Source RG

        So do you think their estimates are sound?