Drunk Driver Gets 15 Months in Jail

February 3, 2011

Today [Feb 3] a 41-year-old man who struck and injured a pedestrian last year was handed a 15 month prison sentence.

Ashley Redmond was driving his motorcycle while over the legal limit on May 11, 2010, when he struck Sylvan Dill, who was walking in the area of the junction of Reid and King streets.

Mr. Dill was hospitalised for three days, and also required an operation.

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  1. d says:

    used to be 100..what’s that tally to now….??? .25% over…..150…who tallies this?? poor guy…1 and a half beer too many…15 months..?? poor guy.d and the guy was in tears after?? live …lock up CRIMANLAS!!!!!! suck prosecution…you do anything!!!!!YOU SUCK PROSECUTION!!!!!!!!

  2. Common Sense says:

    If more people were jailed for causing injury to others because of their drunk driving our roads would be much safer. This was an equitable sentence for a serious offence.

  3. SMH says:

    Interesting how a few months ago a lady almost kills a young man and only gets 1 year in prison and certain members of the community are defending her actions and think her sentence is excessive. And then you have this guy who gets 15 months but no one has anything to say.

    • LOL (original) says:

      So what’s the problem ace girl hit some one while drunk this guy hit some one while drunk. The first sentence was a warning the second is a little stiffer and I would imagine that the next one will by anywhere from a year to 2 years. Who was the Jude and is it not up to their discretion? Please note other members of the community felt she should have gotten more time and seemed to be more upset with the mother’s comments then what happend.


  4. Truth is killin' me says:

    This is an INJUSTICE!!! Murderers getting no time in jail and getting let back on the streets to do the same sh*t all over again. Richard Horseman is a LAWYER? I hope he doesn’t expect to get paid for his incompetence!!!!He didn’t even allow his client to take the stand. I’m going to call it as it is. If it had been a white boy getting knocked down by another white boy then this probably would have only been a fine!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL (original) says:

      It does seem that murrders get less time.


    • Mark says:

      If there is an injustice in what you’ve described it might be that murderers don’t get sufficiently harsh sentences. Another injustice is that our prison system is a warehouse for Black men instead of being a truly rehabilitative environment where people can get help for the emotional, mental, criminal, antisocial behavior that may have got them in prison in the first place.

      If you drink and drive you should be punished (one year off the road – that’s fine). If you also happen to hit someone and injure them while drunk, you should get jail time. Bermuda is too soft on drunk drivers. A number of these road deaths – single vehicle accidents at 2 a.m. – are not “accidents” if the people were driving under the influence, they are a predictable result of a series of actions.

      No disrespect to the friends and families, but if your loved one drinks, drives and dies in a road accident (or injures/kills another) the results of their blood tests should be released and act as a cautionary tale to others. We need to get more serious about the drinking and driving on our roads, it’s off the hook…

      • Just One says:

        Agreed 100% (yes this is a very late reply, I got here from another more recent link…)

        There is a major difference between an accident, and driving under the influence and causing a single or multi vehicle collision…

    • Speechless says:

      You’re an idiot! Who cares what their races were? Moron! Redmond was lucky! He deserved more as does every man or woman who decides to drive drunk.

  5. junior burchall says:

    any drunk driver – colour notwithstanding – should receive a custodial sentence when their stupidity results in the injury/ death of another human being. ashley went to saltus and was in my brother’s class. he was also his roommate in university. a really cool guy, no doubt, but he did a very DUMB thing…a dumb thing that could have KILLED someone.

    had his victim been white, south asian, etc., etc., etc., i STILL would have wanted him jailed. people who drink and drive don’t tend to note the colour of the person that they run over, which means that we are ALL at risk whenever they decide to ride a bike or drive a car after having had a few.

    he CHOSE to drink.
    he C0HOSE to ride his bike.
    his decision injured an innocent person.

    …..the sentence is a fair one.

  6. Really? says:

    So he serves time but didn’t even loose his license… ooes this even show on his driving record?
    Plus did anyone ever get charged in the death of Stella when he got knowcked over and killed…?