DUI Arrest After Woman Crashes Into Pole

March 13, 2011

Early yesterday morning [Mar.12] a 31-year-old female crashed her car into a utility pole in Southampton and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and detained after failing the alco-analyser test. She is expected to appear in court in the near future.

A Police spokesman said, “Around 4:45am on Saturday, Police responded to a reported single vehicle damage only road traffic collision on Middle Road in Southampton near the junction with Church Road.”

“It appears that a car was traveling along Middle Road when the driver, a 31 year old Sandys parish woman, lost control and collided with a utility pole. The Sandys parish woman was not injured; however the car received front end damage. She was subsequently arrested on suspicion of impaired driving and detained after failing the alco-analyser test. A court appearance is anticipated in the near future.”

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  1. Terry says:

    It’s all the UBP’s fault.

    Utility Breathalyser Pole…..

    • Dee says:

      Speechless,nobody thinks his jokes are funny. Ignore him.

      • Terry says:

        Duh….it’s all MY fault. My name is Terry and I need a job.

        (see, let’s have fun with it! Maybe he will get the message and we can once again enjoy bernews…because as it is now, I am reading bernews a lot less once I see he has been on.)

    • really?!?!?! says:

      So for the rest of your life, your going to blame the UBP, even for your personal problems…cant wait to see what you going to blame them for next!!!

  2. Speechless says:

    Is DUI in Bermuda and all the death and heartache it has caused really a cue for you to inject your brand of ‘homour’? Your attitude is reflective of the flippant approach that Bermudians have when it comes to drunk driving. This person lived, and thankfully didnt kill anyone else, but I for one dont see it as being at all funny.

    • Nicole says:

      He’s what the internet calls a “troll”.

  3. Lissa says:

    Its the BDA’s fault.
    Bermudians Drinking Always.!

  4. My two cents says:

    The real gateway drug!!!