Videos: Medal Winning Carifta Team Returns

April 27, 2011

The medal-winning Bermuda Track and Field Carifta Team arrived back in Bermuda last night [Apr.26] to a crowd filled LF Wade International Airport.

Carifta Track and Field Bermuda April 26 2011-1-2

Minister of Youth, Families, Sports and Community Development Glenn Blakeney said, “I was extremely proud of the way our youngsters performed, Jamaica put on a excellent event and will have a tough act to follow but I believe we can do a magnificent job next year.”

The team won six medals in total, and received some well earned applause as they walked through the airport.

BTFA President Donna Watson who said next year the other islands better “watch out”, as Bermuda will be “coming at them hard and tough”. Bermuda will host the 2012 Carifta Games.

Bruce DeGrilla, who won a silver medal when his fifth leap of 6.94m saw him finish second in the U/17 Boy’s Long Jump:

Shaquille Dill captured the silver medal when he finished second in the U/20 Boy’s 800m race.  This is his second consecutive year winning the silver medal in the Carifta 800m, and he said he will be training hard and looking for the win in 2012:

Kyrah Scraders, who won a medal in the 1500m:

Justin Donawa, who won a medal in the triple jump:

Dage Minors returned to school abroad after winning a medal in the 3000m, which returned to Bermuda around the neck of his very proud mother. In the video below his mother speaks – well tries to – after losing her voice cheering her son and fellow athletes on through the competition:

Ashley Berry, who put on a silver medal winning performance, did not return to Bermuda with the team, instead heading back to university abroad.

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  1. US Observer says:

    They really look excited to return home to such a warm welcome…where is the appreciation back to the public? Ok so two people were blowing their horns as they excited. Wow!!

    • Wens says:

      Its quite possible they had been travelling all day and are to tired to show any emotion… I am sure in their hearts they are very excited to return home and appreciate the welcome they received…

      Congrats to all of you, job well done!!!

      Welcome back home!

    • Thanks says:

      to US Observer…..why don’t you try being positive about a positive story…wth is wrong with you?..I am a parent of one of the athletes who went to Jamaica and yes it was a very long day for us all and yes the entire team were very appreciative of the warm welcome home….what did you want them to do Cartwheels after that long, strenuous trip??? Give them a break!! Give me a break!! When a positive story is being told on Bernews…keep the comments positive….if not, keep it to yourself. there is so much bad going on that all people do is draw toward negativity….positive vibes bring forth positivity….keep your negative, stupid comments for the negative stupid things that happen here…..peace and love!

  2. Lissa says:

    Well done Bermuda and Well Done Jarret Simmons!!

  3. Denyse Evans says:

    Congratualtions, job well done.

  4. Erika says:

    Congratulations to the entire team, the coaches and parents….It’s so encouraging to see our youth involved in such positive activities….Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Kennette Burgess says:

    So proud to be a Bermudian, and these headlines make me even prouder. GO BERMUDA! Invest in our youth

  6. Winnie says:

    Well done youths making us all proud. It must be noted being down in the sun in Jamaica especially this time of the year when Bermuda has not heated up, plus getting up early to make time for the flight will sap anyone of us, what do you expect for them to be jumping up and down. Once again well done youngsters, the work for 2012 must now begin.

  7. Vel Smith says:

    Congratulations Team Bermuda. Well Done!!! I was there to see it. Pay no attention to those who always see negativity in everything. I don’t know what is expected if a team after 3 days of participation in the hot sun, travelling distances back & forth between hotel and the Arena, and getting up early to make two flights back home with a layover. I know that I was bushed and they all looked enthusiastic to me in spite of it all. Thanks too to Ministers G. Blakeney and N. Butterfield for their support of Team Bermuda and for their participation in the presentation of medals at the Games. Go Bermuda. Looking forward to next year on Home Soil. Perhaps US Observer can do something to help us next year, rather than sitting around waiting for something to turn into a negative. Let’s all be a part of the Solution, instead of contributing to the Problem, however small they may be.

  8. Thelma says:

    Congratulations Team Bermuda! As grandmother of one of the participants, it was an awesome feeling to watch the Games on my computer and wishing I could have been in Jamaica to add to the spirit of the Games. For all who participated, despite some not winning medals, it is the exposure and relationship building that goes a long way to building blocks for future successes. I look forward to the Games in Bermuda in 2012 and making a valuable contribution to forging successes in many ways.