Car Goes Over Embankment: No Injuries

May 30, 2011

[Updated] This morning [May 30] there was an accident in the Southampton area in which a car went over an embankment carrying passengers.

We unofficially understand there were multiple people in the car and they all escaped serious injury. Emergency personnel are on scene and tow truck services are on scene examining the situation.

CAR photo2_wm

Update: The female driver had been travelling to Hamilton this morning with her two children.

She said she hit a patch of oil on a rain-slidded corner of South Road in the area of the Fairmont Southampton, skidded out and went over the bank crashing only a few feet from the edge.

Bernews spoke with the driver, who was shaken up after the crash but not otherwise injured. She said her two children were also uninjured.

Update 12:14pm: Official Police statement:

Around 7:45am on Monday, Police attended a reported single vehicle damage only road traffic collision on South Road in Southampton in the vicinity of the Fairmont Southampton Resort.

It appears that a SUV was traveling along South Road when the vehicle went over an embankment. The driver of the vehicle, a 39 year old Sandys parish woman and her passengers, a 9 year old girl and a 4 year old boy, were not injured.

The extent of damage to the vehicle is unknown at this time.

The Bermuda Police Service would like to commend those members of the public who came to the assistance of the family involved in this collision, helping the mother and her children out of the vehicle and to safety.

Inquiries are underway.

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  1. David Watson says:

    women drivers lol.

    • You are a real idiot….Would you say this if it were a member of your family?? Are you for real??

      • Thanks Guys says:

        @Talk 2 me str8 THANK YOU! whoever David Watson! imagine if that was your wife/girlfriend/daughter/mother? I’m sure you would be highly upset if someone said that about them after they have been thru this!

        Glad that all involved are okay and nothing happened to them…

      • David Watson says:

        lol chill.

    • check again says:


    • sick of stupid comments says:

      You are truly one sick, pathetic person. People could have been killed. IDIOT

      • David Watson says:

        You can get killed stepping outside. Who gives a crap. Lighten up. She was obviously speeding or not paying attention. Theres no way going 25MPH and hitting a bit of oil would send your car off a cliff. Not that there was any oil there as everyone else wouldve gone off on the same corner. So… we take it as a joke. Unless your want to be a strict and unfunny as a bloody German. Boring old you.

        • Islander says:

          Have you ever come around that corner idiot? On a good day its a dangerous bend, she had rain and oil to deal with…..I swear some people r just stupid…SMH

        • Onion says:

          We’ll lighten up when it happens to you.

        • Mmm…Mr Watson one question. Were you there?? Probably not!! Please, for the love of God, please stop making ignorant comments! Yes I agree you could get killed stepping outside – but this was an accident!! Maybe someone should pop you – not with a bullet but something hard enough to put some sense in that empty head of yours!!

        • mega lolz says:

          hey! my girlfriend is german!! she’s funny!…but yeh lol people cant take a joke….women drivers lol…even my girlfriend agrees…lol

          • So when your girlfriend has an accident like that we can laugh at you and her?? Is this what you are saying? Well sorry…..I have morals!! I will never find a situation like that funny!!

        • Complete Idiot David Watson says:

          There were children involved you stupid a$$hole!

    • Onion says:

      What is funny about this accident Mr. Watson? Do tell. Are we missing something?

      • David Watson says:

        Its amusing because I even predicted it was a Woman before that was announced lol.
        OK 50% chance of getting it right but whatever. If it was a man driving the car wouldve flipped and rolled. This is because men statistically try to correct themselves in accicdents, thus avoiding a lot of potential accidents. Women on the other hand let go of the wheel as if to instictively say LOOK WASN’T ME ha. Police use this to determine car accidents drivers. Wheel is smashed in, man driving because he crushed his arms in the accident. Wheel is fine, woman driver, she let the hell go.
        All in all, women drivers is the joke! GET IT! FUNNY!

        • Eh eh says:

          David, you know what, I have to agree with your comment. I recall back in March I was heading to Dockyard and while I wanted to drive, I decided to let my husband drive that evening.

          When we got to Warwick, while we slowed and stopped to let a vehicle in front of us make a left turn, a WOMAN in a SUV apparently was not focusing or was on ehr phone and she came barreling down the road at full speed and smashed into the back of our car sending us 10 feet away from where we had stopped. Luckily my husband have good reflex and he instantly pulled up the hand brakes while applying the foot brakes too and that prevented us from loosing our lives.

          Now if it was I behind that car wheels, I would have let go of everything and just start screaming my head off. And as much as some bloggers here may not like to hear it, it is the truth. 8 out of 10 woman in an accident will let go of all the controls and just scream.

          • look at me now says:

            I can’t believe you as a woman would agree with that idiot. No not 8 out of 10 women would “let go and scream”. Do you realize that statistically speaking men get into more accidents than women?

            • Eh eh says:

              First off, whether men get in more accidents than women is a moot point…however men hardly let go of the controls and scream…didn;t mean to hit a nerve

              • look at me now says:

                And WHERE are your facts that 8 out of 10 women would do that, I’m still waiting. You didn’t hit a nerve at all actually.

        • Onion says:

          Citing gender biased statistics does not justify laughing at the misfortune of a mother and her two young children. A family could have lost three loved ones. Hopefully, as you mature you will learn how to empathize with others. Because don’t think for a second that bad things could never happen to you or someone you love.

          • look at me now says:

            I wasn’t laughing at anything or anyone. Who are you addressing? Maybe you have read wrong. That person was making it about gender and why would statistics want to be biased against men? What sense does that make?

            • Onion says:

              I replied to Mr. Watson not you. Look at the thread again.

          • Eh eh says:

            I see no where in my response where I was laughing at the occupants of that vehicle…I was sharing a personal experience…geesh. So please save the lesson for someone else without a back bone. Have a great day and sorry if I hit a nerve.

            • Onion says:

              Calm down. What don’t you get? I replied to Watson not you. Why are you still replying to me?

    • n says:

      What is wrong with you? The lady and her kids are lucky to be alive they could have ended up in the water.

      • David Watson says:

        its past May 24th though! The water is WARM!

    • David Watson says:

      OK ya’ll are hatin humour too much. Let just pray to GEEEEEBBUS or santa clause or whatever watches over us and be thankful they are ok.

  2. Act Like You Know says:

    Wow i am glad everybody is ok, Few more feet they would have gone right over.

  3. margaret says:

    Very fortunate that they did not roll in to the sea & no one was terribly hurt.

  4. OMG says:

    Wow, I am glad to hear that no one was seriously hurt, this could have been tragic.

  5. 16v says:

    Gee, after reading comments to other stories this week I am surprised this accident has not been blamed on the Bermuda Police

    • YAH KNOW!!! says:

      the police deserve thier lashing and its only a matter of time before they do something else dumb as usual maybe they will get smart and press the press not to write thier jackups in the near future to get the heat of them a little bit…. glad nobody got seriously hurt :)

  6. Ridiculous! says:

    Can someone explain how this happens?????? And if it was the fault of the driver and there were children in the car they should be charged immediately!

    • ugh! says:

      Charged for what? She wasn’t drunk driving fool. It was an accident!

    • To clear things up... says:

      That corner is notorious for being extremely slippery when wet. I live in the west end and have slid coming around this corner on many occasions despite being cautious and traveling at a slow speed.

      • Food 4 Thought says:

        This is very true. A few weeks ago a school boy slid into a car. he escaped with a few bruises. They need to consider repaving that corner.

    • sick of stupid comments says:

      It said the car skidded!! I cant believe how insensitive you are being!!

    • Islander says:

      Um Did you read the article at all? She hit an oil patch, Heaven forbid you get into an accident.That’s why they call it an accident…SMH

    • Observer says:

      It could have very well happened how she explained (which is also in the article) she hit an oil patch, lost control of the car and slid.

    • #confused says:


    • PH says:

      @Ridiculous – I am prone to agree with you on this matter.

      There were no skid marks on the road this morning and no sand was placed on the “slippery” road. not an shiny oil spots visible. There may have been another cause for this accident and the road used as an excuse. Much like corners,poles jumping out at over tired/drunk drivers.

      As we all know, Bermuda has a serious problem with people using their phones whilst they are driving. Whether this be on bikes or in cars. This has caused allot of mishaps on the road that is chalked up to other causes. It only takes .025 of a second of distraction to cause an accident.

      I for one travel that road allot and do not find it to be as slippery and dangerous as some claim. But we also have a habit of making excuses and hiding from the facts. (but that is another discussion)

      I am just glad this the driver and children are safe. Whether the driver skid or was distracted, I am sure she will pay more attention to the road from now on.

  7. Patricia says:

    What needs to be checked is our road surfaces. We have far too many vehicles skidding even when the roads are dry. What is being used may not be safe. With all the cut backs the product used may not be as effective. I wouldn’t put it past those who are responsible to look for a product that is less expensive in resurfacing our roads and which may not be satisfactorily effective. There have been too many of these type of incidents that can’t all be put down to speeding or in attention.

    • SMDH!! says:

      I concur, Bermuda’s roads are very dangerous!! I’ve been saying that for years!! A little rain makes the roads slicker than ice. It seems that they only pave the roads that they’ve already paved over and over. The whole island needs to be paved with a new surface that’s better fitted for our conditions e.g. rain and oil slicks from cars. I’m surprised more people don’t get into accidents, I thought it was just me thinking that!! Somebody needs to address this issue ASAP!!

      • Thinkb4youtype says:

        You two are not smart… Do you think that the people responsible for the roads do not drive on them ?? or their children, family, lovers… Dont be ridiculous!!!

    • Hmmm says:

      What needs to be checked is the speed people are driving. The roads aren’t built for the speed people are doing, that is why we have a speed limit.
      I went through that same area 2 minutes before her and didn’t see any “oil”.

      People in Bermuda need to slow down.

  8. So Glad They're ok says:

    This accident could have turned out really badly if the suv went into the water, I’m just glad everybody walked away from this one!

  9. luke says:

    it’s only a matter of time before Cars start crashin and there are fatalities..worst, most inconsiderate,most inexperienced drivers i’ve ever seen.. slow down and Indicate Bermuda !

  10. Renee says:

    It states there was oil in the road and with the type of rain we had this morning I am sure it made the road worse… it definitely was an accident no fault by the driver… its happened to me on a bike going very slow and still ended up with stitches to my face.

  11. Vixen says:

    God is GOOD! Many blessings bestowed upon them! I am truly pleased that they were saved! May the Good Lord continue to bless them and bring them peace…

    • Hmmm says:

      But wouldn’t He/She/It (depends whom you ask) also have caused the accident on the first place? Seems rather spiteful to cause injury and then receive the praise that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The great “evil” could have also saved her, to do his binding later in life.

  12. PRAYING without CEASING says:

    I know the ppl involved personally and find a few of these comments truly unwarranted. The driver did have her two children on board and it was only by the GRACE OF GOD that they did not go any furhter and no one was seriously injured! GROW UP PPL! With all that is going on in this little island one would think we would be GREATFUL thatlives were not lost!!! Come on ppl! Come on!!

    • Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

      True—-Will be seeing KR-B IN a few minutes. She will be shocked at some of these comments. As you are probably aware, K is a very smart child and will also be reading these comments. Nuff said!

  13. Act Like You Know says:

    Bernnews why on earth do you post stupid comments, Some people are just plain stupid with some of the stuff they say.

  14. Dog Lover says:

    If I start typing things like she was probably on her phone and things like that, it would be considered cruel and wrong. but the comments yesterday were ok? 90% of the comments on here so far are hoping everyone is ok. No comments about tax payer money, or terrible driving

    • Dog Lover says:

      The well being of a person in an accident should be the only concern I might add!

  15. Anonymous says:

    W&E need to construct guard rails along that entire stretch of road between Horsehose Bay Beach and the Fairmount Southampton Princess Hotel. It was just a matter of time before someone went over that cliff. I can only imagine how horrifying it must have been for mom and the children. I’m happy to hear that no one was injured.

  16. Sheriff says:

    Bernews, close the posting for this story please.. I’m sure you have something that reads: No more Posts will be accepted at this time. (only for those that have negative comments of course)

    I am glad no one was hurt. Grace and Mercy are two word that come to mind.

    • bermyshotta says:

      @sheriff – Just because you dun like it don’t mean otha ppl can’t write it. If YOU don’t like it GO somewhere else bra. simple as dat. errybody still complainin haha

      • Sheriff says:

        @ bermyshotta!

        English Grade : F-can’t spell a lick! lmbo!

        • bermyshotta says:

          @sheriff – oh no…um got an F now?? but you still got de message. soak it in a lil bit more!

          • Sheriff says:

            I never come out to play like Terry does, but today

            @ shotta-Its ppl like you that come on here and play de a$$ knowing full well that ppl could have died or been seriously injured! Then have the gull to turn around and laugh about all the complaining/picking ppl are doing! I just wanted ppl to show compassion for what happened to this lady and her children. I now realize I know them, she has a husband and a family that loves her and the children ..and none of you all’s comments help at a time like this.. sad times in Bermy-Bermyshotta.. makes me wonder if you all sit at home and say yaye everytime you open the obits or when someone dies BY A GUN, cos after all this crap today-I KNOW IT HAPPENS! NEVER MIND THAT A LIFE WAS LOST!

            • bermyshotta says:

              @sheriff – first of all u don’t know me so ya shouldn’t judge…but yet u still do. secondly i weren’t laughin…i was jus explainin that if you don’t like ppl’s comments on here (negative or against ya own opinions) ya don’t gotta write dem off or say oh dats so wrong/negative yada yada yada like ya were doin…but dats besides de point. um neva home and yes i know half dem guys that were taken from us so watch wat ya say before goin down dat route!

              • Sheriff says:

                go lie down somewhere…. bra… too serz for me … pressure pills anyone? or some henny? Shotta, ring the bell man-cos shots for everybody on the playground today!

            • Away says:

              @ Sheriff – English Grade : F-can’t spell a lick! lmbo!

  17. DearMrVatson says:

    You obviously didn’t get any last night and as it sounds haven’t in a long while and that is why you are so demented. Get some and get a life hehehehe

    I am glad to hear they are fine and by the way this happend to my son so I know it happens.

  18. The Truth says:

    No matter who’s is at fault, if anyone is. There is a need for guard rails to help prevent this from happening again and causing serious injury or death.

  19. The Messenger says:

    Its a shame that many people were ripping onto the police car crash the other day and now people are ripping into this lady who (in both cases) was not looking to be in a crash. Neither were drinking and the police car was speeding because it was on an emergency call. Give them a break.

    Thank God she didn’t go over the edge as she is not the first person to go over that embankment but they have raised the curb quite a bit to keep out of control cars on the road but maybe the curb is not high enough to stop an SUV. Also note that 2 visitors were killed on the same corner many years ago in a head on crash between their rental bike and a Govt bus. The accident was deemed accidental in that they failed to negotiate the corner properly. Probably the same in the SUV driver’s case but it doesn’t warrant negative comments as I am sure the scare will have her creeping around that corner next time.

  20. Citizen Banned says:

    The woman made a mistake, and I’m sure she is embarrassed. We may never know what happened. What we do know is that this car has antilock brakes. She simply must have been speeding or not paying attention. That car would stop on a dime otherwise.

    Bloody huge SUV tanks should be banned anyway – but that’s another story.

  21. Hudson says:

    Having been in a car that spun out on a corner in middle road (causing no damage to myself or the car thank goodness) in similar conditions while driving at about 40 – 45k, i have nothing but sympathy for this driver. What a frightening experience!
    I disagree about having guard rails all over every stretch of road though – it looks awful and often vehicles go right through them anyway. Perhaps plant trees instead! They work just as well and look a hell of alot better!!

    I do think that the answer is getting rid of 2stroke engines as they deposit all of the oil on the roads, and cleaning and maintaining the road surfaces more frequently. Accidents happen – this one is very unfortunate.

    • 2stroke?? says:

      Getting rid of all 2 stroke engines? really thought that one out, what do you think asphalt is made mostly of???? oil!! go hug a tree

  22. VTMRaynor says:

    Good to hear no serious injuries to mother and children. Being I am on the roadways here everyday, a little info to some. Check tire pressures often. With amount of corners our roads have here, having too soft or hard tire pressures may cause a situation like this(Yes I read mother hit oil patch) and if you dont know how ask the gas station attendant(s) or garage mechanic(s). Add to that, how many of you know with disc brakes(on most if not all SUV’s) that you just apply the brake steady and no ‘pummping’ action like on drum brake setup.

    Also to those of you who like the after market wheels, make sure that when they are fitted to your vehicles that the rotation arrow is going ‘forward’. I have seen some cars with arrows pointing to the rear of vehicle. Before you drive off ‘sportin’ your new rims, walk around the car and look closer. With wheels/tire on in the wrong rotating direction, this can cause a situation like this on wet road too.(yes, I seen mother said she hit oil patch)….

  23. Just an idea says:

    I really think government should make cup holders manditory for these cars

  24. Have some sense says:

    @ Observer — you’re right, SUVs ARE clumsy. Because of their height, the center of gravity on them is too high to ensure good road control. That’s a problem with the basic design and has always been the case. A friend of mine — 3 months after he’d purchased his first SUV — was slowing for a stop signal at about 25 mph when he was hit by another car. His SUV rolled 3 times and ended upside down in a ditch. Needless to say when he came out of the hospital a month later he did NOT replace the vehicle with another SUV.

  25. k says:

    stats dont lie !!!!!!!

  26. Vigil Auntie says:

    stats say men are in more accidents, usually involving speed. why do you think their insurance is higher?

  27. Emeka47 says:

    Mr. Watson, you were the first to comment on this articel. Did youy really mean LOL!!!! It’s not funny!
    If this accident happened on the bend just b4 the Fairmont, going east,then this corner is dangerous and care and attention is of importance here. I always wondered when someone would go over that cliff there. Since the actual location is not stated, we can only assume. Whether it was oil, (?), cell phone or a other distraction, glad the children and mother is OK. I hope that the children will recover, as they will replay this accident over and over when they are asleep.

  28. Appalled says:

    Mr. Watson it doesn’t matter if a woman or a man was driving, There were innocent children in that car that could have been hurt really bad or possibly killed. So to say “Women drivers LOL” is ludicrous. I hope you don’t have any women drivers with children in your family because it could happen to them.We should all be thanking God that no one was hurt. And for the record MEN are the worst drivers.

  29. Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

    These comments are interesting indeed! I am certain that not one of the posters have spoken to the driver after the initial shock of the accident had worn off!
    But some of these posts reveal the dark and twisted mindset of some people.
    Why not wait and see what action the BPS take?
    ( I declared my interest from the outset, they are my relatives!)

  30. B, a Lady says:

    Some of the comments are overly callous, insensitive and just plain crass. Others are, rightfully, compassionate and caring. But it was wrong that news of this accident provided a forum to ridicule women drivers. It was also wrong how everyone hastily jumped to conclusions on the cause of the accident – cell phones, inattention, speed, a big car etc.
    These are all guesses. This post shows that some of us have become pompous, ignorant blowhards. Give us a forum and we just get carried away. How can we say we are proud to be Bermudian then go and write such tripe? The only focus of this post should have been concern for the driver and the young occupants. I hope, and pray, that after this scare, they have recovered.

    • Terry says:

      Well said B Lady. Glad everyone is ok.It might have had a bleak outcome if the vehicle had traveled farther.

      From the photo of the vehicle, it appears not to have rolled which indicates something to me.

      Lets move on. A great day to all.

  31. Thankful says:

    Well said B, a lady!
    I’m glad all involved are ok. I dont know the family but I’m sure I can speak for them ( if they havent done so already)when I say “Thank you” to the Southampton princess staff for their quick response to the accident. Now that was very courageous! Well done!!

  32. Let's Think About This... says:

    Let’s all just be happy the woman and kids survived unscathed. So many factors could have caused it. And yes, cars can become unbalanced on wet (oil or not) roads doing 25kph no matter gender, age, or experience of the driver. Not your “typical” accident factors (as accidents can’t truly be called “typical/usual”), but possible nonetheless. They are accidents after all. Well done to all those that responded: passersby, hotel staff, police, BFRS, KEMH EMTs, and Lowe’s Towing.

  33. Rob says:

    SUV’s are the most dangerous cars out there. How many rollovers have we seen so far? and we will see a lot more. Kia coffins!

  34. Uncle Nick says:

    Why do people keep posting nonsense about “GOD.” God had nothing to do with this accident. To make my comments brief if you believe that God saved their lives then you are delusional.

  35. Patricia says:

    To Thinkb4utype, yeah i know those responsible for paving the roads also drive on them however nothing will get done until an accident of this type happens to them or their family members. That’s how it is u c. when it happens to them and they realize it wasnt thru speed or inattention then and only then will they act. You see this government and its civil servants are reactive people not proactive.

  36. Triangle Drifter says:

    First of all, it was no accident. It was a crash. It was avoidable. It was caused by a human.

    First check the drivers cellphone records. Inattetion while talking on the phone? Very common in Bermuda where there seems to be a NEED to tolk on the phone while driving.

    Driving skills? Bermudians are notoriously poor drivers. The crash records speak for themselves.

    Poor roads. Why is it that the camber of every corner in Bermuda is flat. or tilted to the outside radius of the turn? Who are the engineers at W&E & where do they come from. Have they not seen how roads are banked, even slow speed roads, anywhere else.

    I recently drove the Top of the World Highway in Yukon/Alaska. It is all gravel. A day & a half drive to do it comfortably. All the turns are banked. Most of it is safe to travel at near 50mph. Some mountainous sections only 30mph. Every corner is banked. There are NO guard rails to prevent you from tumbling down embankments & cliffs far higher than anything found in Bermuda.

    Properly banked turns are much safer than flat.

  37. Hmmm says:

    It looks like Government is going to build a wall where the accident was… A wall… If you drive around Bermuda, you see how good walls on the side of the road are…
    What they need to do is put up the same type of guard rails the US uses on their highways. Cars hit them the the railing hardly budges.
    They need those guard rails from the Warwick playground up to where the buses park after Church Bay.