Miss Bermuda Contestants Greet Commuters

May 27, 2011

Some of the contestants in the Miss Bermuda Pageant helped to bring smiles to the faces of morning commuters today [May 27].

Joining Hamilton’s unofficial greeter Johnny Barnes at the Crow Lane roundabout, the young ladies waved and smiled at drivers during rush hour. Pictured below left to right are Davika Hill, Jasmine Simmons, Jana Lynn Outerbridge, Sharmaine Landy, Rachel Sawden, Alisha Phillips, Deonae Dickinson, Davina Cannonier, Cratonia Smith and Kylah Burch.

miss bermuda girls may 27 2011 (2)

On June 12th, 16 young ladies will be vying for the title of Miss Bermuda at the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. Tickets, which range from $65 to $125, are available here on Bdatix.bm. The winner will represent Bermuda at the Miss World Pageant, which will be held on 8th November 2011, in London, England.

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  1. haha says:

    One question, i dont think we have ever seen ALL of the contestants together. They keep saying 16, but there are never 16 of them all together!

  2. BermudaFreePress says:

    I have to give credit to Bermuda.

    The young ladies take great pride in their looks.

    Well done Ladies!

    Minister of Transport Terry Lister gives attention to the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders, however has little time for the Miss Bermuda Contestants.

    Why doesn’t the Minister of Tourism set up a work shop with the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders to provide coaching and opportunities for the contestants?

    • haha says:

      Why would Minister Lister use the Miss Bermuda contestants for a flight from Atlanta??? What do the two things have in common??? Does everything have to to be a swipe at the government?

      • BermudaFreePress says:

        Some of the contestants in the Miss Bermuda Pageant helped to bring smiles to the faces of morning commuters.

        Good PR for the country, bus service, tourism. 1st most the government should be supporting these beautiful “Bermudian” young ladies, who are doing something positive with their lives.

        Ask the minister why he is all smiles over the importation foreign women, when Bermuda is full “cupmatch girls”.

        He should put all these contestants on the airlines and tour USA major cities.

        I’m sure they would bring smiles to those in Atlanta, NY, Boston, Washington.

        • Nail on the head says:

          I agree 100%, I was in Dockyard when the ladies did the bus tour and the amount of attention they received from the tourist shows that they would do an excellent job in promoting our island.
          Other countries that don’t have half our resources (Jamaica, Trinidad, etc) fully support their contestants…… but I guess the whole budget went towards sponsoring our EPIC FAIL of a cricket team.

  3. Bold Enough says:

    Ladies, you looked fabulous this morning! Keep smiling NO MATTER WHAT :)

  4. its me says:

    Before you assume, did you bother check to see if the minister was approached by any of the organizers to attend. People are so quick to jump on the ministers

    • Nail on the head says:

      BermudaFreePress made some very good points. I can tell you for a fact that govt was approached to help sponsor/lend support to this event. It’s a shame really…..

  5. t sm says:

    I know who i dont want to win

  6. BermudaFreePress says:

    These young ladies should run in the next election!

    They may not be “political persons”.

    All they really need is the will to evoke change and to love helping people.