Seen Geckos Around? Please Report Them

June 9, 2011

Two new types of lizards, also known as geckos, have been inadvertently introduced to the island and the Department of Conservation Services is seeking the cooperation of the public in reporting any suspected gecko sightings.

The Department of Conservation Services within the Ministry of Public Works today [June 9] advised that two new types of lizard, also known as geckos, have been inadvertently introduced to the island – the Mediterranean or Turkish gecko, [Hemidactylus turcicus] and the Asian gecko [Hemidactylus frenatus].

Asian Gecko (1)

Director of Conservation Services Drew Pettit said: “We need to track these newly introduced species and would like to request the public’s assistance to let us know if they have seen any of these geckos.”

“This is important as at a minimum they will compete for food sources with our existing populations of anoles, protected Bermuda Skink, as well as our tree frogs.”

“Also they might bring with them unknown viruses that could impact the same species. We are unsure how invasive they are and how rapidly they will spread if left to their own devices.”

Both geckos have spread successfully around the world via cargo and are well-established in the southern states of the US and it is suspected they arrived in Bermuda by the same method, likely hidden in bales of peat moss or similar material.

These geckos have been seen at four locations on the island. Both species feed at night and hide in the day, usually in houses and buildings. They can be seen at night on walls under lights waiting to catch insects. They make a loud “TCKKK” noise which is very distinctive.

Turkish Gecko 2

These geckos are easily distinguished from Bermuda’s common anole lizards and our endemic skink, as they have a mottled tan, brown or gray skin with distinctive bumps all over the body. Also the pupil of the eye is orientated vertically.

The Department of Conservation Services seeks the cooperation of the public in reporting any suspected sightings to Alison Copeland, Biodiversity Officer at 293-2727 or It is safe to capture the animals and they can be brought to the Bermuda Aquarium. Museum and Zoo in Flatts. For more information on the lizards and to report sightings visit

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  1. PEPPER says:

    I have not seen a lizard for quite some time… I think the kisskadees are eating them !!!

    • TERRIFIED!!!! says:

      Can we get more kiskadees imported? OMG!!! I HATE lizards!!

      • Ms bluebird says:

        Kiskadees , like the Jamaican anole are introduced speices ..Same as the ‘Warwick lizard’.. None of them should be here .. however , the anole has a far greater value to the local environment than your loveable kiskadee. Kiskadees are filthy ,noisy birds who help pollute your water tank and eat the anoles who help keep spiders,grasshoppers and the obnoxious roach population down.

        Despite keeping my eyes peeled I haven’t seen a Bda skink since the mid 60′s. I will be on the lookout for this new pest though.

        And , yes , where exactly where they seen ?

        • Chris says:

          And don’t forget they also invade the nests of other birds. Kill the kiskadees!

      • Lizards says:

        Lizards eat cockroaches—–Hail to the Lizards!!!!!

        • Alicia B says:

          AMEN TO THAT – I’m terrified of roaches uhhh yuck!

  2. Mike says:

    Perhaps they are here to offer us affordable car insurance.

    • Watching! says:

      No no that one is green and speaks with a British accent. These ones are Asian and Turkish and are probably working in restaurants or privately as nannies…silly!

      • rubber bong says:


      • check it out says:

        lmao that was funny!

      • Cat says:

        You two are funny I’m still laughing. Want to eamil this to my husband but the emailing options seems to have been removed.

      • mavis says:

        I thought he was Australian

    • Hah! says:

      That was cute, I like that one :-D

  3. Terry says:

    Pepper…check out dee HOA…..I’ve seen many “Geckos” there. Don’t worry about the ‘Kisskadees’……damn yellow bellied UBP suckers………..

  4. Catherine DL says:

    @Mike – it’s a long while since I’ve laughed so much! Hilarious comment!

  5. Hmmm says:

    Where are the 4 locations the are found???

    • ppl have small brains says:

      @hummmmm you are looking for cheap car insurance?

  6. down-wit-d-expats says:

    Damb expats!

    • ppl have small brains says:

      ehhh dumb bermut. cant take a joke from another bermut.

    • huh says:

      Was that really necessary GROW UP geesh…

  7. mixitup says:

    Naaa, I’ll stick with Colonial..

  8. The Messenger says:

    Our lizards aren’t kicking them gecko’s butts??? Warwick lizards better get it together and claim their territory.

  9. Well Um Um Like You know says:

    We already have too many foreigners here. If they arrived on a boat they may be on the new 90 day visitors permit?

  10. wondering says:


  11. Onion X says:

    How did this convo became a back lash to foriegners? Don’t be hypocritical, When the fact is….every single person here on the island is a foriegner…The only TRUE Bermudian are the cedar trees….the skink…and whatever other endemic species that were here.Anyway…..I will be on the look out for these geckos

    • Single says:

      Lighten up…it’s called humour.

      • Cat says:

        So why are you going to be on the lookout for Geckos? You seem to be saying either we all have a right to be here or we all should be going. Do you reckon you’re endemic.

      • Cat says:

        sorry, my response was to OnionX

  12. Well I thought you said they were living in a four bedroom house, and yes there were four spottings I guess.

  13. Hate Liz----- says:

    Be assured that if I come across one it will be as good as dead!! I HATE those things, Eeoowwwww!!! I tried to fight a Warwick one today but he got away. His days are numbered tho TRUST!!

    • Gecko supporter says:

      Why kill them, kill the roaches, geckos are our friends, it the coackaroaches, the ones tyhat come out at night, sort of like the drug dealers (roaches), Geckos should be allowed to stay.

  14. Well Um Um Like You know says:

    My cat is taking care of one as we speak!

  15. lol says:

    Lol @ the comments