Sunshine League: No More Residential Care

June 21, 2011

logo sunshineEffective July 1, 2011, the Sunshine League is transitioning out of residential foster care, due to the “excessively high costs of running a 24-hour residential foster care programme.”

As a result of the change, 5 full-time staff will be made redundant and 13 part-time employees will be let go.

The Sunshine League will work closely with the Department of Child & Family Services, the legal guardian of the foster children, who over the next two weeks will be finding appropriate placements for the eight children currently living at The Sunshine League.

It is expected that Government’s social workers will meet with each child at The Sunshine League this week to help them through the transition.

It costs the Sunshine League between $75,000 and $100,000 per child per year to operate a 24-hour facility. In the most recent budget the Government grant was reduced from $200,000 per year to $100,000 per year.

The Sunshine League will retain its facility and use it for programmes that support the community’s youth – primarily those in the foster care system.

The Sunshine League will continue to fundraise on behalf of Bermuda’s foster children, and will provide financial assistance for education, camps, music and dance lessons, as well as other activities that will add value to a foster child’s life.

The charity will also promote foster parenting and provide financial support to families that take on foster children as well as education, training and assistance to foster care parents through parenting groups at The Sunshine League facility. The Sunshine League will also assist young adults that are ageing out of the foster care system with career and vocational counselling, housing and education.

Zakiya Johnson, Interim President, says: “Although this is not an ideal situation, we welcome the opportunity associated with the new direction that The Sunshine League will be taking in 2011.”

“We will be able to reach a larger number of children in Bermuda’s foster-care system by supporting more cost-effective programmes that will enhance the life skills of foster care children. The Board remains steadfastly committed to the needs of children that find themselves in foster care in Bermuda.

“While many corporations and individuals continue to be extremely generous to The Sunshine League, the donations, foster fees and government grant are no longer enough to sustain a high-cost residential foster-care model.”

“We considered several options, however, given the uncertainty in securing the necessary funding for residential care, we felt we could make more effective use of our resources and reach a larger number of children by supporting foster children in education-based programmes.”

“This is a global issue that foster-care placements are facing. And as many charities in Bermuda are finding, the economic downturn has greatly affected financial giving.”

Ms. Johnson continues: “Foster children often thrive much better in a family environment and the ultimate goal is for the children to be placed in private, single family residential homes.

“We would like to thank our donors who have supported us for many years and we look forward to continuing to work with them to support foster care children in the future.”

Zakiya Johnson concludes: “We will be supporting all our staff as they look for alternative employment.”

Families interested in learning more about foster care provisions can contact DCFS on 296-7575.

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  1. Bold Enough says:

    This is very unfortunate…I honestly wish that I myself possessed the necessary funds to keep Sunshine League’s residential facility open for these children.

  2. blackbeard de pirate says:

    this is a sad, they are literially pushing out orphans. they are breaking up siblings. this is one item that should be protected from budget cuts and infact enhanced.

  3. ElectionTime says:

    … and kids are taking a hit from Gov yet again …

  4. In General says:

    Such a sad day! There are so many social issues that we as a country face. This was one organization that was trying to make a difference to kids that feel thrown away by society, now they have to change resources because of funding.

  5. WHY NOT says:

    This government will spent over 2 million $$$$ in consultants fees, and CUT $100,000 from from this program, them stand in front of a camera and defend it actions, i wonder who they represent!


  6. Nikki says:

    Lord have mercy!

  7. Sad day says:

    This is a sad day. The Sunshine league had done so much for our country. Those of you who have written are right. I too wish I had the funds to help. Yes, siblings will be broken up. Even though everything will be done to keep them together. Too much money was spent in the wrong places and now our most defenseless citizens, the children , have to pay the price.

  8. well... says:

    Sunshine league has been underfunded for YEARS…even without $100K it still would largely be unsustainable. It has always depended on private donations and government grants to be successful, but in this economy both of those factions have less to hand out.

  9. Bulla Bulla says:

    Sad, very sad! Well done PLP, add this to your list of achievements….Perhaps if we had a prudent Finance minister we would not be experiencing one fiasco after another….

  10. Island Girl says:

    This is sad. I hope something gets done. Everyone’s taking hits from gov to private sector. This recession is bad globally.

    If some of these rich families and companies take on 1 child each, SPONSOR A CHILD, wonder if it can work?

    • Sheriff says:

      Island Girl-You’re on to something… now if the right person can read this and give you an snswer- they can work toward a solution…

  11. Prophet says:

    So, lemme see if I am understanging this correctly…

    The Bermuda Government cannot sponsor 2 children per year at the Sunshine League? Now I get that there are government-run care facilities, but I also get that government wastes much.

    What Minister would be bold enough to park his/her GP car such that those funds could be utilized for a more urgent consideration. Mr. Speaker drives a GP. Does he need it, really? The PSs drive cars. Do they require them–(probably more than the Ministers, but that is another chapter)?

    Now I get privilege, but the Premier said herself that it “is not business as usual.” Perhaps that only applies to those outside of her Cabinet. Maybe the Government should begin to evidence that.

    • Prophet says:

      Okay, I responded impulsively, which anyone knows is a no-no. And while I perhaps could have better contextualized Government considerations, it does still remain that there is much wastage.

      Still, it is unfortunate that the operation of Sunshine League has come to this. They have provided a worthy service in the last great number of years and are to be commended for the same. Perhaps now IS the time for a redesign and with it not being “business as usual” we must all examine our current lot and determine if there are other means by which to achieve the same aims–or, in fact, different aims.

      I wish the residents of Sunshine League well and pray that thy find a good fit which will support and nurture them as they grow.

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      Why cant each Minister simply use a portion of his/her Ministerial salary to sponsor these children?

      • Prophet says:

        All of Bermuda can ask themselves this question, Rockfish. Social development and the welfare of the Bermuda commuinty is everyone’s responsibility, not just the ministers.

  12. sad says:

    how is this underfunded with the amount of wealth on this island!?
    this is some childrens only escape from physical emotional or sexual abuse and severe poverty.
    I agree……. all these MPs sitting in taking large salaries and making education cuts and now this?!!!?????
    you have got to be kidding me.

  13. the final straw says:

    PLP i am soooo disgusted with you. Please note that come nect election you will not be getting my vote!

  14. Terry says:

    All part of the plot. Thats why you see some of my posts. What happened Bernews……The Jews got you?

  15. PEPPER says:

    I feel sick to my stomach over this news, how in hell could this government do this to these poor kids ? shame on you Premier Cox … we thought it was bad under Browns reign.
    I hope when you and your ministers are travelling the globe at our expence and bringing in consultants that we do need, and you have the nerve to do this to these kids !!!! Premier you have sunked to an all time low ..shame on you.

    • Spikes says:

      It is a damn shame. Only in Bermuda this could happen. In most countries the people would show their outrage over such a decision.

  16. 32n64w says:

    Well at least the Premier was able to move into a newly (yet again) refurbished home, care of the taxpayer. Hope she sleeps well at night knowing these children won’t and 5 fellow Bermudians will shortly be out-of-work.

    So much for resetting the dial on priorities. I think they got the tag-line wrong. In reality the PLP hierarchy is doing less for the country with more for their MPs (in the form of excessive benefits including: $150 per diems, unchecked credit card expenditures, lavish dinners, cars, exclusive parking spaces and private bathrooms (allegedly).

    Contrary to what their supporters and talking heads would have you believe the PLP, not the global economy, are directly responsible for our budget deficit and resulting interest obligations. Just think what the Government could do with an extra $70m per year if they didn’t have to ship it overseas to cover the (ever growing) expense of their financial missteps.

  17. Shaking the Head says:

    The PLP proudly says it is the Party For The People, whereas the OBA is the Party For Business. The Party For The People cannot provide sufficient funding for a foster care facility for orphaned children. This must be the lowest of the low, and maybe just below not funding the Salvation Army. This is the same Party that used millions of dollars so the elite ones could attend star studded parties; fund PlayBoy Mansion Charity Events; fly around the World First Class and stay at $4,000 a night hotels.
    What a way to disrespect and ridicule what the founders of the PLP wanted and why the Party was formed. It looks like it is time to throw out an arrogant, uncaring and elitist Government so they can see experience the life of the people that supported them and how they are living without all the taxpaid benefits.

  18. Hudson says:

    I toured the Sunshine League earlier this year and was totally impressed by the warmth of the staff, the organisation of the facility, and the feeling that although a little like boarding school, this place was indeed a caring home. In fact, I left stating to a friend, Denise should be nominated for the Heroes Day award as should the others that have quietly made such a positive impact on the lives of the residents. It is truly sad and worrisome to think of what will become of not only the residents that are there today, but also for those that might need their services in the future. The Sunshine League has proven to be a safe haven for Bermuda’s most vulnerable youth – what next Madame Premier? Very, very sad day indeed.

    • PEPPER says:

      Hudson. I have also toured this wonderful facility and to think that the Premier has no use for these kids is an absolute travesty…but guess what she is only looking at the MONEY !!!! that she and her cabinet are able to spend on trips abroad and first class tickets to attend breakfast meetings ..and God knows what ever other metings that we are paying for overseas !!!!!!!!!!enough is enough…people we need to take care of these ten unfortunate children that this government have said to hell with you …because we do not have the money to take care of you !!!1but we are stil paying for Rolfe Commisiong and his salary !!!!!

    • Clear Logic says:

      Please keep this in mind when we all turn up to the voting poles! We have a vote – let’s use it wisely. Vote with our hearts and brains – not as we have done in the past!!

      My heart goes out to these children.

  19. Truth be Told says:

    Sad….I read that whole article and not once did it appear to me that they were pointing the finger at the Government. The highlighted many issues as it relates to funding. So why are you all putting the blame on Government?

    The blame has to be spread because in all realness there as so sill doing good enough in the privet sector who can sponsor children.

    I see some saying if they had it they would donate that sounds good on paper but would you really?

    People need to stop pointing the finger at Government and realise that it takes the collective effort of the community to insure that programmes like the Sunshine League have continued success. I guess a lot of people dropped the ball on that one.

    I know the importants of the Sunshine League as I have a foster daughter who was there before she came to stay with us. She is also my cousin as is her sister who is still there if I had the space she would be here also. They see each other often as she spends some weekends and outings with us.

    But as the article read, these are hard times and it is being felt world wide.

    • Hudson says:

      Believe what you want, but as a Bermudian, I have a hard time with millions of dollars being spent on soccer, cricket, government cars, upgraded homes, and so forth while our most vulnerable citizens are cast aside. Corporate and private donations have run the majority of this facility to date (note, it costs $100,000 per year per child and last year, they got $200,000) so I do wonder why we haven’t heard a plea to keep the facility running before a decision was made to close and hand the children to the care of government social services.

      This residential facility has been operating behind the scenes for longer than I have been alive.. long before Corporate funds kept it going. Do I blame this Government for assisting in closing its doors – damn straight I do. They ought to be ashamed of themselves – the entire lot of them.

    • Prophet says:

      …’cause with every story there is a back story which goes untold.

      That the Government has reduced their funding by half ought to be enough to rile you up–a paltry $100,000 less. (Oh wait, they needed that money to create the new ministry to addressing the pressing matters of Community Development; Minister Glenn, apparently, needed a hand.) At the end of the day, these children are wards of the state and so, while the SL charity takes the lead to solicit the community for funds to help the GOVERNMENT in looking after its own children, perhaps the Government can see its way to exercising a bit of care in ensuring that its own children are looked after.

      I agree that it does take a collective effort and we have to all start with the person in the mirror, but when the Government, which you defend, has spent our hard-paid taxes as carelessly as this Government has, you can forgive some of these commentators for being less than sympathetic to them. These are hard[er] times. All the more reason for the Government to be more austere with the public purse.

      If you are a foster parent, then bravo zulu to you. You and others like you are to be commended and applauded; but let’s not ignore the obvious imbalance which currently exists.

  20. lol says:

    Paula Cox needs to stop getting paid until we see positive results of her “reign”

  21. WOW says:

    Can someone pleaes explain why it cost about 100,000 per child to run a place. That is too high, please help me understand that figure?

    • Hudson says:

      Food, clothes, electricity and other common day to day expenses plus the building upkeep and salaries of 5 full time and 13 part time employees (assume that includes security officers too that are needed each evening). Do the math on the salaries, and figure there are about a dozen kids there at any given time and you can figure out why the costs are so high for those few kids.

    • PEPPER says:

      We all need to know that Paula Cox is not running the Island…Dame Jennifer tells her what the hell to do…because paula has no backing from her cabinet..

    • True Dat says:

      WOW; I am so with you on this Question
      because I have been rolling these figures over and over in my head trying to figure out where does this 100,000 dollars per child gets spent????
      That works out to be like $8,333 per month! which in turn works out to be $2083 per week!! So like how are these funds being spent on these kids per week where is it going?????
      Something is way wrong with this picture and we are not being told the whole store here

      Things that make you go hmmmmmmm??????…..

      • Duh... says:

        What part do you not understand? Aside from all of the regular costs that our children incur (food, clothing, housing…) these children don’t have the benefit of a no-cost mommy and a daddy – these kids have to have PAID “parental figures.”

        So quit going “hmmmmmmmm….” and use your head for a change. Also, please use your head again when it comes time to vote!!

        • True Dat says:

          Duh; Dearest, its no need to get so upset…. its ok to ask these kinds of question if you don’t understand….

          and what does voting have to do with any of this??? but i guess this is just another Dumb Question right????

          and i still don’t get it when the SSL House Is Mortgage free and rent free

          and how much are the staff wages per year???
          these questions are being asked so we can really understand what the breakdown is??? 75,000 to 100,000 per year per child just seemed kind of excessive to me that is all……
          hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  22. LaVerne Furbert says:

    I wonder how many of you have:

    1. Read the history of the Sunsine League;
    2. Donated to the Sunshine League (either time or money);
    3. Are foster parents;
    4. Understand the real meaning of charitable organisations;
    5. Have questioned why in 2011, the Sunshine League continues to be in existence;
    6. Have a problem with those parents who would rather that the Sunshine League
    care for their children then they themselves;
    7. Would agree to the Sunshine League caring for your children as opposed to you
    caring for your own children;
    8. Questioned what funding was provided to the Sunshine League under the previous
    9. Think that it is the Government’s responsibility to take on the role of
    10. Think that the Government should now put in place a stringent “birth control
    programme” so that only certain people are eligible to be parents.

    Maybe you all need to think on those things rather than criticising the government (again).

    • Hudson says:

      In order

      1 – yes
      2 – both, yes, annually
      3 – No
      4 – Yes
      5 – Yes – sad, but a true necessity. Now, more than ever.
      6 – Definately have an issue, but sadly its a reality
      7 – would never want them there unless there is truely nobody else capable of raising them. My understanding from my most recent visit was that 100% of current residents were court appointed. I dont’ think anybody is volunteering their kids to go there – they are put their for their best interest and safety by the court system.
      8 – I stand by my previous comment. This place has been in existance longer than i have been alive.
      9 – Definately not. Are you suggesting that this is a new PLP tough love policy for ignorant parents?
      10 – Not in today’s world, but the “go fornicate in the bushes” propaganda of the late 60′s is coming home to roost.

    • Shaking the Head says:

      Yes to most – is there a prize?
      So what you are saying is that the Sunshine League is a facility that has no importance to the community, and that the less fortunate should be disgarded? Throw the kids out and let them survive on the streets. That doesn’t sound very humanitarian from a Government that takes pride in so called humanitarian acts such as smuggling in people from another part of the world. Do I see another retraction taking place soon? The Premier will be wishing she hadn’t left the Island to try and gain support for Bermuda from European movers and shakers at this rate.

    • No no no says:

      Senator, with all due respect – Why do you let these guys get you so wound up? I know how difficult it is sometimes, but most times you just need to walk away..I say that with the greatest degree of respect and very often agree with your positions…

    • Prophet says:

      With respect, Madam Senator, what does one’s thinking on any of your points have to do with the facts of this article? What remains is that the SL Charity will no longer be operating as a much-needed residential facility. This goes directly to your para. 5; if there was no need for SL in 2011 it would have closed before now. So what is your point?

      Your other points, while making for conversation and debate, run tangentially to the real matter at hand–8 or 10 or however many children will need to be relocated, and a number of staff will be out of work.

      (Perhaps the soon-to-be-misplaced staff can find work at Rosewood Tucker’s Point which you fought so valiantly for and want for the rest of us to believe will bring jobs to Bermudians. Good foresight on your part. Or perhaps that is all part of the master plan.)

    • The Messenger says:

      I cant stand LF…..she always sticks up for the Govt when she is just as much a problem to us as this government is. Believe me, the foul language that is running through my mind right now about LF’s comments has me about to smash my keyboard. I wish she’d just keep quiet….I will NEVER support anything to do with LF’s role in Govt. And I am a black middle age male who has only voted PLP up till now. Yes Lavern, there are black people out there that are sick and tired of the PLP.

  23. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Blame 60% Brown for all the finanial short-comings Bermuda now faces .

  24. I have says:

    Ms. Furbert, I have completed one and two on your list. Yes, I know what a chartible organization is and how could government expect a private charity to provide care for parents who are unable for various reasons to care for them. Have you considered instead of having another person raised these kids, provide mandatory parenting classes for teen mothers and anyone who is receiving financial assitance. What funding government gave previously and what is current does not matter. What matters is that the Sunshine league needs money so guess who is going to have to provide the care now, Government. They will pay one way or another.

    I agree with a birth control programme as some folks continue to have kids who do not have the means or time to take care of their kids.

    • The 411 says:

      The government does provide mandatory parenting classes to those on assistance and obviously overwelmed by parenthood.

  25. Truth be Told says:

    Ms. Johnson continues: “Foster children often thrive much better in a family environment and the ultimate goal is for the children to be placed in private, single family residential homes.”

    8 children living at the home to me it would be more upsetting if they are unable to find a proper home for those children out of all the homes on the Island. And as was stated they would thrive much better that way.

  26. George Courtney says:

    lets see, if all of the mps took a 20% cut in pay, can this cut keep the Sunshine League open at least for a another year until until permant funding is found!!!!!

  27. Parent says:

    I know this is complex, but just for starters, could every Govt car be sold and money saved put towards Sunshine League. How many of these ministers has their own car at home as well? Why not go back to charging for gas if they have to?? Money is spent in so many of the wrong places … it is only a small populations, but we support HUGE government spending!

  28. Can you handle this says:

    @ the expense of the children once again…while “they” dine on lobster and caviar and travel “every other day” on the tax payers dollars staying the night in 5 star hotels and the like..can someone explain to me why we ‘the people’ have to foot the bill for the current debt that we are in? health cost increases, hundreds out of jobs, education budget slashed, food cost on the rise (almost daily), rents still high etc, etc, etc…..many of the areas where the budgets have been severed affect our children! Our children who “they” say are our future…do you relly believe what “they” have to say? Funding cut for children sent overseas for issues that we are not able to treat here because we don’t have the facilities, and now Brangman Home is to be no more…where will it end…and I have yet to hear or see (maybe I have missed it) wherein MP’s salaries have been cut..Sell some of those GP cars that I see at the Grocery Stores on Sunday (business I guess) and let the drivers use their own cars!!! imagine the amount of money that can be saved when it comes to insuring all those vehicles, that’s money that can be allocated elsewhere…to those of you that like to “stick up” for Government and defend and condone their mismanagement (in some cases) of funds..maybe you can open YOUR doors to these kids who obviously have been placed in the system for whatever reason (not of their own doing) ..just sickens me to know that it is only going to get worse…I hope at the end of the day all those that are in cahoots and condoning don’t start singing a different tune when the sH(&T really hits the fan…..

    • George Courtney says:

      @Can you handle, coninue to speak the truth

    • Can you handle this says:

      I meant Sunshine League (typo)..not Brangman Home

  29. Truth be Told says:

    Could all the execs in these company’s give up their company cars an housing allowances an put that money toward the SSL? People always target Government officials that get perks with the job they do yet looking outside the box execs of company’s get more and do less. Give it a rest you want our officials to do all the work with no benefit to them. Where they do that at?

    • The Messenger says:

      The money the executives use is the money THEIR company makes and spends…so they can do with it as they please. The government spends the PEOPLES money so they have to do a WE please.

  30. Truth be Told says:

    Also why is there no call for the opposition to take a pay cut as they receive a salary as well and the Berrit’s, Gibbon’s Dunkley’s.etc who are part of it have a great deal of disposable income that they can put towards charities like this yet they don’t and receive tax payer dollars. Speak on that.

  31. We have to do something! says:

    Surely there is something we as a people can do to help these children. Pointing fingers and blaming each other isn’t helping.

  32. O I C says:

    I think they should spend more on foster care and less on Prisoners.

  33. Truth be Told says:

    @ Prophet….yes I am a foster parent and I don’t need a bravo I do it because it needs to be done and I know first hand that group homes do not hold a match to a family environment…If more people took in children in need there would be no need for residential care and the services that they say they will now supply would be of great benefit.

  34. Been There says:

    I have worked at teh Shunsine League and yes it does a lot of good, I would also like to say it does need changing as I was on many occasions disappointed at some workers just collecting a pay check and not really showing love yes that is real. I have seen many young adults leave under prepared. Yes some have made it but I do think its a good time to look seriously at the situation. By the way the alternative is fostering and I have fostered children over 20 years of my life. Maybe some of you making the comments can open your home and offer real love in your home it is certainly needed.

  35. Eh eh says:

    It’s late night and I am tired after preparing for exams, so no time to really dig in and research. However, just wondering if someone can give me some insights on what it takes to become a foster parent in Bermuda. Thanks.

    Will do some research in the morning when back at my desk, but after reading this…it is something I would love to do. Just need to know the what, whens, why, hows, who etc.

  36. flabberghasted says:

    Laying blame accomplishes NOTHING positive. Accepting responsibility for situations such as this as a community is the first step to finding a solution.. WE as a community have let these kids down and should hold our heads in shame and ask ourselves how we could allow this to happen. We cant expect Government to come to the rescue of this facility, we as a community should have and should be more financially supportive as these Kids are OUR future. Every person who cares enough for the less fortunate kids should make a pledge to help, One less family dinner at kfc, on less pack of cigarettes @ $10(omg), one less night out on the town, one less (extra) pair of shoes, shades,jeans and the list goes on. Take that “savings” and make a donation to help The Sunshine League to move forward in whatever capacity that is seen fit.. Then and only then we can show the Government how WE can cut costs and put OUR money where it really makes a difference!

  37. BermyLove says:

    This is very sad news :( I pray to the Almighty God that something can be done to keep the SL residential care home open!! Our kids should not have to suffer for this and I pray that the Government and the people of Bermuda will come together and find a way to keep this place open!!

  38. Real Talk says:

    While this government continues to slash funding for social programs which in these hard economic times are needed more than ever, they can rest assured they will never get another vote from me.

    Premier Cox, please call this election so I can help vote out the Government I helped vote in 13 years ago…

    PS. To all those crying about how this is not the Government’s fault, whose fault is it that fiscal mismanagement, overspending on capital projects and poor planning has left this country 1.4 BILLION dollars in the hole!?

  39. What matters most... says:

    This is truly sad. Upon returning from College some years ago, I was employed at Sunshine League, and to be honest, with some of the challenges that some of the children have, this facility is needed. To ask someone to take in a child with special needs is a tall order for some people. There are siblings who reside at the Sunshine League and that is the only way they can stay together. Yes a single family home is good, but how many of us are really trying to take in a 10 yr old and a 12 yr old. There are hundreds if not thousands of people island wide whose hearts are in the right place, but are truly not prepared to take on this kind of responsibility on a full time basis. With the current economic situation, parents’ finances will be further compromised, requiring them to take on additional employment (if they can find it) and the children will continue to be in the high risk situations (having to be at home alone caring for themselves) that at times result in them being placed in care in the first place. In an ideal world, these children would be with their parents, but this isn’t an ideal world and we are in a time where he have uneducated, unemployed, and ill equipped people having children that they can not take care of. Some of them try their hardest, but Bermuda is a tough place to live in financially.

    If no solution is found to reopen Sunshine League, we have found ourselves in a situation of “save now, spend later”, because the children who now have no “safe” options for housing, no structure, and limited support, are likely to find themselves on the wrong side of the law and the government and taxpayers will have to foot the bill for jails, lawyers (most criminals qualify for legal aid), and possibly drug treatment. Sunshine League isn’t the answer to all social ills faced by our young people, but its a great help and there are several people who attribute their success as adults to having resided at Sunshine League as children.

    Spend the money where it matters most….now not later

  40. two sides says:

    Ok Bermuda we always come to aide for others when they nedd us lets dig in our pockets and help our own childern do they have some were we can send money can bernews find out lets not do the same old comments and do something for these childern stepup BERMUDA!!!!!!

  41. T.O. Bermudian says:

    Truly a remarkable place, though sad and pathetic that the Sunshine League isn’t provided with enough funds to operate. Funding for the sunshine League should be a priority. I was a resident of the sunshine league at a young age for several years (late 80′s early 90′s) their were alot more children there then the 8 or so they have now, then and now it was the closest you had to a family! Just because homes are found for the kids doesn’t mean that they will be a good fit, from experience you can easily bounce around from family to family and then end up back at Sunshine League, so to me it was like safety net and a stable environment. I hope for the best for all the children at the Sunshine League and that they find great homes.

  42. True Dat says:

    Great Idea Two Sides!!! Bernews is there anything we as the public can do to save the sunshine League or do they even really want us to save it???
    because we send money all over the world to people in need we need to keep this home open!!
    bernews can you find out anymore info???

  43. True Dat says:

    I just re read the artical… It sounds to me like they are not asking for any help or are even trying to keep this childrens home open… ehich seems a bit strange it seems like minds are all ready made up and doors will be closing no matter what… seems like that anyway i don’t know maybe I’m reading and undrestanding this artical wrong….

  44. MinorMatters says:

    Bermuda Red Cross, Can you help us please? What can I do to help?

  45. Truth be Told says:

    Looks like there’s more to the story as the Youth Minister has commented.

  46. oh crumbs says:

    i really wish senator furbert would STOP telling us to stop criticizing the government. last time i checked this was a democratic society and our OPINIONS of our government is what ultimately puts them in place in case she forgot. if you want a country who just takes everything face value then MOVE! everyone has the right to express themselves and right now this island is fed up with the way the government most of us trusted is running the place. good luck in the next election…you’re gonna need it.