Ministry: ‘Driver Will Be Reinstated After Drug Test’

August 11, 2011

bus buses depot filledThe Ministry of Transport released a statement this afternoon [Aug.11] saying the suspended bus driver will be reinstated once she takes a drug test.

A female bus driver has been suspended for seven weeks after refusing to take a drug test after an accident which saw a passenger’s hand injured in June.

This morning BIU President Chris Furbert said last night he “gave the Ministry 24 hours to put the sister back in the seat without no loss of pay or benefits, and that 24 hours notice will expire sometime today.”

The Transport Ministry said an investigation concluded the bus driver in question was “solely to blame” for the accident as “upon leaving the disabled bus, she failed to secure the handbrake and the bus rolled into the replacement bus and trapped the hand of a passenger that was attempting to board it.”

The Ministry also said the bus driver has refused five opportunities since the accident in June to take a drug test.

The statement released this afternoon by the Ministry of Transport said, “The bus operator in question, a four-year employee, has been given five opportunities since the accident on Friday, June 24 to take a substance abuse test – in accordance with internal policy.”

“Each time, the operator has refused to take a substance abuse test. The Ministry said that in accordance with internal policy, a condition of employment at the Department of Public Transportation (DPT) is that, if a bus operator is involved in an accident that causes an injury to a person that requires that person to go to the hospital, then the operator must undergo a substance abuse test.”

“If the tests results are positive, the bus operator is not automatically dismissed but is referred to EAP with full pay and benefits while he or she receives the appropriate treatment and counseling.”

“In this particular incident, the operator in question was on route to Dockyard when power problems with the bus resulted in the driver pulling the bus into a lay-by and summoning a back-up bus to carry the passengers on to their destinations.

“By the time the replacement bus arrived, a second bus, also on a westerly route had pulled into the bus lay-by behind the failed bus. The replacement bus was forced to pull up along side the failed bus, effectively blocking the western lane as passengers disembarked and boarded the replacement bus.

“The operator in question, upon leaving the disabled bus, failed to secure the handbrake and the bus rolled into the replacement bus and trapped the hand of a passenger that was attempting to board it.

“At this point, the operator rushed back to the bus and prevented it rolling further by opening the door which acts as an auto- stop mechanism. The Police arrived, took the injured passenger to KEMH for treatment and then instructed the operator to move on.

BIU President Chris Furbert speaking about the suspension earlier today:

“In accordance with Ministry policy, the operator that caused the accident should have immediately reported the incident to DPT but failed to do so and, even though the operator had been instructed by the police to move the bus, the operator should have pulled into the next available lay-by and reported the accident to allow DPT to send an investigator to the bus while all of the witnesses were still on board. Instead, the operator continued on to Dockyard.

“The bus operator that brought the replacement bus called DPT Headquarters to ask why the supervisor was allowing the first operator to continue on her route knowing that an accident had taken place. This was the first time that the supervisor had heard about the accident.

“As a result, the operator was radioed and instructed to report to the head office immediately where a substance abuse test would be administered, in accordance with policy. The operator agreed to come in but later reported sick for the weekend.

“When the operator reported for work the following Monday, she refused to be tested for substance abuse and was suspended with pay while investigations continued. The following day, the operator was again given an opportunity to be tested for substance abuse but refused and was suspended without pay until she agreed to be tested.

“On two other occasions, the operator had initially agreed to be tested but after arrangements were made by DPT, the operator again refused to do so.

The Ministry said “that a Health and Safety investigation has determined that the operator was solely to blame for the accident.”

The Ministry added that “contrary to claims by Bermuda Industrial Union President, Chris Furbert that the Ministry had failed to get a urine test from the operator after the accident – the operator had in fact, refused to report to DPT as instructed on the same day as the accident, and has refused every opportunity since then to be tested.”

The Ministry said “there was no requirement for the other bus operator to be tested as she had not caused the accident.”

“It is unfortunate that the BIU has issued us with an ultimatum to reinstate this operator without a substance abuse test being administered,” said a Ministry spokesman.

“It is clear that this situation has been caused by the driver’s refusal to follow policy and we sincerely hope that reason prevails and that the public will not be inconvenienced by unreasonable demands.”

“Our policies are in the best interest of passenger safety,” continued the spokesman. “This situation has been caused by the operator. Her future as a DPT bus operator is in her own hands.”

“Management has been more than reasonable and has provided ample opportunity for this driver to be tested in accordance with our policy. Continued refusal to be tested may lead to dismissal. We can assure the operator that she will be reinstated as soon as the relevant testing has been completed.”

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  1. 80s Sonesta Kid says:

    yeah right……

  2. Organic Bermudian says:

    Bogus she should have been FIRED Obviously she had a one point agreed to drug testing during the hiring process! The BIU is a JOKE A bunch of clowns!!

    • Maddog says:

      Yesterday you all wanted the BIU to go on strike for that man and said that Chris Furbert was in Goverments pocket. WE are going on strike so if you catch the BUS to work walk and I hope your boss don’t fire you because you may Need the BIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

      • Thank says:

        Oh god. I know you don’t represent the majority of bus drivers but damn you are stupid. Coming on here making threats to people. MadBi#ch go back to work. Also private sector bosses don’t fire for being late due to public transport strikes. They use a thing called a brain and figure well its not really your fault for being late to work.

        • spoons says:

          Well said Thank. @Maddog – you are obviously intellectually challenged (that means ‘stupid’) to post such a insulting and threatening comment for the whole country to view. I actually normally support Trade Unions, but not this one. This guy Furbert is obviously so far up himself he’s lost his way out and is drowning in his own fecal matter.

  3. Jonas says:

    What a circus…if it was up to me, that would be the last time she ever drove a bus.

    • Maddog says:

      But its not.

      • some ppl r really stupid says:

        u my friend r an idiot. she is wrong!!!!! take the dam test get bak to work. she is a fool. wasting ppls time wit this

  4. Shut Yo Mouth... says:

    But , But the hair on her head is OTC (over the counter ) and has all sorts of substances that she can’t account for .

    • Maddog says:

      That is none of your business back off and and we no who you are to.

      • Shut Yo Mouth... says:

        You rabid rascal ,Who cares what or who you know . To bad Dr.Haslops no longer with us , I would have took you for your shots personally .

  5. Truth (Original) says:

    “If the tests results are positive, the bus operator is not automatically dismissed but is referred to EAP with full pay and benefits while he or she receives the appropriate treatment and counseling.”

    If this is the Policy, what is the incentive to be clean? In the real world, this could never happen. For the most part, what is allowed to be contractual for some government employees is the stuff of fairytales. In the real world, you are fired. No pay. No benefits. I don’t understand how something like this can be negotiated into a contractual agreement.

    • Maddog says:

      A count they give you help first before they throw you in the trash like you want.You would give a dog better treatment then a human. YOU MUST BE WHITE…….

      • Truth (Original) says:

        LOL !! So wrong. Not white. It’s called accountability and responsibility. Dogs understand those principles. The question is “Maddog”, why don’t you? If it were my job to drive people for a living, I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that job nor the safety of people who are under my care for the time that I am transporting them. But that’s just me. In some instances, rehab/EAP is appropriate and in other circumstances, dismissal is appropriate. IF the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, dismissal is appropriate. If you can’t see that then you are part of the problem. You are part of a system that is comfortable with no accountability and no responsibility. ” YOU MUST BE BLACK ” ……I jest, of course.

      • Not Surprised says:

        You my dear are a moroon and a racist! Profiling to the max. Go on strike and again for all I care. I am one customer you lost with your last strike and now give a ride to 4 other ex bus customers. You keep going the rate your going and there wont be enough money going around to keep you employed. Whatchoo think about that? DOES NO ONE understand the concept of without customers, you don’t get paid!!! BLACK AND WHITE AND YELLOW AND GREEN, we all pay your wages by catching the bus. Well, used to anyways. NO MORE!

      • United says:

        Wow, didn’t take long to pull the race card. Now, tell me how is talking about a person that screws up at work, puts people in danger and should be fired have ANYTHING to do with being black or white?

      • B says:

        What a douchebag. I feel sorry for you for being such an idiot and not knowing any better.

      • Linda says:

        And you Maddog must be an ass!!!!!

  6. specialgirl4 says:

    Government Workers often follow and work within the guidelines of “Collective Bargaining agreement” and Code of Conduct. This is an agreed upon regulations that have been developed between union and government. Sometimes there is also a “Code of Conduct” which is also followed by the Manager and employee. It is not easy to fire someone, as there are several steps that must be followed first before the individual can be fired. However, there are a few cases in which immediate removal from the job can be done.

    In addition, there must be an attempt on the part of management to work with the Operator, to assist her if she had and personal difficulty, before awarding her quick dismissal from the job. As most union collective bargaining agreement, require that management (civil servant/govt), work with the employee and give warnings e.g. verbal warning, followed by written warning before firing them. Also, if the individual requires any treatment such as counseling etc…. management is required to direct the individual to get some help. Seem like this may have taken place, but the driver refuse to follow thru with the process.

    Nervertheless, management (Civil servant/govt) must seek to work with the Union, to assist the operator to follow thru. The operator apparently did nothing to enhance her position to return to the job as quickly as possible, but now seems to be following the Union’s advice to follow thru on the requirement of drug testing.

    As most persons are aware that it is extremely difficult to fire or get rid of someone that holds a Government job, as a result documentation of events are critical in these cases. It seems apparent that management (civil Servant) had record of events and details. Each step of events has to be carefully recorded and details of suggested recommendations for the employee. It is an attempt to work with the employee, without the first attempt to seek punishment.

  7. Terry says:

    What a load of s*&^…..

    The freeking Minister shoould call a ‘Bong Election’.

    So she takes a drug test and it is found that she’s on Heroin, Cocain, and Cannabis ( just sayin)

    She will be reinstated?

    Were FU*&$#…
    Tink about it. Bullcrap………………………………

  8. Terry says:

    And by the way. Are LaVerne and Chris related?

  9. islander says:

    so tired of hearing that man talk…..blah blah blah

  10. Yikes says:

    this driver could be aware she will test positive for illegal substances otherwise she would have no problem taking the test to clear herself – who would want that kind of doubt hanging over their heads unless they had something to hide.

    she may have thought she could buy time to get the weed to leave her system by stalling the urine test but now they want a hair follicle test…ten bucks says she shaves her head!!!

    they pay her good money to ensure the safe public transport of her passengers and she failed miserably – why shouldn’t they get a drug test?

    furbert knows the truth, he’s just trying to send a message to the gov’t that he’s got their cojones in one hand, and their votes in his other hand.

    • poor representation says:

      You hit the nail on the head. as a matter of fact it was spoken by another colleaque in the union meeting that the guilty operator told him on the day of the incident prior to reporting sick,” that b#tch thinks I’m going back town so she can test me she’s f$cking wrong…I’m gonna report sick and she’ll have to deal with me on Monday”. What more proof of guilt do you need? Lois Somner, Glen Simmons and their union panel never addressed the information. They are so busy trying to teach management a lesson and show them who’s in charge they are loosing track of their role as a union. This lady was poorly represented by the union, and a 12 year old can figure out that there are missing pieces to this puzzle. If the union feels she should get her money back and have a job, then they should give her the money back and a job and leave us honest working people alone. BPSU are you considered a charity? Many of us are tired of the madness.

      FED UP

  11. Chronic Backpain (Original) says:

    Note to Terry: Show some fr*ggin testicular fortitude and don’t bend over like some anal virgin prisoner bitch when this becomes an issue in the coming days. Show that you actually have some wedding tackle between your legs. Cuzz we ain’t seen it yet. So far you acted like a scared p*ssy.

    Let the BIU cr*tins call a fr*ggin strike. Let’s see how long these over priviledged bus drivers can go without pay in these hard times. You know BIU ain’t gonna pay them anything – they keep all the $$$ fore themselves.

    With the election looming this will be a tough one Mr Listless. Do the effing right thing instead of pandering for votes from uneducated a**holes.

  12. The Truth (One & Only) says:

    It seems to me that the female bus operator has something to hide If it were me I would have gladly submitted to a drug test so I would be cleared plus its policy. And why is Chris Furbert saying “that the Ministry had failed to get a urine test from the operator after the accident”. What are they suppose to do tie her up and test her. Its seems like a bunch of school kids fighting. Get the Dam test don’t be so ignorant..What are you hiding? Same old BS from BIU and Bus Operators just a different day.

  13. What Grinds my Gears says:

    On this island you can be slow, stupid, and drug addicted and still get your pay cheque, with full benefits, that you have been conditioned to believe is your RIGHT to get. Why even bother trying to do the right thing??? The Unions will protect you and defend your worthlessness! And then we wonder why we’re surrounded by semi-conscious imbeciles.
    They better test this woman soon, before any drugs she may have used leave her system (assuming they do a blood test)….She’s obviously a danger to the public. She needs to be fired or the next body part she crushes with a bus could be YOURS!

    • YES MATE! says:

      @What grinds my gears
      “On this island you can be slow, stupid, and drug addicted and still get your pay cheque, with full benefits, that you have been conditioned to believe is your RIGHT to get. Why even bother trying to do the right thing???”

      You can also do this on that island called England, without actually going to work.

      I am not defending her. She appears to be is avoiding a surely positive test that won’t get her fired. Common sense says piss in the cup, go to counseling whilst collecting full pay, pass your piss test and go back to work.

      Terry Listless will cave in due to the fact that his wedding tackle was lost in the mail but mostly because de Pee el Pee can’t afford to lose this girl’s vote or any other union worker’s vote.

  14. Chronic Backpain (Original) says:

    In addition, there are allegedly hundreds of people who did not get bus driver jobs because they failed the mandatory drug test. Imagine how PISSED off these people will be if you bow down to this one bus driver. They are voters too. Despite what you might think, the old racism back to the plantation thing might not work out this time.

    Dont let us down Mr Lister. Please.

  15. The Truth (One & Only) says:

    Maybe Chris Furber the Bus Operator and the ministry should plead insanity and check themselves into MAWI..This crap is getting old,fire all of them and get some brains and common sense up there..SMH!! Now its every few months Drama Drama Drama, SICK AND TIRED!

    • Maddog says:

      Do you catch the bus were going on strike so you better star to walk to work don’t don’t be late your boss might fire you and you might need the BIU to’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Scott says:

        need the biu for what? more holiday days? please…

      • DeathtoUnions says:

        Here is an idea, pay people who wish to drive buses/ferries and other forms of unionized jobs 50% more pay than union workers. This should be some incentive to be clean and ready to work; once you have a full fleet of non-union workers then it will not matter if they strike as they would likely not be necessary anyway.

        Sure the initial cost would be a bit draining but if it restores public faith in the transportation system then the money would be recouped and we would not have to deal with strikes every time someone is fired for a valid reason.

        Anyway just a thought.

        • SMH says:

          For real; privatize the whole operation. It’ll save gov’t some money (since they have been operating at a loss for a long time anyway)and get some people in there that actually want to work. Sheesh . . . . .smh.

      • spoons says:

        Yeah – you already said this in an above post 20 minutes ago, THICKO!!!! Will you remember which way round to put your underpants on in the morning or does Mummy still dress you? Will you remember how to drive your bus in the morning or will you need 14 weeks sick leave to recall?

        • spoons says:

          Above is @ Maddog.

          • Maddog says:

            I don’t wear underpants and i am going to say it one more time were going on strike if you don’t like it to bad Count!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA I must be white? or am I the world would never know.

    • The Truth (One & Only) says:

      Fortunately I don’t have to catch the bus and no I don’t need the BIU I do what is required of me by my employer and if I have an issue with them I will talk to them. When I signed that employment agreement form it was with the understanding that I agreed with the terms of it. But when I start drinking on the job and get fired for it I will be sure to call the BIU to get my job back. Give me a Dam break!!

  16. Carse Yer Wote says:

    They say that everybody is one day promoted beyond his level of competence.

    Chris Fumbler is there now. he should be sacked from the BIU (Bermuda Institute for the Useless).

  17. Liars says:


  18. Malachi says:

    Now let me see if I understand this correctly:

    (1) you apply for a bus driver’s job and you pass eveything except the drug test
    and therefore get no job.

    (2) you apply for a bus driver’s job and you pass eveything including the drug test
    and you do get the job.

    (3) while now employed as a bus driver, you fail a random drug test but still get
    to keep the job.

    Is this a great country or what?

    • The Truth (One & Only) says:

      Bermuda is truly another world. Filled with SPECIAL PEOPLE!! LoL!

    • BI YOU says:

      And people wonder why I will NOT EVER allow my kids to take the bus in this country. I used to take the #3 home every day. With Ferry drivers given their jobs back after crashing ferries while drinking alcohol, bus drivers being caught drinking, under the influence of drugs and F’ing off members of the public and ALL keeping their jobs. Not even with the FREE Bus and Ferry rides for school kids that our government gives us each year will I put my children at risk. We as a country deserve BETTER for the PUBLIC using the PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION system paid for by THE PUBLIC and NOT by the BIU. Since brother Ottie left the BIU ..they seem to have been on a power struggle. Sure they have won most of the battles they have entered because of sheer numbers but boy have they lost he respect of the public.

  19. Terry says:

    Fools the lot of you.

    It’s all the UBP’s fault.

  20. Are you Serious??? says:

    Ok, so I just read this news story on my Blackberry. I haven’t seen the video clip, just the text.

    The question I have is was Mr Furbert able to read his statement with a straight face because his statement that I read above makes it sound much, much worse than the Ministry’s statement!

    How in the world can he possibly defend this utter nonsense??!!

    Obviously this driver was not sober at the time and wanted to “hide”!

    C’mon give me a break! This nonsense has to stop!!

    I’m glad I have both a car and a bike and don’t have to rely on this “fantastic” bus service that we have in Bda!!

    Kinda makes one “Proud to be Bermudian” doesn’t it??!!

  21. BI YOU says:

    Some are at the top since they love power, some because they love money, some because they love their country. Lets rule out country.

  22. Bermygirl says:

    HA! HA! (rolling eyes) Let’s see if this position sticks! Terry? Nevermind! Paula should be stepping in to back-peddle soon….but it’s all good! – she is exercising more of her “caring government” mandate.

  23. Scriptwriter says:

    Furbert brings the Country to its knees in transport gridlock. Safety for passengers and employment policy be damned. He has to make it look like he’s being paid to do SOMETHING since the labor workers have no accounts to verify otherwise. Furbert knows we don’t like to walk especially when the sun is blazin’ and the tarmac is so effin hot! He may even play this out until the schools restart… it baby! (SNAP!)

    Terry – bless him, will take the path of any right thinking person in supporting DPT policy but will almost certainly get kicked in the teeth by his colleagues for it (AGAIN!) Thanks anyway Minister! We still love you, despite your impotence (really we do!) XOXOX

    Ms. Cox has to prove they really are still a labor goverment – gotta secure that voter base asap. She will swoop in with a totally opposing position to her Minister “for the public good”. Afterall, she is the great administrator of giving this Country something nasty to swallow while telling us it’s good for us and let’s be clear – it’s not her fault we’re ill. And swallow we do (insert gag noises).

    Goverment consultants will promote that Premier Cox has saved our blistered feet, while maligning opposition complaints for safety or right. Insert racial dig (election coming) – Whites don’t usually use the bus so this matter won’t concern them. See – the dial HAS indeed been re-set! It’s all going to be alright children…….

    • Scott says:

      i think you deserve $45,000 for script to govt!!! you’d make a great consultant :P

  24. True Bermudian says:

    She and that drunk ferry captain who crashed the fast ferry can sit and laugh it up and be besties now.

  25. Sean says:

    If these fools strike over there, there are about 100 people out of work who would probably be willing to take their jobs. In the mean time it’s time to send a message back and boycott the BIU owned business.

  26. United says:

    And then when the people get upset at the union hierarchy because of their care free approach to their rank and file, the union bosses don’t understand. In the regular workforce , where there is no union , the company gets sued, the employee gets reprimanded or fired, case closed, but unions, especially public unions, teachers firefighters, etc, etc it is easier trying to find the cure for cancer than to get rid of a bad employee.
    Bermuda is quickly becoming the United States when it comes to that.

  27. Keepin It Real says:

    Don’t bend over PLP, you’ll still get their vote. Remember, the other party is a white party.
    BIU members need to keep it real. They should go on strike from the BIU and withhold their membership dues until the financials are shown! Guys are blind to the real issues…

  28. grammar nazi says:

    ‘This morning BIU President Chris Furbert said last night he “gave the Ministry 24 hours to put the sister back in the seat without no loss of pay or benefits, and that 24 hours notice will expire sometime today.”’

    Doesn’t anyone notice anything strange here?

    “Without no” is a double negative!
    Literally, “without no loss” means “with some loss”.

    Great job using the English language properly, Mr. Furbert.

  29. GlobalCitizen says:

    The government needs to pass a bill to make Transportation a mandatory service like Garbage pick up, Police , Fire & Emergency services Like they have done is several other countries. This would trump the collective agreement and will not allow BIU to pull something like this again!
    And the fact that she refused a drug test the day of the accident is alarming! There is NO sense of responsibility on the Bus drivers part ..You are carrying life’s on the bus and if someone gets hurt on your shift in your Bus you MUST be held responsible!
    What is the point of doing a drug test weeks after the incident? The controlled substances or alcohol Is not in her system now! Unless they do a hair follicle test.
    But this whole thing is absurd!

  30. MinorMatters says:

    My question is why won’t the BIU president demand that the employee take a drug test within 24 hours?

    The accident sounds like it could have happened to anyone. I have certainly forgotten to put the handbrake on and I also would have passed every drugs test. The difference is I would have gladly agreed to submit to the tests. Now if the ‘sister’ strings this refusal along over the next three months – when it is presumed that any illegal substances would be purged from her body, then when she does take the tests, they will come up ‘clean’.

    Somehow the DPT needs to legally order the employee to take a Drugs Test NOW! Based on the results, act accordingly within the law.

  31. i see stupid people says:

    This is a joke
    Chris Furbert fights for causes that he wants to fight for
    this woman should be drug tested and made to either go to rehab if the results are postive or get fired
    dont you realise that she is driving children around get real sick of threats

  32. YES MATE! says:

    I am not too worried about Sherbert calling a strike. The BIU doesn’t have a whole lot of money to pay their striking members for very long before all the money runs out and they all give up a stupid cause and head back to work to get paid. This could be a good thing. A strike will expose the fact that the BIU has misappropriated its member’s union dues and wake a few of them up to reality.

    • THE TRUTH. says:

      It won’t wake up the BIU members their just like the PLP supporters who are all sleeping. Paula Cox could order the taking of everyone’s first born child and say “its for their protection” and all the PLP supporters would say “ok no problem”. Idiots!

  33. navin Johnson says:

    Union leaders must take ridiculous stands to protect the weak among the members and to give the appearance that the outrageous salaries paid to Union Leaders(far higher than any dues paying member) are justified. Who cares if no financial data has been published. The hard working members who show up everyday and do their job need little or no representation only those who should be fired for violating policy or law get representation by saving their sorry behinds at the expense of the real worker….yet the governement will cave and in the words of the esteemed Union Leader “Sister will be put back in her seat” to drive school children without taking a drug test…..bravo union leader for taking a stand…kinda makes you sick right?

  34. nowayout says:

    a little late for the drug test.

  35. James S says:

    Quick search on Google re bus drivers and drugs in USA:-
    Drivers who test positive for alcohol or drugs shall be removed from safety-sensitive functions and subject to disciplinary
    action up to and including dismissal in accordance with administrative regulations.
    (cf. 4117.4 – Dismissal)
    (cf. 4118 – SuspensionlDisciplinary Action)
    (cf. 4218 – Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)
    How backward are we in this country? These people are driving our kids around!
    In parts of Europe the bus will not operate until the driver has blown into a device and they have to do it several times a day!

    • Emeka47 says:

      Got to be kidding….that will never happen here. Too many friends, family, cousins you have to protect and keep them employed. Same thing happens in court cases. It’s who you know! The government seem spineless, BIU powerful. The laws of the country is a ‘joke’ if you’re connected to the Powerful

  36. kiskadee says:

    At the speed some of these bus drivers do on Bermuda’s narrow roads I have often wondered if they were drunk or on drugs. They should all be random drug tested on a regular basis and fired on the spot if there is any indication of drugs or alcohol.Our lives are at risk with people like this driving and how about our school children travelling every day on a bus that could possibly have a driver on drugs. Dont give them a second chance —-fire them and hire some decent people who are out of work. Furbert should be ashamed of himself for supporting her. I say name her so that we will know not to get on the bus she is driving.

  37. Chronic Backpain (Original) says:

    The reputation of the public transportation system is at stake here. We MUST be seen to be operating these vehicles in a drug free manner. That’s why there are drug tests.

    If Lister backs down on this it will further enable the BIU so the next event will be even more outrageous.

    So stick to you guns, let Fumbler call a strike. It is time to crush the union. Long passed time!

    Many many many Bermudians will be beyond pissed off if you wuss out like some puss-molly.

  38. smarter than you says:

    This is a load of S#!T……so you mean to tell me that you’re basically waiting for the substance to filter out through her system, and by the time the dam test is taken, there will be no substance found and she will be allowed to drive again. Come on!!!! This is obscured!!!!

  39. MinorMatters says:

    Given how steadfastly the employee at the centre of this storm has refused to take the Drug Test, wondering if the blood test would reveal something that would be detrimental to her continued employment…hepatitus, HIV…etc. but maybe whatever is in the blood, she does not want the officials to see? I am missing something.

  40. MinorMatters says:


    • sunshine li says:

      A persons HIV or Hepatitis status should not be a requirement for continued employment. That would be discriminatory! Drivers dont have sex with passengers, neither do they expose them to body fluids……they drive them! Please, be careful when using such sensitive analogies.

  41. Emeka47 says:

    Suspended 7 weeks ago Hmmmmmm, does that mean with pay, partial pay or no pay. If she’s getting paid from the public purse, why would she take the test? She could sit home and collect money from us!!

  42. second says:

    This driver needs to go home and let those who want to follow procedures and work do so!! If Chris Furbert is lucky enough to have some followers who do not need wages in this day and age so be it. If push comes to shove — car and truck pool!!! Let us as Bermudians get out in our cars, and whatever else to help those people who need transportation get back and forth to work. TIRED OF BEING BULLIED AND “WANNABE LEADERS”. BE FOR REAL!!!!

  43. specialgirl4 says:

    GlobalCitizen, I think your recommendation may be a good one, as the Government is not giving/caving in but must follow the regulations outlined in the “Collective Bargaining Agreement” one way around it is to follow your suggestion: But I am not sure government can do this, as usually mandatory services are those services deemed as an urgent emergency and which a society can not do without. The Collective Bargaining Agreement puts govt in a tight spot on this issues.

    “The government needs to pass/or (consider) a bill to make Transportation a mandatory service like Garbage pick up, Police , Fire & Emergency services Like they have done is several other countries. This would trump the collective agreement and will not allow BIU to pull something like this again!”

    The Union also has a responsibility to ensure that its workers are following the guidelines/rules as outlined in the “Collective Bargaining Agreement” and the “Code of Conduct”. If a worker is not honest, and following thur, the Union/Shop Steward has a right to point this out to the worker. The Union should have also ensured that the Operator did take the blood test following the incident.