Three Car Accident: 5 People Injured, 1 Arrest

September 5, 2011

[Updated] At approximately 7:30pm this evening [Sept.5] there was an accident involving three cars in the Frog Lane, Devonshire area, which has resulted in one car being partially on top of the other.

bermuda accident frog lane sept 5 2011 (1)

Both Police and the Fire Service personnel are on scene, and presently have police tape blocking off the accident scene.

There are dozens of bystanders present, and emergency service personnel were seen to remove at least one person – possibly two – from one of the damaged cars and transport them away via ambulance.

Another man was seen to be handcuffed at the scene, and at last check was seen standing, in handcuffs, with police officers on the side of the road. He stood silently while being handcuffed.

bermuda accident frog lane sept 5 2011 (4)

We will update with an official police statement as able.

Update 8:40pm: The man who was standing on the side of the road in handcuffs appears to have been taken away from the scene by police. The road remains blocked off at this time, while the cars remain in position.

Update 9:50pm: One car has been removed via a tow truck, and the road has re-opened to traffic. Additional photos below, click to enlarge:

Update 10:36pm: Police confirm 34-year-man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving at the scene, and said “the extent of the injuries to those involved is currently unknown but not believed to be life threatening.”

A Police spokesperson said, “Around 7:30pm on Monday, September 5th police and first responders attended a reported road traffic collision resulting in injury on Frog Lane in Devonshire. Details about the collision are unclear at this time; however it appears that it involved at least two vehicles.”

“The extent of the injuries to those involved is currently unknown but not believed to be life threatening. A 34 year old man was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving at the scene. A section of Frog Lane was cordoned off for approximately two hours as officers examined the collision area. Inquiries into this incident are ongoing.”

Update Sept.6: The Police said the man arrested failed an alco-analyser test.

A Police spokesperson said, “Around 7:30pm on Monday, September 5th police and first responders attended a reported road traffic collision resulting in injury on Frog Lane in Devonshire.”

“It appears that a vehicle was travelling along Frog Lane when it collided with two other cars in the area; one parked and one stationary. Five people suffered minor injuries and were transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital via ambulance were they were later treated and released.”

“A 34 year old man was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving at the scene. He later failed an alco-analyser test and was detained. Inquiries into this incident are ongoing.”

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  1. G says:

    Very possible he was drunk to run into a parked car like that!

  2. Frank says:

    Another man was seen to be handcuffed at the scene, and at last check was seen standing, in handcuffs, with police officers on the side of the road.
    That normally means alcohole was involved!

    • Alternatively says:

      Alcohol or any number of illicit substances … We tend to forget about all those people under the influence of other mind altering substances driving about our streets.
      It’s not at all unusual to get behind a car or truck with eau de herb eminating from it . And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

      • Geza Wolf says:

        Yeah but lets be real, this guy was drunk.

        • ditto says:

          So you performed the breathalyzer on him yourself ? ?

        • Emeka47 says:

          You don’t know that!! Could be anything “High on something for sure! Coke- Pills, MaryJane, or a mixture of all mind altering substances”

  3. Terry says:

    Looks like he sideswipped something as can be seen on the drivers side then ….my blue heaven…………………………..

    • CheapSkate says:

      Everybody’s wrong! Damage looks like a phone job. It was a Drifting while dialing numbers (DWD)… lol
      By the time they realized they where over the line side swiping oncoming traffic, they pulled a hard left hitting the car of the left that was illegally on a yellow line…
      Hope no one was seriously hurt…

      • Emeka47 says:

        um jus sayng , yer good! Neva heard DWD ( i guess that’s dailing while driving” LOL!!! There is lots of damage, red, blue and the car in front of the blue one, and the wall. Yes it’s a’yellow line there’ but I doubt that those people won’t get any charges against them!

  4. c says:

    just levae him locked up and find out all the injuries to evryone bfore u charge up, then make if walk for the rest of him life

  5. c says:

    that why i dont have nothing red .red if trouble!

  6. WellSaid says:

    One less overpowered, overstated car on bermuda’s roads – give him a chevy spark next time to wreck.

    • A.S. says:

      I understand (somewhat) why people are against these big cars but just like big dogs, it’s not about the vehicle but the owner. You can have a big car and be responsible. You don’t have to go speeding all over the place running everyone off the road. There’s no rational reason why people can’t have big vehicles here if the drivers are responsible.

      Now, the reason I have a big car and don’t care what anyone has to say about it: it’s all about safety with these speed demons all over the place. I feel safer in a bigger vehicle. In fact, my VERY FIRST DAY with my class H car, this guy was speeding straight towards me at 100 mph it seemed, ON MY SIDE OF THE ROAD. My old car was small and very low to the ground-I’d have been horrified if I was in that and saw this speed demon coming towards me. With My new car I was high up and knew that if he did hit me, he’d get it 100 times worse than me. That thought was what flashed through my mind as he nipped over just in time.

      If this guy had hit me in my small car at the speed he was doing, I would have been seriously hurt or even killed-no exaggeration-because he would have come right through the windshield. In my SUV, the car would have gotten the brunt of it. I knew then that I had made the right choice for my family. Since then, I can’t tell you how many near-misses I’ve had with these lunatics. My car has excellent safety ratings and I feel protected so to hell with what some people think.

      BTW-I’m also biased against convertibles. I always think about how many people have gotten decapitated in them, or ejected from them in an accident. Morbid, I know!

      • expensive says:

        that depends on your SUV brand name. If you are driving a Kia / Terios (believe the Jeeps and Tuscon are 4wd and therefore safer), and a BMW is coming your way…..I would feel sorry for you. BMWs are extremely heavy (rear wheel drive) and hold the road a lot better that an extremely light KIA / Terios. I would rather be the BMW driver.

        • BMW Driver says:

          @expensive- finally someone who know what they are talking about!

          When buying a BMW you get what you pay for! and this young fellow will pay the price for his damage. he made his mistake and now he has to face the consequence. Accidents happen. So people need to stop blaming the vehicles and stop complaining about the people who choose to buy a larger or expensive vehicle. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BUY WHAT WE WANT.

          • expensive says:

            Thx, love my “ultimate driving car”…just hope they don’t increase my rates as i have never claimed on my insurance in my 10 years of car ownership.

          • Sad says:


      • Say Say Say says:

        He never said it was a big car – and it isn’t a big car. In fact its not even an overpowered car. It is a BMW 1 series with either a 1.6 or 1.8 litre engine. A class E at the most. Many other cars are much more powerful – the Honda CRV has a 2 litre engine for example. You can argue that BMW is overstated I guess – but quality comes at a price. I have a 13 year old BMW with the original paint job still intact. Can anyone say that about a Jap car? Doubt it.

        Of course my car has never been in an accident either – basically because I pay attention when I’m driving. Feel sorry for the persons in the car that was hit – not the d*ckhead in the Beemer.

        • top gear says:

          Next time you’re behind a ’1 series BMW’ and it’s tagged ’120i’ see if you can guess what it means. I’ll give you a little help ,ok ..
          116 = 1.6 engine
          118 = 1.8 engine

          As for Jap paint jobs , my uncle has an 18 yr old Toyota , original paint job and it gleams like new ..

          Be careful of blanket statements.

          • Say Say Say says:

            Sorry Top Gear didn’t mean to offend with my obvious ignorance. I hadn’t seen a 120i and didn’t know we had them here. In addition, for your all important showing off its a fact that BMW doesn’t always follow the naming convention you spoke of. Thats another little thing you can brag about when you’re out with your train spotting anorak friends. Google it if you don’t believe me.

            Jeremy Clarkson would be proud of you mate! Congrats to your Uncle – is the car in Bermuda?

            • top gear says:

              Indeed , the rice burner is here . I made an error ,it’s 19 years old and even has metallic paint !

              The 120i is here too .. I have driven it on a few occasions .

              If BMW doesn’t follow a code of ‘labelling convention ‘ do you think there’s nothing different under the hood of GP1 ( a 735) and the Gov’s 750 ?

              Porsche ,BMW and Mercedes are very fussy with the tags they stick on the rear ends of their cars.

              And Jeremy Clarkson thinks I’m one of the few Bermudians who’s been around cars and doesn’t talk a lot of sh*t btw .

        • WellSaid says:

          So it has a 1.8L engine – it also has about 140HP and a sub 10 second 0-60. The CR-V has a 2.0L engine and about a 11 second 0-60. In many ways not all that different and way too powerful for our roads.

          I don’t at all doubt the build quality, reliability, luxury and other aspects of these cars. It’s just the jokers who drive them like they’re invincible or that nothing else on the road matters except them. Sadly there’s no room for mistakes on some of our narrow roads and talking / texting / drinking / overtaking just doesn’t work.

          I guess I just get frustrated when I see accidents like that. It could have cost someone their life due to someone driving a heavy fast car in an irresponsible manner.

  7. Observer says:

    It looks a bit more complicated then just running into the back of a parked car. Do you notice that there is damage on both sides of the car? If you hit a parked car from behind you don’t get scratches and a broken mirror on the other side of the impact.

  8. Winnie says:

    Yeah and ticket parked half on the roadway and half on the sidewalk. this is not the first time an accident have happened in this spot, the cars should not park there. Alcohol or not people should not parked there.

  9. Winnie says:

    Ticket the cars parked that is

    • wen says:

      What is wrong with you people…you need to learn the law of white and yellow lines, the owner of the blue car has been parking like that for years…so for you to say ticked the blue car your wrong keep…you should be saying thank the Lord no one got serious hurt…Bermudian if you don’t know shout the hell up!!

      • Am I wrong ? says:

        I always understood that yellow centre lines meant NO parking or overtaking .

      • Emeka47 says:

        Because the car has been parking there for years DON’T MAKE THE LAW WRONG, it makes them an illegal parker!!! Why do people twist the laws to suit themselves. Yellow Lines – No parking, douuble yellow -no overtaking or parking. White lines- can park and definitely NO PARKING ON SIDEWALKS, that means NO CARS OR BIKES, So yes, ticket all the offenders parked along Frog lane and elsewhere. Roads are already unsafe without ‘I know the laws” offenders like you! It’s the Law ” WEN”

        • Say Say Say says:

          Who cares a crap whether the blue car was parked illegally?? It was standing still and Mr red BMW hit it!!!!!!!! How out of it do you have to be to hit a parked car – just ask yourself. Did it jump out at him perhaps??? Even if it was parked in the middle of the road he shouldn’t have hit it.

          In addition, go watch some crash test movies on utube specifically for BMWs – then you’ll get an idea of the speed involved.

          Guy was an idiot through and through. Nice car totally trashed. Ten Elephants, a spliff in one hand, texting his ace girl to find out if her husband is out an its all clur for some skank action. BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Spur parts fer sale on emoo real soon!!!!

  10. n says:

    no dont lock him up for life…thats insane…

  11. Anthony Tannock says:

    BMW there is no substitute that other car didn’t stand a chance BMW driver could have been sober some times them parked cars just come out of no where

    • WellSaid says:

      Yup – they just jump out from nowhere. Ultimately it’s the driver who HITS the other car who is at fault. Mr. BMW did not have adequate control of his car when he went headfirst into the other car. That kind of damage indicates a high rate of speed to have pretty much destroyed the other car.

      If Mr. BMW was driving at the speed limit there wouldn’t have been that kind of damage to both cars.

  12. Wendell says:

    Usually owners don’t drive their own cars in such a way. Only those who borrow them do, they want to show everyone what they’ve got in a show off manner. Guaranteed it is not the driver’s car. I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of that call.

    • SMDH says:

      Wonder what/how the owner of the BMW is sayng/feeling now!!

    • Watching Patiently says:

      weird… i drive incredibly safe when its not my car.. would have thought others would do the same… suppose with a bmw you do want to go play with it though.

    • Sad says:

      And so true Wendell it was not his car!!!

      • MYOB says:

        How do you know it wasn’t his car?…get your facts straight before you publish BS that you know nothing about

  13. expensive says:

    Wow! Brand new BMW…not even a year old! What a waste of money. Please be responsible people. BMWs are not cheap, and more importantly, life is priceless.

    • Just Sayin says:

      Said part is, driver probably can’t even afford a BMX so the owner of the BMW loses out all around…damage to his + 2 others not to mention the boundary wall/steps to the house.

      • MYOB says:

        SAD part is that u know the difference between a BMX & BMW but you don’t know the difference between SAD and SAID…

  14. freddyg says:

    STOP GUESSIN ! IT WAS AN ” ACCIDENT ” !!! Get a life you all………………

    • Harmony says:

      It’s not an accident! It’s an accident! Accidents are classified and by mistake or beyond the persons control! If he was driving drunk it was an incident and not accidental cause he shouldn’t have been driving as we all know happens wayyyy too much!

    • Watching Patiently says:

      there is no true thing as an “accident”. That is why american highway investigators will always call it a “crash”. Accidents are beyond people’s control and happen perhaps 5% of the time, or less. Crashes are cause by lapse in judgement on someone’s part at some time.

  15. Skiman says:

    What Bernews did not mention is that another car was involved, who was not at fault, which had four kids in it and a female driver. Two of the kids in the car age 10 mo and 4 yrs had to be taken to the hospital as a precaution. Luckily they were fine.

  16. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    I wonder how the Insurances are going to deal with damaged vehicles that are not legally parked? This is like setting your house and fire and expecting compensation.

    • Watching Patiently says:

      im still very interesting in finding out exactly what happened.. and why the right side of hte bmw is mashed.. and whats the story with this third car?

  17. Lineage says:

    Any persons coming along Frog Lane know for a fact that this is not just an area for Recreation. It’s a school zone and more importantly it’s a residentional area. People that live in these areas, some of them have to park on the road way, everyone should know this – FOR YEARS it’s been this way, take your time peoples. A Hard lesson learned.

    • Can't Take It Anymore says:

      Just because its been this way for years does not make it right or legal. Regardless if you’ve parked there for years, its a yellow line and a zebra crossing there. That means its not safe to park there for a reason! They should park over by the school like the rest fo the neighbors in that area. The people that live in that area know the law. They just choose to ignore it, so lesson learned for them as the insurance company probably will not pay for the damages because of the vehicles illegal parking habits. Can’t beleive you cited “FOR YEARS it’s been this way”. The exact reason why this country is taking so long to catch the rest of the world in evolution.

    • CheapSkate says:

      Ya for years police have been lenient about people parking on yellow lines, pedestrians and the like… It ticks me off when I go for my walk on Sunday’s and church goes are parked all on the sidewalks and um got to push the baby in the middle of the street… I’d bet my bottom dollar that the insurance Co will not pay for the blue car if it was illegally parked, nor the BMW if the driver was under the influence…

  18. Jane says:

    Ok lets see two new cars, plus another one damaged. Will this fool be responsible for the time that the innocent owner of the other cars might have children to take them to school, elderly to care for, and time to make work, not to mention a life of their own that they once had with a car. Will this person be responsible for all the above. I hope so.

  19. BMW owner says:

    Man just look at all of this. Since it is that important to you, wait until the police report comes out with the details.

    Other wise that go sleep about the vehicle its not your problem.

    However, we all wish the roads were safe, but as long as they exisit they will always come with hazzard.

  20. Riley B King says:

    Have you noticed how many saloon cars are involved in accidents? They must be inherently dangerous. They should stop importing those things.

    • BMW Driver says:

      there are accidents all the time and not always saloon cars. They are not dangerous. As a matter of fact these pictures show which are more dangerous when considering the passengers on the inside. It takes a lot more force to wreck a car like a BMW. So when talking about the safety of the passengers in the car a vehicle with a better structure is more suitable.

      Any vehicle can become a weapon of destruction. This fellow had some alcohol and look how it turned out. So do NOT try and blame the vehicle because it is who is behind the wheel that matters.

      • Say Say Say says:

        Actually I’ve noticed there are a lot of accidents involving red cars driven by total drugged up fools. Should we ban he red cars or the total drugged up fools?

        • Riley B King says:

          Good point. Almost 50% of the cars involved in this accident are red. That has to be statistically significant. Therefore red saloon cars are inherently dangerous. They should stop bringing them in.

          • Say Say Say says:

            Why stop there? Stop red bikes – and the colour red entirely!!! Lipstick should be banned too!

    • Watching Patiently says:

      type of car doesn’t have anything to do with how many accidents there are. only how protected the driver/passengers are.

  21. Say Say Say says:

    The cause of accidents on our roads has nothing to do with the make of car. It is the idiots who drive them. A BMW driver is just an idiot with money to buy a Beemer – thats all!

    • expensive says:

      to each their own Say Say Say… need for the name calling.

      Post your name. There will come a time when a BMW pulls up to your assistance (hope it’s me), and the “idiot” drives off when you least expect it.

      • Say Say Say says:

        I meant a BMW driver who has an accident – he is definitely an idiot. Should have worded my sentence more batter.

        I didn’t mean all BMW drivers are idiots. That would have to include myself.

  22. Emeka47 says:

    Don’t get this accident…how come the right side of the red car got all those scratches? It looks like the car was travelling north and hit the blue car etc……. on the left. This is not just a cellphone dialing or texting situation , if that was the case it would have been, maybe, a fender bender, or the driver was speeding. My guess, speeding is a factor, inattention and other things that would jack that blue car up in the air like that!

  23. next? says:

    Nasty crash and the driver should feel like a prize plum for his skillz.
    @All you BMW worshippers- yeah, they are nice enough cars but at $85k for a Beemer 1 series that’s roughly 50k thousand more than you’d pay anywhere else for it.
    Show me an M3 and then I’ll be impressed… ;)

    • expensive says:

      if a BMW 1 series is an Arm and a leg, the M3 would cost your whole body…talk to your government about that. The duty is more than the first cost. Only in Bermuda

  24. MYOB says:

    62 comments in reference to an accident…wow…get a life

    • this Special island says:

      I agree. Its sad to see – All of the other craziness and nonsense going on with our island home – and this article deserved all this feedback, which not one of the comments were true facts, just speculation. I mean come on, as fast as the pokey people got the damn pictures to send in to the site, someone could have asked what really happend. And yes i have the right to speak because I was there. I am so glad to see some people had common sense to notice the red car had scratched on both sides and note that just because those cars have been parked “for years” does not make it legal. The blue car was not fully on the sidewalk parked, half was in the road. There was also a jeep parked parallel to the blue car stopping to talk, with no indication. Also, if anyone knows that road as well as they can run their mouth, they would know that heading north on frog lane, there is a little hump in the road once you hit devonshire rec gate which doesnt allow you to see if a vehicle is right there until you are right up on it. HENCE THE REASON FOR THE YELLOW LINE. As it was said before, accidents happen, wasnt the first car crash and wont be the last. Thank goodness no one was serious injured. But just because it was a BMW, who cares – do people not realize the police deopt is right up the hill? Plenty times they go speeding down the road with no siren, so it could have been any vehicle that could have hit those cars.