Auction: 35ft Sailboat Sells For $10

November 19, 2011

About fifty people made their way to the West End Yachts boat auction in Dockyard this morning [Nov.19] seeking nautical bargains. Nine boats ranging from a 40 foot twin engine power boat down to a 25 foot single-engine [but engineless] powerboat were auctioned off by Auctioneer Buddy Rego.

The sailboat below on the right sold for $10:

The bottom price was $10 for the 35 foot sailboat – a Hughes sloop, but without sails and engine. Top price was $7,000 for a 36 foot twin engine ‘Burn Craft’ powerboat which had its two engines in place but it was believed that both were seized up. Three boats attracted no bids and did not sell at auction.

The boat below sold for $7,000 – the highest price of the day:

The boats had been in the care of West End Yachts and were being sold in order for West End Yachts to recoup its storage costs and yard fees. There were no reserve prices on any of the boats.

“Pretty Woman”, a 38 foot twin-engine sports fisherman boat, but with only engine in the boat, was not bid on at all. Neither were “The New Beginning”, a 25 foot single engine Trojan powerboat; and another, 25 foot single engine powerboat, but this boat un-named and its manufacturer unknown.

The boat below sold for $500:

“Jaibolero”, a 38 foot Nautica sailboat able to sleep eight in its three staterooms went for $6,300. But the new owner will have to get an engine and sails for “Jaibolero”.

The deck of the “Jaibolero”, which sold for $6,300

“Another Emerald”, described as a 40ft Trojan twin-engine powerboat went for $700. The boat had previously sustained various damages after sinking.

“Money Penny”, a 24 foot Black Fin engineless single-engine powerboat went for $600. “Tracer”, a 30 foot sailboat of European origin and with an inboard engine attracted a single winning bid of $500.

The boat below on the right sold for $700, the one on the left sold for $7,000:

All purchasers had to agree to remove their craft within seven days or enter into a new storage agreement with West End Yachts and pay the newly agreed first and last month’s storage fee immediately.

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  1. Terry says:

    Guess the owners left de island…..or are in jail.

    • Yup says:

      There are two great days for boat owners. The day they buy their boat, and the day they sell it. Boats were made to be rented, not owned.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Got that one right. Take the cost & how that money could actually earn money for you, the maintenance including the value of your time, insurance, fuel, mooring license, boat license, stress during storms etc. etc. divide that total by the number of times most actually USE their boats, even worse…the cost per hour of use, & see how cheap chartering a decent sized boat at $150p/hr plus 6 or so times a year looks.

        Over 5 years ago there was a figure of over $500 per use in the US for a 22′ boat. Who knows what the Bermuda figure is!!!!!!

        Why would the vast number of people ever own one?

  2. RJ says:

    how can i make a bid on the three other ones ..

  3. Terry says:

    Give em a call. Jingus…..

  4. me says:

    How could 10.00 even begin to cover a racked up storage fee? Most places charge that (and up) per foot per month!

    • Terry says:

      Well ‘Me’, I guess it was abandoned. Taking up space. Irony is, they can fix it for $30,000. Hard times eh?

      Don’t worry, feel sorry for these guys. Wonder how much they charge to haul a punt and sand and bottom paint it.

      It’s the UBP’s fault.

      Under coating

      Boats for sale

      Paint. ( we whitewash).

      Sea Shepeared is for sale. 19.01 miles NE Kitchens………

      • Street talk says:

        Guess you didn’t make it to MAWImfor your early morning taste.

        • Terry says:

          Got det right. I was looking for you on the street but my ace bouy said you were busy in the house till 5am. Any chance of a drop off at Gregs Stake Out House……….

    • Ticket is ready says:

      it doesnt, but they are all abandoned boats. they are taking up space and the boatyard is just trying to make as much as it can… better to sell for cheap and have new owner take it away than it is to have to dispose of it themselves.

    • 1minute says:

      It doesn’t, but now they have the space for a paying customer…

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Peoples dreams turned into nightmmares. Happens often with boats. They buy something cheap thinking a few $ will fixerup & the fun will begin. They quickly find out that the fixerup estimate is doubled or quadrupeled in no time. All they have done is buy somebody elses headache.

  6. bluto says:

    Outrageous yard storage fees here .. the new owners better find a cheaper place to put their new toys otherwise they’ll be back up on the auction block soon.

    Better off renting a 3 bedroom cottage with a yard and putting it there and working on it any time you want while you live 30 feet away.

  7. tricks are for kids..... says:

    Must be nice having money like that to just throw around……If only I could be so lucky……

  8. Albert Tatlock says:

    How come I didn’t know about de auction? $10 bucks – I could live on dat@!!!

    • bluto says:

      Was advertised multiple times over the last month or so …
      Is that you , Colonel B .. ? LOL

  9. Andrew Little says:

    BOAT = Bring Out Another Thousand !

  10. datbye says:

    Man i have never heard of this i could use a good fix me upper.