Football: Bermuda Beat Barbados 2 – 1

November 11, 2011

[Updated – The game has ended, with Bermuda winning 2:1. Barbados took the early lead in the 7th minute, their goalkeeper received a red card and was sent off in the 25th minute, and then Bermuda captain Khano Smith converted a penalty in the 27th minute to equalize. The two teams went into the second half 1:1.

The second half started with Bermuda’s 16-year-old goalkeeper Dale Eve making his debut and coming on in place of Mikkail Crockwell in the 46th minute. Kwame Steede then scored for Bermuda in the 49th minute to make the score 2:1. Barbados could not equalize, and the game ended 2:1, with Bermuda picking up the win]

Bermuda take on Barbados this afternoon [Nov.11] in a World Cup CONCACAF Qualifier match starting at 3pm. Bermuda will play Barbados twice – today and Monday, November 14th at 8pm to mark the team’s last two games of the qualifiers. So far Bermuda has lost 2:1 and drew 1:1 with Guyana, and lost 1:0 and won 2:1 against Trinidad and Tobago, and will not advance to the next round. All video filming is prohibited, however we will bring you live text updates.

Bermuda’s Starting line-up as listed by FIFA: Mikkail Crockwell, John Nusum, Tyrrell Burgess Damon Ming, Andre Manders, Quadir Maynard, Domico Coddington, Devaun Degraff, Kwame Steede, Khano Smith, and Devrae Tankard. Substitutes: Dale Eve, Seion Darrell, Kamen Tucker, Lashun Dill, Marquel Waldron, Angelo Simmons, and Reggie Lambe.

Update 3.06pm: The game is underway score 0 – 0.

Update 3.07pm: Diquan Adamson of Barbados scored, it is now 1 – 0.

Update 3.20pm: Bermuda almost equalizes in 14th minute, but shot blocked by Barbados goalkeeper.

Update 3.35pm: Another shot blocked, Domico Coddington’s header saved by the Barbados keeper.

Update 3.28pm: Barbados goalkeeper Jason Boxhill given red card for bringing down Damon Ming inside the area, sent off the field in the 25th minute.

Update 3.30pm: Bermuda equalizes on a penalty! Khano Smith scored in the 27th minute. Score now 1 – 1.

Update 3.40pm: Barbados substituted Kyle Gibson for Bentley Springer in the 26th minute, and Rommel Burgess for John Parris in the 33rd minute. Springer has gone into goal for the 10-man Barbados team. Norman Forde of Barbados received a yellow card in the 45th minute.

Update 3.51pm: Now half-time.  Score 1 – 1. Dance group performing on field.

Update 4.07pm: Second half started. Loud applause could be heard as Bermuda made a substitute – with 16-year-old goalkeeper Dale Eve coming on in place of Mikkail Crockwell in the 46th minute.

Update 4.11pm: Bermuda’s Kwame Steede scores in the 49th minute! Its now 2 – 1. Steede got a cross from Quadir Maynard at the back post and slammed the ball past substitute goalkeeper Bentley Springer.

Update 4.32pm: Score remains 2 – 1. In the 63rd minute Bermuda’s Quadir Maynard was substituted for Reggie Lambe. In the 50th minute Barbados’ Renaldo Marques was shown the yellow card, as was Bermuda’s Tyrrell Burgess in the 69th minute.

Update 4.41pm: In the 70th minute Bermuda’s Devaun Degraff came off, with Angelo Simmons being substituted.

Update 4.55pm: Game over, Bermuda wins 2 – 1. Click to enlarge photos below.

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  1. GOOD JOB says:

    Great Job Bermuda!!! A good game!!

  2. GPS says:

    Thumbs Up!!

  3. mixitup says:

    Well done Team Bermy! Lets get our ranking into the top 100 with Fifa!

  4. Keep them Honest says:

    Bravo! keep it up

  5. Kam says:

    Well done!!!!!!! #TeamBermuda!!!

  6. peacemaker says:

    Great job! Bermuda!!!

  7. bermudian says:

    Well done Bermuda.

  8. FrankTalk says:

    seems like we are on the road to re-establishing ourselves in the CFU following our self imposed hiatus from international fixtures.

    Well done.

    Next up: given finite financial resources, continuing re-engagement in the region. This may involve a hard look at the Hogges.


    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

      @ Frank Talk,
      Why do you think we may need to take a hard look at the Hogges?

      • FrankTalk says:


        This just my view but:

        Unless the BFA secure more financing they may need to decide between competing in CFU competitions (including playing international friendlies) versus unofficial national team games, funding the Hogges, heck even the Clyde Best tournament (or how its run and funded) may need to re-considered.

        The context is that the national programme is shifting back from the “developmental and winning losses” phase to showing that we can be competitive in the CFU.

        Trying to find the right balance is going to require some tough calls….


        • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

          Ok, just wondering.
          For the most part I agree with you. Any ideas as to how the BFA can increase their funding? It seems unlikely that Government will be of much assistance.

          • FrankTalk says:

            Well that’s a tricky question.

            At the national level we theoretically need to show a continuing national programme and that we can be competitive to attract funding.

            In adding the Caribbean Cup (and thus a path to the Concacaf Gold Cup) which we arguably can much further than World Cup or Olympic qualification; we for the first time, have a genuine case to make: as opposed to a world cup campaign (with qualification remote) every four years.

            On the other hand, frankly speaking, there is very little infrastructure and a dearth of (financial) resources at the club level which is needed to support the national programme. Also while we still have folks voicing a generic concern about “what’s going on at the clubs” or retaining the view that only 3 or 4 local coaches are capable, its going to be tough to make a holistic case for funding.

            So again a tough task….

            My guess is a good run in the Caribbean Cup will be the catalyst.


            • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

              The Caribbean Cup seems a sensible choice. Thank you for your thoughts.

        • James says:

          Utter nonsense Franky–just plain BS!

          • FrankTalk says:

            Thanks for the quality comments and for enriching the dialogue. Wwant another dark and stormy?

  9. FrankTalk says:

    Take note: but for a sloppy late goal conceded against Guyana we would be second in the group with a shot at qualification.

  10. F1Mikal in NYC says:

    I want a Bermada national team replica shirt.
    How can i get one?

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

      Shirts were on sale at the game, just past the gates to the grandstand.That is likely to continue at tomorrow’s game.