‘Seven Seas Navigator’ To Skip East End Call

November 4, 2011

The cruise ship “Seven Seas Navigator” will be giving the East End a miss this weekend.

Bermuda Maritime Operations was informed this afternoon that “Seven Seas Navigator” will no longer being making her scheduled stop at St. Georges because of gales which are expected over the weekend.

She will instead leave Bermuda tomorrow for the US, sailing directly from Hamilton at 1 pm on Saturday [Nov.5].

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  1. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Anyone who is in favour of widening Town Cut should read this over and over. This will happen time and again to my little town – even if the $70 mill ($140 with overruns) is spent on this ridiculous project.

    St G needs to re-invent itself and kiss goodbye the cruise boat industry completely.

    If you had it I’d say use the $140 to build a hotel with a casino. The church can lump it.