BTC Statement On Voice/Data Outages

January 10, 2012

At approximately 10am today [Jan.10] one of BTC’s main cables servicing the east end was severed, and caused major outages in the eastern end of the island.

A spokesperson said, “BTC has made some repairs to the cable enabling the restoration of data service to Logic and Link Bermuda customers. The remaining voice and data customers should see a return to service before tomorrow morning.

“BTC would like to apologise for the service interruption and any inconvenience it may have caused. The service teams are in the field working to restore service to all customers as soon as possible.”

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  1. John Does says:

    With so many systems using this fiber, I would have expected some sort of network redundancy. Also will there be any refunds for loss of service considering how much the local carriers charge us a month?

  2. Made in Bermuda says:

    I called them last night to ascertain if I would be given a rebate for the day I was without service, the Lady informed me that she would not be discussing that and that I must call the credit department when they re-open today.

    I explained to her that if my bill was paid 1 minute past the due date I am automatically charged a $3 late fee, she rudely again advised that my points werent her issue and that I must call credit department.

    I look forward to disconnecting my BTC service and replacing it with Cablevision option, just on principle.

    Buy Bermuda!!