Photos: 2012 Regiment Passing Out Parade

January 28, 2012

Number 7 Platoon commanded by Lieutenant D H Dakin was rated the overall winning platoon at the Passing Out Parade today [Jan.28] for the Bermuda Regiment’s 47th annual Recruit Camp where 73 new recruits completed the fourteen day camp.

Governor and Commander-in-Chief Sir Richard Gozney, Premier Paula Cox, Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier and other dignitaries sat through a light rain as they watched the two platoons, Numbers 7 and 8, complete their last military training exercise by taking part in the Platoon Drill Competition which was also won by No 7 Platoon. Also on hand were about hundreds of family and friends of the men and women on parade.

The men and women had been under command of Captain Duncan Simons with WO2 Oldenburg, on Loan Service from the UK and, for the duration of the camp only, Sgts Goodman and Knight from the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment; and Sgt Thomas from 2nd Battalion, The Jamaica Defence Force.

Near the end both Sir Richard and Regiment Commanding Officer Lt/Col Brian Gonsalves addressed the 73 soldiers who were passing into Training Company. Both thanked the men and women for their efforts, said they were making a contribution to Bermuda, and that with the right attitude, they could derive personal benefit from their three years of part-time military service.

Following a short Sunset Ceremony mounted by the Band and Drums of the Bermuda Regiment, the four flags that had been flying for the past two weeks were lowered, the Governor and Premier departed, and the Camp was officially over.

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  1. Lock this mongrel up says:

    Wow that’s a big army. Maybe if a dispute breaks out with Montserrat they will have a platoon suffice.

  2. BobThe Builder says:

    I’M A B.A.D. MAN.



    • Whistling Frog says:

      Ya hurry all you momma’s boys and get your BAD MAN T-Shirts… PUS@IES!

    • Keepin' It Real.....4Real!! says:

      you BAD boys are pathetic losers….nothing to look up to,,,DO YOUR TIME like these MEN….

      • Whistling Frog says:

        Same thing I said before Berpnews sanctioned my comments… Bad members are more then losers, They are big sissy boys… Momma’s boy at that…

  3. proud sister says:

    so proud of my sister right now… willingly joined and learned a lot… love you sissy…

  4. New “Desert Storm” Uniforms (made for Iraq): $100,000
    Bermuda Regimental Salaries: $700,000
    On-going Pointless Training of Soldiers: $450,000

    The fact that every single one of these ‘soldiers’ would run and hide should they be sent to Iraq/Afghanistan, priceless.

    We are going through one of the worst Economic recessions in history. The only way to survive is to instill a sense of Economic Nationalism and Economics 101 says to cut your losses. This joke of an army that hangout down at Warwick Camp is nothing more than a glorified hurricane relief center, so lets keep it at that. Surely Bermuda has other areas to invest in other than the current boys brigade. Education, food, electricity, ECONOMIC NATIONALISM!

    • Truth (Original) says:

      Too bad you don’t realize how silly your post is. Purely from an economical stand point, it doesn’t make sense. Let us assume for one second that you are correct in that the Regiment is mereley a hurricane relief center (which it is not). You cleary don’t know the actual costs behind hurricane recovery. If you did, you would undertand that the Government is saving a Kings ransome by having motivated soldiers on the ground driving the recovery effort. It is a lot more economical than having W&E (who benefit more in overtime from the work taking longer) than soldiers who want to finish the work and go home.

      If you want some real economic responsibility, I fully expect that you will be first in line to hold the PLP Government accountable for all of the wastage and unethical transactions that are well publicized by now.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Don’t know where your numbers come from but the cost of the Regiment is a heck of a price to pay for a hurricane clean up crew. I’d like to know what drill & shooting has to do with roadside brush cleaning?

      Existing landscapers along with constuction companys with their equipment could do a much faster & cheaper job of hurricane cleanup getting roads open than the Regiment.

      Yes, there is a need for the Regiment. The Regiment needs a major downsizing in cost, equipment & numbers of people.

  5. 32n64w says:

    Great job everyone. Congratulations.

  6. Clearly, you did not go to a great University/Highschool (considering you went). If you take hypothetical economic theory, like I have stated and take it literally then you are rebutting your own points. You have just reiterated what I said. The Bermudian Regiment is nothing more than a glorified hurricane relief center and that is why I highlighted the ridiculous need for new uniforms and the training of soldiers. How can that make sense during and economic recession? We aren’t going to War and if we were, the soldiers at Warwick Camp wouldn’t stand a chance on the front lines. So why waste time and money training them to fight?

    All I am saying is that the 2 million bucks the Regiment receives could go to many other noteworthy establishments (Bermuda Small Business). Clearly, it is not a huge amount of money but it only illustrates how screwed Bermuda is if we can justify paying a bunch of men to ‘play’ soldier. I get that a lot of you have been influenced by Obama’s socialist regime but for god sakes take one page out of the Republic agenda. ECONOMIC NATIONALISM is the only way out of an ‘economic’ recession.

  7. Tom says:

    Congratulations to all 73 new recruits. Great Job, you show-up and stood firm in completing the 2-week camp. Extra Kudos to those that volunteered.

    JMHO (Just My Huble Opinion) to all the naysayers…..
    If this can stir one or two young men in the right direction then why fix what is not broke or change what could be a good (the best opportunity) thing for some. Not every young person (male or female) has parents that set or even provide the best (environment) direction for their offspring. Not every young person has a proper role model setting a good example in his or her lives. I believe if conscription is banned, a lot more young men will fall through the cracks and what we are seeing in our society today can and will become much worse. I strongly agree that majority of those who would really benefit from conscription are young black males – the segment of our society with the least positive influences. If this programme can show (save) one or a few more lives then it is a good thing. Really, the moral fabric of our society is thinning more and more each year. All the good teachings of yesteryear are fading fast. Because we are slowly removing all the positivity of the past, and replacing it with the negativity we see in so many facets of our society today, which will dictate our future. You and the rest of Bermuda know darn well there will be, if at all, a minute group willing to volunteer for the regiment. The make-up of different races and classes coming together in a life skills learning experience will not be there any longer. Conscription forces (no choice, its the law) young men to do something that they don’t think they need, but 7 out of 10 discover the unwilling journey was worth it cause they learned a thing or two, not only about themselves, but also about others who may be unlike themselves. It would also teach them how to work with and alongside people they might have never gotten a chance to get to know. Mutual respect and friendships can be formed from this experience. I’m just saying – There is always two sides to a coin.