National Security Council To Be Formed

March 6, 2012

A National Security Council will be established and will discuss internal security matters with a focus on police resources, a Government House press statement said this morning [Mar.6]

The National Security Council will aim to meet every 2 months, and will consist of the Governor, Deputy Governor, Premier, Deputy Premier, Attorney General, National Security Minister, Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Commanding Officer of the Bermuda Regiment and one other Minister [or Junior Minister] to be nominated by the Premier.

The full statement follows below:

(1) Bermuda will establish a National Security Council with membership as follows:

  • (a) the Governor as Chairman;
  • (b) the Premier as Co-Chairman;
  • (c) the Deputy Premier;
  • (d) the Attorney General;
  • (e) the National Security Minister;
  • (f) one other Minister (or Junior Minister) to be nominated by the Premier
  • (g) the Commissioner of Police;
  • (h) the Deputy Commissioner of Police;
  • (i) the Deputy Governor;
  • (j) the Commanding Officer of the Regiment; and
  • (k) and (l) the Assistant Commissioners of Police, ex officio.

(2) The National Security Council shall discuss matters relating to internal security with a focus on the prioritisation of Bermuda Police Service resources, and the public presentation of the Bermuda Police Service’s role in law enforcement. Operational and staffing matters will be excepted. The Governor shall act in accordance with the conclusions of those discussions, unless he or she considers that giving effect to the advice would adversely affect Her Majesty’s interest (whether in respect of the United Kingdom or Bermuda). Where the Governor has acted otherwise than in accordance with the conclusions of the Council, he or she shall report to the Council at its next meeting.

(3) The Commissioner of Police and the Deputy Commissioner of Police shall:

  • (a) provide regular briefings to the National Security Council on matters of internal security, including the Police Service unless to do so would prejudice current operations;
  • (b) inform the National Security Council of significant security developments in Bermuda, including significant criminal activity; and
  • (c) retain responsibility for the day to day operations of the Police Service.

(4) The National Security Council may invite any person or public officer to attend and participate in, or provide briefings to, the Council on the areas of their work bearing on internal security.

(5) The National Security Council will aim to meet every 2 months. In addition the Governor, acting in his or her discretion and in consultation with the Premier, may summon a meeting of the National Security Council whenever he or she considers it desirable to do so. The Governor shall summon such a meeting whenever the Premier so requests.

(6) The National Security Council will shortly plan meetings and key agenda items for the rest of 2012.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    I might be mistaken but hasn’t this one, or something of similar form, been trotted out before?

    The PLP is the ‘gonna’ Government. There are so many things they say that they are ‘gonna’ do. 13 years later & there

    • Wandering says:

      I do remember something – but as usual…. did it but let’s do it agian – there is money left over in that ministry’s budget…. and the Premier said “they think they can spend their money as they please”… We want you to stop spending money uselessly….

      A “Shank” – give those dudes no utensils except for what the Lord gave them – fingers and let’s see them chisel those down… and stop pointing fingers at Commander Lamb like he is the last grape on the vine…. instead of working against him, work with him – is it because there are those that don’t agree with his work ethics and take no nonsense attitude that you want to be rid of him – well, Mate, you better hook arms with him, because Commander Lamb is the man for the job and those who are opposing him. Right is right and wrong is wrong… Work together as a team .. You can’t win the war if you are part of it…

    • Hmmmmm says:

      This is the Governor’s creation; curb the hate and read.

      • Soooo says:

        @ Hmmmmmmm Yes… Funny that 50% of this group meet monthly with the Govenor now.. Have done for years… I don’t see how re-hashing the same stuff with the same group will be of any help..

        Yes the leader of the Opposition and one member should be included.

      • Don says:

        @Hmmmm, The Governor’s creation, I suppose, but at the Government’s instigation. It was raised as an issue in the GoB’s submission on Overseas Territoreies, saying: “The first matter relates to reserve powers of the Governor with respect to command over internal security. Where the local government provides the budget and other resources to outfit law enforcement units, the local government should have a more defined responsibility on security issues. It may be that something akin to a National Security Council model as a refinement of the existing Governor‟s Council is a useful mechanism. This is an issue where there can be constructive dialogue as we seek to ensure there is the proper accountability framework.”

        As for the Opposition being present on the NSC, I think that should be avoided. Somebody’s got to be in a position to hold people to account.

  2. Bewildered says:

    Would it not make sense to make this bipartisan, and include the Leader of the Official Opposition as well?

  3. WhistleBlower says:

    Very good and I hope the invites of 4 – people will include those with knowledge on importation of guns and drugs onto the island to HELP SECURE our boarders Come on they are less miles here than Florida has in beaches!!

  4. Can't Take It Anymore says:

    The council should also consist of a few opposition members as well. This would show the public and opposition that whomever is in the gov drivers seat is willing and trying to ensure a ‘together’ Bermuda. Besides, sometimes hearing views and points from both sides of the coin can and would truely help better our current situation instead of hindering it. Especially in times as now when we need to see our leaders walking in step rather than against one another. Set the precidence for the public to see and adhere to.

    • Think About It says:

      Not gonna happen. The PLP want to look good to the public so they’re gonna hog all the spotlight

      • Can't Take It Anymore says:

        Yup, flippin politics I tell you!

  5. rocky two says:

    If they were REALLY THINKING I would also suggest they they sould also include the Collector of Customs, the Chief Immigration Officer, whoever heads up the Operation of the L. F. Wade Airport, who ever heads up Bermuda’s Maritime Operations and the Commissioner of Prisons. It should also present an annual report to the House of Assembly on a timely basis.

  6. Rummy says:

    Some valid comments made but lets be fair.

    Might as well hold meetings for one hour in Parliament.

    Certain things will always remain the subject of Government. National Security being one of them. I know, I have been there.

    If the Opposition wish to be heard or speak they will be when opportune.

    Sedition is a bitch.

  7. Protect our tourists says:

    Please consider increased penalties for crimes committed against tourists as they not only hurt the tourists involved but also hurt our tourism product, for what it is.