Photo Set #1: 2012 Bermuda Day Parade

May 24, 2012

[Updated with additional photos] Almost 70 groups took part in this afternoon’s [May 24] Bermuda Day Parade, with the enthusiasm of the day not dampened by the slight rain that fell as the parade was set to get underway. Crowds of people lined the parade route and cheered on the participants as they made their way from Bernards Park, through to Cedar Avenue and onto Front Street before the finish at City Hall.

Groups that participated included the Bermuda Longriders, Bermuda Regiment, Somerset Brigade Band, H & H Gombeys, Ex-Artillery Elite Majorettes, Roots Gombeys, Bermuda Squad, No Limit Star Crew, Vasco Da Gama Club, T. N. Tatem Steelpan, Split Personality Dance Group, PHC Majorettes and Drum Corp, Chewstick, St. George’s Original Dancerettes, Places New Generation Gombeys, various floats and many more. For the second set of Parade photos click here, for videos of the Parade click here, all our Bermuda Day coverage see our live blog.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Beautiful floats this year…people really make an effort. It is nice to see such beautifully, tastefully decorated floats. Well done to everyone!

  2. john says:

    now let the bordom slowly creep back in till cupmatch

    • Average says:

      Yes I agree Kathy the floats were good. LOL@ John patiently waiting for cup match!!

      I also liked the colorful outfits of the dance and majorette groups. However, there needs to be more smiling especially with the larger dance groups. If dancing is something that you love to do than show it. I mean u dont have to be cheesing the whole way and I understand the tiredness but still when you get in on that performing at least show that you truly enjoy and love it! You just never know who’s watching….

      All in all it was a fun day!

  3. `sweetums says:

    iii love my dance group so much

  4. WinterSun says:

    Whoo, whoop! BERMUDA! ….. Bigger and better than ever! Watch out next year!

    As we were taught:
    “When you look good, you will feel good, and you will do good…Be the best! Never settle for less, by any positive means necessary…

    GO BERMUDA!!!! You’re the best! Unity in the Community!!!

    Let’s see the Christmas Parade top that!

    Excellent BERNEWS and everyone for such a BERMUDAFUL DAY!!!!