Olympic Sailing: Kirklands Finish 18th In Race #3

July 31, 2012

[Updated - The Kirklands finished 18th in the first race, and did not finish the second race]

Jesse and Zander Kirkland will take part in their second day of competition this morning [July 31] with the third race in the Olympic 49er class starting at 8am Bermuda time.

Yesterday they recorded a DNF in the first race, but came back to finish 19th in the second race and ended the day 20th in the standings.

Sailors are competing in 15 races with points awarded depending on finishing positions in each race. Each boat is allowed to discard its worst score and the 10 boats with the lowest accumulated scores qualify for the medal race, where points scored are doubled and added to the opening series’ scores to decide the top 10 positions.

You can follow the action live on the Olympic website here and view all our Olympic coverage here.

Update 8.35am: The Kirklands improved upon yesterday, recording an 18th place finish in their first race today.  They will race again at 9am today.

Update 9.15am: The Kirklands did not finish the second race. They have now recorded two “did not finishes,” one 19th place and one 18th place in the four races thus far. They will race again tomorrow.

The Kirklands are 20th in the event standings thus far, which show Australia in the lead, New Zealand in second and Denmark in third.

Update 8.14pm: The Kirklands said they are struggling to finish off solid races but will fight for these final five days.

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  1. OMG says:

    Are the real Olympics actually on TV? It would be nice to see some of the Bermudians and even Michael Phelps or other big stars compete. However, all I have seen on the local coverage is skeet shooting, fencing and beach volleyball, along with several hours of useless interviews with a few people who are not involved in sports on a worldwide scale. Terrible TV coverage!!!!!!

    • pebblebeach says:

      All I seem to see is these two chaps yaking away for ever and ever while sitting behind a desk….show some events please…anything…

      Having much better luck watching BBC coverage via the internet on tvpc.com…