‘OBA, Media, Commentators Spit On Bermuda’

August 26, 2012

The OBA, the media and the anonymous commenters on websites “spit upon Bermuda at every opportunity” which is hurting our competitiveness, Business and Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert said this evening [Aug 26].

The Minister said “its not just the anonymous commenters” that they are “worried about,” but also statements made by the OBA’s Bob Richards and Craig Cannonier.

“The OBA, their friends in the media and their army of anonymous commenters keep talking down Bermuda at every opportunity,” continued the Minister. “They don’t talk about the good things that are happening here. They don’t talk about the expanded social safety net that includes FutureCare and DayCare which are helping families during these tough economic times.”

The Minister said that he recently received an email identifying tourists who were considering visiting our island, but passed after reading the negative stories in the daily and in anonymous online comments. Bernews has asked both the PLP and the Tourism Ministry for a copy of the email referred to, and we will update once it has been provided.

Minister Furbert’s full statement follows below:

Today, Minister Wayne Furbert revealed that the constant attacks on Bermuda that you read in the newspaper, particularly coming from the opposition and anonymous online commenters are hurting Bermuda’s ability to attract tourists.

The Minister revealed that he recently received an email identifying tourists who were considering visiting our island. They passed after reading the negative stories in the daily and in anonymous online comments.

According to the Minister, the potential tourists said, “After some discussion and monitoring the newspaper from Bermuda we have decided to pass on vacating there next spring. The environment on the island seems to be negative.”

This doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident. When Minister Furbert posted this news on the facebook forum Bermuda Election 2012, Mr. Quency Phillips commented, “I’ve had numerous conversations with friends that have said the same thing to me as it relates to no longer wanting to visit the island.. I hope it changes soon.. for the record, I’m not Bermudian.”

Another commenter, Bermudian Linda Trott said that it also affects her business noting, “This is not good – and has been said many times before. I am in the recruiting business and time and time again, I am faced with convincing future employees for hard to fill positions NOT to read those blogs and negative comments attached to many stories. Some former expats and residents are also reconsidering Bermuda as a vacation destination because of the changes they see via they media outlets. They post about it sometimes before we hear it. Our only daily newspaper in my opinion does more harm to our community than it empowers us!”

In response to this troubling pattern, Minister Furbert noted, “I have read some of the most vile and disgusting comments made anonymously on online forums. I even read one comment that said that black Bermudians should, and I quote, “for those who blame white people for the situation they are in… don’t… you should blame YOUR ancestors, they were offered a chance to go back to Liberia..they didn’t go.” That is an unedited quote!”

“What do you think a visitor would think of our island if they read that or any of the other vile and anonymous comments posted? But, it’s not just the anonymous commenters that we’re worried about. Bob Richards telling the world how much better the Cayman Islands is than Bermuda is doing us no favours. Craig Cannonier preaching his gospel of doom and gloom doesn’t attract business or tourists to our shores.

“We live in a connected world – and, the world is listening. The OBA, their friends in the media and their army of anonymous commenters keep talking down Bermuda at every opportunity. They don’t talk about the good things that are happening here. They don’t talk about the expanded social safety net that includes FutureCare and DayCare which are helping families during these tough economic times.

They don’t talk about the EEZ and tax concessions for small businesses that are helping Bermudian owned businesses create Bermudian jobs. They don’t talk about the Incentives for Job Makers Act which is attracting and retaining international business in Bermuda. No. Instead, they are constantly negative.

“The OBA offers no ideas, no plans and no solutions. The OBA, the media and the anonymous commenters instead just spit upon Bermuda at every opportunity. It’s hurting our competitiveness. And, I, for one, have had enough. If they were serious about bringing this country together, they would be having a debate over ideas and vision – not just spewing constant negativity.

It’s time for the OBA to stop spitting upon Bermuda and tell us what they would really do so that we can have a debate over ideas. Bermudians deserve to know who is really standing strong for them during these tough economic times.”


Update: Aug 27 12.20pm: Yesterday we contacted both the PLP and the Tourism Ministry requesting a copy of the email the Minister said he received, however it has not been provided at this time.

We have repeated our request to both entities today and assured them we will not print the name of the person this email is said to be from, and will update as able.

Update Aug 29, 7.55am: We asked for a copy of this email multiple times for three consecutive days, however it has not been provided to us.

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  1. Come Correct says:

    Wayne if you truly believe its the annonymous commenters and the oba hurting this island, then please resign immedietly because you are truly clueless. Forgive us if the tourists and locals alike can find transparency elsewhere than the governmemt. You just fed yourself to the sharks and they’re going to rip you a new one, watch. I have the strangest feeling someone is going to give you a long list of the real reasons this island is hurting.

  2. Jamie says:

    Ok I don’t have any of my own personal ideas to elaborate on, but would love to hear some! OBA and PLP tell me what you guys have got in terms of action plans! I want to hear some positivity now… here is the perfect chance!!

  3. Opressed says:

    You forgot to blame the evil white man too.
    Typical Bermudian, blame everyone and everything but ourselves. Guess what Mr. Furbert, time to face reality, and it’s not what you claim.

  4. China anyone? says:

    If traveling around the world on our tax dollars and wanting to censor people is Furbert’s plan to increase tourism god help us all.

  5. Phoenix says:

    Man the lifeboats. Hope as drowned.

  6. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    If you want to see who spat on Bermuda – look no further than your own people the PLP.

    PLP – ruining Bermuda for 14 years – and still at it!

  7. Liars! says:

    next their gonna call us out and post our names….can see the Police crashing Bernews now……..My freedom of speech doesn’t matter hear? Like really, if a tourist read my hatred for the PLP and what they have not accomplished and how much debt they HAVE caused us, so what, we need change….sorry that you just became Minister Wayne but atleast now your a record producer like you always wanted to be, so it won’t hurt as much when you lose your job this year Pal!

    And furthermore, why are you continuously attacking the Opposition!!!!!!
    They are alot more sensible than you and your puppet masters. Please call the ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Signed Anonymous!

  8. Ex to the next says:

    Blame blame blame. This island is not like it used to be. Not only because of the crimes escalating and gangs waltzing all around the island, it has alot to do with Bermudians are not as hospitable as they used to be. I sit on the bus and i hear how the bus drivers speak to our tourist -RUDE! i cringe as they look so hurt as they were only asking a question as they don’t know this island. And god forbid if you don’t say Good morning or Good afternoon, you will not get on the bus much less an answer! So sad.

    I pray everytime a tourist passes on a rental and a Bermudian driver is right on their bumper beeping and cursing at the tourist because they are riding too slow or unsure of where they are going. Have some patience and help the tourist.
    Instead of being an idiot.

    i’m sorry Mr Furbert but i will not recommend Bermuda to anyone, not the way it has gone downhill. I am born and bred here and have seen the changes over the years and they are not getting better but worse.

    I really would like to see our ‘old island’ back and not the hostility that is out there now.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      There is some truth to what you say as there are instances of people being rude to our guests. I want to note that that this is not prevalent through Bermuda. Most individuals want our guests to have a great time while they are visiting. I have seen countless examples of locals exhibiting good ole Bermudian hospitality.

  9. Claudio says:

    Really? If tourists were paying that much attention, they would think Bermuda is on the verge of a race war, every single black is poor and that blacks and whites hate each other and racial tension is at a all time high. Well thats according to some people who support a certain party…

    If I was white I would feel real uncomfortable coming to Bermuda if I read some of certain posters type.

  10. Tolerate says:

    Wow, really? This guy’s got short term memory. First of all oppositions have been challenging the ruling party since politics began and Mr. Furbert is no spring chicken to poli-tricks. I’m sure if he goes back in his own personal memory bank, he will know that it is as I’m implying. I do agree that I don’t condone any Bermudian trash talking their own country, hell we have enough previous guest workers who do that. Does Mr. Furbert only have access to the local written media and Bernews?
    Bermuda is in quit a sorry state and speaking to the media blaming the opposition and their followers is pretty childish; school yard stuff at best. Get on with the job you’ve been tasked with.

    • ABM says:

      Whoo hooo, more negativity!!! Just what we need!!!!!!!

      • Tolerate says:

        Was your reply to my comments or are you unable to navigate Bernews? Why is it when people honestly tell it like is because they have become so frustrated at the running of the island we love, they get viewed as haters and negative? You truly must be one of the sheep. If you have read my comments and felt it necessary to respond in such a fashion, than your comprehension of the English language is poor. I will never condone any-one publicly talking bad about Bermuda and I work alongside many guest workers and they know their limits.
        However you feel to tell a man who has slandered and trashed the same party he is now a part of, and for that party to have also done the same; that he is being childish? Well poor you. Obviously your part of the problem, just another sheep that just goes along with the BS that is taken place in this Island. Blinded by Party colors; and I voted for the PLP so don’t try to make this a party thing. This Ministers comment is out of order and only adding fuel to the fire he is complaining about. He should never have made this statement. Period.

  11. Head up high! says:

    How dare we acknowledge the fact that tourism is down while many competing destinations the numbers are on the rise!

    How dare we question the decisions on Tourism by his governing party like Faith Based Tourism, Flopped Multi Million Dollar Concerts, No Cruise Boats Scheduled For Hamilton in 2013 and so on!

    Wayne if you like to Crow when numbers are up then you must eat crow when they are down. If you were the CEO of ANY Fortune 500 Company you would have been fired a long time ago.

    You are a nice guy and I like you, but in this results driven world – people want the numbers to rise!

  12. not a racist commentator says:

    Do you all realise that you are proving the Minister’s point? Look at the hate and vitriol being spewed after someone tells the truth.

    The truth is that the media, the OBA and the vast majority of the anonymous commenters DO talk Bermuda down and spew hateful rhetoric. Just read this thread and it’s plain to see!

    Guess who is writing these comments? Do you think they EVER supported the PLP? They may hem and haw, but, the truth is, that they are the same privileged elite that have spewed hate since 1998.

    The people that really are standing strong for Bermudians are the silent majority that are sick and tired of your hate.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      “Do you think they EVER supported the PLP?”

      Um. Yes. I would venture a guess that the most annoyed amongst the posters are disappointed/disgruntled former PLP supporters.

      It will be obvious to you at the next election. I believe that previous PLP strongholds will either be lost or become marginal.

    • chickadee says:

      If you think anything here even resembles the ‘spewing of hateful vitriol’ you really need to peruse a few US political type blogs.

      Then you’d know what the real thing looks like.

    • argosy says:

      How do you categorize criticism of the PLP’s Tourism (and other stark)failures as “hate & vitriol”?

      Bit of a stretch, NARCS, don’t you think?

  13. Well says:

    That’s amusing. Sad, but amusing.

  14. Bermuda's Son says:

    Mr. Furbert,

    As a man I respect you, but as a politician you are a fool.

  15. C.B.A says:

    I’m pretty sure I remember Wayne criticising the PLP when he was part of the UBP. Was it not harmful to Bermuda then, or only now because it serves his political agenda?

    Yet again the PLP are trying to detract attention from what is reported in the media. If the PLP didn’t run the country to the ground then maybe there would be less to report on.

  16. Victor says:

    Way to go Wayne – Shoot the messenger(s).

  17. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Wayne I’m truly …..Shocked .. Really Wayne , is this the best you can come up with ? Reading between the lines I detect the your tired , really tired and maybe a little rest , a little therapy at MAWI (St.Brendans)would do you wonders .

  18. Betty Swallocks says:

    Election is on it’s way ;-)

    …and anyone who isn’t in their ‘pawtee’ is the bogey-man.

  19. HeyBye says:

    Attacking freedom of speech and blaming it for the downfall of Bermuda in all aspects is a sign of desperation .
    Face the fact,that the current Gov absolutely has no clue what so ever how to fix the economy and deal with the serious level of crime.
    A broken Bda keeps the tourist away, not freedom of speech.

  20. William says:

    There there….
    your egos been bumped ..tut tut.
    better to remain humble than be humiliated.
    When folks think about how things are going hearing about gunmen shooting someone in a barber chair then some one missing and men being chopped by machettes by a woman , gangs that drag people out of stores and lay down threats and vindictive after vulgarities drivers drinking then running other Bermudians and tourists off embankments visiting Dr.’s being run over ,guys in black helmets and black visors kicking tourists and local Bermudians black or white male or female off the byke and robbing them , what would you Think these people would be thinking or rethinking ?
    I am going with ,
    ‘Definitely not going to KFC by bus from the ferry service , …Not going for a quick haircut to spruce up my appearance a bit, … Might not even go ashore’ as the top contenders …
    ‘Lets rethink this hop over to Bermuda this year Honey’,
    is probably running a close tie though , with the folks who read newspapers of the many destinations a thoughtful tourist might take…
    That is just plain common sense .
    more disillusioned are the people who spent their vote to see their ideals crushed , their hopes that some good would come to everyone …

  21. Portia says:

    It’s called “Freedom of Speech” Mr. Furbert. I realize that this concept may be uncomfortable for you and your party members, but you’ll have to live with it nonetheless. You cannot blame the OBA for pointing out your failures, the media for reporting what’s going on, and the public for reacting to what’s happening in their country. What, would you censor the commentators, and make sure that only good news is printed in the media? It simply does not work that way! We live in the real world – do you?

    BTW, allow me to point out that both of the programmes you reference have been poorly handled by the PLP. FutureCare has been a dismal failure for our seniors, and the DayCare allowance was cut back by the PLP when they figured out that they couldn’t afford it. So what is your party going to do about it? YOU were the ones elected, not the OBA, so YOU should be coming up answers, not relying on the OBA to do it for you.

  22. Turncoat says:

    Really? Mr. Furbert if you’d like to know what the OBA plan is you need to join the OBA – Oh I forgot – that only happens after they win right! And this from the gentleman who still can’t see why everyone couldn’t be their own travel agent!

  23. Sandman says:

    Does Furbert think that those tourists and foreign workers would come if they heard more about our increased public spending (which he cites) and less about genuine concerns about violent crime, low ethics in government, xenophobic attitudes to foreigners…

    It’s like the abusive father who tells his children to be quiet about what is going on in the family because it would be bad for their reputation if it got out.

    The PLP says we have to stand strong and keep our mouths shut. I say that now more than ever we have to Stand Up to the PLP. They’re getting way too big for their boots. Time to give the other lot a chance

  24. BdaMan says:

    Politics, Election banter and nonsense on the side…take a look at the tone of all of these messages, reflect on which stores are the ‘most commented’ on the ‘daily’. Read some of the comments made by the most prolific daily contributors to these posts.

    No they are not the cause of tourists coming to Bermuda.

    The FACT of the matter is they are negative and they do cast our beautiful island in a negative light.

  25. argosy says:

    Just give them another 100 days and they will make it all come right!

  26. LOL says:

    Since Wayne released a negative comment to complain about negative comments should we assume he thinks freedom of speech is fine for him and his PLP buddies but not anyone else?

  27. Ham'l'ton Parish Show says:

    dear wayne,

    stop throwing a tissy fit because we outed your true intentions to try and help Maxwell Burgess regain some earning power after ———– in Hamilton Parish, 6 lots across from your property.

    yes fact, no libel here.

    you tricked the PLP members of Hamilton West at the primary and already the chickens are home to roost, you should resign immediately and see if Charlie and Kim Swan will take you as the PLP will not fall for the UBP to PLP —– show a third time.

    you are really treading on thin ice to go on the offensive mate, one of your new advisors who tells you that you are doing a good job should havebadvised u against attackingmthe Public

    time to hang up your hat, the silly PLP delegates will NEVER elect you as Party LEader


    No more —— shows for us, our our beloved Tourism Product.

  28. Victor says:

    Something only an OPPORTUNISTIC TURNCOAT could dream up…

  29. Shaking the Head says:

    Jamaica is often cited as being a crime ridden country. Odd therefore that in 2011 Jamaica welcomed over 3 million visitors, an increase of over 8% over 2010.
    The Minister needs to look inwards as to why the negative comments are made.

    • Victor says:

      Perhaps if we had a policy of hassle free, readily available HERB, we could have three million visitors too…But better hurry up before the Indian reservations pickup on the idea and yet again beat us to it. Also, a few Sandals style swinger resorts would go a long way too. Now if Wayne came out with practical solutions like these, I would vote for him…

  30. Family Man says:

    Wayne wants us all to put on a happy face and accentuate the positive, so in that vein;

    We should accentuate our safety; after all no-one was shot this weekend and no pedestrians were run-over by drunk drivers on Saturday.

    When the ferries break down (again) and the tourists are left standing in the sun, tell them this is Bermuda’s way of allowing them to work on their tans without spending all that money on a taxi ride to the beach. Thank you PLP.

    When all the expats have left, we can be be proud that rents are so much cheaper, parking in Hamilton is no longer a problem and rush hour delays are a thing of the past. All thanks to the PLP.

    Instead of saying we have thousands of unemployed Bermudians, we should say that many Bermudians have now been given an opportunity to express their entrepreneurial spirit. Express yourself Bermuda! Thanks to the PLP.

  31. Your joking says:

    So type in is Bermuda a safe place to visit on google…firts page you get a review from http://www.placesonline.com

    Bermuda is a relatively safe place to visit. However, travellers must take necessary precautions while vacationing in Bermuda. Always be alert and extra care should be taken in isolated areas especially after dark. Robbery, pick-pocketing and bag grabbing are common. The use of date rape drugs is increasing in Bermuda.
    Homosexuality is considered a taboo in Bermuda and public display of affection towards the same sex can result in a fine.

    Guess that is an OBA supporter scarring away the homosexual visitors???

    • DND says:

      Based on on that review…you can take out “Bermuda” and replace it with virtually any city, country or place in the world. “Travellers should take necessary precautions” is the number 1 travel rule of ANY deistination. Smh.

      “Always be alert and extra care should be taken in isolated areas especially after dark.” Really?? that describes 99% of the populated world…. Common sense stuff right there…

      Also please provide a link to any news story were some one (a local or tourist) paid a fine in a Bermuda court of law for a public display of affection towards the same sex.

      • Come Correct says:

        Are you somewhere between the age of 0 and 14? Then I could see why you don’t understand. There was a time when we could proudly say Bermuda is another world, but then we joined the rest with our political greed, corruption, and outward hatred for anything different with a direct knock on effect of rising crime. The majority complained because we were ruled by the ubp but at least we had jobs, money in our pockets and a higher standard of living. Also just because a forgeign blog/media outlet/agency says it happened, doesn’t mean it did, the poster is just pointing out the label we’ve been given.

        • DND says:

          And you must be well over 75, because your memory is fading. You think we have to go as far back as the UBP era to find an example of when we had jobs and a thriving economy in this county….The international business boom and the growing economy, that we ALL enjoyed, of the late 90s and 2000s was not that long ago. If I really was 14, I would know that. And I am old enough to remember the recession of the 80s in this country. That was under the UBP, but I wouldn’t be so ignorant to throw the blame at them for it, because I have an understanding of economic cycles.

          Similarly, look around the globe….everywhere is feeling the effects of this global recession. If we were to bring back your beloved Bermuda that was “another world” as do you think we would be immune from the effects of this global recession. Oh, but wait, you probably think the current government started that as well.

          • Come Correct says:

            If I really was 14, I wouldnt* know that,* (you don’t start a sentece with and) And I am old enough to remember the recession of the 80s in this country.

            Canada seems to being doing ok. Forgive me if I blame our economic position on people building houses with government money, people being paid to consult themselves, and people being highly paid for tourism initiatives that did…well absolutely nothing to name just a few, probably the reason why faith isn’t in my vocabulary. Did I say the plp got into power in 1998 and the next day we were third world? No it takes a bit of time to undo what the ubp did, things don’t just go t!ts up over night, but there are definitely individuals responsable. As for the word wide recession, it was caused by world wide greed, happy we could do our part to contribute?

            • DND says:

              “Did I say the plp got into power in 1998 and the next day we were third world?” No, you didn’t say that, but are you saying that Bermuda is a third world country now? Probably are… and unrealistic DOOM and GLOOM internet posters like you are exactly the problem this article is addressing.

              In a simple discussion with a person who may have slightly different opinion from yourself, you have to go off topic to mention a lil grammatical mistake. Typical blog mentality…hope you don’t go around doing that in real life… like “Double negative!” or “hey you just ended that sentence with a preposition” you would be living up to your Come Correct title. LOL. A regular life of the party…

              And you didn’t have to correct me, I meant to say if I was 14 I would know that.

              • Come Correct says:

                No we didn’t become third world, no we aren’t now, but can you see where we are heading or do you not think that far ahead? Even the plp have plans for 20 years down the road. Of course its unrealistic doom and gloom until your tin roof blows off. When I was in Thailand at some fights I asked for the bathroom and was pointed in the general direction, I actually found them because I could smell them. I could name a few public facilities that blind people could find here. Its cool though we invested in infrastructure right?

                Forget the gramatical error, I make it a point to be a dick lol. We can agree to disagree.

                • DND says:

                  Yes, we did invest in infrastructure. Lots of countries do it, and lots more wish they could. Dirty public restrooms are like multivariable calculus, who the hell knows the solution to that problem? every nation has to live with that pain, lol. Tin roofs?….see, still calling us third world. Grey clouds everywhere with you. You just can’t help it. Since you have traveled, you must see the disrespect you are giving to the billions of people unfortunate enough to live in more economically challenged nations (I hate the terminology: third world) when you even remotely put Bermuda into that context.

                  • Come Correct says:

                    Have you even been in an airport bathroom? Doesn’t really get more public than that and I don’t find them dirty. I think somebody maintains them. I’m not calling us third world by saying tin roofs, I’m saying in 30 years when roof slate has tripled in price, and SKB is still expensive what will you use when you don’t have the funds? Stop looking at today and look to the future. You call me disrespectful but you call their situation unfortunate. They’re actually pretty content people with what they have. I guess it was pretty disrespectful of me to live just as they did, in a hut in the jungle rather than a hotel room. I ate their food, not something out of a restaurant. I learned their culture, something we all could probably learn from.

  32. wedonthaveacluewhatweredoing says:

    sticks and stones may break my bones, but word will never hurt me!

    this is not a school ground, although it doesn’t seem that anyone has graduated.

    • Rumandcoke says:

      I am sickened by your words, Minister. Thank God for freedom of the press who have to accept your slings and arrows.

      Too bad you did not heed what your Tourism Board (the last one) had recommended in the National Tourism Plan which was to move to a Tourism Authority in order to take the politics out of tourism. Instead now that you, and only you, actually added MORE politicans to the Board plus left the Department of Tourism intact, the chickens have come home to roost, Wayne.
      A very sad song to sing now, Minister.

  33. More Confused says:

    As far as I can recall, Minister Furbert was elected as a UBP MP. No by-election has been held, so he is still an elected UBP MP. Up to 2 years ago, he was himslef critical of the PLP. His headline alone is negative. Where does he cite the positives that he wants others to highlight? We can’t shout about the new hotels and facilities. We can’t offer that Bermuda is “Britain as it used to be” because that has been destrioyed for politiacl purposes, so what positives are there?
    I’ll offer one. Despite the rhetoric, the majority of Bermudians, residents and visitors get on really well and any visitor who does come here can feel as safe as most anywhere else.

  34. Cranberry says:

    My belief is that the reason we argue and rant so much everything is that we all love this little place called Bermuda so much. We can’t stand to sit here idle and watch as it is destroyed one tourist at a time, one business at a time, one household and one family at a time – by a Government that seems hell bent on doing so and quite successfully too I may add…

    I really don’t care who is in power; PLP, OBA, UBP, PPP, that guy down the road etc… As long as they do what they should do for our home, they are responsible (and accountable) for their deeds and at least try to do good.

    Flip Flop – your statement is exactly the kind of thing we expect from you and that is why you get the respect you deserve… Go make me a sandwich…

  35. Come Correct says:

    “I will bring this island to its knees”…I’m sorry Mr. Furbert, who’s spitting on this island?

    I’m sure you’ve heard these before…

    Don’t point fingers if your hands aren’t clean.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for good men (and women) to stay silent.

    Don’t worry Wayne I’m upset summer is almost over too. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s not it. Someone remind me what happened to the last 2 ministers after the public cried out. Relax Wayne at the most you’ll take a 6month vacation and be the new minister of education, the Dame is well due for a good shafting.

  36. tidbit says:

    Wayne I was voting PLP long before you started Politics and long after you were a UBP candidate. The truth of the matter is if the UBP would have remained the government you would have never jumped ship. So lets be real, were is your sincerity for “the people of Bermuda”. I am waiting for the day when you will challenge for the party. But to be honest the best leadership your party can give is either a Horton-T.Lister or T.Lister-Horton leadership. both of thyese men have what it takes because ot the previous leadership abilities.

    I am an independent thinker with no loyalty to any party, however this time around it is the OBA that will get my vote. Embracing any party ideology is what is detrimental to this Island. Your party has bought the JP appointments to and all time low, believe me I know many that have been given the titles since the PLP has become government, and it is a joke when I rngage them into a conversation as to their role as a JP, they don’t know. I get responses like” I have been a party loyalist”.

    Mr. Furbert, I am quite sure you brokered your transfer to cross the aisle for some benefits, but you had quietly sit as backbencher for a period of time,you can fool some of the people some of the time and not all the people all of the time. If you want to learn anything about the tourism trade they go and sit with Jim Woolridge and Sir.John Swan you might learn something.

  37. SHREW DE TREES says:

    Sorry I could not make out much over the

  38. Bermuda is So Much More says:

    Minister Furbert,

    I have a solution, resign from Cabinet and as an MP. That way you can focus full time on gaming with Mr Dodwell and Mr Maxwell Burgess.


    Dont blame bloggers, the OBA or the Public at large for the 1% fall in visitor arrivals and cancellation of this years hedge fund conference.

    Come on Wayne, its time for you to call it a day, go and sing “Bermuda is so Much More” at the arrivals hall when you become Head of Gaming at the Reefs.

    Bermuda is So Much More!

  39. Sue says:

    Just in case anyone is interested in thanking the minister for his inspiration, the following web sites have not been taken and are still available:


    along with all the .org, .net, etc.

  40. tidbit says:

    Minister Furbert, you once bashed the concept of Faith Based tourism. You raised all sorts of provocative questions when you were in opposition however now they have put the position in your lap therefore you are are privy to the records. Why havent you confirmed or denied your suspicions about the Faith Based tourism. Or have you gone in agreeance with others to not disclose what you know. We the people of Bermuda need to know was our dollars spent wisely or not. You was the strongest advocate(or so it appeared)against it, we thought for sure you would provide us tax paying with some answers. But no,just like the rest you have swept that under the rug. Soon you to with will be playing the race card. But by the way I am black.

  41. Bermuda is So Much More says:

    …………….by the way, Wayne, YOU spat at the UBP, Public and Voters in Constituency 6……and now the OBA.

    Surely you did not think this would go unnoticed.

    I really hope Mr Dunkely and Cannonier DO NOT accept you in the OBA when the PLP loses the next election, hopefully they are unforgiving of you spitting at them.

  42. navin Johnson says:

    Wayne If the person who sent you the email said they will pass on vacating Bermuda next summer does that mean they are coming and not leaving?

  43. Rockfish#1 says:

    Bermudians have been lied to, and deceived by this Government on several fronts since it was elected.
    The list is very long, so I will simply cite one tourism related example. Where are the new hotels that were promised years ago?

    Also, it doesn’t help when the present Minister has yet to win the trust of a large segment of the population.

    • street wise says:

      There will be no hotels built in Bermuda until after the plp go. All the foreign developers and money men know all about the graft in Bermuda. I have been told that there are literally billions of dollars out there just waiting for a sensible, honest, transparent government to take over.

      So whatcha you gonna vote for… nothing or something?

  44. CHEEKUMS BI says:

    If ever a person wants to see the racist negative people that the minister is speaking about just read all of these comments or read a comment whenever a PLP rep is in the news…..These comments is made by none other than angry ignorant racist white people and ignorant racist ex pats, and by blacks that have opted to buy into the negativity…..

    Its is so funny that NONE…ABSOLUTY NOT ONE..of these people ever write anything negative whenever an Oba (UBP) member is in the news, nor do they criticize anything that is said by an OBA(UBP) member. At least PLP supporters don’t fully agree with everything the party is doing and we criticize the party here and there, however those that support the OBA(UBP) act as if they can “DO NO WRONG” and this is why it looks racist and negative, and majority of the people that do this is either white..or an ex pats, or both…thank goodness it is only the ignorant whites and ex pats that do this, People who are not ignorant can see good and if your view is ALWAYS in the negative then you’re a negative person plain and simple.

    • Come Correct says:

      Race card, oba(ubp), evil whites, evil expats…easy buddy the plp might make you an offer to blog for them…or have they? I have to say this is the most vile, hateful comment yet, well done sir! Judgeing by your grammer you should take a break from commenting and go get a f@ckin education. I hear hooked on phonix worked well for children. I guess its hard for the plp to find educated people to blindly support their cause. By the way, most people don’t hate on the oba or ubp because they aren’t running the country right now let alone running it into the ground.

      • CHEEKUMS BI says:

        Ok your telling me to get an education well let me show you what my education,( grammar wise) has shown me…. I know that ….
        1st of all its Judging NOT judgeing
        2nd Grammar NOT grammer
        3rd hooked on PHONICS ..NOT hooked on phonix
        Like i said “comments is made by none other than ANGRY IGNORANT RACIST WHITE people and ignorant racist EX PATS, and by BLACKS that have opted to buy into the negativity…..

        How ignorant can you be to name yourself come correct and you cant even come correct, and your telling a person to get an education “judgeing”(as you spelled it) by my “grammer” ROFL CHEEKUMS BI GWAN GO SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE! and think about your stupidity

        • street wise says:


          But it’s really NOT the “ANGRY IGNORANT RACIST WHITE people and ignorant racist EX PATS, and by BLACKS that have opted to buy into the negativity” who are causing all the problems.

          It’s the PLP Government that is causing ALL our problems….

          • CHEEKUMS BI says:

            I dont buy that for a min, i know we have problems…name one time that we didnt…but I’d rather PLP than OBA OR UBP any day

        • Come CorrectED says:

          Lol Touche indeed! The phonix was purposely done but I stand corrected.

          Come Correct is referring to mentality not education.

        • C.B.A says:

          It’s posts like those by CHEEKUMS BI that are ruining the Island, not bloggers talking about the PLP. What wealthy people want to spend their money in a place that’s inhibited by such primitive thinking? Posts like CHEEKUMS’ call for a reminder that only the minority of the population can actually be this stupid, and this is not the thinking of most.

          • CHEEKUMS BI says:

            CBA GO read post after post whenever a PLP member is speaking on a topic then read when an OBA UBP member is speaking on either the same topic or a different topic,
            You will see 1 of 2 things
            1) the comments that follow is always in the negative against the PLP and never ever would they have any advice or help just pure negativity and hate
            2) Even though a OBA or UBP member is speaking on a topic those that post will always take the topic that the OBE/UBP member is talking about and instantly start bashing the PLP, and would never even critique what the UBP/OBA member is saying..as if what they have to say is the end all answer to the situation or topic at hand.

            Come Correct its Touché not Touche lol….and a mentality has to be backed by an education of some sort, otherwise what kind of mentality can you have if you’re not referring to an educated mentality?.

  45. Marie says:

    Stop being a big baby and blaming others for the downfall of Tourism. You know the real reason Tourism is down. Accept responsibility and stop blaming others.

  46. Joonya says:

    Oh God forbid that the public have an opinion Wayne. Dont shoot the messanger.
    We are not the problem. We are commenting about the problem. Are a Communist?
    How bout attacking the root of prolems such as standing firm when your mates stop bus/ferry service at the height of tourism season. THAT is a problem for the couple from New Jersey who want to move around, or get back to the cruise ship. Oh right, I guess you wouldnt consider that a problem until we express our outrage towards it here. I agree with Sandman’s abusive father analogy above.

  47. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Mr. Furbert, please don’t keep trotting out FutureCare and DayCare, both of which programs are flawed and have been cut-back/altered. How about Sunshine League, Teen Services, Family Services, Youth Services, Mirrors, Focus, the Police, the Transitional Living Center – all programs that relate to helping troubled children, individuals and families get back on track? All have had their funding cut back or cut entirely, some to the point where they have had to close down! That really looks like the ruling party has the country’s well-being and its less fortunate at heart.
    And when I think that the salary for just one consultant could have allowed Sunshine League (or another service) to run for another year, I’m sure you aught to be able to understand why I am disgusted with this Government.

    I have always signed my name to my comments. I am not trashing Bermuda, I am holding this Government to the standard I thought it was promising to uphold when I voted for it – in every election that I have been on this island to participate in. I am still waiting for transparency, for accountability, and for those that get paid so well to actually put their money where their mouths are. You can rest assured I will not be voting PLP in the next election.

    PS: In case you didn’t already know, the scuttlebutt is that the next election won’t be called until Madame Premier has held that position for 2 full years, so that she can get that vastly inflated pension she will then be “entitled” to – yeah, real good looking out for the economy – NOT!

  48. Triangle Drifter says:

    Sometimes the truth hurts, especially when it is smacking you right in the face. The truth is that the 14 year PLP experiment has been a miserable failure on every front.

    Wayne sounds like a schoolyard gang leader crying to the teachers because the rest of the school has finally turned the tables on him & has had enough of him & his gangs behavior.

    This year is election year in the US. Thankfully we are spared the media adds, particularly at the local level, for US politians. Those guys don’t mess around. Bermuda is all very polite & genteel by comparison. The PLP don’t know how easy they have it. The OBA should be all over them for the fiasco of a Government they have been. Maybe they have been holding back, ready to fire away as soon as the election is called.

    Then we will have the PLP running to the media screaming ‘momma momma they are picking on me cause I’m black’.

    Wait & see.

    • street wise says:

      Holy doodle! The plp continues to take heavy flack on this issue, and others, on all the blogs! Doesn’t look too positive for the plp retaining power….

  49. Bermudian says:

    I’m not quite sure how to take the Minister’s statement. Is he really blaming the OBA & the unhappy Bermudians (PLP & OBA supportsers) for voicing their concerns or does he thinnk that only OBA supporters are unhappy, then say he wants the OBA to lay out their plan so they can debate about it, which lead to more comments (which of course will be negative on both sides)?

  50. Consider This conspiracy says:

    okay everyone, lets consider something that no one seems to be touching on. Its conspiracy-minded thinking, but is completely possible, so bear with me:

    bernews comments are anonymous, therefore anyone can assume any role they please and project themselves accordingly (eg. a white male can pretend to be a black female, an OBA supporter can pretend to be a PLP supporter)

    WHAT THIS MEANS is that anyone can PRETEND to be someone representing “the OBA, their friends in the media and their army of anonymous commentators”. THERE IS NO WAY, I REPEAT NO WAY, THAT MINISTER FURBERT CAN PROVE THAT THESE ANONYMOUS COMMENTERS ARE ACTUALLY OBA-AFFILIATED.

    WHAT IF some of these people spewing vile, hate-filled comments are actually PLP-affiliated, assuming the roles of bitter, racist “OBA supporters” in order to project the illusion that white Bermudians are nasty and soulless en masse? Think about it…it’d be the PERFECT way to claim false vindication and make yourself look like the victim of an unfair smear campaign.

    The fact that the Minister failed to qualify his statement with a disclaimer saying “I know we have no way of knowing who these commenters really are, BUT…” says to me that he is perfectly happy not knowing who they are, because this way is more politically convenient for him. HE ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THE COMMENTERS ARE ANONYMOUS, BUT FAILS TO PUBLICLY SAY THAT THIS CONSEQUENTLY MEANS HE HAS NO WAY OF KNOWING THAT THEY ARE TRULY AFFILIATED WITH HIS POLITICAL OPPONENTS.

    this is a really cynical viewpoint, and I could be 100% wrong, but as long as we’re talking conspiracy theories, it bothers me that the Minister is using these anonymous comments as DEFINITIVE PROOF that the OBA is out to destroy him and Bermuda when it could just as easily be an army of paid PLP trolls

    • The real truth ! says:

      No , no , no Consider , you’ve got it all wrong. CHEEKUMS above has it all figured out ’cause he’s got one of those spiffy computers that let him see white people and ex pats .

  51. Malachi says:

    Yeah Wayne,

    Why don’t you and your sheep simply ban freedom of speech!

    How dare anyone criticise the PLP!

    Poor you, I really thought you were more intelligent than that!

    • Joonya says:

      Just another testament to their arrogance (without substance)

  52. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Flip Flop just gets more pathetic as time moves on.

    Whatnext? Make it against the law to disagree with the PLP? Make me laugh!

  53. Jim Bean says:

    Fund business was potentially the next big thing for Bermuda – now it is doomed. PLP and King Midas – polar opposites

  54. So all the years when the PLP was the Opposition Party and criticized the UBP Government, anything negative that happened was the PLP’s fault for being negative and criticizing the then Government of the day? Just saying….

    • CHEEKUMS BI says:

      UPB had the -media- on their side and still do, however people saw through all that and still voted UBP out, and the same would be seen against the negative bloggers and negative supporters of the OBA/UBP, and the thing will happen OBA/UBP will not get back into leadership position

  55. Liars! says:

    Ya that strategy might work on the thug streets of L.A.back in the days when your idols “Deathrow Records” were huge before guys like Tu-Pac and Biggy were killed………But this is Beautiful Bermuda Wayne and those tactics don’t work here.

    Eventhough, it seems, the current Government runs their affairs like this!

  56. Bermuda is So Much More says:


    Timt for you to pack your bags and go home.

    Can we please have a bye-election in COnstituency 6 so we can vote for yoru stand-in Mr Maxwell Burgess, he is also a fast talker but more understandable than your constant drivel.

    Madame Premier kick Wayne out of Cabinet put Dale Butler there to make Fish Cakes instead, he can give them out at the airport to boost Tourism

  57. Serious says:

    Mon. Furbert. In order to fix a problem you have to first admit that the PLP have caused a problem, than they can use the criticisms as a means to get their act together. I am ashamed of your comments.

  58. Doing my part... says:

    Dear Tourists:

    The government has expanded the social safety net such as FutureCare and DayCare. Apparently this is important to you and we should make you mindful of this. Apparently, becuae no one has told this to you, our tourism numbers are down. So now that this information has been made available to you, we look forward to seeing you soon.

    You’re welcome Mr. Furbert…problem solved. Can I get a consulting gig for Tourism (payment upfront in cash as govt credit is about as good as White’s gift certificates).

  59. HeyBye says:

    Dept of Tourism brings criticism upon themselves.
    See the following link to the New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/27/business/media/bermudas-new-pitch-is-short-so-much-more-campaign-spotlight.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all

    They themselves send out confusing signals to what demo they are reaching for.
    One minute it is Faith Base,next it the Black American tourist,then there is the Dispora Trail and then there is currently the age group 35 to 54 age group making at least 175,000.00 a year.Pie in the Sky. We do not have the infrastructure in place to service this demographic.
    This demographic is looking for service and quality,which we are currently lacking.
    Just throw millions to the wind and see what sticks.

  60. The Muppets Take Manhattan says:

    Poor Little Furby, he was always a bit of a cry baby..did you see the tears he shed when the UBP lost the election…lol

    Maybe it’s time for him to throw in the towel and let his playmate Maxie Bourgeois take over the reigns of Tourism Minister.

    He seems to have the tenacity of a pit bull… LOL!!

  61. Minstrel says:

    wayne look up the meaning of minstrel

  62. New Bermudian says:

    And here’s another thing to think about, why these sorts of blogs attract so much attention from those who aren’t thrilled to pieces and happy with what’s happening in Bermuda today: There is no freedom of speech here. If you’re black and you voice dissent, that means that you’re a sell-out or an ‘Uncle Tom’, a betrayer of your people, and you’re discriminated against. Why would you use your real name? If you’re white and you say anything, you’re a racist, branded and discriminated against. Why would you use your real name? There isn’t a single politician on either side of the great divide who wouldn’t get their panties in a bunch if one of their constituents piped up with anything but unearned and superficial kudos. Well, maybe that’s a little harsh, but really, is it that far off? People are screaming out to just be heard. Most of the time that’s what people want, just to feel like someone’s listening, to feel like someone out there has at least a little respect for them as a human being. So it gets more and more outrageous, because no one with any power listens. And it’s not as if you can just call up your MP and have a chat, they don’t want to hear it. I’ve tried that one before, and mine just likes to get defensive.

    So. There is no freedom of speech. Fix that one, Flip Flop Furbert, and people will ease off the vitriol. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that actions speak louder than words? ACT right. Then the words will have no meaning. And, they might even die down. YOU are what hurts Bermuda. You need to step down for the good of your country- but that won’t happen, you’re only interested in your nice fat pension. Which all of our children will be helping pay for. Our grands as well.

    There is no freedom of speech.