66 Candidates Officially Confirmed So Far

September 12, 2012

With an election date not yet set but expected to be announced sometimes within the next few months, the island’s political parties have confirmed 66 candidates thus far. The last election was held in December 2007, and saw the PLP win a third term in power with 22 seats.

The PLP has rolled out 34 of their 36 candidates with 2 remaining: C#14 Devonshire North West and  C#12 Devonshire South Central yet to be announced.

The OBA has rolled out 30 of their 36 candidates with 6 remaining: C#34 Sandys South Central, C#32 Southampton West, C#29 Southampton East, C#20 Pembroke South West,  C#14 Devonshire North West, and C#1 St. George’s North.

The UBP has confirmed two candidates, with both Charlie Swan and Kim Swan set to contest the seats they presently hold, making both C#2 St. George’s West and #C31 Southampton West Central three-way battles.

A few independent have indicated they may stand, or have been reported to be canvassing, including David Tavares in C#8,  Erwin Adderly in C#19, as well as Khalid Wasi and Andre Curtis in C#21.

We first provided the candidate list back in May, the below is an updated version:

C#36: Sandys North
OBA Ray Charlton
PLP Michael Scott
Incumbent: PLP Michael Scott won 62.2% of the vote vs UBP Ed Bailey [486-292] in 2007

C#35: Sandys North Central 
OBA Nadia Hamza
PLP Dennis Lister
Incumbent: PLP Dennis Lister won 66.43% of the vote vs UBP Donald Hassell [556-281] in 2007

C#34: Sandys South Central
OBA No official announcement yet
PLP Kim Wilson
Incumbent: PLP Walter Lister won 69.26% of the vote vs UBP Sarah Burrows [649-284] votes in 2007

C#33: Sandys South
OBA Toni Spring
PLP Terry Lister
Incumbent: PLP Terry Lister won 60.96% of the vote vs UBP Alvin Wilson [556-346] in 2007

C#32: Southampton West
OBA No official announcement yet
PLP Randy Horton
Incumbent: PLP Randy Horton won 69.03% of the vote vs UBP Charlie Swan [629–366] in 2007

C#31: Southampton West Central
OBA Shawn Crockwell
PLP Scott Simmons
UBP Charlie Swan
Incumbent: UBP Charlie Swan who won a by-election against PLP Marc Bean in 2008

C#30: Southampton East Central
OBA Leah Scott
PLP Stephen Todd
Incumbent: PLP Zane Desilva won 52.2% of the vote vs  UBP incumbent David Dodwell [569-521] in 2007.

C#29: Southampton East 
OBA No official announcement yet
PLP Zane DeSilva
Incumbent: PLP Stanley Lowe won 67.97% of the vote vs UBP Douglas Decouto  [558–263] in 2007

C#28: Warwick West
PLP Jonathan Smith
OBA Jeff Sousa
Incumbent: OBA Mark Pettingill [under the UBP] won 62.07% of the votes vs PLP George Scott in 2007

C#27: Warwick North Central
OBA R. Wayne Scott
PLP Lt. Col David Burch
Incumbent: PLP Elvin James won 56.14% of the vote vs  UBP R. Wayne Scott [535-418] in 2007

C#26: Warwick South Central
OBA Ras Mykkal
PLP Marc Bean
Incumbent: PLP Marc Bean won 2010 by-election with 67% of the vote in a three way race

C#25: Warwick North East
OBA Mark Pettingill
PLP Dale Butler
Incumbent: PLP Dale Butler won 53.5% of the vote vs UBP Gina Spence [494-426] in 2007

C#24: Warwick South East
OBA Alexis Swan
PLP Lawrence Scott
Incumbent: PLP Alex Scott won 58% of the vote vs UBP Jeff Sousa [518-367] in 2007

C#23: Paget West
OBA Pat Gordon-Pamplin
PLP Darius Tucker
Incumbent: OBA Patricia Gordon-Pamplin [under the UBP] won 75.85% of the vote vs Rolfe Commissiong [732-233] in 2007.

C#22: Paget East
OBA Dr Grant Gibbons
PLP Dawn Simmons
Incumbent: OBA Dr Grant Gibbons [under the UBP] won 77% of the vote vs PLP Davida Morris [723-212] in 2007

C#21: Pembroke South East
OBA Jeff Baron
PLP Rolfe Commissiong
Independents Raymond Davis [Khalid Wasi] and Andre Curtis has also been seen campaigning
Incumbent: PLP Ashfield Devent won 67.61% of the vote vs UBP Tillman Darrell [526-252] in 2007.

C#20: Pembroke South West
OBA No official announcement yet
PLP Marcus Jones
Incumbent: OBA Louise Jackson [under the UBP] won 83% of the vote vs PLP Laverne Furbert [711-145] in 2007

C#19: Pembroke West
PLP A.L Vince Ingham
OBA Jeanne Atherden
Independent Erwin Adderley
Incumbent: OBA Shawn Crockwell [under UBP] won 58% of the vote vs PLP Walton Brown [505-361] in 2007

C#18: Pembroke West Central
PLP David Burt
OBA Nicholas Kempe
Incumbent: PLP Neletha Butterfield won 69.62% of the vote vs UBP Mariyln Steede [25.15%] & IND Roger Russell [5.22%]

C#17: Pembroke Central
PLP Walton Brown
OBA Andrew Simons
Incumbent: PLP Wayne Perenchief won 56.5% of the vote vs UBP Austin Warner [39.64%] & IND Harold Darrell [3.09%] in 2007

C#16: Pembroke East Central
OBA Terry Hodgson
PLP Michael Weeks
Incumbent: PLP Michael Weeks won a 2009 by-election with 89% of the vote

C#15: Pembroke East
OBA Scott Stewart
PLP Walter Roban
Incumbent: PLP Walter Roban won 81.63% of the vote over UBP Sean Pitcher [631-142] in 2007

C#14: Devonshire North West
OBA No official announcement yet, but Glen Smith out campaigning for the OBA
PLP No official announcement yet, but Premier Paula Cox expected to be announced for the PLP
Incumbent: PLP Paula Cox won 69.59% of the vote vs UBP Alan Marshall [492-215] in 2007

C#13: Devonshire North Central
OBA C. Anthony Francis
PLP Glenn Blakeney
Incumbent: PLP Glenn Blakeney won 53.52% of the vote vs UBP Albertha Waite [433-376] in 2007

C#12: Devonshire South Central
OBA Craig Cannonier
PLP No official announcement yet
Incumbent: OBA Craig Cannonier won a 2011 by-election with 82.89% of the vote

C#11: Devonshire East
OBA Bob Richards
PLP Neville Tyrell
Incumbent: OBA Bob Richards won [under the UBP] with 51.74% of the vote vs PLP Neville Tyrell [402-375] in 2007

C#10: Smith’s North
OBA Michael Dunkley
PLP Patrice Minors
Incumbent: PLP Patrice Minors won 54.53% of the vote vs UBP Michael Dunkley [536-444] in 2007.

C#9: Smith’s West
OBA Trevor Moniz
PLP Vance Campbell
Incumbent: OBA Trevor Moniz [under the UBP] won 58.50% of the vote vs PLP Larry Mussenden [506-357] in 2007

C#8: Smith’s South
OBA Cole Simons
PLP Linda Merritt
Independent David Tavares
Incumbent: OBA Cole Simons [under the UBP] won 73.47% of the vote vs the PLP Jane Correia [673-243] in 2007

C#7: Hamilton South
PLP Diallo Rabain
OBA Sylvan Richards
Incumbent: PLP Darius Tucker [under the UBP] won 56.57% of the vote vs PLP Wayne Caines [547–420] in 2007

C#6: Hamilton West
OBA Donte Hunt
PLP Wayne Furbert
Incumbent: PLP Wayne Furbert [under the UBP] won 54% of the vote vs PLP Charles Clarke [530-451] in 2007.

C#5: Hamilton East
OBA Peter Barrett
PLP Derrick Burgess
Incumbent: PLP Derrick Burgess won 80.28% of the vote vs UBP David Sullivan [737-181] in 2007

C#4: St. George’s South
OBA Suzann Roberts-Holshouser
PLP Pastor Leroy Bean
Incumbent: OBA Donte Hunt [under the UBP] won 51.18% of the vote vs PLP Phil Perinchief [544-519] in 2007

C#3: St David’s
OBA Gaylynne Cannonier
PLP Lovitta Foggo
Incumbent: PLP Lovitta Foggo won 54.27% of the vote vs UBP Suzann Roberts Holshouser in 2007

C#2: St. George’s West
OBA Nandi Davis
PLP John Gibbons
UBP Kim Swan
Incumbent: UBP Kim Swan won 50.95% of the vote vs PLP’s Dean Foggo [457-440] in 2007

C#1: St. George’s North
OBA No official announcement yet
PLP Dame Jennifer Smith
Incumbent: PLP Dame Jennifer Smith won 51.35% of the vote vs UBP Kenneth Bascome [474-449] in 2007

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  1. C#31 says:

    Can you please list the vote % in C#31. I truly believe, hope and prayer that Charlie Swan will retain this seat. He works hard and gets things done. When other threw away my UB{P vote, he remain true to us voters.

  2. lifeblood says:

    “With an election date not yet set but expected to be announced sometimes within the next few months” …ya think?

  3. just a librarian says:

    i’m still finding it hard to choose the better option between the two.

  4. Sandman says:

    There are only a handful of marginal seats. If the OBA gets a swing of 5% or so, we may well see a hung parliament.

    It’s likely that the OBA will pick up #30 (Zane Desilva won with a 2% lead); #13 (Blakeney only has 3% lead); #10 (Dunkley won’t need much to unseat Patrice Minors this time); #3 (Lovitta Foggo won by just 4% last time); and #1 (Kenneth Bascombe will easily take it this time).

    That’s +5 to the OBA. They are also quite likely to pick up Pembroke South East due to all the PLP and ex-PLP candidates splitting the PLP vote. That’s +6.

    But then Wayne Furbert will probably manage to hang on to his seat, which will be a PLP gain from last time. The PLP will also very likely win in St George’s West, as the very narrow anti-PLP majority will be split between the Kim Swan and the OBA.

    Charlie Swan will probably hang on, so there will be one UBP MP still in parliament.

    This would give the weird result of PLP 18, OBA 17 and UBP 1. Assuming that Charlie Swan prefers the OBA to the PLP, then how on earth will the Governor be able to pick the Premier…

    Why on earth does the House of Assembly have an even number of seats…

  5. VIctor says:

    OBA will likely take 51 to 53% but PLP will win majority of seats – constitutional crisis time?

  6. hmmm says:

    When you see it laid out like this, its clear the PLP will win. Their candidates are far superior when laid out next to the OBA candidates.

    Victor, the constitution says that elections are won by number of seats, not majority percentage nationally. Remember in 2000 when Al Gore won the popular vote but Bush won # of delegates. Its the similar thing here. So whoever wins the higher # of seats will be the Govt.

    • Come Correct says:

      Superiority doesn’t matter if they’re unethical and untrustworthy…sorry I meant to say superiority SHOULDN’T matter, the voters already proved me wrong.

    • VIctor says:

      hmmm, We both acknowledge that with a first past the poll system it is possible for a party with fewer votes overall to win a majority of seats and that indeed this could well happen next election – That hardly makes it right and points to poorly drawn boundaries or outright gerrymandering. I trust that you are not suggesting that such a situation is right, desirable or fair.

      With regard to the quality of the candidates in the two main parties, it is not the untested OBA candidates who have made the present, directionless, clueless mess: one in which investors (especially home grown ones) will not open new businesses, a labour policy which has effectively destroyed the construction and residential markets thereby putting many Bermudians out of work, an environment in which it is widely accepted that Government corruption is the norm, etc…And you are suggesting those responsible are the more qualified to run the country?

      • Itsaboutallofus says:

        its not a matter of qualification. i feel the oba have made an error in judgement. i will admit that the plp have made mistakes. but i am not naive to believe that the oba wont make mistakes as well. no government is perfect and will make decisions that everyone likes. what i will say is that i think some of the oba candidates are just a bit too inexperienced. not just in politics, but in life in general. u have to have lived a bit and been through some situations to really feel the people and i think some of them cannot say that yet. what i really hope is that the plp win but win closely so that they pull up their socks.

        • Big D says:

          You know Itsaboutallofus, I hope/ don’t mind if the PLP win by a slight majority. It will make for better Governance, but the PLP need to put forward much better candidates not associated with the last 9 (not14) years of questionable leadership. At the end of the day, all of us did quite well under the UBP government… they were about all of us, ironically!! Sometimes, I wish we could go back to those times, without all the things that some people found offensive

          • hmmm says:

            I disagree Big D. All of us did not do well under the UBP. Some did. I also don’t think they were about all of us. They did some good things but made some misjudgements. The PLP has also made some questionable decisions. I do think the PLP did very well until 2008 when the economy collapsed. I don’t blame them totally for bermuda’s predicament as I understand the need for investment and borrowing. We are hardly alone in this situation. At the end of the day hopefully the best candidates win and we have a Parliament of 36 committed individuals.

    • navin Johnson says:

      Hmmmm when I see the candidates laid out as you indicated I do not see them as far superior necessarily just more well known due to their position in power…..many of the current cast have done nothing as evidenced by the continuous shuffling around of the same Ministerial people…a number of the PLP Ministers have failed in their positions and gotten turfed and others just sit on the back bench and collect paychecks…so its time for a change and have them go out in the real world and earn something like the rest of us….if the OBA does not work out in 5 years time kick them out too….we are saddled with this system of Government and winner take all with no bipartisan cooperation and this lot have let Bermuda down so time to go….new broom sweeps clean…..

  7. George says:

    @hmmmmmmm well as you obviously don’t realise ‘superiority’ of candidates don’t count for ’nuffin’ under the electoral system we continue to use/support.

    Voters continue to vote along party lines despite the ability of the individual candidates. What good is a ‘superior’ candidate if they are neutered by the Westminster Party political system they run under?

    This time around this disfunctional/unrepresentative system may actually favour the OBA/UBP, though as Sandman is predicting it will be a close one!

  8. Peace says:

    I have a headache!

  9. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Can’t wait to see whose feelings get hurt !

  10. Itsaboutallofus says:

    C1 – Dame Jennifer (PLP)
    C2 – Kim Swan (UBP)
    C3 – Lovitta Foggo (PLP)
    C4 – Suzanne Holshouser (OBA)
    C5 – Derrick Burgess (PLP)
    C6 – Wayne Furbert (PLP)
    C7 – Diallo Rabain (PLP)
    C8 – Cole Simons (OBA)
    C9 – Trevor Moniz (OBA)
    C10 – Michael Dunkley (OBA)
    C11 – Neville Tyrrell (PLP)
    C12 – Craig Cannonier (OBA)
    C13 – Glenn Blakeney (PLP)
    C14 – Paula Cox (PLP)
    C15 – Walter Roban (PLP)
    C16 – Michael Weeks (PLP)
    C17 – Walton Brown (PLP)
    C18 – David Burt (PLP)
    C19 – Jeanne Atherden (OBA)
    C20 – whoever the OBA runs
    C21 – Rolfe Commissiong (PLP)
    C22 – Grant Gibbons (OBA)
    C23 – Pat Gordon Pamplin (OBA)
    C24 – Lawrence Scott (PLP)
    C25 – Dale Butler (PLP)
    C26 – Marc Bean (PLP)
    C27 – Colonel David Burch (PLP)
    C28 – Jeff Souza (OBA)
    C29 – Zane Desilva (PLP)
    C30 – Stephen Todd (PLP)
    C31 – Shawn Crockwell (OBA)
    C32 – Randy Horton (PLP)
    C33 – Terry Lister (PLP)
    C34 – Kim Wilson (PLP)
    C35 – Dennis Lister (PLP)
    C36 – Michael Scott (PLP)

    PLP wins with 24 seats, OBA gets 11 and UBP get 1.

    • Big D says:

      Rolfe Commissiong and Burch give me a break!! You definitely don’t give the swing voters any credit!

  11. We care says:

    Where are the Patrick Tannocks, Darren Johnsons and Gil Tucker’s? These guys have so much to offer the country! Come on you guys you are all proven leaders, self made successful and yet still grounded with real intellect, integrity, depth and no baggage! When we look at the list of individual’s you can run rings around them and provide the vision and leadership to get this country back on track! You guys and others like you need to step it up and get involved….it’s not too late!!

  12. Bermudian says:

    Noone can predict the future, but we can ensure that history isn’t repeated. Under this government’s so called leadership they have drowned this Island in debt, chased away foreigners, the highest unemployment rate ever (correct me if I’m wrong). The only option for me is NOT to vote the PLP back in…their track record says it all. I think they’ve had their chance and failed, time for someone else to take over.