Annual Charman Prize To Be Awarded

October 5, 2012

October will see the opening of the 5th annual Charman Prize in the Butterfield Family Gallery at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. Established in 2008, the Charman Prize in an annual art prize competition for local artists based in Bermuda. Sponsor and patron of the Charman Prize is Mr John Charman.

Mr Charman said: “It is with great pleasure that I sponsor the 5th annual Charman Prize competition. My philanthropic pursuit is driven by a desire to build a platform for our community’s artistic expression. A community without a common space to exhibit art is similar to crafting a ship without a body of water to launch it into and float upon.”

The intention of the Charman Prize is to exhibit artwork inspired by Bermuda and to honor and support artists in the creation of their artwork. Along with displaying the extraordinary range of artistic talent that exists within the community, the competition awards prizes to confer tangible recognition of excellence to the worthy recipients.

The entries are displayed in the Butterfield Family Gallery and in this way, Masterworks recognises the significant contribution that Bermuda’s contemporary artists make to the community. In the past five years since its inception, the Charman Prize has become a well-established highlight of the annual art calendar in Bermuda.

Mr Charman said: “As Masterworks celebrates their twenty-fifth anniversary of repatriating artwork inspired by Bermuda, I applaud their collective determination to provide Bermuda with significant heirlooms that provide future generations with windows into the past. In our 5th year of the Charman Prize, we can see Bermuda’s soul mirrored in Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art”

Artwork in the 2012 Charman Prize competition is judged by a panel of experts on four criteria points falling under the theme “Bermuda Inspiration’s: Artwork inspired by Bermuda, that through the artist vision we can see Bermuda with a fresh eye.”

This years three judges are Doina Popescu, director of the Ryerson Image Centre, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario; Betty Krulik, appraiser and private dealer in 19th – and early 20th century American art; and John Slavin, professional conservator.

The four judging criteria points are: design and composition – fine use of the principles and elements of design and composition; use of material – technical mastery and skill in a chosen medium; distinctive and convincing style – a highly developed quality of creativity and originality; and source of inspiration – a clear intent and vision.

The grand-prize-winning artist wins $10,000 for the artwork that embodies an outstanding example of the judging criteria. Four prizes of $2,500 are awarded for artworks that are outstanding examples of each of the four criteria, and 12 honorable mention prizes of $100 are awarded for notable artworks that embody strong elements of each of the four criteria.

Previous grand-prize winners include Kathy Harriot in 2008, Graham Foster in 2009, Sabrina Alexandria Powell in 2010, and Andrew Stevenson in 2011. Their works now form part of the permanent Masterwork’s Bermudiana Collection. All works on display in the competition (apart from the grand prize winner) will be for sale.

The Charman Prize will open on Friday, October 12, from 5:30 – 8:30pm. The awards ceremony will begin at 6:30pm. This is open to the general public. The show will be displayed in the Butterfield Family Gallery until January 3rd. The museum is open Monday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm, Sunday 11am – 4:30pm. Admission $5, free for members and children under 12.

For more information please contact Robyn De Silva on 299-4000

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