Police: Safety Advice For Pedestrians

October 5, 2012

The police have reminded the those walk or run on Bermuda’s roads during the hours of darkness to wear the appropriate safety gear such as reflective clothing.

A police spokesperson said: “Members of the pubic who walk or run along Bermuda’s roads, particularly during the hours of darkness, are reminded to wear the appropriate safety gear e.g. reflective clothing and or light coloured clothing. Pedestrians are encouraged to take these precautions to ensure that they are more visible to vehicular traffic when exercising.”

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  1. Jai says:

    OMG this is very important here. There are too many people walking and running day and night without safety gear above also with their backs towards the traffic. It would be safer to walk/run facing the traffic.
    This may not always be possible but please take care. There is too much traffic and careless drivers. I drive a car from the east end and I see the danger and the chances you are taking especially on blind corners and on the Causeway.

    Walk & run in open spaces; beaches, parks, school fields, etc