Cox Resigns, Burgess New Acting PLP Leader

December 18, 2012

The PLP has confirmed that Paula Cox has tendered her resignation as Party Leader effective immediately, and Derrick Burgess will serve as Acting Party Leader.

Ms Cox lost her Devonshire North West seat to the OBA’s Glen Smith, becoming the first sitting Premier to be defeated since the Westminster-style political system was introduced on the island more than 40 years ago.

She received 377 votes, while Mr Smith received 470. Her defeat was followed by a defeat for the entire party, who lost power after the OBA claimed a 19-17 majority.

A statement from the party said: “The Progressive Labour Party can confirm that the Hon. Paula A. Cox, has tendered her resignation as Party Leader effective immediately.

“In the interim, the Hon. Derrick Burgess will serve as Acting Party Leader. We thank Ms. Cox for her unwavering commitment, service and dedication to our country and Party.”

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  1. John says:

    A man of violence in charge of the country. Hurry up Mr Governor and swear in Craig Cannonier ASAP..

    • Ha says:

      You have not seen Craig’s temper….

      • The Truthsayer says:

        Wat temper?! Ya mean when ya boy got irritated because some dumba$$ reporter pestered him to answerr a question that he didn’t have too..ya you would be irritated too. Lay down already shseesh

        • Mayan says:

          Uh-Craig Canninier DOES have a temper and a fiery one at that. I really hope he gets it under control and gets some anger management classes or something.

          With that said, I am happy that he’s the Premier. He really gives off an aura of authority and he and his wife make a nice first couple. He has a look that commands respect and has way more personality than Paula did.

          BTW-I also really like Bob Richards and I hope he becomes Finance Minister. Before I met him, just from seeing him on t.v. I thought he was some kind of arrogant jerk. I knew people who knew him personally and they always said he was a really great guy and I was like ‘Yeah, right! Tell me anything!” However, they were right-he really is the nicest person and very friendly and seems genuinely caring. He’s great!

          • Let me get this str8 says:

            Mr. Richards has always been a stand up and approachable gentleman. The evidence is clear in the attitude and personality of his two sons.

            It is only the PLP hate machine that has painted a picture of him being some elitist snob.

            In the end personal attacks and denigration is all that they have to stand on.

            • Mayan says:

              @Let me get this str8:

              Yup, I think you’re right in that it was an image that was deceitfully put out there by persons who shall remain unnamed. You’re also right in that he is approachable-I actually met him out and about and just had a little chat and I was left with a really big impression of him. I actually felt ashamed that I had thought for years he was some stuck-up snob-he really wasn’t that way AT ALL. I felt really comfortable talking to him and he was actually very sweet and humble. I really, really liked him a lot (and I DID make sure to tell everyone I knew who shared that view that he wasn’t the way we’d always thought).

              I guess the moral of the story is not to listen to the opinions or views of others but to judge for yourself!!!

        • Ha says:

          Who’s talking about that, mister know it all. Wat Ya scoool ya go to bouy? I bet you voted for him didn’t you ha! I did I know.

      • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

        He at least had the sense to …walk away.

  2. Finally says:

    About time

  3. Clarity says:

    Thanks Paula for your hard work! Enjoy your break from politics. Although I don’t believe in party politics, I appreciate your genuine care and compassion for the people. Based on what they said in their platform, the OBA plans to keep/improve on many of the initiatives you started. Let’s hope they keep their promises.

    • Bullseye says:

      Perhaps if she had gotten off her high horse and away from baseless award ceremonies and actually walked among the people and canvassed she would have won. She was blindsided by her own complacency.
      Now she simply has a mammoth pension to lick her wounds. Don’t be sorry for Paula. She should have worked harder and for the people. It’s just that simple.

  4. The Truthsayer says:


  5. Jango says:

    That is good. The voters saved the party the pleasure of ousting her as party leader.

  6. Patricia says:

    Stop, lol.

  7. Hudson says:

    Before anything else is said on this blog, I would like to just thank Ms Cox for her service to Bermuda and commitment to carrying out her positions. Ms Cox, I have met you a few times – you won’t remember me – I’m a middle aged white woman who you had little interest in talking to when given the chance but I understand and do not hold hard feelings. I wish you all the best in your future and hope that you will join in embracing a unified one Bermuda going forward. You are a good woman surrounded by a few very angry and bitter people that seemed to oversshadow so much of the good you were trying to accomplish. I hope that the rest of Bermuda will join me in wishing you well going forward and thanking you for your services.

    • Wicked says:

      blah…blah…blah don’t let the door hit you on the,,,

  8. Cousin says:

    Ms. Cox was a committed leader who really had a heart for the people, much like her late father, however she did not have a strong enough team to back her up. Being the finance minister and having so much go wrong bordering on fraud while under her watch did not bode well for her. Sad to see her go personally but the show must go on.

    • Bullseye says:

      Her father was a great man and a gentleman. He was a man of principle. He never would have allowed what went on under her watch to happen. He had integrity.

      Do not denigrate his legacy by comparing her in stature to him. He was a true gentleman.

      She let fraud occur that would turn him in his grave.

      If you drive the getaway car then you are as bad as the bank-robber and that is what she signed off on for years and then claimed departure from those ways. She has paid the price, but we all as Bermudians are going to pay the price for years to come. I have no pity for Paula. She chose her road.

  9. theothersidebda says:

    Derrick as opposition leader is far better than Derrick as Premier…thankful for that.

    • Webster says:

      The P.L.P. needs to get rid of Derrick Burgess, and Zane Desilva these two men only want what they can obtain for themselves,and to hell with the people.

  10. say it like it is. says:

    lordy lordy, he’s worse than her.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Who else do they have??? Zane???? WHAAAAAA HAHAHAHA!!!!! Wouldn’t that be something!!!!! A surrogate!

      Zane will be gone in a couple of years anyway. Personal reasons.

      • just a thought says:

        Yeah.. its called no more Govt contracts!!

        • BDAHermit says:

          Zane will either join the OBA or just retire from politics. He’s in it for the Government contracts and profits, and just look at him in his interview last night. Nobody looked more shellshocked than him.

          • squids rule says:

            JOIN THE OBA??? say it isn’t so….. his poisonous divisive tactics are NOT what the OBA are about. no.

            • Wicked says:

              too late for him and wayne to turn tail and beg back in.. OBA is not UBP!

            • BDAHermit says:

              I hope not but I wouldn’t leave anything out from Zane. I wouldn’t trust that guy to do my groceries…

              I hope you’re right though, I’m just saying it wouldn’t be suprising considering what Zane’s mission in politics is. In his current position now he gets nothing out of it.

              • The Truthsayer says:

                Ya…..just like the 8 with six zero’s after it for the golfcourse!

          • Dana says:

            Don’t really think if he departs government altogether anyone would miss him, let him leave – we don’t want him on OBA.

          • Webster says:

            BDA Hermit, the OBA would never allow Zane in their party…Zane.Dennis and Mark, you need to go and confess your sins…

      • Mayan says:

        Zane looked like he was going to be sick with disappointment up on that stage. People like him like to align themselves with ‘winners’ and thrive on power so don’t be surprised if he tries to walk the floor. If he does try that, the OBA needs to tell him to walk himself back over where he came from!!!

  11. Concerned says:

    Congratulations Mr. Burgess on your victory. You finally made it to hot seat even if for only a short time. I know that you will do your best and perhaps you will write your own speeches and press comments and please, speak from your heart “Truthfully”.

  12. Family Man says:

    Oh, BS.

    Cox was NOT a leader by any definition of the word. Even she described herself as merely a cog. If she really cared about Bermuda she would have stood up to Ewart instead of continually writing blank cheques. She couldn’t even stand up to Derrick Burgess and Pastor Bean.

    • pebblebeach says:

      How true…

    • Webster says:

      Thank God and the people of Bermuda !!!! we no longer have to deal with the cog.
      Paula Cox was the worst Premeir we have ever had.

  13. Verbal Kint says:

    The PLP went to such great lengths to put weak candidates into “safe seats” that they have seriously handcuffed themselves as an opposition. Who is available to lead them who is experienced enough, and doesn’t have a closet full of skeletons? The Listers and Kim Wilson. That is the (very short) list.

    • BDAHermit says:

      I’m betting the Listers. Kim Wilson is very talented and loyal to the party but she just got elected to parliament. Future Leader if the PLP manages to stay together? Yes. Leader in the next Five Years? No.

  14. Loquatz says:

    Good luck Paula. On TV last night you looked so relieved – and sounded like a normal person again without all the stiffness and extra adjectives that have infused your political persona.

    But why oh why did you let all that money slip through your fingers? Why did you never put your foot down to challenge King Ewart? We’d all be in such a different position today.

  15. Vulpes says:

    It’s all Ewart’s fault – he vowed to destroy the UBP and took his own Pary down too with his vicious hatred. The least bit of moderation and despite the economy, this electoral defeat would never have happened. It does not look good for the PLP with the likes of haters like Commissiong and Burgess looking set to take charge.

  16. I'm just saying...... says:

    Mrs Cox was a great leader who tried her best and will all ways have the respect of her People.

    May God Bless her.

    May God Bless Bermuda because We have no idea were we are going AND THE New/ Old Government HAS NO RESPECT FOR US they didn’t Post 98 and they don’t now.

    WE ALLOWED OUR SELVES TO GET Willy Lynched BDA BY Not voting.

    Blame your self.

    • squids rule says:

      let go of the negativity – we are all in this together. we are. we ALL won last night. we really did. the whole island. no blame is necessary.

      look around you – we live in the most spectacular place on earth. we all, no matter what our circumstances, are actually lucky to be here. if you turn your head and look out, away from our shores, you will see that.

      the oba is not the old govt. the oba is the oba. please let them give us all a chance to work together. please. ’tis the season, friend. ’tis the season.

      merry christmas to you and your family

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      And why exactly do you think so many abstained from voting?

      Blame yourselves for not governing in a manner that would have led more of the PLP supporters to vote.

      Take some responsibility, for once, for your actions and inactions and stop blaming others.

    • SMH says:


    • itchy eyeballs says:

      Now that we have all been shown what bad behaviour looks like on both sides, it is hopefully the dawn of a new era. No one should feel like a government party is out to get them just because of some characteristic they were born with! I trust we can all hold OBA to their word, and keep them in line if they stray from it, when they say they represent and act for the best interests of ALL Bermudians

  17. citi zen says:

    I must say Ms. Cox you are a true Bermudian. Love & compassion was on your side. Just look how graciously she took her defeat!
    I think PLP needed a shaking so upon their return they would serve us better.

    Thanks PLP government. Now, you be a good opposition please. Keep OBA on their toes. We look forward to you return in years to come.

  18. Glad its Overr says:

    Derrick Burgess as Opp Leader…really? I hope its temporary…he is a terrible speaker. I always turn the volume down. I think Kim Wilson would be better. She works hard and speaks wonderfully and intelligently which is what the PLP needs. I really hope PLP doesn’t settle for Derrick Burgess.

    Paula Cox, I think she really tried and I wish her all the best. I was disappointed that she joined in with the whole OBA/UBP secret plan thing and turned this into a race issue when there was so many other issues to discuss. I think that when they did that…they lost the election. Sad but true.

    As for Wayne Furbert, he should have lost. I have zero respect for him as a person. Not because he joined the PLP (that’s his right) but because of the crap he speaks when he’s with the PLP. He’s a different person depending on which side of the house he is on…he isnt being true to himself or the people.

    The people have spoken and what they are saying is that if you don’t work hard for the whole country, for all people then you will get voted out. OBA needs to remember that. I wish them well as they try to get Bermuda on the right track. Wont be easy.

    • Former Union Member says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Get a PLP leader who will work with the OBA rather than bringing all the baggage with them from the past. I am afraid I have no confidence or support for Mr. Burgess who is divisive and angry.

  19. SoMuchMore says:

    If they had done their job right from the beginning they would have had nothing to worry about, nuff said.

  20. Truth says:

    Dear Paula,

    You have done your country and your party proud. You were the class in the room. You governed in the same way that you departed…with grace.

    Your wise counsel will be sought for many years to come, but you are due a break for now.

    With sincerity, thank you.

  21. Bdabdabdabda says:

    Paula Cox presided over the most fiscally irresponsible regime this country has ever seen. Both as finance minister and subsequently as premier. I would like to know what we are supposed to be thanking her for? That’s like telling the CFO of Enron “good job”!
    If you take the position that she was not culpable for what happened under her watch, then you have to fall back to the position that she was grossly negligent of her fiduciary responsibility OR wildly incompetent. Take your choice. Either way, thanks are not in order.

  22. BDAHermit says:

    Looking at Paula Cox’s concession speech on youtube Derrick Burgess looked the happiest of any member on stage. To be fair, Paula herself handled the situation very well.

    Blakney was on the verge of tears.

  23. Next Leader? says:

    Walter Roban
    Derrick Burgess

    Marc Bean
    David Burt
    Glenn Blakeney
    Kim Wilson

    I would hope that it would be Roban or Burt.

    • Just Curious says:

      good lord not Walter Roban, the guy who hands out favors to his buddy Zane before he resigns.

      not Derrick Burgess, the guy who is an agry BIU guy who helped to bring labour chaos to the island

      not Glen Blakeney,with his issues, not Marc Bean, David Burt with their smugness and arrogance.

      that leaves Kim Wilson, and once she removes all of those superfluous words, normal people like me might understand her.

      • BDAHermit says:

        Or the Listers…

        Perhaps they might be crazy enough to give it to Foggo, I dearly hope not.

      • Next Leader? says:

        Weren’t you all the same ones that said Paula Cox would be so much better than Ewart Brown? Then, you savaged her.

        • Pastor Syl says:

          I was never enthusioatic about Ms Cox. IMHO she is primariily responsible for our current fiancial crisis. She was the only one with the power to reiin in Dr Brown. By retaining the Finance ministry and not passing PATI or giving the Audiitor General. Full powers of subpoena she made herself appear complicit with the activity that took place during Dr Brown’s ‘reignK

    • Vulpes says:

      Watch Kim Wilson – unless she comes to her senses and switches sides where she really should be.

    • Bullseye says:

      Marc Bean is a complete moron.

      I would not say this unless I thought it to be totally true.

      He has asked to raise the speed limit, decriminalize weed, and give license to Taiwan to raid our fisheries. AND he is hand-picked by Dr. Brown. He is an idiot.

      How he won anything I have no idea.

      I would welcome Burch back in for at least he is smart and we know what we are getting.

  24. Yng Black Mind says:

    This is the reason our country is in its current state – - You all can’t simply allow the former Premier the level of dignity to resign without the vile, negative comments?

    She served her country well – - you may have your opinions about her term as Premier, but you cannot sit in judgement.

    Mr. Burgess would not have been my first choice for Party Leader, but I am not a member of the party – thus it is not my choice or decision.

    Please, I ask that you stop with the negative rhetoric – - simply encourage the OBA and the PLP to work together for a better Bermuda – which is what I believe we all want – correct?!?

    I said it before the election, whoever wins government has alot of work to do – - they need us all to support – - but I, for one, will be watching every carefully – as I always have.

    Yng Black Mind

    • Um Um Like says:

      She served her country well? HOW?

    • Verbal Kint says:

      Comments that call into question her handling of the purse are not vile or negative, in an of themselves. They just point to what many of the citizenry believe was her part in Government’s mismanaagement. Not being vile, just being honest. How well she served her country will tell in time, I hope. As to the rest of your comment, I agree. Much has to be done and all must pull together.

    • Hey says:

      @Yng Black Minds

      “encourage the OBA and the PLP to work together for a better Bermuda – which is what I believe we all want – correct?!?”


    • Bdabdabdabda says:

      Why not call t for what it was. The PLP under Paula Cox’s watch as minister of finance, went on an unchecked reckless spending spree that has put this country on the brink of financial ruin. And now that she’s been booted, you want to brush that off as rhetoric. The PLP is a party who’s central tenant is righting the wrongs of the past, except when it’s their own wrongs, then we should be respectful and leave it be?

      It seems like you’ve given yourself license to judge anyone you see fit. Rhetoric indeed!!

      • Yng Black Mind says:

        You totally missed my point.

        I spoke to the vile and negative comments – not about the government, their policies, and their record – I am speaking to the personal attacks on Paula Cox herself. Statements like “don’t let the door hit you in the a–” , “good riddance”, calling her a devil, and suggesting “she sell her hats to make money cause she gonna be broke”. These statements are unnecessary and just plain wrong – you can not justify them – period.

        Call the PLP on their record – I’ve done so on many different occasions – I’m fine with it.

        But leave the negative personally attacks out – that’s it.

        • Pastor Syl says:

          I have to agree with you , YBM. The examples u mention are rude n helped to taint the campaign period.

    • Bullseye says:

      “She served her country well – – you may have your opinions about her term as Premier, but you cannot sit in judgement.”

      Arent our opinions what you are calling judgement?

    • itchy eyeballs says:

      our failure to hold elected officials in judgement of bad behaviour is exactly the problem. they work for us, not the other way around!

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      I agree with you – we all need to WORK together. If we do, we rise again. If not we ALL fail. We need an effective governement and oppossition that will take a good idea and make it happen regardless of where the idea came from. For the last 40 years we have had oppossitions that simple oppossed EVERYtTHING just because it was the other guys idea.

  25. Mike Hunt says:

    The best choice is Kim Wilson
    Second would be Walton Brown.

    You need someone untainted with the past poor decisions and corruption.

    On a separate note if I were Craig Cannonier I would appoint Dale Butler to my new cabinet.

    • BDAHermit says:

      Actually, Walton Brown makes sense on many different levels. I’d lump him in with The Listers and Kim Wilson for candidates.

      It would be funny if after all this talk and speculation they just keep Burgess.

    • Good idea Mike, Dale should have crossed the floor and joined the OBA at its formation, it was much more refective of his philosophies and it would have helped cement the OBA’s credibility.

      • squids rule says:

        agree 100%. hopefully he will have the mettle to do so now. he would be welcome, i am sure. as i said in a past posting, today there are no losers. we ALL win with the OBA putting a fresh face on governance.

    • tired of the petty people says:

      Kim Wilson would be my choice too

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      How can Dale Butler be appointed to anything by the OBA? He lost his seat. The PLP could appoint him to the Senate but that is not likely. He will be abandoned & forgotten.

    • Webster says:

      Walton Brown , would be a disaster… he has issues that he needs to deal with …please do not consider him for anything to do with any government posts. ”The Peoples show ”host will interview him on wednesday….and guess what the only people on this so called talk show are all P.L.P.supporters….. Lavern, I know you are going to call in……

    • Bullseye says:

      I thought Dale was a shoo-in to join cabinet, but I think that has changed since he didnt win. I may be wrong.

  26. Verbal Kint says:

    I could see Walton Brown.

  27. St. Davids says:

    Lets be honest, they don’t have any “real” leaders left. Walter Roban? hahahahaha please what has he done with himself other than a position in the bank where he was anything but a leader, and then a PLp minister that had to resign as a result of corruption. The Listers? Nice? Sure, but Leaders? No way. They are not leaders….ppllllease. Walton Brown? Please tell me where this man has been succesful in his personal life before you even mention his name in the same sentence as leader………. that leaves Kim Wilson or Zane. I like Kim, I think that she should be given a cabinet position, and Zane, he would be a leader which may be effective, but he has been very divisive and would remind me more of Ewart than anyone else.

  28. Cross+Roads says:

    I could see the relief on Paula Cox`s face knowing the task ahead was way beyond her and her party when she lost her seat. I will not thank her for putting Bermuda in a state of massive debt, massive cost overruns on projects, shrinking police service and over inflated civil service. She was leader of the country and the buck stops with her. So yea, Paula don`t let the door hit you , EB and the yes ministers on the way out ! “GOODBYE” !!!!!!!!

  29. Opressed says:

    Cox was, and still is a total embarrassment to ALL of Bermuda, she and EAB will go down in the annals of Bermuda history as two of the most destructive people ever to walk our shores.

    Ms Cox, the people of this Island were tired of you and your cronies, very tired (and poor).

  30. tired of the petty people says:

    I have won a 50cent bet – I KNEW it would be him, and said all along that as soon as the election was over, Paula would either be ousted or resign and he would weedle in … he is a snake in the grass.

  31. Liars says:

    Derick Burgess comes across like a racist fool!

    • Question? says:

      Why is this a surprise? Everyone knows he’s fool. The only question on the racism side is whether or not he claims that his opponents don’t like him based on race or whether they object because he’s a moron?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You are being too nice. Tell us how you really feel.

    • Webster says:

      Derrick Burgess is a racist fool, look what he said about Larry Dennis !!!!it is all about black and white with this idiot.and the times they are a changing…. and the young people do not want to be a part of the racist crap..that is why the P.L.P. LOST THE ELECTION….

      • Webster says:

        opressed. what a legacy for these so called leaders….Eugene Cox, was a fantastic man, he would be so ashamed of what his daughter did to our Island, because she had no leadership qualities…. and as she said she ws only a cog in the wheel….so doc Brown was the driver ?

    • Ha says:

      No just a fool…

  32. Y-Gurl says:

    How many crooked contracts can he issue in half a day relax

    • Come Correct says:

      How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

      How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll centre of a tootsie pop?
      …The world may never know…

  33. Jango says:

    To show us that they are serious about embracing all races. I am sure that they will appoint Zane as leader.
    LaVern…LaVerne… wherefore art thou?

  34. BDAHermit says:

    I wonder about some of the losing new candidates as well. Vince Ingham was easily the most embarrassing candidate since Jane Correia. Jonathan Smith never did anything special and was stuck into an OBA stronghold, he seems to always like a position of power, so I wonder if his career path will switch.

    Leroy Bean is an example of one of the reasons the PLP lost this election and hopefully this man never runs again for public office under any party, it would have been a disgrace to the people of Bermuda had he won. Some like Darius got fed to the Lion’s den (or in this case the lioness) in Paget West and others like Stephen Todd never really made any noise throughout the campaign. Then of course there was Diallo and Anthony, two candidates that I actually liked but were stuck in OBA strongholds. Anthony was the only candidate that bothered to answer mine and multiple other’s question’s online on Facebook and seemed to have a good vision for Bermuda. Unlike much of their childish buffoonery online Anthony actually engaged in intelligent conversation.

  35. Just a thought says:

    I have always voted PLP but this time round they lost my vote. They had become too arrogant and had lost the plot. However, Paula cox as Premier was far better than the others…she was a cog yes…but who in the party would have told the Dr …NO…ABSOLUTELY NOT…hmmm.
    I wish to thank Paula Cox for trying to do the right thing with old timers who had a feeling of entitlement…you all became unavailable to the people..and I have evidence to support that. I hope our former Premier takes time out to relax and take a well earned rest. To the remaining PLP members…wake up and smell the coffee….you now need to regroup and say farewell to the people who really need to bow out of politics. To the newly elected OBA…learn from the mistakes of the PLP…never forget who put you there….it’s not a graceful fall when you dumped. I wish you well and hope everyone comes together to work for the country and not party politics and inflated egos. God Bless Bermuda as a new day dawns…

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      I agree – didn’t vote PLP but I have always had a lot of respect for Paula. I would have preferred to see some others (the negative, self-serving ones) go – and her stay.

      You need to trust the elected oppossition as much as you need to trust the governemnt

  36. Jango says:

    If Paula was such a great leader, the plp should offer a senate seat so she can be COGnicent of the fact that you need testicular fortitude to lead.

  37. elgreen says:

    With Derrick Burgess as temporary Leader of the PLP, where does that leave Michael Scott? Out of the picture for a Shadow Ministry? Was it not rumored that they did not want to be in the same room together? What a shame some talents may go to waste!

  38. Winnie Dread says:

    I would like to thank Ms Cox for her service when she was actually serving. Leadership was thrusted unto her and that was it,she proved me right being eloquent does not equate to being a strong, good leader.Smart she is though she wanted no parts of the process any longer, so she called the elections as soon as she became eligible for her pension. She barely canvased and was seemingly not enthused. The rest they say is history or in this case herstory…..

  39. joe says:

    As with the UBP, the PLP will fall apart, or at least remake itself in a new image. The days of expecting black voters to toe the line is over.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You had better hope that is true. By popular vote the OBA did not win by much, despite their very positive campaign against an extremely dismal performance record of the PLP.

      If the voting was done by the real issues the OBA should have won by a landslide. As it is the OBA barely got in. The PLP lost. The OBA did not really win. Traditional PLP voters either voted for them again, just because thats what they always do, or did not vote at all because they could not bring themselves to vote OBA.

      Alot of Bermuda voters still have much maturing to do to get to the stage of voting based on performance & issues.

      • Glad its Overr says:

        Bermuda needs to mature into the type of voter that doesn’t always vote black or white but vote on performance. The Government works for us, we the people are the tax payers…if they don’t do a good job, vote them out…simple. I have voted for both parties and wont hesitate to keep doing it.

      • good one says:

        He shut down the conference so you would not hear how he will fix the real issues because he doesn’t have a clue. The voters stayed at home because the PLP ruined their trust and respect can you blame them.