Motorbike/Car Collision On Blue Hole Hill

December 10, 2012

[Updated] At approximately 10.50am this morning [Dec 10] a collision occurred involving a motorcycle and a car on Blue Hole Hill near the Causeway, leaving the motorcycle rider stuck under the car. Members of the public helped remove the trapped rider, an 18-year-old Hamilton parish man.

The Police and Fire Service responded and treated the man at the scene, until an ambulance came and transported him away for medical treatment. Traffic was held up from crossing the Causeway for a short time, causing a small traffic build up on both sides.

Update 6.27pm: A police spokesperson said: “Around 11am on Monday, December 10th police and first responders attended a reported two vehicle collision on Blue Hole Hill in Hamilton parish. It appears that a car was being driven along Blue Hole Hill and a motorcycle was being ridden along the same road when the vehicles collided.

“The motorcycle rider, an 18 year old Hamilton parish man, was injured as a result and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment. There were no other injuries reported; however both vehicles were damaged. Inquiries into this collision are ongoing.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    Just couldn’t quite squeeze through that gap could he.

  2. Just One says:

    Too many people on bikes taking unnecessary chances. Assuming this was the rider’s fault, why must bike riders squeeze between cars (third lane riders)? Is it really worth your safety and life? Somebody once told me “it’s a fun game until you hit the ground”… I’m hoping the rider is not seriously injured, but also hoping that risky bike riders can learn from this sad news…

    Five benefits to driving/riding with care:

    1. Less loss of life on the road = less grieving by family/friends
    2. Less vehicle damage
    3. Less insurance costs
    4. Less court fines
    5. Less traffic jams!!!

  3. Like It Is says:

    Less they stop…

  4. Straight Like That says:

    Stop blaming the bike riders you old farts. It could have been the person in the car, just maybe. #GoLong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!