Photos/Videos: New Cabinet Ministers Sworn In

December 20, 2012

[Updated with videos] Premier Craig Cannonier appointed twelve new Cabinet Ministers who were all sworn in by Governor George Fergusson earlier today [Dec 20].

Some portfolios were shuffled from the positions held in the previous administration, with tourism teamed with transport, while economic development and home affairs are stand-alone ministries.

Two Senators were appointed and given Cabinet positions: Nalton Brangman was named Minister of Education, and Michael Fahy was made Minister of Home Affairs. The other three Senators were not appointed during today’s ceremony.

As expected, Bob Richards is the new Minister of Finance, while Dr Grant Gibbons is Minister of Economic Development, and Pat Gordon-Pamplin is Minister of Health & Seniors.

Michael Dunkley is the new Minister of Public Safety, Shawn Crockwell is Minister of Tourism & Transport, Trevor Moniz is Minister of Public Works and the new Attorney General is Mark Pettingill.

Three newly elected MPs were appointed to Cabinet; Sylvan Richards is Minister of Environment & Planning, R Wayne Scott is Minister of Community & Cultural Development and Leah Scott will serve as Minister Without Portfolio.

Premier Cannonier said: “I have spent the past two and a half days talking with each new minister and I can say that they are fired up and ready to get down to the people’s business.

“Our primary focus is to get our economy growing again, creating the conditions for new jobs and opportunity… creating conditions to help people meet their daily needs; to ease the pressures they face.

The Premier Cannonier said: “I extended an invitation to a PLP MP to join the Cabinet but they declined, citing a party position to not accept such an offer at this time.”

“Our Cabinet Ministers will take a 10% pay cut effective immediately,” said Premier Cannonier. “The people of this country are going through very tough times, and it is essential they know that their elected representatives are with them. We cannot expect Bermudians to tighten their belts without their leaders doing the same. Sacrifice must be shared.

The PLP said they “take note” of this evening’s OBA Cabinet appointments. “When our Shadow Cabinet is unveiled, we will show Bermuda who will be standing strong for them on our behalf in Parliament,” said the PLP.

Click to enlarge:

Attorney General & Minister of Legal Affairs Mark Pettingill:

Minister of Community & Cultural Development R Wayne Scott:

Minister for Home Affairs Michael Fahy:

Minister of Economic Development Dr Grant Gibbons:

Minister of Public Safety Michael Dunkley:

Minister of Tourism & Transport Shawn Crockwell:

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  1. Ian Moone says:

    Hey wait I thought the OBA is about cutting cost…yet they appointed a minister with portfolio. So doesn’t this mean that this person is getting paid $159,666 to do nothing? Wow if that’s what they call cutting cost we still are is trouble.

    Well I guess that’s a job created…1 down 1,999 to go!!!

    • David Henry says:

      Hey wait, can you read? 10% pay cut for ALL ministers effective immediately. More than 10 ministers, and well, you do the math.

      Or–assuming your math skills are just as “good” as your reading skills–would you prefer I do the math for you?

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      You don’t actually know anything at all about what normally is and is not in a cabinet do you.

    • jonny says:

      wasnt michael weeks a minister without portfolio when plp was in power and getting paid the same… Ministers without portfolio are used as backup misiters when others are on vacation or off sick

    • Dana says:

      When Zane DeSilva first came in he was appointed Minister without Portfolio – under Brown administration. How quickly they forget.

  2. RME says:

    Watch out Craig, Bob is coming for your job next! He’s wanted it all along. You are being used my friend.

    • Richard says:

      `truth be told aaaaaaaah Craig do not really fit the roll I wish they would stop playing these game and just let Gibbons do his thing all joke aside Other then BoB Mr Gibbons is the best Person for the Job yes I voted for the OBA and I told them this on the campain trail But who ever it is let get it Rocking.

      • media says:

        Remember the only way that a new Leader and Premier can be elected is by the OBA membership voting them in. It can’t just happen in some hotel room under the cover of darkeness like the PLP did with Jennifer Smith.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You might want to enlighten us on why Bob Richards, or any other OBA members, should NOT have aspirations of becoming the Premier someday?

      Every well run organization has a regular turnover of people on its board.

      There is a difference between the PLP & OBA. One is run as a dictatorship. The other operates like a business.

  3. Is this for real? says:

    My concern is that they have adopted the orphans form the UBP home. Why did Craig pick Trevor moniz ( to appeal to the portuguese people) Why did he pick Dunkley (experience in cabinet) Why did he pick Grant ( experience) Why did he pick Pamplin ( experience) Why did pick Shawn Crockwell (experience) Why did he pick Bob Richards (experience) Why did he pick Pettingil ( experience) Okay…so why didnt he just stay UBP since they have the experience. Experience being what. UBP=White Supremacy
    So the truth shows up…the others are window dressing surrogates….So the PLP tried to warn us.
    THey begged us not to do this.
    THEy Tried to stave off the attacks..
    THey told us to have faith…
    So the same old divider man came back with a new outfit and a new surrogate…they divided and conquered. The issue is where do the government contracts go and what is the type of legislation…That is what government is all about…Contracts and board, legislation. Craig does simply shows up and smiles. Each minister is a law unto himself….We just saw the best bait and switch in our history…the battle is still the same…who controls…white or black…the whites are back in control and they will come down like a roaring lion because they know their time is short!

    • Ringmaster says:

      Were you paying attention on Monday? The PLP ran on the old UBP/white bogeyman platform and lost the election heavily. Race baiting has been consigned to history. The elitism of the few at the expense of the majority that the PLP had built up will also be consigned to history. An example of the elitism is how Paula Cox canvassed her constituents. Turn up in GP1, park and send the driver out to knock on doors and say the Premier is in the car if you want to talk to her. Arrogance that cost her, and the PLP.

      If the OBA do not live up to their promises, vote them out next time.

    • Um Um Like says:


    • Clive Spate says:


      I notice you posted this at 2.49am.
      Had a few dark and stormys by any chance?

      Merry Christmas!!

      • media says:

        He probably is having sleepless nights worrying about those terrible white people coming after him. He must have believed every line he was fed by the PLP. In reality he should take comfort in the fact that business opportunities will probably increase, producing more jobs, leading to a better future for all Bermudians including those that voted for the PLP.

      • good Q says:

        Clearly the man works hard…damned if you do damned if youdont

    • BDAHermit says:

      What a joke. You idiots just lost the elction because of this with the UBP White Straw man coming to get you and you LOST. You didn’t talk about economic issues, social issues, the environment, ect ect ect what Labour/Social Democracy parties should talk about and it appears you still don’t get it. Not a single intellectual campiagn with the exception of 1998. You racists are a dying breed from both colours of skin and the more you die off the better the country and the world will be.

      This is the same group of supporters that said on Facebook that said “Closet Gays in the party” are the reason the PLP lost. You guys really are clueless aren’t you? And I think this will show when you pick your leader on Friday.

      • Is this for real? says:

        —- I voted OBA!
        I just cant see why we didnt stay UBP?
        If we are going to vote them in.
        Judging by the venom above your hatred is still present in your heart.
        You do sound like a ringmaster…and Hermit go back into your hovel…
        Social issues and economy require balance.
        get your head out of the toilet.

        • politics says:

          I’m a PLP supporter but they have had enough time in office. Its time to have the other party in now. Too much of any party would be bad from Bermuda. We need balance which will benefit us all. But we must be weary of letting too much foreigners in it still needs to be somewhat controlled now just an open door policy. We need to stand strong for Bermudians in the process.

    • argosy says:

      I think you’re confused.

      Ewart’s gone back to the vinyard!

      Watch this space before jumping (back) on the race wagon – its wheels came off on Dec 17th, mate!

    • Richard says:

      Um lets worry about Bermuda as a whole right now we can never turn back the hand of time nor will be on a level playing field but we can live a better life then we have been living with out economic power you have no power PLP have never had that from day one some just went after it for them self let be real about it. UBP would have won even if they didn’t change their name they gave the seat to Mr swan because at the time they didn’t have anybody that could face Mr Brown this is real talk think about it. I am happy UBP is back in Power I wish the PLP had done better I glad for the things they did but they fizzled out and took BDA with them. Him Pattengill and Crockwell hmmmmm. lol lets go UBP

    • squids rule says:

      you have to be kidding me. you guys are all fine and dandy with wayne furbert flying across the aisle, and have no questions about his change in ideology, but when these guys fully reject the UBP mantle in favour of the fully thought-out and new ideology of the OBA, somehow you cannot accept it. the problem lies with you. look in the mirror and release the negativity please. please. the time has come, it is NOW – it was shown that the last govt was very much about contracts and such, very little about the coming together of the island for the future. please get on board and help your fellow bermudians make us attractive to outsiders again – we must be part of the GLOBAL system, not trying to prove we can be our own little fiefdom way out herre in the middle of the deep blue sea…. my point is, there’s no more room for the ‘us and them’ thinking. it’s ‘we’, it’s ‘us’. welcome…..

    • BDA says:

      Is that you John??? Racism was so 2011.

    • devrae noel-simmons says:

      To:’Is this for real’…Hence the reason why You and the PLP LOST! Your attitude towards Bermuda and its people is hippocritical and non patriotic! When will you and your others like you get your heads out the sand…when? Did you not see that the Cabinet is diverse black and white? Do you not think in order to get the island back upright you need youth and experience? Oh, but that would be common sense and show stability.

  4. @Is this for real… R u for real. Why don’t u grow up and stop being so racist. We don’t need u crazy blind people any more. It 2012 not 1950. Get a life

    • Is this for real? says:

      LOL,,,WOW! Some angry people still out there.

      SIMPLY answer the question!
      Why did we switch if we are going to be the same.
      Answer the question istead of getting red in the face!n

  5. Here we go again!

  6. Truth says:

    Trevor Moniz can not appeal to the Portuguese people. He has not time for us. The Portuguese people are well aware that it was the PLP government that gave the permanent residency (PRC) and Bermudian status (if you qualified. Trevor Moniz does not care about the Portuguese people.

    • Billy Mays says:

      Moniz is Bermudian; why should he be concerned with the people of Portugal? When you live in a country, and are a citizen of that country, your allegiance should be to that country. That would appear to be Mr. Moniz’ approach. Every representative of the people should share his approach.

  7. Skeptical says:

    Anyone with an ounce of sense would know that everywhere in the world in every facet of our lives, experienced individuals are brought in when the (school, company, country, charity, island, household, district, state, county, factory, shop, university, college, army, navy, national sport governing body etc – take your pick) is failing. Those called in are expected to turn the (school, company etc) around in the shortest possible time and the reins are then handed over again. I would like to think that the OBA did just that. Bermuda is suffering in many areas and needs a strong experienced team to turn it around with haste while mentoring the newer members through the political process. All the complainers would be shouting loudly if a new person to politics was given a key post because they would have no experience to guide them. This may be the first time that we will have a robust government that will be challenged on their decisions by both the opposition nd the people and held accountable every step of the way.

    • hope ya Prepared says:

      OBA you are In for the critisim from everyone so I hope u keep your promises or u right back out the door next election!!! Ppl are watchin u!!

      • media says:

        Of course the PLP will be watching them. Watching the OBA to see how to go about rescuing the island. They certainly had no clue how to do it, when in power, as they showed absolutely no evidence of doing anything to change course, in fact denying there was a problem for years until it became painfully obvious, even to them.

    • faith says:

      Relax skeptical. Keep your drawers on!
      Wayne Scott is new
      Leah is New
      Sylvan is New
      Shawn Crockwell is new
      Brangman is new
      Fahy is new

      We havea new people…just relax and have faith…they are not going to drive us off of a fiscal cliff.
      They said that OBAMA was new and he was re-elected

      Go easy…

      New is not bad…
      THe concerns about the old racist…has merit…they stayed in the back until Craig go the keys to the shop…
      Now they are where they have been trying to be for 14 years!

      nothing is really NEW…

      still have faith…because it was the racist who built this thing called bermuda…let him do his thing and enjoy the ride…
      Relax and have faith

  8. Opinions Matter says:

    The Premier Cannonier said: “I extended an invitation to a PLP MP to join the Cabinet but they declined, citing a party position to not accept such an offer at this time.”

    The PLP said they “take note” of this evening’s OBA Cabinet appointments. “When our Shadow Cabinet is unveiled, we will show Bermuda who will be standing strong for them on our behalf in Parliament,” said the PLP.

    And the posturing continues. Instead of being willing to help and take the bi-partisan approach offered, they decide to take the cat-call stance from the sidelines. The PLP reply reeks of a defensive, aggressive approach.

  9. what now? says:

    Did anyone notice that the word ” I ” was missing from each minister’s comments. It was all us, we,our , the people . Now, that is REAL change. No More ” Don’t you know who I am!” PLP bullcrap.

    • Um Um Like says:

      What are you talking about?! PLP was also about “we”.

      Recall: “WE had to deceive you”

      • Revolution! says:

        YOu people are some sick desperate hurt scared deceptive malicious users. As long as you can use a black man he is just fine!

        Well you will see whats coming next!!!!!

  10. Prayerful says:

    What happened to Nandy Davis? Maybe we will see her in the PLP rollout since she wanted to be a Shadow Minister!!

  11. Question? says:

    Maybe someone here can help me with this. And keep in mind I have been and still am an OBA supporter.
    I see the list of great people who will form our new cabinet.
    In the list of new ministers I see some folks who we did not choose
    at the polls to be our leaders. I’m having some difficulty understanding
    how we went through such a massive effort to elect new leaders to move us forward and then give these high leadership post to people we didn’t elect. Can someone explain? At this point I am very disappointed.

  12. Bermyman says:

    WOW! Some really smart people in charge for the first time in a long time.

    No wonder the stock exchange is up and houses are already being sold. Other smart people now have faith to invest in our economy.

    So happy the PLP um um show is out the door. We may actually have a hotel built in a year or two! We may actually have properly run finances and we can start paying off our debt so we don’t have to go Bankrupt.

    • We are back!! says:

      exactly…let it all out now that you feel safe.
      You are so slow…

    • Veritas says:

      I knew it would not take long for the stereotypes to kick back in…
      You are the same old man…
      400 years of study…but your days are numbered
      Once bitten twice shy!
      So the truth is showing up.
      Some smart people…who are you talking about?

      • Bermyman says:

        Some smart people = not you!

        You need intelligence to run a country properly, in case you had not realized but the investors of this world had little faith in the ability of the PLP government and the sudden spike in both the housing market and the BSX obviously indicates that. We in Bermuda need investment in the economy right now, or are you too much of a simpleton to understand? The previous government was incompetent and the state of the economy and our national debt clearly show that.

  13. dthtoo/ says:

    Um Um Like, Bermuda Love, bye darn de rerd,

    You are quick to shout racist whenever truth speaks. Your problem is you are nothing but cowards and can’t handle the truth. In case you don’t know, race talk is here to stay as long as we so shall live. That’s the truth.

    I am happy to report that the UBP’s Secret Report’s Secret Report states that Craig Cannonier’s days are numbered. The UBPOBA Group may serve out one term and then the BPLP shall return victorious – this time for life.

    Must say Craig is a real poser – would make a good model. He is quite a dramatist – would make a good actor.

    The UBPOBA Group is both interesting and entertaining. I’m going to sell my flat screen.:o)) Keep the film rolling, and as Craig says: Bring it on!

    • Um Um Like says:


      You and all other imbeciles should go into the bush and fornicate. One day, by your sheer numbers, you shall govern Bermuda.

      • dthtoo/ says:

        Um Um Like,

        Mind ya mouf – Um ya mama! Go figa dis 1 out!

    • Keturah says:

      Wow that’s so democratic. Plp for life? Seems like more of a regime to me.

  14. Seriously says:

    Is this a Joke?

    #1 – The Tourism Minister needs a Visa Waiver to travel to the USA!
    #2 – The Education Minister is a Salsa Teacher…

    This is what change looks like!

    • 4eyes says:

      OMG! Some of you people are unbelievable with your what if the Education Minister is a salsa teacher! At least he has outside interests and has a life!!

      Maybe you are a Ministry of Education employee????

      To those of you who are not contribuiting in the Ministry, maybe it’s time someone came in and ‘clean bowled’ the lot of you and made you accountable instead of being the paper pushers that you are!!

      Wasting tax payers money with your huge salaries and fat guts and fancy cars to sit in an office all day and do absolutely nothing!!

      C’mon book’em Nalton! LOL

  15. Watch out and don’t let it ever be a by election. This will cause you and the plp to collide.

    • media says:

      Depends on where the by election is doesn’t it.

      • BDAHermit says:

        Ding Ding Ding.

        Most recent bye elections have happened in strongholds.

  16. Rockfish#2 says:

    All new political parties can expect to be criticised, lambasted, ridiculed and scorned, primarily by persons who cannot believe or accept that their party was ousted!

    Hopefully, after all the venting, we can work together and move foward.

    @ Seriously,
    1. If our Tourism Minister requires a waiver to travel to the USA because of a criminal conviction, all Bermudians regardless of party preference should be concerned. The Premier must clarify this.

    2. Not worth a comment.

  17. Watching On says:

    Excuse me so much reading to do and can’t seem to find it anywhere, so I will ask the kind posters on here, who is the new Deputy Premier?

    • good Q says:

      Probably Dunkley

    • Vote for Me says:

      Deputy Premier is not a statutory office that requires appointment.

    • BDAHermit says:

      I’m assuming, just assuming, that automatically it will be Michael Dunkley because of his role in the party as deputy leader. Not sure though.

  18. Revolution! says:

    @ is this for real
    You are a bit harsh and maybe a bit too truthful for these racist who actually smile because their party is in. The worst thing you can do to the racist is to take off their sheets and hoods.

    Lets be real…This is the UBP’s secret plan to a T!

    In deed…the remember the words of EB “We had to Deceive you”!

    Just move over Craig and let Grant Gibbons run this machine with his deputy Dunkley.

    LIke some one said All of that preaching and posturing…was to appeal to black voters…to divide he PLP base and conquer!

    • Bermyman says:

      You have convinced yourself that there is a white supremacist subplot that in reality does not exist, Bermuda is not the white v black power struggle that you have painted in your mind. Which means you are delusional and should probably see a psychologist before your physical actions become as irrational as your words. There is not a secret white supremacist agenda within the Government. I would suggest you take a trip down to Alabama on a fact finding mission, if you want to see what actual white racists are like. Or maybe you should live in another country where there are no white men in order to truly find peace. Bermuda is a nation for all creeds and colors and the Government is not racist, but the previous one definitely was to a certain extent. Institutionalized racism still exists, largely because of economic disparity. But a good education system can help to correct that as time progresses.

  19. Reactions says:

    I notice that the OBA supporters are as vicious as the disenchanted PLP supporters are pointing out the obvious:
    Shawn Crockwell former UBP
    Wayne Scott former UBP
    Petting gill Former UBP
    Dunkley Former UBP
    Gibbons Former UBP
    Richards former UBP
    Pampline former UBP
    Trevor Moniz former UBP
    Fahy former UBP

    Where are the new people that we thought brought change…This is the same old guard that new they could not win because they were exposed and being conservative anti-black and viewed as racist. I guess the insults that the bloggers have been making over the past few months about the intellectual inferiority of blacks is grounded in something…because black people were deceived.
    White people will say that blacks have matured and voted on economics and not emotions but let the same white people will blog about how ignorant you are when you dont do what they want you to do…

    • Hypocrites says:

      So true.

      • Bullseye says:

        It’s comical how these rants are all about power and not a better Bermuda. Give these lot a chance to make things better.

        The PLP were not up to the task once things got tough. they were handed a country in great nick and have handed back a divided shambles.

        Give it some time.

    • devrae noel-simmons says:

      @ Reaction n @ Hypocrites…seriously! How about the fact that it is a ‘human’ trait! Where du YOU people get your education on ‘Racism and Cultural’ from? Why dont we stop undermining what the governmentis trying to do and support for a better Bermuda.How about join the NEW REVOLUTION.

      The ‘Revolution’ that helps to get Bermuda back to where we ALL can eat! Or would you rather leave us to continue down the path of PLP destruction! For the PLP former leader not to win in her own constituency kind of sums it up… or… is this part of the UBP,OBA,BDA Secret Plan/Document as well.

      • good grief says:

        Come on body builder.
        You could not get elected because we did not think you were bright enough.
        Then you past came to haunt you.
        stay under your rock!


        • MAN says:

          Hang on a minute (good grief) I voted PLP.

          Devrae is a good man and a good friend of mine. I wish he was Minister of Sports. He’s familiar with this area very well, I hope he takes up a spot on the board. Devrae remember I asked you about Jeremy a few weeks ago at the Rugby game, I’m the one that curls 185 lbs. We play for different teams, oba vs plp, but we have always had that mutual respect for each other. FCK the haters, punks and cowards on both sides. They talk so much smack about the OBA & PLP higher hierarchy who have tried and are trying their best to get the country moving forward. The coward in these bloggers impedes their decision to approach a man face to face. This site should be rename

          • Good Q says:

            Ha Ha,
            So you are trying to take it physical because you curl 185 pounds. So typical…The two of you need to go on front street and take lessons…from the recent convicts

  20. Vote for Me says:

    Is the new Minister literally crying on the Governor’s sleeve?

    Interesting choice of Cabinet Ministers and a potentially good mix. My initial question is why choose 13 ministers if cost cutting is one of teh OBAs greatest priorities. Choosing one less minister would have saved approx. $160k per year. Taking a 10% cut of ministerial salary will only save about $91k since teh 10% is only on the Minsters pay but not the MP portion.

    Perhaps this is a technicality but it is factual since Ministers get an amount for being an MP or a Senator and then the Ministerial amount is added on (about $70k). The amounts for Premier and Attorney General are higher.

    • More Confused says:

      Looking at the people involved, don’t be surprised if many of the Ministers will be part time so in fact the savings are a lot more.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Amazes me. A PLP supporter now saying that government Ministers are paid too much, even after an immediate 10% pay cut. Where were you the past 14 years?

    • dthtoo/ says:

      Interim Premier, Craig Cannonier, needs to ensure that all of the ministerial bases are covered – keep in mind that he is a political novice. Not to worry, when it gets too hot in the kitchen he’s gonna occupy a new page in our history book. I see “Come Clean” – Michael Dunkley succeeding him, and either Grant Gibbons or Trevor Moniz being deputized.

      When Cannonier does jump ship, I hope that the BPLP are not going to toss him the life ring. No more rejects – please!

      • Good Q says:

        what are you taling about?
        Craig is not going to jump ship.

        • Good Q says:

          I am glad that he has a nice wife. Someone who is humble and who befits being the first lady. She is not arrogant, smart, defensive or manipulative. HE got all of that out of his life a long time ago… He is always smiling and happy. This is a good symbol for Bermudians.

          • true says:

            He left that at the hospital…it needs to go from KEMH to MAWI

  21. Dana says:

    As well as cutting Ministers salaries by 10%, parking the GP cars, they also need to cut the salaries for MPs, Senators, etc.

    Put into affect PATI – which was supposed to come into affect in the second half of 2012 by the ex Premier Paula Cox.

  22. Concerned says:

    False Self is the ego centered self that holds onto the things and values of the world and trusts in possessions, power, or other people in trying to find happiness, fulfillment, peace, purpose, meaning and life.

  23. Groundhog says:

    I was under the impression that all cabinet members had to be either born Bermudian or have Bermudian parents. I know that Leah Scott’s father definitely was American (in the US military and at one time stationed here) and her mother is, I believe, also American. Just curious as to how she qualifies to hold a cabinet post….