Webcast Replay: Cabinet Ministers Sworn In

December 20, 2012

[Updated] The new Cabinet Ministers will be sworn-in at Government House at 5.30pm this afternoon [Dec 20]. The actual appointments remain unknown at this time, and will be announced at the swearing in.

The 18 MPs Premier Cannonier has to choose from are: Kenneth Bascome, Nandi Davis, Suzann Roberts-Holshouser, Sylvan Richards, Cole Simons, Trevor Moniz, Michael Dunkley, Bob Richards, Glen Smith, Jeanne Atherden, Susan Jackson, Dr Grant Gibbons, Pat Gordon-Pamplin, Mark Pettingill, R Wayne Scott, Jeff Sousa, Leah Scott, and Shawn Crockwell.

The Premier can also select from the Senate, with the One Bermuda Alliance eligible to appoint five Senators as the ruling party. We will update with the Cabinet appointments once they have been announced.

Update: The appointments have been announced. Nalton Brangman was appointed to the Senate and given the Ministry of Education, and Michael Fahy was re-appointed to the Senate and made Minister of Home Affairs.

As expected, Bob Richards is Minister of Finance while Michael Dunkley is the new Minister of Public Safety. Shawn Crockwell is Minister of Tourism & Transport, and the new Attorney General is Mark Pettingill.

Premier Craig Cannonier announced the Ministers will all take a 10% pay cut effective immediately, which was a promise the OBA made during the election campaign.

The full list of new Ministers is:

  • Leah Scott: Minister Without Portfolio
  • Dr Grant Gibbons: Minister of Economic Development
  • Sylvan Richards: Minister of Environment and Planning
  • Shawn Crockwell: Minister of Tourism & Transport
  • Pat Gordon-Pamplin: Minister of Health & Seniors
  • Senator Michael Fahy: Minister for Home Affairs
  • Michael Dunkley: Minister of Public Safety
  • Senator Nalton Brangman: Minister of Education
  • R Wayne Scott: Minister of Community & Cultural Development
  • Mark Pettingill: Attorney General & Minister of Legal Affairs
  • Trevor Moniz: Minister of Public Works
  • Bob Richards: Minister of Finance

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  1. Serious Though says:

    why so secretive?

    • BDAHermit says:

      Yep, wouldn’t want to wait 20 minutes to hear them announced…

      • I voted for you Premier : ( says:

        Premier Cannonier I’m actually thrilled with the change of the new Cabinet as a swing voter who helped put you in power. My only disappointment is that you did not place Donte Hunte and Jeff Baron as Ministers, but instead you saw the need to give a convicted heroin dealer Shawn Crockwell the position of Minister of Tourism. I was stunned to hear this news and I’m absolutely appalled by this decision. I understand that these 2 young man did not win their areas, but Premier also aware that you could have appointed them as Senators and then Ministers, as you have also did with the New Minister of Education.

        To have Mr. Crockwell represent Bermuda as the Tourism Minister is a unexpected slap in my face. What would all the Hotel Developers and visitors to Bermuda think? As a Government is moving forward for change, we need to keep a clean record. Have you ever seen what heroin does to a family member? While I have my father was destroyed by that drug.

        Mr. Crockwell was already given a position of trust, and now to be appointed to one of the most important Minister position in Bermuda. OMG this is not the change I voted for. I’m very sad by this unexpected choice. May the people of Bermuda forgive you Premier for you have let us down. With that said good luck to the other new Ministers.

        • Balanced Facts says:

          Crockwell committed an offense as a young man, served his time and became a lawyer and model citizen and is shinning example of how someone can turn their lives around with hard work and determination. An excellent choice…you are both Judgmental and narrow minded in asserting that a man must suffer of his crime all his life, with that thinking criminals may as well stay in a life of crime and there is no point to rehabilitation!

          • Anti-Party says:

            Wow. That’s good and all that the now Tourism and Transportation Minister has been able to turn his life around and attain such a position BUT does that take him off the US stop list. Can he travel to the US to handle ministerial affairs without any embarrassing headlines hitting the newspaper? JUST A QUESTION. I’m not a PLP/OBA/BDA/UBP supporter. I believe the individual candidates (NOT PARTY AFFILIATION) should be judged according to their beliefs and character.

        • shut up this is what you voted for says:

          So Crockwell can travel around the World but all my boys who got caught with a little weed are on the US Immigration stoplist. Minister Crockwell aka Minister of white powder welcome to Bermuda we have $200 to $400 room hotels. As a bonus for coming I’ll sell you some (H) I stole direct from Bermuda Courts. Crockwell can you get the rest of my crew off the computer list. I know guys that have to apply for a visa waiver every time they travel.

          • FedUp says:

            The US stop list is put out by the US government and has nothing to do with Bermuda, but the specific individual. You can apply to the American Counsel General here in Bermuda to get Visa’s to travel to the US. Stop blaming everyone else for your woes. My son is on the stop list and who’s fault is that, certainly not mine or anyone else’s . Everyone makes mistakes but it’s what you learn from those mistakes that matters. So, Mr. Crockwell has a past, don’t we all and I bet yours isn’t squeky clean. You supported a gun weilding thief with the last government so you really have no room to talk. Give the guy a chance and see what he can do.

        • politics says:

          No party is perfect not even the OBA. Lets just hope he makes the right decisions and has left his criminal mind in the past.

        • citi zen says:

          Before you start making your comments get your facts straight. Mr Crockwell is not a covicted drug dealer he is a convicted thief. (which makes it no better)

          As a person who knows, he was also model inmate.

          I don’t see why he should has to face such ridicule for the rest of his life. He has served his time.

          Set him free.

          • Annie says:

            @citi zen: …and just what do you think happened to the drugs he stole? Did he use them himself? NO-he passed them onto someone else knowing full well they’d be sold so that does make him a drug dealer-although I do take your point that he wasn’t actually convicted of that.

            I have mixed feelings about this. I’m all for redemption and he has certainly turned his life around and is a model citizen. However, I wonder how many lives he has helped destroy with those drugs and if those people were ever lucky enough to turn THEIR lives around???

            • foldgers says:

              The fact that he has turned his life around and also did his time and has come so far is indicative of the positive attitude one should strive to acquire after making a mistake . I find it grossly unfair, but at the same time , every time, even now , years later every time this is brought up, i admire the strength of Mr. Crockwell. A lesser person, a lesser mind., would have given up, maybe even gone back into a criminal lifestyle because society here, is so unforgiving and so judgemental, they fail to see the bigger picture. My best to the new team. I staying positive.. for those who feel the need to criticize, please check to see what is really making you unhappy. I have personally watched someone I love , struggle with past drug addiction. Ido not blame anyone, i concentrate on being positive, being of help, blaming someone else does not solve problems.. if we rehabilitate we should not put a cap on the level of success a person convicted of a crime can achieve. IF ONE PUTS IN THE WORK, WHEN THE TIME FOR REWARD ARRIVES, HE OR SHE SHOULD BE ABLE TO REAP.

              • street wise says:

                Did Rolf turn his life around after shooting off a gun inside the bank he robbed, traumatizing everyone inside!? No. He’s still a racist a**hole.

        • US Observer says:

          @ I Voted For You Premier – This is a stupid and ignorant comment. As a Bermudian living in the US I would expect more support from the Bermudian nation. I personally have known Shawn for 40 years and we grew up together. Yes, he made a mistakes, served his time, paid his dues and then focused on proving himself and giving back. Anyone who is human has been tempted at something in their lifetime whether it be sex, drugs, stealing, committing adultery, fornicating, divorcing, abuse, etc etc etc…Shawn comes from a very loving and caring support group called his family and true loyal friends who will always have his back. As a country, the time is NOW for Bermudians to learn the valuable and expensive lessons of the past, accept them and move on.

    • Elston says:

      The names of Cabinet Ministers are never revealed prior to the swearing-in at Govt. House. This was the procedure with the PLP and the UBP before them.

      • BDAHermit says:

        Perhaps the PLP can nominate Laverne Furbert and Christopher Famous as their senators.

    • OBA supprorters says:

      Did they swear in Nandi Panzie yet?

      • giv me a break says:

        you should have some respect

        • B3rmud!@N says:

          @ give me a break…. respect for who. While i commend this young lady for getting involved I hear nothing respectable about her. Her character seems ugly as most Bermudians seem to speak to and she is all over the internet nude and carrying on. A politician I think not. Not long before her behavior is made public.

      • BDAHermit says:

        Right after they appoint Renee Webb as PLP leader, what an amazing campaign, get 20% of the vote taken away from your opposition and you still lose in a swing district. Great job

    • HAHAHAHA says:

      Nandi for Ministry of Official know nothing office; Spurlings can learn her up, no?

      • Itsaboutallofus says:

        Nandi can be the Minister of Shadow Ministries…

      • Give her an opportunity to find her voice in the House. She is young and she is willing to make a contribution in any way she can. I remember my first day in court and I believe I have improved since then. There is no shame in being young and inexperienced but still passionate to serve others.

        • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

          Mr Daniels, thank you for encouraging a young Bermudian to do something positive when so many others are hell bent on discouraging her.

          You are a good example, and know of which you speak!

        • Annie says:

          Everyone who knows her says that she is really quite daft, but we’ll see what she can do…

    • Formidable Deviant says:

      Boo, sour grapes PLP! Pathetic party, really pathetic, extend an olive branch and you get sand kicked in your face, you really did deserve to lose and you continue to show yourself as a miserable bunch of fools. Good riddance and well done Craig, you did all you could.

      • BDAHermit says:

        Just wait until PLP appoint either Burgess, the Listers or Horton in on Friday. They probably won’t have any problem with the “Old Guard” being in charge of that party.

      • Yng Black Mind says:

        My friend:

        If a PLP MP were to join the OBA Cabinet, it would equate to “crossing the floor”. No PLP, or OBA MP for that matter, would do that – it just doesn’t make logical sense. I understand that the Premier was trying to include them in the decision process; however, this simply proves how naive he was in regards to the political system we have in Bermuda.

        Great idea, but not feasible.

        Yng Black Mind

        • Annie says:

          I’m sure Mr. Cannonier knew that and knew that his offer wouldn’t be accepted but at least this way he’d look like he was willing to hold hands and sing Kumbaya with the enemy. He asked ONE person, yes? If that person said ‘no’ why not ask another? Nope-this way it at least looked like “Oh, well-I tried” when he knew full well what would happen.

          This isn’t necessarily a bad thing on his part-I just wanted to point out that I highly doubt that he is naive at all about this topic.

      • Yng Black Mind says:

        My friend:

        If a PLP MP were to join the OBA Cabinet, it would equate to “crossing the floor”. No PLP, or OBA MP for that matter, would do that – it just doesn’t make logical sense. I understand that the Premier was trying to include them in the decision process; however, this simply proves how naive he was in regards to the political system we have in Bermuda.

        Great idea, but not feasible.

        Yng Black Mind

    • Out of flight says:

      Wait. First mistake. He said he wanted a smaller Cabinet. I see 12. See how it starts. 2. Nalton Brangman as Education Minister? Watch that number grow. Lord help us.No improvement there.

      • OZ says:

        I agree with you. No reduction in Cabinet and education is far too important to be playing games with. Grant Gibbons sat there and critised Dame Jennifer and at the first opportunity for him to show he could do better he is not there! This makes no sense to me!

        • politics says:

          It’s called politics. They sell the public a dream we believe into it and when they are elected they do what they want.

        • B3rmud!@N says:

          @ OZ Grant Gibbons could care less about the public system and the children in it. All of his family members attend private school, for him to try and make education better in a predominantly black Island I don’t think so. At the end of the day they still have nothing for us.

    • Seriously says:

      Is this a Joke?

      #1 – The Tourism Minister needs a Visa Waiver to travel to the USA!
      #2 – The Education Minister is a Salsa Teacher…

      This is what change looks like!

  2. The Ridiculist says:

    My thoughts as well! Is this what we can expect going forward.

  3. haha says:

    Took them long enough…wonder if its a UBP or OBA or BDA cabinet.

    • C.B.A says:

      either way, won’t put our country in as much peril as the plp

      • A New Day?? says:

        I would’nt bet a dime on that!

        • Cross+Roads says:

          because you don`t have a dime left to bet !

        • Lightbulb!! says:

          If the Pee Al Pee had been given another four years I will bet you a million dollars that you would not have had a dime to bet!

          • A New Day?? says:

            My bet is on the recession ending. THe OBA can take credit for that it it makes you feel good.

          • OZ says:

            This isn’t about the PLP anymore this is about the OBA choices! So far they are not Great!

    • Jango says:

      It is not a plp cabinet. Get over it.

  4. Pitts Bay says:

    It is only two days after the election. WTF. Give them a chance to announce…

    Do they have to make a press release before the announce?

  5. C.B.A says:

    Come on people, this is normal. If they made informal announcements instead of having a set press conference you would complain that they’re unorganised, etc. SMH. You can complain about a non-issue but while the rest of us move Bermuda forward (note-look at all the positive comments from the international business community since the plp are no longer the government).

    • Leeann says:

      Positive comments from Internationl Business now that the PLP is no longer the government…. OBA about to hand them the cookie Jar why wouldn’t they.

  6. Not Again says:

    Give it a break you will know soon. Stop bitching already remember PLP took how long to screw EVERYTHING up?

  7. street code says:

    That’s what you all voted for, now sit back and watch. f$%#$ time is coming for all of you fools that voted them in. The rich is going to get richer and the poor is going to get poorer. I’m still hurt and crying from this election.

    • BDAHermit says:

      Yep, as opposed to under the PLP where the Poor got Poorer and the Rich went to LF Wade to get off the Island.

      Perhaps you should have run as a PLP candidate, you might have got more votes than Patrice Minors in Smiths North.

      • Leeann says:

        As they would have us believe. Most of them are still here and had no intention of leaving even if the PLP had been retained as the government. That is why they are talking so positive now that the OBA are in Charge..oop I mean the UBP.

    • media says:

      Will your negative feelings towards the OBA change if they create the environment that produces jobs for those poor people you are talking about? The PLP helped make those poor peoples conditions worse. The OBA are on a rescue misson for all of Bermuda. Everyone will gain.

      • A New Day?? says:

        And I have a bridge to sell you.

        • media says:

          Watch this and it might just change your perspective of how Bermuda is really doing compared to every other Country in the World. In other words yes, the other Countries are also suffering but bad policies and a paralised PLP Government made it a whole lot worse than it could have been. Make sure you watch the video to the end, that’s a hint to where Bermuda ranks and yes, it is fact and not made up.


      • J says:

        have you not heard of the global recession?? do you not realize that Bermuda is a small economy which stands only on international business and tourism?? do you not understand that Bermuda’s economy lags behind that of the US economy, i.e., the US recession occurred in 2008 and Bermuda felt it late in 2009/early 2010?? can you not deduce that this combination would inevitably create the current economic conditions which Bermuda finds herself in??

        Now, the US economy is apparently recovering, so naturally, it follows, that Bermuda will likely begin its recovery within a year and a half to two years…

        The PLP did not make people poor… the conditions of the global economy did… the OBA cannot turn Bermuda’s economy around… our small economy is not robust enough to sustain itself… we require large economies to do well for ours to succeed…

        don’t be fooled thinking that a government can change such things, especially this one where the leader has no experience whatsoever, and where over half of the MP’s are newbies…

        change is good, but there are too many unknowns with this new government…

        • loyal2NOPARTY says:

          And there were ALL UNKNOWNS when PLP became Govt. because NO E of them had experience either!!!??

          • Itsaboutallofus says:

            Not true…most of the first term Ministers from the PLP had been MPs for at least 1 term prior to the PLP winning power.

          • foldgers says:


        • Building a better Bermuda says:

          There was to many knowns and unknowns with the PLP government to have let them continue

        • A New Day?? says:

          @ media. Read what J says and than read it again. Than go back and watch your video again….Understand why Bermuda is really in that position? Probably not.

          • media says:

            What I am saying is that the PLP made our situation worse by their bad policies and not even admitting there was a problem for the first couple of years of the recession. Why do you think Bermuda is 6th from the bottom of 198 Countries for GDP growth for 2011? Don’t tell me we really can have no impact on how badly we do or how well we do and that we simply have to wait until the world economy improves.The Government can help create an environment that stimulates growth. The PLP did not do that, they made it worse. Obviously I am not the only one who thinks that, as the PLP was voted out because they have failed to respond as a Government to Bermuda’s challenging times. That is one of the big differences between the two Parties. The OBA really believes they can turn things around and the PLP are just waiting for the turn around. I put my trust in the OBA like the majority of voters in the OBA to put policies in place that begin to attract new business to Bermuda and encourages new local business as confidence starts building over the next 2 years.

            Again, why do think Bermuda is 6th form the bottom of 19 Countries? You seem to have the answers.

            • J says:

              If, indeed, the ranking of Bermuda in that video is true, my response to your question is this:

              Firstly, let’s analyze the top ten countries on said list: Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Ghana, Qatar Solomon Islands, Timor-Lest, Panama, Zimbabwe, China and Iraq. The very presence of Iraq on said list is disturbing as this country is currently being occupied by the US. As you can also see, the list is ranked by the percentage growth of each country. So if I produce 10 mangoes in 2011 and in 2012 I increase my productivity by 2 mangoes, that constitutes a growth of 20%. However, if I export 100 mangoes in 2011 and 102 in 2012, this is only a 2% increase in productivity.

              Secondly, the nature of the global economic crisis would not adversely effect essential industries: agriculture, water, minerals, energy, etc. The nations ranked in the top 10 export these essential products.

              Thirdly, nature of the global economic crisis (mostly to do with the collapse of the housing market in the US) would not adversely effect these industries, but will, however, greatly effect the movement of capital and the creation of businesses worldwide.

              Being that Bermuda’s economy is inextricably tied to the success of the US (75% of our tourist originate from there, 80% of the international business that Bermuda attracts are based in the US), placing the blame solely on the PLP, or any government of Bermuda for that matter, for the success or failure of our economy is like blaming a child for being hungry because his mother lost his job…

              • media says:

                As I said in my previous post, the PLP made our situation worse by not acting proactively, firstly by not admiting that there was serious problem. This set Bermuda up to fail in period when the Government and Bermuda should have been making policy changes and steps to mitigate the likely fall out that was bound to follow. The PLP Government publicly laughed off any suggestion of trouble ahead. Do you remember that?

                Secondlly, even after the inevitable effects of the downturn were beginning to be felt still nothing of any substance was delivered. The payroll tax increase and term limits only made things worse by encouraging business already here to exit the island which was like a double whammy to the economy.

                The PLP Government more concerned with re election were seemingly unprepared to make any serious steps towards recovery not to mention the continued wasteful spending.

                So, no one is blaming the PLP for the recession and because we are closely linked to the US we would have felt the effects more that others. What I am saying is the PLP Government could have definitely help to make for a better economic environment and we could have then not been placed as low in the World rankings on 2011 GDP growth. To be down with the likes of Greece, with better management, could have been avoided. If you can’t see that you are probably Paula’s brother…

        • Mad Dawg says:

          The USA has been out of recession for 3 full years. If your ‘theory’ is that we come out of recession within a year and a half to two years if the USA coming out, we are already a year to a year and a half late.

          Got any more bright ideas?

          • J says:

            Your statement that the US economy is out of a recession is a matter for debate… they are still at 8% unemployment… 1 in 6 people live in poverty.

            Unfortunately, it is only a theory… the real world is a different story. There are many factors that I do not have time to address. The fact is, however, that Bermuda’s economy lags behind that of the US. It is also a fact that it is harder to climb than to fall… the recovery will take longer…

    • C.B.A says:

      because the poor got so rich under the plp government? Come on! Are you richer now compared to before the plp were in? Our country is broke now!

      • Oh this is Funny says:

        Our Country is Broke now. You all are such clowns. We have excellent credit ratings and are the #1 offshore insurance domicile. This sh_t about being broke is Dumb!

        • C.B.A. says:

          Really? Now try explaining that to the thousands of people out of work as a DIRECT result of IB leaving because of the plp’s policies. To deny that expats left and took the jobs with them because of the plp would be laughable.

      • A New Day?? says:

        World is broke, But I am sure the OBA will make it all better soon.

        • BDAHermit says:

          Incorrect once again, but I doubt you’ll look at actual international facts.

          Even the U.S. economy is growing.

        • Balanced Facts says:

          You’re an idiot, the World is not broke, get the facts, thrones the PLP did not want to talk about!

          • A New Day?? says:

            Name calling are we. Grow the hell up. US coughs and Bermuda catches a cold. US economy is growing and Bermuda’s will start growing as well. Even an idot knows that. But the OBA can take the credit for it if it makes you feel better.

            • Mad Dawg says:

              So far the US economy has been growing for 3 years with Bermuda’s shrinking during the same time. If Bermuda’s economy starts to grow it will be because we’ve reversed the trend we had under the PLP.

              But don’t let inconvenient facts interfere with your childish comments.

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      14 years ago the PLP came in and what happened then, the PLP rich got richer and the poor got poorer

      As promised, Premier Cannonier extended the offer to the PLP to help form a more diverse government policy. Instead they rejected the offer, and why, because they are stuck in the past, they cannot move out the mentality of ‘either we rule or nothing’. They aren’t interested in putting pride and ego aside for the betterment of Bermuda and Bermudians, instead as always it is PLP first with them. This attitude is the reason why we are as far out as we are today, the reason we have an OBA government. Don’t recall the PLP ever opening themselves like this.

      Did you predict we would be where we are today when the PLP took power, take a good look at the last 14 years. How long was it before the PLP started to do anything meaningful, only after things started to crash, education, social programs. They spent the better part of their first 10 years rewarding themselves and their friends. The fact that you are devastated by their loss tells me you would rather blindly follow, than hold your party responsible, that you would rather be cheated by your party than be cheated by another party. Personally I will hold any party responsible for their cheating, it is the only way to keep politicians honest.

      The OBA has put together a pretty good team, it is a shame the PLP aren’t willing to join. I would like to see the Attorney General returned to an independent posting.

      • OZ says:

        You have no idea what you ae talking about and you are just repeating things you have heard. Both the major international business organisations have just praised the PLP while welcoming the OBA.

        • Building a better Bermuda says:

          They didn’t praise them, they politely commended them. There is a difference. They weren’t going to be rude and critise them right out for how long it took for them to start any sort of reform of their policies that had such a negative impact. You are right, I am just repeating what I have heard, what I have heard from the sources, those that have had to make the hard decisions to keep business going in these economic times and how much harder the PLP made it with their policies.

    • Dana says:

      If that is the case then that is no different than what the PLP did.

  8. pebblebeach says:

    no PLP appointment please

  9. Skeptic says:

    Don’t you think the Governor should put them in place before the bloggers learn about it??

  10. BDAHermit says:

    R Wayne Scott?


  11. how says:

    Let see Gibbons,Dunkley and Barritts puppet show.

  12. fedup says:

    lmao dunkley said ” her hairs ” lol mahhh boy! lol

  13. possum says:

    taking them long enough…oops they need guidance from the ‘former UBP’….Ministers are going to be former UBP, the governor is not saying WHICH ministry they will hold…really……

  14. Oh this is Funny says:

    Fahy, Gibbons, Dunkley…. UBP is BAAAACK!

    • Oh this is Funny says:

      And Pamplin! Wow.. So much for Change.

      • Oh this is Funny says:

        LMAO and now Moniz!!! UBP in FULL FORCE!

        • A New Day?? says:

          As expected.

        • C.B.A says:

          Jus ignore all the new people to make it fit into your theory. Get over yourself…This is a team that will lead us into prosperity…unlike the plp.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Oh no! Not UBP people, PUHLEEZE! Why would we want people who have experience running things way back before there was $1.5B debt, corruption, trips all over the world, a GP car for everyone, wide open expense accounts for trips to Victoria’s Secret, Friends & Family Plan, a bloated civil service, taxpayer funded partys etc. etc.?

          No, why would anyone want people in senior Government positions who have a record of doing the right thing with public money? It just does not make sense.

          • BDAHermit says:

            Needs more Wayne Furbert.

          • Leeann says:

            If they had so much experience why were they voted out to begin with?

            Oh no! Taking care of big business, pushing rents up so high for their benefit, travelling first class..but I guess they were entitled. Talk about Friends and Family plans ..lmao(400 years)..Police, Court House workers, Seniors having to live and work in poor conditions, unethical but not illegal behavior. OH YES THEY DID!!etc. etc…

            Guess we like taking licks as long as it is not being administred by the PLP. I’ll just sit back and watch it all unfold again.

            • media says:

              Are you going to be part of the solution or continue to represent the dark side and get in the way? Change your outlook. This is a chance for the whole of Bermuda to actually get improve and chances like this don’t come very often. Try switching your brain over to the good side and you might see what is happening here in a more positive light.

    • Rick Rock says:

      Oh, thanks for comments. I’m guessing you are incapable of anything intelligent, so you resort to schoolyard name calling. Good for you.

      By the way, the election is over. The grown ups have stopped name calling. We have some work to do.

      You and Makai can carry on spending your time drawing cartoons.

      • BDAHermit says:

        Makai Dickerson for shadow minister of health.

      • Leeann says:

        So now we should all act like grown ups? Even my IB co-workers thought the comments on this blog over the past months were written by a bunch of clowns. Made Makai’s cartoons look like child play.

        • New Bermudian says:

          Umm, you will recall that the cartoon WAS childish, so I guess that makes sense?

          • A New Day?? says:

            Yes, Nonsense. Thats what we have been subjected to for several months, and quite frankly it had very little to do with politics or the PLP.

    • frog leg says:

      If i can remember your former minister of tourism was UUUBBBPPP and is still UUBBPP in is blood …how you like that one !!!!!

  15. change n hope says:

    As a young bermudians
    I really hope the OBA keep their word and don’t cause more problems for Bermuda

    Let’s get bermudians back to work

    great win Oba

  16. Limey says:

    i stand corrected, the guvnor never said anything after ms pamplin gordon or moniz

  17. A New Day?? says:

    UBP is Back. So much for a new day?

    • Cross+Roads says:

      All you plp people are funny and childish and dishonest with yourselves. You lost, and you lost because your own are tired of you and the way you think. So suck it up buttercup, and get over it.

      • A New Day?? says:

        Nothing for me to get over. My father prepared me for this day, and yes, it included what to expect from MY OWN.(if you only knew) His words are playing out as cyrstal clear as the secret document.

        I send a thank you prayer up to him every day. Nothing for me to get over. You and YOUR OWN need to get over yourselves. My father did a long time ago.

  18. Evie says:

    So…..Ministers of….???

  19. possum says:

    so far ALL former UBP, OBA/UBP on in the same, and there folks is your CHANGE….

    • New Bermudian says:

      Who cares where they were from. They are now the OBA. And, what’s wrong with having a few of the old guard in there? They might actually recall how things were run in the days when all of us who wanted to work could. Besides, what about Furbie, and all the other ‘floor crossers’? The PLP looks a lot like the UBP these days, too. Just as it doesn’t matter what colour the boot is when it’s on your neck, it shouldn’t matter what the driver looks like if the bus gets to its destination safely. For me I’m sick of green boots on our collective necks at the moment, I’m sure that others were tired of the UBP’s boots back in 1998, but for now I’m glad to see the uniformed drivers are wearing red.

  20. very funny says:

    the whole PLP was funny @oh this is funny.. plp ministers were in it for the money, oba wants to help us, get over it mate

  21. Mr. Change says:

    Wowwww don’t the majority of these names sound familiar…….they seem to remind me of an era longgg ‘passed’!!! Lol that’s change huh!!!!

    • Jango says:

      mr. Change. Your comments on the ubp members who joined the plp.

  22. Limey says:

    leah scott crying in the arms of the governor!!

  23. Dee says:

    Oh ‘this is funny’ and ‘how’ – Grow up and put a sock in it! We’ve heard enough from the naysayers who remain loyal to the Party that screwed this Island royally. Fourteen years in Government and nothing to show for it but massive unemployment, businesses in dire straits, IB leaving the Island right left and centre, an overbloated Civil Service, a fleet of GP cars and more questions than you can shake a stick at about where certain funds have gone!

    Congratulations to our new Premier, his Ministers and the Senators who were sworn in today.

    • .am says:

      You forgot DayCare, FutureCare and that thing with the EEZ. *nod*

  24. Encouraging says:

    What is good about Bermuda right now is that at least people are paying attention to politics.

    Amazing how all the PLP supporters have so much to say when their ex-ministers and friends of ministers were profiting or doing poor jobs.

    Now suddenly they are political experts who have mystic knowledge that OBA will fail.

    Lots of brilliant talent on the OBA.

    • Leeann says:

      And the UBP were not profiting. Really!!!! Did you just tune in to Bda poltics.

      • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

        Exactly Leeann…. (s)he must have put on ZBM for the first time…

  25. Itsaboutallofus says:

    Seems like all is not well in OBA land…and they rushed to do this..but they dont seem to have all the details figured out as to what ministries will be held or who the 5 government senators will be…must be a lot of jockeying going on…

  26. BDAHermit says:

    Yep, so secretive… I wonder if the PLP will actually allow any cameras into their oh so transparent leadership selection process on Friday.

  27. Tricks are For Kids says:

    Shawn Crockwell is allowed to travel????? Really???

    • A New Day?? says:

      Wonder if Makai will be put on the stop list for a little herb. Oh forgot…different set of rules.

    • Webster says:

      Tricks, that is a good point.

    • Just Askin' says:

      That was what I was going to post! Surely he is on the ‘stop list’ so what the f**k??? When most people get on it, it’s for life so what gives? I’ll bet the OBA made or will make a special appeal to the U.S. to get him off, saying it’s vital to his new post-it’s the OBA’s way of hookin’ him up, because I’m sure the U.S. will agree.

      Any way you look at it, it’s pretty ironic that a guy who can’t (couldn’t) travel to the U.S. is now Tourism Minister.

      In any case, I’m sure he’s changed but I find this whole thing bizarre. Besides Crockwell, I think the other choices are really good.

      • New Bermudian says:

        Maybe he will be the first minister who doesn’t spend our funds foolishly on jaunts all over the western world. And India and China, and all points between. Maybe a minister can actually do his job without having to spend half his time in expensive hotels and in first-class air travel.

      • media says:

        Remember they are going to be setting up a Tourism Authority to manage Tourism. His role will be to make the transition to that new structure. It will be a challenge I am sure but as a young energetic lawyer at least you know he has a bright open mind ready to make some real changes to a system that is not working effectively.

        • Bermudian Man says:

          @ Media,

          It’s there a board setup of hoteliers and others for this already?

  28. possum says:

    Here are your NEW UBP, sorry OBA!!! Ministers, Michael Dunkley, Shawn Crockwell, Dr Grant Gibbons, Pat Gordon-Pamplin, Trevor Moniz, Mark Pettingill, Bob Richards, Sylvan Richards, Leah Scott, R Wayne Scott, what happened to Nandi/Glen/Susan, 10 ministers announced and 7 are former UBP, ok now we wait for the grumbling to start within the OBA cause its a coming folks……there is YOUR change

    • Mike Auxard says:

      Oh Boo Hoo , get over it lemon sucker, you lost.

      • possum says:

        Boo Hoo your self GROW THE HELL UP you can dish it but you can’t take, please advise HOW Shawn Crockwell will be able to travel to the USA with his DRUG conviction…… you OBA supporters certainly had plenty to say during the election and NOW that we are giving it back to you, you want to tell me Boo Hoo, LMFAO

      • Formidable Deviant says:

        Too right, oooooooh those sour grapes are bitter ….LOSERS!!!!!!!!!

        • possum says:

          Oh please get over your self! and there is your change right back to the UBP, look at your cabinet 75% former UBP

          • The Truthsayer says:

            What the f**k is ya point?!?! Who cares if it’s ubp/plp/oba/lemons/limes it don’t matter as long as they get $h*t done. PERIOD! Go and play dead. Jeez

      • A New Day?? says:

        No, those those who voted for change lost.

    • Portia says:

      Had Nandi/Glen/Susan been given a portfolio straight out the door, you would have said “they’re not qualified, they have no experience.” It seems some people just like to complain for the sake of complaining.

      • possum says:

        Yup, they only used the likes of Nandi/Glen/Kenny/Susan etc., education to Nalton Brangman, PLEASE!!!! Where was his name during the lead up to the election??? and there is your change or perhaps back to the UBP days!

        • Autumn Fire says:

          Yes, seriously, can someone please explain, kindly, where did Nalton Brangman come from if he was not one of the OBA constituents?!….How can that appoint work?

          • Who wrote the report? says:

            It did with Burch when he was not elected

          • We the people says:

            You are clearly not familiar with his resume. Includes chairman of Bermuda College (appointed by the PLP), chairman of the National Training Board.

    • Elston says:

      As Col. Burch once said….

      “Get over it.”

    • Steven Gerrard says:

      Woooooooo, the white man coming to get ya!!

  29. HAHAHAHA says:

    Can;t wait for them to kick Premier in his a$$

    • media says:

      You seem to forget the Premier was voted in as Leader of the OBA, by the OBA membership of over 1000 people, unlike the PLP leader who is picked by delegates of the PLP, which amounts to far fewer people. The Cabinet cannot vote him out.

  30. Sunshine says:

    This looks like UBP all over again ….why bother change the name

    • Formidable Deviant says:

      Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda. Bore off.

    • media says:

      Strange because I see some new fresh faces that were not in the UBP and have only joined since the OBA was formed. You must be looking through green tinted glasses.

    • politics says:

      PLP had their time and lets remember that too much of any party would be bad for Bermuda. We need balance and that why the majority elected the OBA.

  31. Snoopy says:

    For those of you in denial, get a grip! It could be a good thing, a chance for the PLP to see what people want.

  32. Evie says:

    Who has Transport?

    • Bernews says:

      Shawn Crockwell….the “Transport” bit was not said during the ceremony, but he is Minister of Tourism & Transport according to the official statement we just got from Government…

  33. Get Ready says:

    And the UBP is Back!

  34. possum says:

    Poor Kenny Bascome, now the OBA used you and over looked you as well, Shawn Crockwell is the new Minister of Tourism & Development, thought you had that one in your back pocket!!!! and there is YOUR change people

    • Frodo Hobbit says:

      Sorry, but Kenny Bascome would NOT make a good minister of Tourism-the guy is waaaayyyy too rough around the edges. It would be pretty embarrassing to have someone like that represent Bermuda-I mean, have you ever heard him speak? Nope, he wouldn’t make a good Tourism minister or minister of anything, in my opinion.

  35. SoMuchMore says:

    Bernews, thanks for the live feed. Despite the cuts it was fine.

    Nice to see a new team and look forward to changes for a better Bermuda.

  36. SoMuchMore says:

    Leah Scott was so excited when she was sworn in and when the Premier was naming everyone’s portfolio she kicked him thinking he had forgotten about her, funny as hell and priceless!

    Go OBA!

    • Leeann says:

      Only need to vote party. Little canvassing by candidate required. Soooo much more…..come soon.

  37. Angry OBA voter says:

    You have got to be kidding me?!?! Who is in Education? this is just the UBP all rolled back out? what did you do waving the likes of Andrew simons and Jeff Baron in front of us throughout the campaign just to pull a bait and switch? now you give us THIS cabinet?

    • possum says:

      sorry and there is your change, I’m sorry they only used the likes of Nandi, Kenny, Andrew, Jeff, WHY has your OBA given the Minster of Education to Mr. Brangman, his name was never mentioned in your lead up to the election!

      • Who wrote the report? says:

        Just like the PLP used Vince Ingham, Jonathan Smith, Diallo Rabain and Stephen Todd.

        Pretending to be more business friendly and moderate and then push these newcomers to Opposition strongholds.

        But I will tell you one thing the PLP has brainwashed you guys to the point of hysteria.

        What do you think these guys are going to do, eat your first born as well?

    • alicia says:

      Maybe i Andrew and Jeff were elected in they would be able to be considered, but they weren’t elected in unfortunately

  38. Laura Bardgett says:

    Bob Richards is the new Minster of Finance, we can all rest easy, the island’s coffers are in safe hands once again.

    • BDAHermit says:

      Thank god.

    • Ha Ha Ha says:

      Ms Bardgett, stop dreaming. The same old will continue…Mr. Richards is not prepared to process, approve and pay all of Govts invoices himself!! Just like Ms Cox – he will be another cog…hahaha

      • media says:

        Absolutely incorrect. Bob Richards is going to completely overhaul the Min of Finance and unearth a whole pile of surprises. He is probably down there right now beginning the work. You go Bob! He has been dreaming of this for years and now he can get on with it. It must have been so frustrating to sit on the sidelines and watch as Paula Cox held the cards close to her chest to cover the indiscretions of the past, never mind all the mismanagement that has been going on with the economy just in the last 5 years alone.

        • Bermudian Man says:

          @ Media,

          I mean I have to ask where the hell where you up until the PLP came into power? We know shady deals and whatever else was going on when the UBP were in, so where you complaining then?

          • media says:

            The difference is that they balanced the budget. Big difference. This is a very different time. The OBA is not going to operate in the same manner as either. Carrying on like in the past will simply not be tolerated. Expect a real change in approach.

  39. Angry OBA voter says:

    can you confirm whether the new education minister has a degree? http://www.linkedin.com/pub/nalton-brangman/16/b18/730
    This lists him only going to the Bermuda college for three years. I am not promoting elitism, but I expect my EDUCATION Minister to have a degree.
    Please confirm this.

    • I love Bermuda says:

      Oh get a life you snobby a## hole. Oh and by the way YOU are promoting elitism.

    • Neutral says:

      Angry OBA voter, we’ve had ministers with degrees and still education is a mess. I don’t know if Mr. Brangman has a degree, but I can tell you he is VERY intelligent, competent, and knowledgeable about many things, including education. As a parent I am confident in his ability to make an impact.

      • New Bermudian says:

        The last one had a PhD- oh, sorry- it was honorary, not even earned. Please. Nalton Brangman has a better shot of getting education straightened out than most of the others put together. Remember- your ministers aren’t technical officers, they’re policy makers. And they rely on their technical officers to help them make decisions. So, for years, think of how the ministers were advised- what’s frightening is it’s the same nepotistic hooligans running that show, unless something can be done about it.
        Anyone know if the last ‘commissioner of education’ has finally ceased her reign of terror?

        • media says:

          What is scary about Education is that the teachers have not been trained in the new curriculum! It would make a whole lot of sense to do that first. If not you can’t expect very good results can you? As an example, Somersfield has a Montesorri Primary Dept. The teachers can’t teach there unless they are trained and qualified in that method of teaching. Why is it not the same for the Government Schools. It would be a good place to start. This is basic stuff that has been overlooked.

          • Bermudian Man says:


            I think what was also overlooked was the fact that this system brought to Bermuda was failing in the first place. Are you suprised with the results now? Along with some bad parenting, can’t let them off the hook.

            • media says:

              The present Education system was created by a Joint Select Committee with members from the UBP and the PLP. The PLP can take a good share of any blame and probably more as they have been in the position to make any changes they wanted to make for years. Right now Education is too top heavy as with most Gov Dept. we need more people in the Ministry teaching as opposed to sitting at desks. As a non elected Minister Nalton Brangman at least wont be worried about losing his seat like has happened to nearly every other former Minister of Education.

              • Tored of the B.S says:


                The UBP were in power, and they changed a system that did not need to be changed. The plp can take fault for not finding a solution to this problem, but I have to put this at the feet of the governoring party at that time.I want to understand what was their motive. And I bet none of them had any of their kids in the school system. Just does not make sense.

        • The Truthsayer says:

          Look at you talking sh*t. It was earned actually. Don’t be a hater and suck on a lemon ya a$$. You probably don’t even have a degree. lay down!!

    • Webster says:

      Angry ,did the dame have a degree in anything ?

      • angry OBA voter says:

        I believe you are missing the point I am tryijng to make. Teachers are required by law to have a minimum of a college degree. To MAKE IT CLEAR this means that the Minister of Education is leading a work force which HAS TO HAVE A degree.

        HOW can we expect our Teachers, principals and Ministry administration to follow the leadership of a man who has NOT furthered his own EDUCATION to the level that THEY MUST.
        TO make it more clear, the OBA is not simply chosing an MP who does not have experience or a college degree (and no one has clarified for me whether he does or does not in fact have one).

        Mr BRangman is a SENATOR, he has not been elected. THe OBA could have selected ANYONE, including any number of our teachers, or principals who have a PhD in Education. If we are seeking a NON MP to be our Miniser of Education, we should select the BEST candidate for the Job.

        SO OBA please tell me WHY we are entrusting SUCH AN IMPORTANT MINISTRY to Mr Brangman. WHY is he the BEST BERMUDIAN who could be selected for this job. You’ve made the choice, you’re on the hook to justify it.

      • BDAHermit says:

        Not that it really matters for either Jennifer or Nalton but Jennifer recieved an associate’s degree from the Art Institute in Pittsburgh. In what I have no clue.

        Either way it seems not much difference from 3-4 years in BDA college.

      • angry OBA voter says:

        I think you are missing my point. Teachers in the education system are required BY LAW to have a university degree. This is not to mention the requirement of a minimum of a masters degree to advance in education administration.

        Thus the Minister of Education will be running a Ministry that is manned by highly educated professionals. I hope you understand why it would be challenging for a teacher in the public system to respect a Minister without the credentials to even be a teacher in the Ministry.

        Further we are are not talking about an Elected MP who does not have a college degree and selected as Minister of Education.

        If the OBA was searching for a Minister of Education outside the pool of elected MPS they could choose ANY BERMUDIAN to be Senator. They could search the ends of earth for talented Bermudians.

        WE are talking about a crippled Ministry, desperate for reform. As an OBA supporter I had hoped that if given such a choice, the OBA would select someone highly qualified in Education policy, including any number of our educators with PhDs in Education and years of experience.

        Thus we must be given a justification for WHY Mr Brangman was selected despite these obvious shortcomings.

    • Who wrote the report? says:

      What degree does Burgess have to be deputy and potential leader of the PLP?

  40. TED says:

    Looks balanced.

    • More Women Please says:

      No it’s not balanced. Women are seriously underrepresented in this Cabinet. I’m looking for the OBAMA to identify that they are more in tune with women’s issues

      • New Bermudian says:

        Meh. Parity isn’t equity, though- never has been and never will be. I’d like to see what these mostly-guys can do. Agree it would be nice to see more women at the table, but I think it’s a nice mix of race and experience.

      • The Skink says:

        How about representatives whom represent people’s issues? I think some folks on this island are too hung up on the superficial and lack substance.

  41. Cheryl says:

    Hv to agree with some of you. Wish there was less former UBP ministers appointed. The blogs r gona be rumbling for sure.

    • media says:

      Then you would say there was not enough experience in the Cabinet. It is a good balance. Some people will never be happy. I am happy as I know this lot are leaps and bounds more competent than the previous group that was sitting there.

      Just by actually taking the pay cut they have demonstrated they are more in touch with what the average person is feeling right now. The former Cabinet eventually reluctantly agreed to a pay cut and then never implemented it because it was reliant on other government workers taking a cut which ran into obstacles and never happened. The PLP Cabinet should have just taken the pay cut with no conditions attached and shown Leadership. They didn’t and as close as the election was, I would say that they might have won the election with just that change alone.

      If they had got rid of their personal fleet of GP cars I think they would have won for sure, because the people would have seen these things and it would have resonated with the voters. The average person loves to see Ministers as human beings and not some out of touch bunch that are in it for themselves. They are suppose to reflect us as a Community and what the PLP found out is that the people of Bermuda did not like what they were seeing in the previous Cabinet.

      It is a good start with the 10% pay cut. I too would have liked it to be more but the main thing is that they actually did it, didn’t just talk about it. Now I expect very shortly an announcement about the significant reduction of Ministers cars. I know that is one of Premier Cannonier’s pet peeves and mine too.

      I wish the new Cabinet all the best as they being the mammoth task of rescuing Bermuda.

  42. SoMuchMore says:

    People let’s grow up and move on… the only thing to fix right now is the mess we are in and we can’t fix anything if we are all going backwards.

    One thing is for sure, no one person can please everyone so suck it up and let’s all hop onboard to get the island back on track!

  43. WOw says:

    I must admit taking a 10% pay cut is great…that’s leading by example! Not refusing to take a 10% because that would be doing more with less!

    • MazamboCann says:

      Is that 10% worth about $225,000.00 per annumn? That should save 2 or 3 Government workers their jobs.

  44. Itsaboutallofus says:

    Who pays the piper calls the tune. Craig didn’t have a choice who to select. I’m sure he was ‘advised’ or it was ‘suggested’ who he should select. It’s gonna be hard to please everyone Craig.

    Nalton Brangman for Education. Oh My Lord. My Lips Are Sealed on that one. I see some strike action coming soon.

    • media says:

      How can you be sure he was advised? You really don’t know. You are speculating, because it fits into your agenda.

  45. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Kenny Bascome bye yah right back to where you started before the PLP took over . Welcome to Tobacco Bay Beach concession , it’s all yours .

    • rumandcoke says:

      M.P. Mountbatten,

      While Kenny Bascombe is a great representative for St. George’s, he is certainly not up to the technical responsibilities that will be required to be an effective Minister of Tourism. As Minister Crockwell has been Shadow Minister he will be well briefed on that critical portfolio in addition to being a lawyer. Hopefully he does not sing!

      • WHAT!!! says:

        Don’t forget he’s a Drug Dealer.

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

          Who’s a drug dealer ? Who the hell said that ? If it’s true than we have a drug czar with experience .

      • The Skink says:

        Minister Crockwell can sing and better than the former Tourism minister.

  46. Congradulations to all appointed new ministers and I wish you well and look forward to your new portfolio being one that we can see work being done that will benefit all Bermuda.

    I also would put as a reminder that minister Michael Dunkley made a lot of comments over the last two and a half years concerning our national security and gang violence,so I will be watching him very closely as this is dear to my heart and we dont need no joker playing politics for political points.

    Gun violence is real and since Mr Dunkley always pounded the pavement of what he thinks needed to be done,all I can say is lets see him deliver and if he can we have to give him the respect for it,Mr Dunkleys greatest challenge will be Government house and then the the drug industry itself which is being controlled by folk that wear suits and ties.so that in my book is a joke

  47. concerned citizen says:

    I am shocked by all of the negative comments. This new government was just voted in, they just named their Minister’s and portfolios, and those Minister’s haven’t been on the job for one day yet and they are already being slammed. Don’t you want things to be better for Bermuda? Don’t you want to see change? Don’t you want a better future? You voted in favor of the OBA so I think you do. Rather than provide support, congratulate these men and women for putting their lives on hold to serve Bermuda and her people, you feel the need to bash, point fingers and claim we are back to old days? Clearly you did not pay attention to their platform or anything that these fine men and women pledged to do for this country. After all of the damage that the former Government did to this beautiful island, you still chose to be negative! Give this party a chance to do good for Bermuda. Hold your tongue until you actually have something to critique.

  48. Roger says:

    Whinge whinge whinge whine.

    All you guys ever do is moan moan moan and yes there is a massive difference between what you do and being constructive.

    So much negativity in Bermuda when for a change there should actually be hope and optimism.

  49. M.R. says:

    Look at the PLP. You guys crack people up. Now that the show is on the other foot, they don’t like it. I can bet anyone $100 that the entire time the PLP stay in the Opposition they are going to continue their smear/hate campaigns from across the aisle. Whoever is elected leader of the PLP they may be a moderate but they will not be able to keep the dogs of war at bay.

  50. BDAHermit says:

    Now Bob just needs to invite 4 new arrivals from the British Government that came to LF Wade last night to look at the books as well. Then things will get interesting…

  51. BDAHermit says:

    New faces get Picked: PLP faithful “THEY’RE NOT EXPERIENCED ENOUGH”

    Experienced Ministers get picked: PLP faithful “THEY’RE TOO EXPERIENCED WITH THE OLD UBP” Apparently it’s okay to be a former UBP MP (and Leader!) if you join the PLP.

    • M.R. says:

      exactly. just a bunch of sore losers. the election was Monday you know?

  52. Evie says:

    The ruling party usually has 5 Senators? What about the other 3?

  53. get over it says:

    People grown up give the OBA a change they haven’t even been in power for a week yet

    Just accept the change because it can happen over night

    If you don’t like what they do or don’t do vote them out

    I hope all that are complaining voted on monday if not go do something better with your life than complain since you didn’t vote for the oba or plp

  54. Pilot001 says:

    they lied they said i would be represented and all i see is the old UBP!

  55. Pilot001 says:

    i guess their plan worked. We have been used!! Time for change already!!

  56. Triangle Drifter says:

    Generally happy here. Not perfect IMO, but then I am not the Premier so it is not my choice. The Ministers look a whole lot better than the lot that were in last week. Sure, some of them are very green but they are surrounded by people with experience & have a record of being successful.

    Tough choice for The Cannon to make. Unlike his predecessors in the past 14 years, he has a deep talent pool to draw from.

    I do hope Kenny Bascome gets some involvement in Tourism. He is the Jim Woolridge of this decade, an enthusiastic master salesman, a great frontman to promote Bermuda.

  57. Bermudian says:

    Boo to all the OBA haters. These people know what they’re doing, after all they are successful business men and women. Let’s see what rubbish come out of your mouths when the rich start investing, IB start coming back and money starts flowing again. You attack Nandi Davis for not having experience and you also attack those who do. SMH.

  58. Itsaboutallofus says:

    Question – if they are all about savings, why didnt Cannonier reduce the amount of Ministries?

    • elston says:

      He did.

    • alicia says:

      He did reduce it. It went from 13 ministries down to 12, that with the 10% reduction in salaries for ministers, this saves an estimated $336K per year ($16K/minister x12 + one minister salary).

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      They dropped by 1, you don’t want to reduce it too much, otherwise you give ministers too much work to handle. At least they are taking a pay cut, 10% by 12 amounts to the reduction of at least another minister, so in effect they have dropped the costs of 2 ministers

    • We the people says:

      In addition, many of these ministers will opt for part-time minister’s pay, rather than full (which every single PLP minister took). That, in addition to the 10 percent cut, will amount to about half a million in savings.

  59. Itsaboutallofus says:

    where are the other senators?

  60. Yng Black Mind says:

    The new Cabinet has been announced; thus here is my analysis below:

    Leah Scott – this appointment is fair. This allows her to learn the ropes in the House; however, she needs to learn how to control her feelings/emotions if she is going to be an effective minister.
    Dr. Gibbons – not surprised with this appointment – fair.
    S Richards – I don’t understand this – what gives him the qualitifactions to warrant this appointment?
    S Crockwell – time will tell if this was a good appointment – but appears to be a BDA support appointment
    P Gordon-P – a UBP appointment pay-off; however, she has the ability to handle the ministry
    M Fahy – strict payoff for him; has no right to be a Minister – his agorance will be his undoing
    Dunkley – this was expected – an OBA cabinet without the Milkman wouldnt be the same now would it?
    N Brangman – WTH? Moving on as this doesn’t even warrant a logical discussion – just plain crazy town on the crazy train.
    R Scott – again, this is a UBP supporter appointment – will see how this goes
    M Pettingill – approve of this appointment – is a hard worker and he is capable.
    T Moniz — UBP supporter appointment – capable but not a OBA appointment in anyway
    B Richards – expected; however, he is in the same boat as Fahy – self-serving and is all about power – nothing more. He will deny it, but the people are not fooled by his thinly veiled attempt to care.

    Overall, the Premier really didn’t have a choice in most of these appointments – they “came” with the deal, basically. I don’t deny he was involved in the selection process (it is his Cabinet), but where are the OBA members? Where’s Nandi, K Bascome, Jeff Baron, Nick Kempe, Andrew Simons? He didn’t even announce a Senate appointment to the man who took out Paula Cox, Mr. Glen Smith! Amazing, isn’t it?

    I told everyone before and after the election that I would be watching carefully as it unfolds – it is very early in the game, but I am enjoying the show thus far – smile.

    Yng Black Mind

    (those who know – understand)

    NB – Chris Furbert needs to up his dosage – his meds must be off – that rant only proves that certain PLP members (not executive party members) are put of touch with reality.

  61. Bermudian, and thats all says:

    Looks all good except michael fahy

    • media says:

      Fahy ran a very successful winning campaign as Campaign Manager and as a highly trained effective lawyer, is a great pick for that Ministry.

    • Leave Fahy alone says:

      What are you a fool. Fahy is a good guy. Shawn Crockwell is on the same level as Dr. Brown. Funny thing is both scum had and have the same spot Minister of Tourism.

  62. Balanced Facts says:

    Lets be honest, the PLP could not have come close to assembling a Cabinet with the depth of intellect seen in the OBA, the PLP supporters are just foaming sour grapes. Go away and try and address the disaster that your Party has become and try and be a decent Opposition without embarrassing yourselves any further! You are going to have to actually talk bout issues and debate sensibly…focus on that, it will be a real challenge for you!

  63. Jay Kempe says:

    I do not blame PLP supporters for criticizing what has just happened with the new Cabinet appointments and the IMMEDIATE 10% salary cut pledge – it really shows up the PLP for lacking in genuine leadership and example setting during their dismal tenure in office!

  64. Soooooo says:

    “I extended an invitation to a PLP MP to join the Cabinet but they declined, citing a party position to not accept such an offer at this time.”

    This was exactly what I thought would happen…. The PLP will do nothing to help this country, they were offered an olive branch… And in typical fashion they snubbed it… See what happens when they vote Derrick Burgess as leader… A man that cares amount nothing but himself…. Hopefully the truth will come out about his interference in government construction projects!

  65. Man in the Mirror says:

    Lets hope that the new Education Minister can do something with what that the former UBP Minister started and has been a steady decline in our education system since.
    “1994. January. Plan for $55 million, 200,000-square-foot school at Prospect (see 1992) unveiled by UBP Education Minister Clarence Terceira.”

    • media says:

      The education reforms were created by a Joint Committee, in other words members from the UBP and the PLP made the decisions that created what we now have as our School System. Cannot be solely blamed on the UBP.

  66. Rockfish#1 says:

    Had those persons been as critical of the former PLP Government as they are of the present OBA government, Bermuda would not be in such a terrible state.

    To prove how comical they are, compare the number of decisions made by the former Cabinet during the last 14 years to those made by a Cabinet sworn in today!

    Reality hasn’t sunk in yet.

  67. Yng Black Mind says:

    The new Cabinet has been announced; thus here is my analysis below:

    Leah Scott – this appointment is fair. This allows her to learn the ropes in the House; however, she needs to learn how to control her feelings/emotions if she is going to be an effective minister.
    Dr. Gibbons – not surprised with this appointment – fair.
    S Richards – I don’t understand this – what gives him the qualitifactions to warrant this appointment?
    S Crockwell – time will tell if this was a good appointment – but appears to be a BDA support appointment
    P Gordon-P – a UBP appointment pay-off; however, she has the ability to handle the ministry
    M Fahy – strict payoff for him; has no right to be a Minister – his agorance will be his undoing
    Dunkley – this was expected – an OBA cabinet without the Milkman wouldnt be the same now would it?
    N Brangman – WTH? Moving on as this doesn’t even warrant a logical discussion – just plain crazy town on the crazy train.
    R Scott – again, this is a UBP supporter appointment – will see how this goes
    M Pettingill – approve of this appointment – is a hard worker and he is capable.
    T Moniz — UBP supporter appointment – capable but not a OBA appointment in anyway
    B Richards – expected; however, he is in the same boat as Fahy – self-serving and is all about power – nothing more. He will deny it, but the people are not fooled by his thinly veiled attempt to care.

    Overall, the Premier really didn’t have a choice in most of these appointments – they “came” with the deal, basically. I don’t deny he was involved in the selection process (it is his Cabinet), but where are the OBA members? Where’s Nandi, K Bascome, Jeff Baron, Nick Kempe, Andrew Simons? He didn’t even announce a Senate appointment to the man who took out Paula Cox, Mr. Glen Smith! Amazing, isn’t it?

    I told everyone before and after the election that I would be watching carefully as it unfolds – it is very early in the game, but I am enjoying the show thus far – smile.

    Yng Black Mind

    (those who know – understand)

    NB – Chris Furbert needs to up his dosage – his meds must be off – that rant only proves that certain PLP members (not executive party members) are out of touch with reality. The PLP understands what they did wrong – and need to deal with their issues. Opposition will do wonders for them – I believe.

    • Nicki k says:

      @ yng black mind- What makes me laugh, is Walton Brown clearly explains why having PLP included will not work. He uses words like partisan and bipartisan. It is worth reading esp for those people who cannot see beyond – the turned down invitation. Will OBA be able to speak freely? What will the relationship be with the PLP MP and the PLP? Walton breaks it down in layman’s terms. Keep speaking out! I like reading comments like this. Regardless of who one votes for, our comments should be our opinions (after learning the facts) and not just childish outbursts! Like my previous comments states- a young OBA voter(race does not matter) is concerned not seeing the fresh faces that were promised!

  68. no alliance says:

    Get rid of party politics and pick the right person for the job. Hate bias ubp plp and oba people. Chose the right person for the job and move on. Screw race, we all are one people.

  69. Disappointed says:

    I will honestly say that this lineup is very disappointing. The hopeful feeling I f had earlier this week has been replaced with a gnawing pain in my stomach and a heavy heart. I, like many others remained very optimistic that Premier Cannonier would appoint a Cabinet that truly reflected a “New” Bermuda.

    In his remarks a few months back he promised a mixed cabinet with representation from both sides. While it would have represented a major paradigm shift it could have indeed allowed us to shape a different type of government void of the adverbial approach that characterizes this current modality. Instead of inviting a few from the other side as promised, he invites only one which would pit that individual against the remainder of their party colleagues. This makes him look good, but it is not what he promised!!

    Ok, so with that being said, HOW COME this new Cabinet looks like the Old UBP with a few new faces?? Really!?!!? Is that the best he could do?!!??!
    Also, term limits was the only way that many Bermudians were able to be considered or groomed for substantive positions within IB. The comments today by ABIC definitely reflect the Bermuda before 1998. This is a very saad day and I bet if an election were called tomorrow, the OBA would be voted out again!!!

    • Disappointed says:

      Sorry adversarial (sp) not adverbial..

    • Portia says:

      Regarding a mixed Cabinet, as someone above already mentioned, Cannonier extended an invitation to a PLP MP to join the Cabinet but they declined, citing a party position to not accept such an offer at this time. This is the PARTY (PLP) position. The PLP clearly have no interest in ever making a paradigm shift as you mentioned; they are not interested in working with the Government to better Bermuda. It didn’t matter if he had made the offer to 1, 2 or 10 PLP MPs. So perhaps you should also be disappointed with the PLP.

      Also, term limits was never a job creation program – it was always an immigration issue. Term limits were set in place to ensure that foreign workers could not qualify for residency in Bermuda after being here so long. And what specifically was it in ABIC’s statement that turned you off? The fact that they WANT to be here and work with the new Government? How is that not to our advantage?

      • status! says:

        @Portia——Portia face life—–Craig is inexperienced in politics, obviously. Politics is a very shrewd game by its nature, if someone from the PLP wants to cross the floor that is totally different to being offered a seat in cabinet, as what a spy?! This is as laughable, just as laughable as Miss Davis wanting to be a Senator/Shadow when she got the crown of having been ELECTED to the house of assembly… Sigh, looks like we are in for a long learning curve! even the oba supporters do not understand the political process!

    • George says:

      @disappointed your comments are disingenuous at best! Time for all commentators like yourself to drop the facade and start being a little more sincere and genuine in your posts! Your true colors shine brightly through the thin Facade of i am an OBA supporter but don’t like previous UBP mps being made Ministers. As the OBA is new party they need to rely on some of those with experience in the crucial roles that this country needs to get it back on its feet I.e. Moniz, Gibbons, Dunkley etc.

      You should read up on the system of Government we have and the short comings it poses to bipartisan politics. Nice gesture by Craig but not realistic for a number of reasons. Although I am sure the offer was genuinely made no PLP mp was going to take up the offer. Why? For a number of reasons just have a look at Laverne Furberts comments over on the bermuda poltics Facebook page to start with! We still have a long long way to go to become a politically mature country! You want a more progressive bipartisan Government then we need to change the system of Government we have first and foremost.

      You also need to do your homework on term limit policies and the detrimental effect it had on IB. Though good intentioned this policy didnt have the intended effect! You want more Bermudians in senior IB positions then we need better educated ones to start with! Bermudians who also know how to work hard and be dedicated to their employer not opportunistic money grabbing individuals with a sense of entitlement greater than their intellect!

  70. OZ says:

    Regardless of who you voted for WE all have a new government.So it is fair for anyone to criticise their NEW government. The choices for Tourism and Education leave me feeling that this is not the best choice. I do not know a single person who thinks that Nalton Brangman should be a Minister of anything. Education is far too important and it looks like the New Premier does not understand this otherwise he could not have done this!

  71. Sandgrownan says:

    A decent start, mix of old and new and some heavy hitters in the mix. Symbolic 10% pay cut sends a good mesage too. Need a handful of quick tangible steps forward and some new rhetoric towards IB. take advantage of hte new optimism, it won’t last long.

    For all you butthurt PLP supporters, judge them only on their results. Get over it, you lost, the bitching and moaning confirms what we all thought anyway. You are nasty,, divisive and racist. You don’t contribute to the common good.

    Get on board with change.

  72. Cross+Roads says:

    Now you know what we had 14 years of ! How`s it feel ?

    • Tored of the B.S says:

      @Sandgrown & Cross + Roads

      Let me ask you, with a straight face you can sit here and say PLP supporters are nasty, divisive and racist, but can’t see the other side? I beleive many of you white bermudians (or expats, or whoever you are)like to create your own history.

      When has Bermuda been this one nation you all keep talking about?

      You insult people when you speak of this Bermuda that existed to you, and not to the black community.

      Believe what you may, but people are divided, and have been for many years now. Check out history if you don’t believe me.

      I will end with a final question, I see we sit here and talk about how mostly all black people vote plp or pary, which has never been true, because we are the swing voters. I want to know why the question isn’t how come most of white Bermuda has never voted outside of the UBP, or OBA. They are the ones who really vote party, but it seems we are always focusing on the black community voting party.

  73. Nicki k says:

    I read a comment from a young OBA voter who was excited for change and younger fresh faces, which was promised to her/him. The young person expressed concern after seeing the old faces. The young person believes he or she was lied to. I felt sorry for this young voter who had so much hope and now compares OBA to the old UBP. My advice to this person is to make governments ( no matter who it is) accountable for their choices. Governments work for the people. Young person, I am proud of you for making your voice heard. Welcome to the way things are. This is just the beginning. Now, which face will represent PLP!

  74. Snickers says:


  75. zone3 says:

    Congratulations to all of our new ministers, you have a lot of hard work ahead, but with the support of the community you will get it done.

    Now to all the negative bloggers, grow up and stop the name calling. You sound like kids in the playground. Our island community needs to lose the sour grapes attitude and work with our new Government to make this a better island.

  76. media says:

    I hear Randy will be the Speaker! Turns the house into 19 – 16. PLP not happy…

  77. Will says:

    where does Minister for Anti-Prohibtion and Drug War fit in? Are we to assume that all the great strides the OBA promise will fall short of a radical rethinking of how Bermuda deals with drugs and their users?