Police Witness Appeal: Man Chased & Shot

December 2, 2012

Following yesterday’s [Dec 1] shooting — which saw a 20-year-old man chased down by two men on motorcycle and shot on North Shore — police have appealed for witnesses, particularly anyone who may have seen the motorcycle chase.

A police spokesperson said: “Around 5pm on Saturday, December 1st police responded to a report of gunshots in the North Shore Road, Band Room Lane Pembroke area.

“It appears that a man was on a motorcycle when two men on another motorcycle gave chase, shooting the victim at the junction.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines speaking at the scene yesterday:

“The 20 year old Pembroke man attended King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injury, which is not believed to be life threatening.

“A full investigation into this confirmed firearm incident is underway and police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed any suspicious activity in the area, particularly anyone who may have seen two men on a motorcycle chasing another motorcyclist in the areas of Glebe Road, North Shore Road and Band Room Lane around 5pm Saturday, December 1st to contact police on 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

“In a related incident, after police established a cordon at the scene of the shooting, a man on a motorcycle rode through the cordon on North Shore Road and proceeded on to Band Room Lane.

“As a result, the man was forcefully taken off his motorcycle [photo above]. He appeared to be intoxicated and was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving. He was then taken to Hamilton Police Station where he was processed and detained. A court appearance is anticipated in due course.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Chased him down & shot him eh? Bermuda really has turned into the wild wild west. Bikes have replaced the horses. Think carefully Dec17th. Vote for more of the same or vote for a change. Vote the wrong way & have nobody else to blame but yourselves.

  2. Y-Gurl says:

    What are the cops doing?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Just watch the video & you’ll see they are doing jack all. Ten officers standing around talking like they are part of a W&E crew. Then the commissioner whines about not having enough manpower.

  3. MAAAAAAAN says:


    • Round de Bend says:

      They didn’t say who to vote for. You just took it that way….

    • to u idiot says:

      @ Round de Bend – Ya but common sense is tellin you who they asking you to vote for. I wont be voting for no GO’DAM OBA !!! PLP Thnk U

  4. TEE says:

    Only one way to slow this madness down. If I was the leader of BERMUDA. HERE ME. WHEN I BECOME THE LEADER I WILL STOP THIS MADNESS….. Ill help all you dumb a$$es in Government…. Put a GOVERNOR ON ALL VEHICLES except police cars and bikes. keep a GOVERNOR on all. No one can go over 25mph regardless. GP cars too . It will stop street accidents too….. OK.. GET THAT… DUMB LEADERS. WELL DO IT DAMN IT… Then if they shoot they will run and hide in the damn bushes waiting for the PO PO……. So what if your fast cars must now go ONLY 25MPH, Then walk if you dont like it, Thats the ONLY WAY THIS CAN WORK….. TRYit OBA Cause you’re next, PLP Is braiwashed

  5. seriously says:

    ref Drifter: Vote for more of the same or vote for a change. Vote the wrong way & have nobody else to blame but yourselves. If this doesen’t say vote for OBA then what does it say

    • Just Us says:

      @ seriously: And you don’t think that the OBA will ruffle any feathers? It will be just a different set of hands staring the pot… It will be the same shyt different day routine. Don’t kid yourself.

  6. tom says:

    no matter who u vote for ,, your still gona get fu*#ked,
    as always,

  7. crying shame says:

    The Police were right at the bottom of Band Room lane giving out tickets when the shooting occured they were the closest people to the damn incident.

  8. Bermudican says:

    I break for hallucinations! that is a bumper sticker .
    another is I only listen to what the voices inside my head , Tell me to do…lol

    they seem to apply in this instance for some unknown reason.

  9. My view says:

    It is beyond me how many people come on Bernews and make the comments they make! My humble question to you all is when these same people were growing up and wanted guidance what did you do to assist! When these same children were at your house acting the fool what did you do to all of you who may say I corrected my humble suggestion to you was correction wasn’t the only thing that child needed! They perhaps needed nurturing and love and nurturing as well! Yes it may not have been your soul responsibility to raise that child but your love support and guidance would have made a difference – it takes a village to raise a child they say so I ask all of you are you not apart of the village that should assist in raising our children! Growing up I could remember teachers who cared enough about each individual child that they did know and did care enough to pull you aside talk to you and guess what show you some loving. However when we moved on from one school to another the loving and support that was once given was gone and teachers actually were belittling children calling them dumb, dopey, loser and informing and then constantly reminding them that they would never be nothing. So I ask you if you are not shown love and support, nurture and guidance and home or at school or from the “stronger” adults in your neighbor then where do you expect our young people to gain the skills they need to be of value! I also challenge you to ask yourselves how often have you said or done things in the eyes of children that you shouldn’t have done or said things about leadership or people in power in front of young minds who are eager to be grown! Your behavior, your words and your example have helped to shape our community into what it is today! Many come in Bernews pointing the blame and are quick to say not my – how incorrect of you to say because by default the thugs are yours they are a reflection of the things you did as didn’t do the things you said and didn’t say my humble suggestion would be to all of you who come on here to vent, blame or do anything else negative next time before you post ask yourself what have you done lately to help assist other young people growing up in these times who need your guidance, love and support! Yes, I have and still do volunteer at youth groups, youth centers, brownies and when I can I take the neighborhood kids for a drive and talk with them and you would be surprised the things the children say. The simply things they are needing in their lives! Not all children want money or material things, many are looking for the simplicity in life of love and nurturing and the desire to feel wanted! So to all of you stop with your negative vibes on here because guess what some of our young people are reading your comments and comments like they should die, we should put them on an island and let them shoot themselves or name calling are all acts of condoning the negative behavior taking place on our island just in a different t manner. The hearts of humanity is black and we have forgotten the true meaning of community! I urge all of you to stop and look at your lives and ask what did you do to help society to be what it is today! Whether it be by helping or not helping by default you still assisted because we are all apart of the problem and the solution!

  10. Mom's Gingerbread says:

    Why was he shot at, that poor innocent boy yeah right