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January 27, 2013

[Updated with photos] The third race of the Bicycle Works Mountain Bike Race Series was held today [Jan 27] at Admiralty House Park. In mainly fine conditions, the 70 plus riders took to the one mile track.

The race started with an epic hill climb, before a long descent to the water’s edge led to another uphill climb. The last half mile of the track was a long flowing downhill trail back to the start line.

In the ‘A’ Class Male, Neil de St Croix proved once again that he is the guy to beat, coming in first, even with the return of last year’s National Champion, Dominique Mahyo, who has been sidelined due to his enrollment in the Bermuda Regiment recruit camp.

Unfortunately for young Mahyo, trading his army boots for cycling shoes was not an easy transition. Mayho went down half way through the race on a sharp technical corner and sat the rest of the race out. Brian Steinoff finished second, followed by Mark Hatherley in third.

In the ‘B’ Class Male, Hans Hirschi took top honors, followed by Robin Horsfield in second and Ian Port in third. In the ‘B’ Class Female, Gabriella Arnold was first across the line, followed by Ashley Kirkpatrick in second and Goretti Clementino in third.

In the Novice Male, Kyle Adams finished first, followed by Jason Thomas in second and Paul Tetley in third.In the Novice Female Class, Brittany Uddin took top honors.

In the 13-16 Female Class, Tristian Narraway took the class, followed by Jessie Godfrey in second and Victoria Davis in third. In the 13-16 Male Class, Matthew Oliveira took top honors, followed by Christian Oatley in second and Sam Walsh in third.

In the Under 13 Female Class, Kayla Raymond beat out Cassy McPhee for the win. In the Under 13 Male Class, Nahje Smith finished first, followed by Alexander Miller in second and Kaleb Madeiros in third.

The full results of today’s race are here [PDF]. Bicycle Works Mountain Bike Race Series continues next Sunday at Ferry Reach Park starting at 9:00am.

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