Double Murder: Police Arrest Second Man

January 27, 2013

This evening [Jan 27] the police confirmed that another man has been arrested in connection with the double murder. This is the second arrest in connection with the incident, following after the arrest of a 21 year old Sandys man on January 24th.

On Wednesday evening [Jan 23], Haile “Star Child” Outerbridge and Ricco Furbert were chased into Belvin’s on Happy Valley Road and gunned down.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “A second man has been arrested in connection with the murder investigation and the Bermuda Police Service is continuing our appeal for persons to come forward and assist the Police in bringing these murderers to justice.

“It is important to note; an arrest does not mean the matter is closed, and we urgently need people to come forward with any information that can assist.”

Anyone with any information regarding the murders is encouraged to contact the Serious Crimes Unit on 247-1739 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. speak up bermuda says:

    Please people speak up if you know any information come forward

    Call the crime stoppers or police

    People speak
    Let get justice for these two families

    SPEAK UP!!!!!!

    • think bout it says:

      People need to start speaking up about all the murders (I.e. the shooting murders) so that all these scums can b taken off the face of the earth.

    • Bermuda Love says:

      Lol. Justice in Bermuda. Now that is funny. I’m pretty sure they will get a supended sentence.

  2. TJ says:

    Good job BPS this is great news!!! I hope you have the right guys and if you do I hope the courts lock them up or better yet send them to a Mexican or Russian prison and see how tough they really are.

    RIP Haile and Rico!!!!

    • Gash Dem says:

      Feed them to John Mongrel @ Pollsmoor in Western Cape – ‘Nuff Said….

      • Judge Dredd says:

        Hahahahahaaaaaaa lol lol lol lol! Ya bie that’s the one right there. You found the perfect home for these pretty murderers. John Mongrel would definitely like these pretty punks. That should be our policy. You shoot, you go be a ladyboy.

        • Judge Dredd says:

          I’m dead serious too, don’t mistake my laughing for joking. That’s the fate these cold blooded murderers deserve.

      • BermudaGirl says:

        All of them-right to John Mongrel! Perfect solution. They would all be wimpering like babies for their mommas, and no mommas in sight…

    • rugrats says:

      I just hope and pray when they are caught they dont rec a suspended sentence

    • Ole says:

      With the bastards that killed those from a mission near by…that would be fantastic..what say you?

  3. watching-n-listening says:

    Anything that involves more than person,the potential,for these”wanna be gangsters”too start telling on one another is high,bps,I really hope you have the right people haile,and rico rest in peace,we gonna get too the bottom of this,so that your deaths won’t be in vain,and if anybody knows something speak up,its gonna take”we”as a community too take back our commjunity,and show the these so called cowards that enough is enough!!!

    • Ya we will get to the bottom of it wen the whole MOB is 6 feet under.
      The bottom of the earth. U wanna lockd them up or capital punishment to make them disappear, so what’s the difference if we line them up on a wall n let the murder victims family kill them all. Eye for eye.

  4. Tee says:

    Speak up if you know anything on ANY MURDERS, NOT JUST THESE TWO….

  5. Islander says:

    BPS you give us hope and to those that know things about this WAR the cease fire is in your mouth/heart – let it all be known. Fear nobody but the Lord!!

  6. Street Code says:

    The first dog they have needs to be put to sleep, he roams all over the island and think’s he’s untouchable.Don’t mess with this dog cause his teeth is sharp and on point when he bites.

    • Able says:

      First dog? Going down. Wait for it. No guns, just good common Godly disbursement of what ails us. Pray for the families. Love and peace be with us.

  7. smh says:

    execution!!!! a life for a life

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Not going to happen. Wasted idea.

    • ItsTime says:

      Just a big dark circle. It has to end and it takes a real man to step up, lay down his weapons and make a change. It’s a punk who preys on people when they are not able to defend themselves, it is a punk who runs and hides away. It is a punk who can take his brothers life. It is a loser to think his actions are justified.

  8. Facts says:

    Funny how they haven’t given the age or parish of fixed abode for the second person arrested. Shame!!!! I really hope they have the right people or get some type of leads.

  9. SPOOF says:

    WELL DONE BPS !!!! Keep Locking em up !!!

  10. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Hunt them all down , don’t allow them to sleep or slumber . There can be no rest for the wicked .

  11. Tee says:

    Wolde’s picture was all over the place, newspaper, bernews, tv, even after he turned himself in. So why not these fools. Protect one then protect all

  12. I believe in the power of prayer and that God will give insite to those in authority,I believe that God bestows His wisdom,knowledge and understanding to those who will trust Him.

    So no matter what happens,when we decide to trust and believe on God’s unfailing hand,He always comes through and all it really takes is for us to believe.

    Many dont like the spiritual side to all of this but that is the true answer to resolving our issues,no matter what we face in life there is one that always has the real truth and He is the Almighty God that creative all things,so why not try Him and it may just surprise some,just how accurate he can be.

    Now I expect some of the nay sayers to rebottle what I am saying,so let me save you the may say innocent before proving guilty and you are right but I am old school and I was taught that you may not be guilty for what you are being charged with but you sure will pay for things that you never got caught and thought you were getting away.

    I also believe in praying for our law enforcement as they are on the front line to protect us and we need to continue to pray for their families,because everytime they walk out their door it is no guarantee they are going to make it back home,so Bermuda be grateful for what we do have and the people that work to making our country safer and you might just be suprise what caring for others may do for each of us as we try to come together as a people we once were.

    • sorry I meant to write created and not creative.

    • almostthere. says:

      @Duane Santucci—–nothing wrong with being spiritual, we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience…God is not someone we can pray to ,if so he would never have allowed black people to be enslaved, NO GOD would discriminate against people for their skin colour, the sun is blind to color but the effects are obvious..Stop praying and start communicating about the issues with the church as to solutions because so far God has not stopped any crimes against humanity and the forces of evil were planted in us and now this is the ‘reap what you sew benefit’ or KARMA which is its own revenge.

  13. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    can I hang them now?

    because that’s the ONLY thing these lil punks will fear..
    the Hangman!

  14. tricks are for kids says:

    I wish they would wait until they have something concrete. ….people have been picked up and let go but no mention of that. … ……..

  15. Richard says:

    We an save a lot of money sending these punks to South Africa lol we don’t want them back anyway chances are they wont be coming back.

    • almostthere. says:

      @Richard—exactly what do you mean by send them to South Africa??they should have never been stolen to begin with, the monster has been created out of greed and now you want to put the problem in some elses lap?And what in South Africa exactly would guartentee they would not be back..

      • BermudaGirl says:

        John Mongrel would ensure that they would not come back. Have you not been reading other’s posts?

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    Good job BPS. Now, lets see if justice is going to be served. As nice as it would be to have capital punishment, it will not happen. Put the murderers in the express lane for being sent overseas for their long long prison stints. I hear places like Mexico & some South American countrys have some very nice prisons.

  17. Tee says:

    Whats really wrong with these little tiny young wanna beeessseee!!!!!!!! I was driving behind a group of 4 bikes last night WRITING DOWN LICENCE PLATES NUMBERS just in case SOMETHING CAME UP and police needed info, which is a damn good thing to do nowadays… The LITTLE BOY on the last bike kept looking behind, I mean dude looked behind bout 9 times within a half mile. Parents, check your kids because they are coming home to your house every night and if its that bad, God knows if YOU CAN BE NEXT. Play blind and face the consequences. That’s very scary, but real.
    Please never say not my son. Check their phones, closets, computers, bike seats, whatever, because if they live in your house you are responsible. That’s whats up..WAKE THE HELL UP.

    • Islander says:

      True true true

      • tricks are for kids says:

        He looked behind that many times to see who was “following” them…which is what a lot of them do for their own safety. ….you don’t have to be involved in anything these days for something to happen to you….it could be a relative, a friend or even the neighborhood you comr ffrom. ..

        The person behind you was probably jotting down your plate number too….

        Side Note: With all the recent accidents I hope you weren’t “writing n driving”…..that’s dangerous. ….

        • Sick and Tired says:

          Thank you tricks are for kids,just what I was thinking.

    • ItsTime says:

      Good idea but this guys steal bikes and travel without license plates……report stolen bikes and look out for stolen bikes. Parents you know if you son/daughter comes home with a bike that is not his. Right, these punks don’t have these type parents that know or even care to know what their children are up to or doing.

  18. David says:

    Desperate times, call for desperate measures. To stop this flood of evil and unruly terrorism, we must demand that a different set of rules be made to deal with these individuals. They have no interest in living peaceably in society, so we as a society have to adjust. Romans 13 in the bible (for the God fearing people), says:Romans 13
    New International Version (NIV)
    Submission to Governing Authorities

    13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.
    We must do what we must do. The world is watching the way we take care of our house. If we can’t keep our little island home safe, how can we invite ‘visitors’, to come and spend their hard earned money? How?, if we can’t keep them safe. TIME TO ADJUST PEOPLE.
    Elected Officials, it’s time to earn your keep. Make the necessary adjustments to stomp out the foolishness. Wield the God given power and govern. The dog wags the tail, the tail doesn’t wag the dog.

  19. MJ says:

    …..IF….. a jury convicts….Judge gives 12 years….Parole board lets them out in 12 days………..BANG BANG…here we go again !!

  20. Clifton Philpott says:

    As a Bermnudian living overseas, it always really hurts me to hear about this violence.

    In the good old days a “fight” at the bus terminal by City Hall was a big deal.

    I hope that justice will prevail and more importantly that there is an end to this violence.

    Hello to all my Bermy Family and Friends.


    P.S. Great job Bermews, you are my only source of news from Bermuda.

  21. Islander says:

    or receive suspended sentences -

  22. What? says:

    Good! At this point, I don’t care if these aren’t the perpetrators. Lock their ass up anyway! Tired of these little bastards. Get them off our streets so we can live again!!

  23. BPS……please ensure that all your T’s are crossed; all your I’s dotted. Be sure the ‘miranda rights’ are read. For u haven’t arrested these guys for nothing, and Bermuda public, surely don’t want them to walk on any foul up; bleep or blunder nor a technicality.
    You have them, let justice prevail.
    The laws are to laxed n the Chief Justice MUST throw the whole book at them during the sentencing and his pen. Also no time off for time spent awaiting trial. Take them in, in handcuffs n let Augustus Funeral Home bring them out. Keep up the good work BPS. People are proud of you guys n gals and those whom are not, they will call you one day I say.
    R. I. P……Haile/Ricco…..

  24. Bubbles says:

    Everyone is saying SPEAK UP SPEAK UP! People are living in fear in Bermuda irregardless of whether they are affliated or associated with this gang violence.

    Most people have a lack of trust and faith in the system. Speak up? What guarantee is there that BPS will provide suitable protection for anyone who speaks up. Does BPS genuinely care about solving these murders…I think not.

    BPS can manage to find crops of marijuana all over the island yet they can’t locate murderers in a 21 square mile island. You know why? Because they don’t care. I don’t wanna hear any BS about speaking up from the police. They don’t give a s%^t about the young black men being killed!

  25. Amsterdamned says:

    Until these people who commit cold blooded murder are executed for their crimes expect the same to continue. And until people stop protecting their “boys” and their cousins they remain elusive. Seems to me our cops are utterly useless and we need these foreign guys to lead to the perps because they have no other agendas

  26. Victor says:

    Good work BPS and good work Bermuda for coming together.

    Sooner or later if this violence continues unabated, genuine innocents are going to get caught in the crossfire. If one of them happens to be a tourist or relative of the head of a major IB employer, we can kiss what is left of the economy goodbye; especially if the international press gets ahold of it. Apart from the moral imperative to stop young men harming each other, there is nothing more urgent than to address this economic catastrophe in the making before the fact.

  27. Second says:

    Great work BPS. As a community we need those who know something to come forward and help the BPS. But for the grace of God !!!!

  28. Leo says:

    Double murder is execution to me.

  29. Xman says:

    This is how it should be done
    (1) Identify , locate, Name, Photograph Gang Members with an Intel gathering unit
    (2) than hire a Sniper ( ex SEAL) and pick them off.

    Now that’s how it’s done.

    Of course this will never ever happen.

    • la la dy says:

      Xman, that’s how the CIA do it. We need to label these thugs as terrorists or a threat to national security, then maybe something like that can be done. Go after them like Osama and Sadam. Liberate Bermuda!

  30. PLEASE says:

    You all say speak up , lock them , kill them!!!!! That’s until it hits home or your family. I just feel sorry for these young black men that make a wrong decision at a very young age and then they grow up and change their lives but still are targets in this gang life. Like Rico n Star Child and so many more cause there’s no escaping this gang life here in BDA.

    • BermudaGirl says:

      Oh, PLEEZ!! THESE murderers are victims now?? Save it. There are many, many decent BLACK young men who are way better than gangs, that are actually doing something constructive and good with their lives, and you have just insulted and virtually threw away all of them with your stupid and thoughtless comment.

  31. LORD HAVE MERCY says:

    legalize guns for the decent people in Bermuda …..i can guarantee that if store owners and people had a licence to carry a firearm there is no way in hell these punks would attempt to do what their doing…. If the store owner had a licensed gun i bet that thug would have thought twice about going into a store and opening fire.

    Over 100 people showed up for a candle light service for the double murder, that’s over 100 decent people in Bermuda that is fed up, there is less that 20 guns in the island cycling around and causing terror.
    hmmmm lets see over 100 decent people with a registered gun verses 20, and you think that the gang members will continue doing their crap?
    I would rather fire a pistol at a murderer than fire up a candle for a victim or victims.


  32. m says:

    So if people are so fearful and afraid to speak up more families are going have go through this
    People with information are just as heartless as the killer
    Why would you want more families to go through this
    Why would you want a father taken away from his children

    Until we get real with ourselves and stop being fearful more young black males are going to get shot
    Its brutal I said that but its the truth

    Bermuda wake up before its to late and the next murder victim your own flesh and blood
    What would you do than

    Why are bermudian so afraid of
    Why is a gunmen going stop you from living you life
    Stop being scared to speak up

    Its only January sadly we going to see and hear about more shooting if people don’t speak up

    Would you want the to happen if not
    Call the police or crime stoppers with your information

    I’m sick n tired of this

    And to the gunmen
    You should shot yourself and you are going to rot in hell I f*cking hate you so much
    Stop this

    Bermuda we need to real with ourselves before we change this

    20+ men have died
    And willing to have more shot if not speak up

    Will can stop this?

    When will this stop?

    • Bubbles says:

      As a young 25 year old I wouldn’t speak up if I knew anything. It’s the codes of the streets. Sorry to but such is life!

      Bermuda is now feeling the heat that has been represented since biblical days. Hatred will never go unpunished. The evil men of this world have used catalyst to deceive the world, things that we honor have lured us from the TRUTH! We all play a role in our own destruction.

      Would you come forward if you had information? Are you willing to put your life at risk for a conviction.

      Are you willing to move to the UK away from your family and be put in a witness protection program?

      Heartless? Don’t be naive!

      Do you wish too constantly have to look over your shoulder out of fear? Thinking whom ever you’ve assist in a conviction may send someone to retaliate against you?

      I think before you point fingers and deem people to be heartless for not wanting to come forward with evidence you consider all of the factors that come with giving information!

      Have you ever experienced a murder trial? I have and it is the most disheartening experience!

      Black men will continue to be killed irregardless of whether people come forward or not. We live in a society that has little or no fear of God instilled in them. We will continue to experience bloodshed. These young men do not think, the problem starts from home. The majority of the youth roam the streets dealing in drugs, sex and violence. Thinking these things have no affect on life. CRIMES WITHOUT REAL PUNISHMENT will continue because BPS does not care about the young BLACK men murdered!! WE HAVE AN UNCARING GENERATION WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OF SELF!! So until we uproot the problem we will not have any peace in Bermuda!

      • LORD HAVE MERCY says:

        you said that you experienced a murder trial…how were you able to experience that if no one came forward? So you would refuse to to come forward if you knew something but yet you would sit in a murder trial where people were brave enough to come forward with evidence….you my friend are called a coward bottom line, i can bet you that if your mother was shot and you knew who doe it you would readily tell without fear of consequences,
        Keep your mouth shut today and it will be your family hurting tomorrow, we are all going to die and that is inevitable and no matter how much a person may plan but if it is not your time to go you will not go!

        • Bermy Gooner says:

          I don’t believe you can serve on a jury either until at least 25 years old…

        • Bubbles says:

          You dumb f^&* c^&& my brother was murdered! Piece of s&^%so shut the f%$# up!

          Your one of those ppl that haven’t experienced a loved being murdered! STFU and stay commenting on Bermews u dumb f%$k!

          • Bermy Gooner says:

            If that is the case, (i.e. you being a sibling of a murdered individual) one would expect that you would be one of the first people to tey and stop this madness. But yet you state that you wouldn’t do so because of some “street code.” Why so much loyalty to the “streets” when apparently it has shown no love to you and yours?

          • LORD HAVE MERCY says:

            and if you knew who killed your brother would you remain silent,….and for the record i have had members of close family killed

      • Suspicious says:

        When good men stand by and do nothing ,that’s when evil thrives.

  33. dummy says:

    They wanna murder my family. Wer d hell is the chair!!

  34. Ti Valley Shotta says:

    Stary, TO DA WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll say it this way so Bernews can’t take it down……….
    Keep on talkin that shyt on Instagram!!

    • U kno dat TV Lane. Love all them n%$#@ more than that!! Rico Starry Akbar Yae Yae Shaq Fingaz BigH Twinaz Perkins Delton Biggs n all the dead homies. —– faeva

    • SINGLE MOM says:

      I have too agree…because these lil fools are on instagram twitter and facebook…making serious comments …obviously showing Bermuda that they are proud of wat they are doing!!! Bragging…and whether they are the culprits or not..of any of these murders…I think that they should be picked up and taking in too…start hanging these sick ass fools..because in as much as they can brag on instagram…twitter..fb.. taking a life is a big joke!!! Take theirs and see if they like that!!! BPS you wanna find out who the culprits are…even tho half of Bermuda kno that you kno who they are in the first place!! But you need too visit these sights…pure and jewlrey along with guns these assholes have up on their profiles…they don’t deserve too live…take them down before they kill again…it could be n e one of our doorsteps!!!

  35. Triangle Drifter says:

    No the cops can’t go around shooting anyone. No, the cops can’t break down doors at 4AM without just cause. No, the cops can’t pick them up off the streets without good reason. No, the cops can’t profile & arrest or stop because of the baggy pants or tinted windows. No, the courts cannot hand out the death penalty.

    None of this is going to happen.

    What the cops can do is harass them whenever & wherever these guys hang out. Park across the street from them for a bit. Take pictures of them. If somebody in the neighbourhood calls to say the scum has congregated, make a point of getting there soon just to watch them for a bit. Make life uncomfortable. Keep them moving.

  36. m says:


    Of course I would come forward with information if I had any

    So your telling me that code of the streets and the street life is more important to not come forward

    What would you do if someone killed your loved one

    The streets not love you
    That so called gang like isn’t worth it because you will end up died or in jail

    Like I said before I guess bermudians or other don’t care what happens to this island

    I would do anything for this to stop or get justice for the families of these young male

    • Bubbles says:

      My loved ones have been murdered due to this war. And I stand by not coming forward IF I knew information. Until the issues in the police is extinguished and the security of safety is ensured people will not come forward.

      • Work together says:

        Exactly! The police have a big part to play in this as well. They need to ensure people’s (informers) safety instead of throwing them too the sharks once they’ve gotten the info they want out of them. The police want the publics help? They need to ensure the security of the public first!!!

  37. m says:

    I’m sorry for your lost

    So will their death be vain than if no one comes forward

  38. only in Bermuda says:

    Like I keep saying its a sad day in Bermuda. What is all fthis about. Cause I tell you let somebody be staying or sleeping in my house and putting something down. Huh he wouldn’t tell nobody. 911 On speed dial. Its crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Wauer says:

    Go summer set to catch the last person

  40. Renamed says:

    Catch the last person for me pleasessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  41. Renamed says:

    Go to summer set police