Turkeys Stroll Off Farm, Venture Out For Walk

January 16, 2013

Three turkeys ventured off their farm and into a residential estate in Warwick on Friday morning [Jan 11].

Henry Thomas of Hillview Road said: “I lost my bearings for a second as I backed out of my driveway in the car and looking behind me saw what appeared to be a turkey.

“I said ‘look’ to my wife and pointed because for a split second I couldn’t get the word ‘turkey’ out. She squealed and as we both stared for a moment a large male came with all his feathers puffed up.”

Mr. Thomas said he and his wife were rushing to an appointment but tried to call Wilmott’s Farm as they figured that’s where the animals had come from. “But no one answered the phone and the message box was full,” he said.

About 40 minutes later when they returned home, the three turkeys were in the same area. A neighbour and the SPCA animal warden stood concerned over the run-away birds.

The warden was able to contact Mr Wilmott who arrived a few minutes after being called, caught each bird and put them in a cage in the SPCA van.

Mr. Wilmott said the three turkeys often go out walking together and recently have been leaving the farm. “The other day they went to church,” he said, explaining he was called to pick them up from the Salvation Army Citadel on Cedar Hill.

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  1. Family Man says:

    Glad you put up the video; I thought the article referred to our MP’s at first.

  2. Joonya says:

    SPCA?!?! I would have bought a tin of cranberry sauce and some potatoes..

  3. Ayisha says:

    That’s nice, at least they got their freedom, if only for a short time…. And this makes me think of those dolphins that are swimming around in circles in that fish tank up Dockyard, upsetting really. So close to the ocean, yet so far…..

  4. Colourless says:

    So there really is a Turkey Trot!

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ha, these guys avoided conscription into the Thanksgiving oven & Christmas oven. They deserve their freedom.

  6. Xman says:

    There not stupid
    They know Christmas has passed !
    But they are lucky not to end up on somebody’s grill.

  7. (0.0) says:

    that bie’s pimpin! got 2 ladies!