Man Remanded, Charged With Threatening

January 16, 2013

[Updated] In Magistrates Court this morning [Jan 16], Detroy Smith, 27, was charged with sending a threatening message to a female, and also charged with making a threatening gesture by allegedly sending that person a picture of a hand holding a gun.

Smith was not required to enter a plea to the first charge, but did plead not guilty to the second charge. However, the Prosecutor said that both charges will be sent and heard together in the Supreme Court.

The alleged offences were said to have been directed at his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child. The matter was adjourned to later this month, and after a short bail hearing, Smith was remanded into custody until that date.

Update May 2013: Mr Smith was subsequently convicted of these charges and was sentenced to six months in prison.

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  1. Joonya says:

    Something needs to be done about this “Culture of Intimidation” which has cursed Bermuda.

  2. Free says:

    Quite a lot of recent stories of men allegedly abusing(sexually&physically) and threatening women and children lately. The justice system needs to send a serious message and jail these punks, if guilty, for a very long time. Takes a real coward to threaten/abuse a female.

  3. FAN says:

    soon as BN releases names i go str8 to facebook! . . . this guy is a weirdo lol.

    • East Momma says:

      SMH DAMN HEAD go straight to fb so u had to fb to find out who he was and u claim his a weirdo u dont know him if u had fb to find out who he is so GTFOH with that!!! whos the wierdo now?

      Couples have disagreements and things get said that is not meant to be said NO that dont make it right but thats jus what happens when emotions are involved… We really need to mind our own biz in situations like this. in fact i feel stories like this should not be in the press. Name these child rapist what a waste of space…

      Keep Ya head up D!! Dont let these people who only know your name & this little story about u get to u!!!

      • NoPoliticsPlzz says:

        Mind our biz….. when he allegedly threatens his ex with texts and a picture of “someone” holding a gun????? Are you serious?

        Apples don’t fall far.

      • ABM says:

        It is our biz fella. This story was made public via this newoutlet so therefore it is public information. Being we are the public this is now our “biz” as you so put it.

      • BermudaGirl says:

        “Disagreements”? Are you for real? No wonder D is the way he is!! “Emotions” are also involved in beatings, shootings, and stranglings, Momma. Detroy, hang your head in deep shame and keep it there.

  4. Just Us says:

    Not to worry, your still momma’s boy…

    • ian burch says:

      that’s half the problem “mama’s boy”, parents defending their children when they are wrong,thing is, he’s not a child and has been up on numerous gun and violence charges and you think it’s alright to threaten the life of a woman?

  5. MadeUpNames says:

    LOL LOL What does one expect…when you have a name like “Detroy” which sounds like a made up name to me..half Momma’s name and baby daddy name, then there is trouble abound…

    What happened to names like Tom, Dick and Harry…

    Maybe it was a typo and his name was supposed to be “Detroit!!”

    • SMH says:

      His name after his father infact!!! His father is name Detroy Smith now what get a life ur a problem 2!! People like you are the reason these children men and women are running round like idiots cause people LIKE U MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE IDOITS cause of something mother or father name which they have no choice over!! Take ya idiotic a.. some where else… cause im done with bloggers runnig people down why dont u people start being positive maybe than the people around u will catch on and start being positive as well!! wishful thinking!! cause when people are down people always have to try push them down futher anyway thats my rant…

      Keep Ur Head Up D!! We all make bad choices at times but its about learning from them and moving on…

      • Apples says:

        Nope. They are what they learn. And you pin pointed it above; his father’s name:) Do a google search lol

        • MadeUpNames says:

 just proved my point…who sounds like the idiot.

          Children live what they learn…and at most times what they are named…hahaha

          LMAO!! LOL

    • I'm Just Sayin' says:

      All names were/are made up.

    • (0.0) says:

      Maybe it would be better if they named him something like “Apple” or “Sky” or “Lazer” like some “other” people in this world do?! What the hell does a stupid name have to do with anything?

    • ABM says:

      Tom dick and harry???? Since when are those even considered normal names??

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ MadeUpNames: Perhaps you don’t realize your comment was racist.
      Many non-British people decided a while back that they no longer wanted to use names associated with people who had oppressed them in slavery and for more than a century thereafter. They looked for names that reflected their culture and heritage – some from Africa and some from their own imaginations. Just because they are not your traditional names doesn’t make them any less valid, nor does it immediately indicate that they are criminals, which it appears you are implying

  6. it's just a game says:

    Ok,,,I could not help but to way in on this one,,,,,Firstly the person going by the pen Name Fan you totally discuse me ,,,its people like you I totally dispise
    you have noting better to do with your time but look on fb for the person picture,,,you have way too much time on your hands,,and I bet you have so many skeletons in your closet that st.jonns church is your front yard,,and secondly,,,east end mommma,,,i have seen your name popping up to defend foolish behavour my suggestion is that you be a real Big Momma for some of these young folk and set them on the right path and stop supporting their Madness,,, Damn !

    • East Moma says:

      I have not defended any of them… FIRST OFF The only thing i said on both articles i have said the alleged crimals is KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!! Never said if they where right but when reading comments under atticles people are always lashing people. that is half of the problem jus let u all keep creating problems instead of solving them And jus so you im been trying to turn the Negative people in my community positive… Unlike people like u commenting in BERNEWS while sitting on my a55 and doing nothing!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • it's just a game says:

        Ok east end momma,,,let this die of a slow death,,and I will asume you meant good and no harm and you encourage positive vibes where and when you can,,,suggestion,,,,there are many Cause’s out there for people who wanna make a positive impact on young peoples lives,,Mirrors, Big brothers just to name a few,,so keep your head up !

        • East Moma says:

          Jus a question do u kno me how u kno i am not involved in those organizations thats probabally how i kno the allegded crimals SMH!!! like u said let it die so im out have a great evening…

  7. cant done says:

    yes we all make mistakes, this is my boy,we “he” needs to learn some respect some way or the other. This was his baby mom. I know he had to be mad and was not thinkin. Hes got some time to think about it now. Come on dog, how many chances u want.I hope u can get ya act together. Yes u was wrong if you did it, but i ant givin up on u. My advice “Get a bible and read it”

    • Autumn Fire says:

      Hang in there T, keep up w the encouraging and inspirational words…be Bleesed…

      • Jury says:

        You are true friend. Help this brother out I’m sure his mother told him never to hit women regardless of the circumstances. I know if he was my son I will hunt him down and bust his A$$ for being disrespectful to his child’s mother or any other woman.

        • SMH says:


          But I agree with what u are sayin

  8. Xman says:

    FINE HIM $5000
    He has the money!
    this way we the people dose not have to pay for his Offense.

  9. Banana Leaf says:

    It appears he didn’t learn respect or how to curb his temper since subsequently spat on an umpire. Hope his offspring have better role models.