Photos: Car Removed After Crashing Into Pole

January 18, 2013

Sometime around 2am this morning [Jan 18], a car driver crashed into a utility pole on an embankment on Mullet Bay Road in St George’s. The police and fire service attended the scene, and traffic was reduced to one lane. A tow truck came at around 3am and removed the vehicle from the embankment and wall.

We understand the driver and passenger were not injured in the accident. The vehicle sustained serious damage to the front, and the utility pole was leaning to one side after being damaged in the collision, with the light fixture breaking off and falling to the roadside.

This incident occurred only a short while after a motorcycle and car collision at the junction of Happy Valley Road and Montpelier Road in Devonshire, which claimed the life of a 30-year-old Devonshire man.

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  1. cali girl says:

    what the hell is wrong with some people!!!!

    • Just Us says:

      I swear some people really think their cars are transformers… Sorry mate, the airport’s the other way…SMH

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    To the powers that be…more police night patrols please! Not just showing up to something after the fact.

    • Tyrone says:

      Um yeah because that would stop someone driving into a pole???

      • Free says:

        Perhaps they mean to catch drunk drivers? Which is actually a good point.

        • jonny says:

          thats ridiculous, police can not be everywhere…

          • Y-Gurl says:

            True, the cant be at the station playing cards AND patroling the streets, be reasonable people!

            • Tommy Chong says:

              or chatting up ladies or paying bills or grocery shopping & patroling the streets at the same time. Dang! I wish I could do all those things while I’m supposed to be working & still get paid as much as the police do.

            • Free says:

              Y-Gurl Obviously they cannot be everywhere, you stop being ridiculous but when’s the last time you’ve seen police out patrolling? Anywhere? Where are they and what are they doing?

              Do you realize how high we are on the list of police officers per 100,000 people? 469 in 2012 for 65,000 people. Do the math. Oh no wait you do see them summertime hiding in trees handing out tickets for seat-belts.

              • Y-Gurl says:

                I did the math and I agree, however why are most of the impaired drivers caught stuck in a bent car, why never at sobriety or checkpoints, the cops are never where the crimes are being committed and that’s not Mathis, and yes they do hide in trees

                • Free says:

                  Oh my bad I wasn’t replying to you. My comment was for jonny.

                  • Tyrone says:

                    Yes lets pay to have a police officer for ever 20 feet of road because that will stop all these accidents…… You lot are too funny. When police were out on the road enforcing every traffic law (years ago) people complained. How about drivers/riders take some personal responsibility and follow the rules and laws???

          • Tommy Chong says:

            At 20 square miles with only 3 main roads & over 400 Sworn in officers they should be able to cover a good bit of Bermuda with just a quarter of the officers bering on duty. I never seen as many officers go on a food break at the same time or stand around chatting while on duty in any other country as in Bermuda. It’s been years since I’ve seen a speed trap in Bermuda even though there are many who drive well over the limits like maniacs. Sure I’ve seen routine stop & searches happen now but this doesn’t stop the driver going 60k after they’ve finished the check. Many drivers purchase vehicles that too big for them to handle & then drive them fast. If someone has to go over the line in the middle of the road when going around a corner this is a sure sign they are either going too fast or they are inept in driving a vehicle that size or inept in driving any vehicle period.

            • Micro says:

              And when you all get a ticket for speeding you’ll complain and say go solve real crimes…

              • Tommy Chong says:

                I haven’t had a ticket since I was a speed happy teen. Back then many used to pack race on palmetto road till we realized it’s just not cool to see your friend’s head get smashed in by the pavement or it happen to yourself. The ironic thing is now I see adults racing around more than the teens.

                Maybe those racing around on bikes haven’t experienced the extreme burning sensation of road rash yet. Maybe the ones racing around in the cars & trucks think that they are God’s gift to the road & feel that if they kill someone it was their God given right. Ahhhhh! That’s right! I remember now! In almost every case of killing someone with a vehicle the person on trial gets off here. So I guess murder is OK as long as the judge & jury doesn’t see it that way.

            • The real joker is you so called blog experts that think you have all the answers,The police have a job to do and in most case’s do it well and for those that think they don’t do a good job, don’t bother calling them when you need them,solve your own situation on your own since you are so good at knowing what needs to be done.

              Or better still join the police force so we the general public could feel more secure in this country,just because you joined.also with a name like Tommy Chong I know you would be excellent at being an officer because then we have a martial art expert on the force that can kick the hell out of crime.

              Wow you rock and I thought we were all going to hell in a hand basket but you sure make me feel like we got a hope in hell after all.

              • Anon Ymous says:

                Unfortunately, the law dictates that we don’t take the law into our own hands and we have to rely on the police force to ‘protect and serve’ whether it’s perceived that they do a good job or not.
                My personal opinion is that they have a difficult job to do, much of it done very well, however, I would also say that the enforcement of road laws is sadly lacking.

                (I might be wrong but i’d hazard a guess that Mr. Chong’s screen name is more along the lines of the ‘Cheech and Chong’ variety than the stereotypical and racist martial arts variety)

              • Tommy Chong says:

                I’m not a law enforcement expert but it doesn’t take one to realize a small island like ours lacks proper law enforcement especially when we have more crime & road fatalities than many other much bigger places. I do feel when it comes down to a lot of the repeat criminal problems its also a big part to do with our magistrates & dpp but bps should still be as vigilant as they were years ago but don’t seem to be. You even typed it yourself, “in most case’s do it well ” Would you be happy if the fire service, or paramedics “in most case’s do it well ” ? People get fed up when a company that has a job to do isn’t done to 100% satisfaction all the time for less life impacting things. It’s a job & if the officer doing it wants to justify their pay do it right ALL THE TIME. I would love to deal with situations on my own as I feel I would solve the problem once & for all but as poster Anon Ymous pointed out vigilantism is illegal here.

                Anon Ymous is also correct about my screen name that has nothing to do with martial arts though Tommy Chong might have a red yellow green hemp belt in the herbal arts. Besides I’m sure if one of the officers did start busting chops they would probably be suspended for roughing up some higher ranked officers relative.

                Why were you worried about going to hell in a hand basket when hell already exist on earth. Heaven is what society makes out of the hell we have & law enforcement are supposed to be society’s angels that help us achieve some sort of heaven through enforcement of the law. Trash collectors deal with trash in a consistent manner because its their job & so should everyone else with a job & then we would have a little piece of heaven.

                • Tyrone says:

                  Tommy, do we really have more crime and road fatalities that many other much bigger places?? What are you basing that comment on? Bigger places in terms of land area or population?? You are an expert and talking nonsense.

              • Y-Gurl says:

                That’s kinda stereotyping

            • concern says:

              I saw a speed trap in Pembroke parish just this week. They put them out every now and again.

              • Tommy Chong says:

                Every now and again is not a deterrent especially when in most cases if someone hasn’t been caught for speeding for a year or more they only get a slight fine.

        • Tyrone says:

          Where does it say that this was a drunk driver?

    • Judge Dredd says:

      I swear some of you think the police have super powers to prevent every occurrence of vice. How the hell is a dumb @$$ drunk driver crashing into a pole the police’s fault? That driver should have patrolled their own damn hairy grown-@$$ selves and they would not have crashed their expensive ride into a pole. Stop bashing our police and start taking responsibility for your damn selves. As if they can predict where a drunk @$$hole will be so they can show up to prevent it like they are traveling from the future.
      @Y-Gurl………Playing cards?????? Really?
      @Tommy Chung…….Chatting up ladies and grocery shopping? Serious?
      Here we see an irresponsible drunk driver who could have killed someone and you guys somehow absolve them of responsibility by blaming the police because they were not able to beam themselves to the scene and stop it with their magical super X-Men capabilities. You ignoramuses make me vexed. Our citizenry cant be so stupid

      • Anon Ymous says:

        Here’s an idea, short of telepathy, crystal balls and X-men capabilities, I know, but for a start what about setting up stop / check points, Fri – Sun on the main routes out of Hamilton, St. Geo and Dockyard, stopping every 3rd or 4th vehicle for a brief chat about insurance and driving license (and of course a sneaky smell of the breath for alcohol). Amazing what the highly visible and real threat of getting caught out will do to bring down drink driving. Not exactly radical, now is it?

        • Judge Dredd says:

          If the chance of crashing into a pole, losing your license or going to jail, being fined, killing yourself and/or others is not already a real threat then police stops at a specific time on the weekend won’t be either.
          #1 Your misguidance begins by suggesting these stops be set up Fri-Sun when this accident happened 2am Thursday night. Do you propose the police do this around the clock? All hours of every morning and night every week of every month of every year because a few jack@$$e$ won’t take responsibility? To answer your question, YES, it’s a radical and stupid idea. Now I’m not just rejecting or ridiculing your thoughts, perhaps there is a more sensible solution like harsher punishments but I just feel your motive leans too much on the “police aren’t doing enough” side. So I think you’re still looking into the crystal ball, using telepathy to predict when a drunk driver can be caught (and failing), and thinking the police are X-MEN. ridiculous.

          • Anon Ymous says:

            I agree with both your points regards stiffer penalties and people taking responsibility for their own actions but in reality, in respect of the latter, the police force exists because ‘a few jack@$$e$’ choose to act outside of the law (generally and not just road laws) so to apply your logic we really don’t need police at all and the drug dealers, gang bangers and thugs should also be left to operate under the trust system – they also have inherent risks of personal loss associated their unlawful activities.
            Now going back to the increased penalties, who will suffer these consequences if no-one is out there to catch the perpetrators? Only the people who stack it or mangle a utility pole, I guess.
            The best deterrent to any flauting of laws is the risk of being caught – no cops around, no risk, more laws broken. The BPS, I’m sure, somebody correct me if I’m wrong, maintain around the clock cover anyhow; having a couple of dozen of them strategically placed around the ‘entertainment’ hotspots at the weekend may just mean they are better placed if other stuff goes down.

    • frank says:

      this fool was speeding the police do not hang out on that section of road

  3. Cisco says:

    I am glad the person is okay, but didn’t they know they have walk up steps.umjustsayn!!!

  4. PLP but not the Government says:

    All of those pretty bottles on the wall must have took his attention away. Hope that everyone is OK.

  5. PLP but not the Government says:

    Sorry…that should read must have taken his attention away.

  6. tt says:


    • Sledge Hamma says:

      50 more feet and there would have been Red, Yellow and Blue water and glass everywhere.

  7. bermuda boy says:

    When will they ever learn. Lock up the judges, they are the problem!!

    • Z says:

      Lock up the judges? That makes no sense? The judges forced this idiot to ram into these peoples wall??? We need more police patrolling the island 24/7. If they see someone speeding them book em. Don’t just watch!!! The police are part of the problem. They are not following their job descriptions.

  8. Time Passages says:

    Nowadays the bottles are plastic so no danger really. I see only a couple of them broke thanks goodness.

  9. Smh says:

    Look it’s the 2013 version of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! #FAILLLLL

    On a serious note, a car doing a decent speed limit wouldn’t be able to get that high. Mercy. Glad everyone is ok though.

  10. #ThatIsAll says:

    Sad to say, probably will hurt some feelings- but people will not stop drinking and driving until someone very close to them, or they themselves lose their life

  11. roger says:

    Shame he in the headlines for something negative again. He knows he is under scrutiny. Hope He does better???

  12. Time Passages says:

    The first annual St George’s hill climb was hailed a success although this contestant failed to reach the top. He did get extra points for knocking over some bottles. Tough for a CRV as they are bulky and difficult to control.

  13. iBleedRED says:

    Maybe they fell asleep and just missed the bend. I’m glad the light pole was there to stop them; more of the wall wouldve been damaged. I thought the bottles only worked for dogs anyway?

  14. Y-Gurl says:

    Interesting, theres another story on Bernews reporting that liquor and vehicle sales both increased last quarter ,I wonder if theres any connection

  15. Triangle Drifter says:

    What…that car does not have a jack??? One less SUV on the road today.

  16. Islander says:

    Hope the wall is rebuilt soon and hope the driver learns a lesson insurance will go higher and the driver should be made to rebuild the wall and replace the greenery – FOOL!!

  17. Empathy says:

    FYI the driver fell asleep. I suspect someone will most likley have something ignorant to say about that but… its only in Bermuda.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Falling asleep at the wheel is just as bad as impaired driving. If you are sleepy before driving just as being drunk then you have someone else who’s not drive you home. Obviously you do not have empathy of international laws because in most countries falling asleep at the wheel is inexcusable by the courts. Actually in six U.S. states sleeping at the wheel constitutes the same charges and is looked at the as impaired driving so it’s not, “only in Bermuda”. You may call my ignorant for this statement but in fact the definition of impaired literally can be used in the case of fatigued or drunk driving. Remember being able to drive is by law a privilege in Bermuda not a right & with this privilege comes responsibility & if someone can’t handle that they should loose the privilege.

      • Micro says:

        Yep. Inattention is inattention. Drugs, alcohol, on the phone, sleep; all the same thing.

      • Empathy says:

        My feeling of Empathy is for the person driving the car, I suspect u have never nearly fallen asleep while driving? No im not making an excuse for the driver Yes international laws are put in place to try and prevent things from happening but they are mens laws and our laws are not perfact and neither are we.O sorry maybe you are?
        By the way I was not saying that these things only happen in Bermuda, it seems you missed the whole meaning of my comment.
        Or maybe you should look up the word Empathy..Duh!!!
        maybe! maybe! maybe! always ready to judge before knowing the facts..or maybe your not Bermudian and cant relate or Empathies .

    • Free says:

      If you are sleepy while driving put on your favorite music, blast it loud and sing along to it.

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    As a driver who has not had a single insurance claim in 43 years, I am really sick & tired of paying for crashes like these.

  19. You know I hope they fix that wall back soon because I like the colors of the bottles on that wall,always admired it.even though the old timers say it keeps the cats away.

  20. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Speeding and not paying attention!

  21. This is exactly why MP Mr. Kenneth Bascome had been badgering the now defunct PLP to return back to the town of St. George a permanent police station. Prehaps n only prehaps, if they were parked off playing cards or eating n the police car visible, maybe the car would not have not wound up in Nika’s driveway the wrong way or with the electric pole being shaky now. AND it is factual that to many folk have these large vehicles n cannot handle them. Some really cannot see over the full bonnet n some have shoes or stilettos or boots that sometimes gets caught between the gas n break pedals. However, I trust n hope that MP Bascome’s request n the people of St. George wish, comes to fruition. By the way, that Southside Police Station was a waste of taxpayers dollars as the PLP left the whole town of St. George policeless. This is now a new day n change must come. St. George ur Police Station will not any longer look like some of the businesses down…..Closed. Just wait down by the river, for a change is gonna come n maybe Nika will not have to wake up to a car on the bank n in the pole… him/her….Dano.

    • Tyrone says:

      What the heck does having a police station in St Georges have to do with this????? There is a police station in Pembroke and there is no crime and no accidents??? Oh wait there are lots of both. Personal responsibility is what prevents this and not a police station in the Town of St Georges or a police officer every 20 feet of Bermuda’s roads…..

  22. MJ says:

    Oh dear. Coloured water ? For years I thought that is where you buy moonshine.

  23. Road Toad. says:

    That driver was flying too close to the ground.