14 Complete BBA Cycling Race Officials Course

February 26, 2013

Fourteen candidates have successfully completed the introductory level course for cycling race officials organized by the Bermuda Bicycle Association last weekend.

A BBA spokesperson said, “This two-day course was the first time the BBA has held such a program to develop the officiating of local racing and with the number of successful completions the association is in a strong position to become more self sufficient at local races.

“The newly qualified officials will also be capable of working the Island Games cycling events.

“The program was lead my Diane Fortini, a top official from the US and the administrator for cycling in New England. Mrs. Fortini has been a frequent visitor to Bermuda to help with officiating at major events and will be the Chief Referee for the Island Games cycling in July.”

Completing the course were April Galda, Arhtur Glasford, Charles Thresh, Clifford Roberts, Earlena Ingham, Fiona Miller, James Holloway, Mark Booth, Martin Bolton, Nigel Godfrey, Peter Dunne, Padraic Brown, Terry Thomas and Zoe Roberts.

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