Over 500 Cases Of STDs Reported Last Year

February 11, 2013

Last year over 500 sexually transmitted infections were reported in Bermuda, with those infected ranging from 14-years up to 80-years of age, the Department of Health said today.

67% of cases were among women, and the overall numbers included 380 cases of Chlamydia, 65 cases of Gonorrhoea, six cases of HIV, 61 cases of Herpes, and 10 cases of Syphilis.

This information was included as part of a notice about Bermuda’s plans to observe its third annual Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day on February 12th. Similar observances are held worldwide at this time including National Sexual Health Week in Australia and National Condom Month in the United States.

A Health Ministry spokesperson said, “These observances are normally held around Valentine’s Day which, as a day of celebration of love and affection, is an ideal time to encourage persons to also consider the importance of sexual and reproductive health.

“During the week of February 11-15 the Department of Health has organized radio advertisements, an online quiz, and the distribution of free condoms to various stores across the island in order to help bring awareness to sexual and reproductive health.

“The Department of Health will use this opportunity to continue its campaign of “Have the Conversation” which encourages persons to talk about sexual health with their partners, relatives, and healthcare providers.

“The Department of Health advises use of “The Five P’s of Sexual Health” to guide the conversation. This includes discussion about Partners, Practices, Prevention of pregnancy, Past history of sexually transmitted infections and Prevention of sexually transmitted infection.

“At this time, and throughout the year, the Department of Health would like to encourage Bermuda’s residents to take charge of their sexual and reproductive health by talking with their doctors or by calling the Communicable Disease Control Clinic at 441-278-6442 or the Maternal Health and Family Planning Clinic at 441-278-6441.”

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  1. What??? says:

    Ah 14 yrs old? Isn’t that a crime?

  2. What Do You THink says:

    I am sure social media has helped in the spread of STD also, just because the other person looks good in the profile picture and the mentality of ” I want some of that”

    • .am says:

      Not sure about Bermuda – it’s very difficult for someone’s sexual history to be completely unknown here with the tiniest bit of effort.

  3. dmr says:

    Too much sexing going on up in this place…Bermuda slow your role…

  4. .am says:

    Is this from walk ins at the clinic or does it take personal GP cases into account too?

    It would be interesting to see some sort of transmission map based on ‘treated’ and ‘known to be infected’. Because, obviously, there’s never just one person that’s infected and unless their former(?) partner has found God and become celibate, there will always be that continued risk.

    • sure. says:

      Every known case of STD is reported to the Department of Health by Law. This includes the hospital and private laboratories. So this would be an all inclusive.

  5. Sorry Sir says:

    500 cases? In one year? On a 65,000 pop island?

    That’s close to one percent of the population.
    Cheekums. Thank god I’m settled. Don’t want non-ah-dat.

  6. Stop Complaining for 1 sec says:

    Hmmm. I hope its not a case of outsiders bringing it to our shores. Didnt that happen recently with someone.

    I just saying…

  7. ItsaFact says:

    Not surprised..Bermudians breed like rabbits and promiscuity seems to be a favourite pastime.

  8. Rhonda says:

    Bermudian breed like rabbits, yet we have a negative birth rate…so much so that we need guess to work here…SMDH

    • YoungBermudian says:

      Bermuda having low birth rates (if that is even the case) has little to nothing to do with immigration problems.

    • Thought says:

      I’d like to see the birth rate in relation to other stats such as the rate of pregnancy and emigration stats or, the birthplace of the mother. A low birth rate could mean a significant number of women are leaving Bermuda and giving birth elsewhere (I’m aware of some Bermudian women choosing to move to the US to give birth so that their children would have dual status, and of Bermudian students giving birth in their country of study), or it could mean that non-Bermudian women are returning to their country of origin to give birth there. It could also mean that a number of women are choosing to terminate their pregnancies. Or a combination of factors. The birth rate alone doesn’t give us a clear picture of what is taking place.

  9. Tricks are for kids says:

    I’m amazed at the 80 year old……wow…..really?????

  10. one quick question says:

    I know in the some parts of the states when you have tested positive for any STD that you have to write down a list of your partner/partners in the past 2-3 years so that the clinic can contact them to get them in for testing. Is that done here in Bermuda too?

  11. one quick question says:

    And the info is private when the clinic calls they cant tell you who the person is that listed them or anything like that but i just wantto kno if bermuda does that

  12. Umm says:

    Don’t be silly, wrap your willy!

  13. Yagayo says:

    Rock out wit ya c@%k out…..

  14. The Truthsayer says:

    Jam out with ya clam out

  15. Sigh... says:

    This is awful and everyone having unprotected sex needs to pay attention to this and use proctection or abstain!!!!

  16. Heavy Cream 4 UR Thoughts says:

    This isn’t quite as alarming and worrisome as everyone is making it out to be…


    Think about it…Bermuda is so heavily religious and abstinence-focused that people who just want to get their rocks off are justifiably pissed off at being told what to do with their bodies by a bunch of goons who aint got none since 1972. As such, they engage in quote-unquote “unprotected” sex, when really they’re just expressing themselves in an impactful, progressive way.

    DISEASE IS SEXY…nobody wants to hear it, but there it is. We spend all day living in our little cleanliness pods, using our antibacterial soap and eating vitamins for brunch, when at the CORE all we want to do is tear each others’ clothes off and be carnal.

    Seriously Bermy, get off your high horse. Eat more ice cream and stuff. IM NOT CONDONING THE SPREAD OF DISEASE, but I do feel that we as a society need to change out approach to dealing with it.

    You can all live in your elitist sky kingdoms…I’m perfectly happy here on planet earth with the rest of the humble earthlings….SMDH……

    • BermudaGirl says:

      @ HEAVY CREAM Have you ever known someone who died of AIDS? Did you find that “sexy”??? Did you find that untimely death “progressive”?? I think you have some heavy cream where your brains ought to have been. Or you are very, very young and stupid.

      • he's got a point... says:

        notice he/she specified only chlamydia and gonorrhea…obviously he wasn’t talking about AIDS/HIV.

        come on, no need to be cryptic, i think he/she was just trying to make a commentary on how hypocritical our sexual education is here, and how it often leads to the opposite of what it intends.

        • BermudaGirl says:

          Chlamydia can lead straight to cancer in females. Nothing sexy about that, cream for brains. Gonnorrhoea and syphilis, gone undetected (which can happen very easily) causes ALL kinds of health problems, ultimately eating your brain away. Then you die. Oh, VERY progressive, dumb and dumber. One has cream for brains and one has a pointed head.
          Yes, teach proper sex education, not abstinence; that has never worked. In the meantime, ladies, keep FAR, FAR away from men who tell you STDs are sexy and progressive!!

    • Really?? says:

      Let’s see you catch a case of Herpes or Syphilis and see how sexy that is. You sound so ignorant it’s not even funny. Do you know how many young girls are being infected with herpes from these older guys taking advantage of their youthful ignorance. And once you catch it, that’s a lifelong issue that you have deal with by making one little mistake. You need to educate yourself to make yourself sound less stupid.